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Nvidia channels Star Trek, shows off ‘Project Holodeck’ VR – CNET

This virtual world isn't just for gaming -- Nvidia says its Holodeck technology could be used to train the robots of the future.

Ballistix is putting the RGB in RAM – CNET

Need to keep your memory colourful? Check out Bastillix's new offering.

Dell brings its biggest design gaffe to sleeker budget AIOs – CNET

The optional webcam for its latest Inspiron 24 5000 and Inspiron 27 7000 is at the bottom. But the budget gaming desktop looks interesting.

Intel targets ‘extreme’ enthusiasts with X-Series processors – CNET

If Intel has its way, your next PC is going to be a lot more "extreme."

Eve V is a better Microsoft Surface Pro clone – CNET

Designed with the help of crowd input, this consensus-based two-in-one feels and looks pretty great.

MSI’s GT75VR may not look like much but gots it where it counts – CNET

This huge, relatively ugly gaming laptop isn't the best looker, but boy, does it have crazy specs.

New ‘Spider-Man 3: Editor’s Cut’ vanishes from the web – CNET

The much-criticised 2007 film appeared as an "Editor's Cut" on Amazon over the weekend, only to make a swift exit a day later.

Nvidia wants to drive the future of AI (with ice hockey) – CNET

When processors can't get smaller, they need to get smarter. Nvidia wants its tech to be at the heart of that smart future with machines taking the lead.

2 in 5 gamers don’t see esports as real sports, says study – CNET

Esports companies may be pouring billions into leagues, but not every fan is ready to agree they are real sporting events yet.

MSI knows that milliseconds matter, unveiling 3 new laptops – CNET

The record-setting gaming laptop makers took to the stage in Computex to talk about world firsts and how much tiny upgrades matter in practice.

This spinning wheel case mod is a fidget spinner deluxe – CNET

Case mods usually dominate the Computex show floor, but this one's so awesome it deserves its own piece.

Nvidia’s new design to make gaming laptops much, much thinner – CNET

The company says its new Max-Q architecture will make gaming laptops three times thinner and three times more powerful.

Flashing lights, magnets and pillows at Computex – CNET

Netherlands-based Allocacoc brought an eye for design to the show floor.

Showing off Allocacoc’s ‘different standard of design’ – CNET

On the show floor at Computex 2017, Netherlands design firm Allocacoc had some weird and wonderful things on display

All of the iPhone 8’s rumored features brought to life in beautiful concept designs – CNET

These concept illustrations elegantly tie together the best of the current crop of iPhone 8 rumors.

Police take perfect selfie after driving drunk man home – CNET

Commentary: In Australia, two police officers offer pictorial evidence of the benefits of having a designated driver, as a man lies drunk in bed.

Heavy metal can’t break these smart glasses – CNET

The ODG R-7HL AR glasses go through intense torture tests to prove they can cope in extreme environments.

See every major ‘Game of Thrones’ death drawn out by hand – CNET

Relive a less-graphic but wildly artistic version of every major character death from "Game of Thrones."

British Airways mercilessly Twitter-trolled by rival Ryanair – CNET

Commentary: Dealing with a massive IT disaster, the famous airline now has to put up with Twitter taunts from a competitor.
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