Valiant Comics & May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: What Is Valiant High?

Valiant Comics and May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

What Is Valiant High? Solicitations and covers follow.

    VALIANT HIGH #1 – Daniel Kibblesmith & Derek Charm Bring Valiant’s First All-Ages Escapade to Comic Shops Everywhere on May 30th!

    Valiant is proud to announce that VALIANT HIGH #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of AN UPROARIOUS ALL-AGES ESCAPADE from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (QUANTUM AND WOODY!, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Eisner Award-winning artist Derek Charm (Jughead, Star Wars Adventures) – is coming to comic shops everywhere just in time for summer vacation! On May 30th, get ready for your first day of school inside a hilarious reimagining of Valiant’s award-winning superhero universe – one where the next world-ending cataclysm will have to wait until after prom night!

    Before they became legends, the world’s most formidable heroes were roaming the halls at Valiant High – a super-powered preparatory academy where Aric “X-O Manowar” Dacia is a record-setting running back, Colin “Ninjak” King is a debonair foreign exchange student, and Coach Bloodshot is way, way too into dodgeball. Now, Amanda “Livewire” McKee and her best friend, Faith “Zephyr” Herbert, are taking it all in for the first time at the one high school where power trumps popularity!

    On May 30th, find out firsthand why Valiant’s first dose of all-ages adventure is a pitch-perfect entry point for new fans and longtime readers alike:

    “✮✮✮✮✮… This fun book is full of win. A great choice for all ages…” – All-Comic

    “Utterly fun and action-packed.” – io9

    “✮✮✮✮½… A new and unique take on the Valiant Universe and characters… Fresh and entertaining.” – Graphic Policy

    “A fun, light-hearted take on the Valiant Universe… There’s a lot of personality in these pages.” – The A.V. Club

    “✮✮✮✮… A perfect read for any Valiant comics fan who wants to have a good time.” – Geeked Out Nation

    You’ve never seen the heroes of the Valiant Universe quite like this before! In the tradition of Archie and DC Super Hero Girls, this side-splitting adventure takes place outside of Valiant’s standard continuity…and comes packed with all-new incarnations of virtually every Valiant hero and villain!

    These extraordinary students have pep, popularity, and untapped potential… Now, get your own spot in the freshman class that launched a thousand legends when all-star creators Daniel Kibblesmith and Derek Charm come crashing into comic shops on May 30th for VALIANT HIGH #1 (of 4) – featuring covers by David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Mutants) and Sina Grace (Iceman, Lil’ Depressed Boy)!

    For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and ValiantEntertainment.com.

    For Valiant merchandise and more, visit ValiantStore.com.

    VALIANT HIGH #1 (of 4)
    Art by DEREK CHARM
    Variant Cover by SINA GRACE
    $3.99 | 32 pgs. | ALL-AGES | On Sale MAY 30th (FOC – 5/7/18)

    VALIANT HIGH #2 (of 4)
    Art by DEREK CHARM
    Variant Cover by DAN PARENT
    $3.99 | 32 pgs. | ALL-AGES | COMING IN JUNE!

Dynamite Comics & May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: What Are The Librarians In Search Of? Based On The Cult Fave TNT TV Show!

Dynamite Comics and May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

What Are The Librarians In Search Of? Based On The Cult Fave TNT TV Show! Solicitation and cover below.

    THE LIBRARIANS VOL. 1: IN SEARCH OF… Trade Paperback
    Cover: Photo Cover | Writer: Will Pfeiffer | Art: Rodney Buchemi | Format: Softcover Page Count: 104 Pages

    Way back in the swinging ’70s, movie producer Sol Schick was the guy behind such cheesy classics as “Quarry: Bigfoot!,” Noah’s Ark: Found at Last!” and “Heavenly Visitors from the Hell Above.” But when he’s murdered – at a film festival! – with a piece of Noah’s Ark! – THE LIBRARIANS are drawn into the mystery. Can their combination of special skills, obsessive curiosity and knowledge of forgotten lore figure out who – or what – spelled doom for Schick? And as they delve deeper into his past, is it possible that things are not as they seem and that all his crazy, wild movies…were telling the truth?

AfterShock Comics & May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: Rough Riders Continues!

AfterShock Comics and May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

Rough Riders Continues! Solicitation and cover below.

    writer: Adam Glass
    artist: Patrick Olliffe
    color: Gabe Eltaeb
    letterer: Sal Cipriano
    cover: Patrick Olliffe w/ Gabe Eltaeb
    Volume Three of the hit AfterShock Series!

    In their final mission together, the Rough Riders are pushed to the brink of their own destruction. Houdini tries to outsmart death one more time while Jack Johnson attempts to save his dear friend. Meanwhile, Teddy Roosevelt must face not only his own sins, but those of his familial line. And in order to save the world from the end of days, Roosevelt must kill his daughter, Alice, who has been possessed by an ancient evil! Don’t miss “The Long Goodbye”, the stunning conclusion of America’s first team of super heroes.
    Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of Supernatural and writer of Suicide Squad) with artwork by Patrick Olliffe (Untold Tales of Spider-Man).

    “The story is exciting and fun, with the characters being faithful and fanciful, and the visuals are epic and thrilling. This is what comic books are all about!” – Patrick Hayes of scifipulse.net

WWE Raw 2/19/18 Recap – Seth Runs the Gauntlet

The show begins with a tribute to the Parkland school shooting. Roman comes out to a chorus boos even after that. Wow. Roman is out for a gauntlet match, but first, he talks with Charly about being in his first chamber match. Roman faces Seth to start the match off. They have a solid babyface battle with no strikes being thrown until later. Seth hits the blockbuster and a slingblade before hitting a springboard lariat. Seth dives right into a superman punch for 2 and Seth pins Reigns off a cradle. Cena is out and they have every match they’ve ever had, but slower.

Seth hits a stiff kneeling superkick for 2.5. Seth adds a crossface to his arsenal, but Cena powers out and goes for the AA, but Seth lands his feet and kicks his head. A high fly flow hits for 2, and the AA gets 2.9! Seth hits the superplex into the falcon arrow for 2.5. Cena gets the STF, but Seth escapes. They fight up top and Cena goes for the Super AA, but Seth sends him down and HITS AN AA OF HIS OWN FOR 2! Seth hits the ripcord knee and lands the curb stomp to win it. Elias is out and quickly takes out Seth with Drift Away.

Well, this whole deal made Seth out to be a megastar. Finn Balor is out to face Elias. Seth lasted over an hour in the gauntlet. Elias and Balor have a fairly boring affair. Finn hits his comeback sequence and wins with the foot stomp. Miz is out and kicks away at Balor. The goons help Miz and Miz crotches Balor before hitting the Finale to take him out. Braun is out and punishes Miz and wins with the powerslam. This gauntlet was a lot of fun and made Seth feel like a main eventer again. Braun says he’ll win at the chamber and give Brock These Hands at WM and then destroys Miz and his goons for a while.

A Jeff Jarrett HOF video airs to sum up his incredible last year in life and wrestling. Asuka cuts a promo with Renee, before Nia attacks her and destroys her with a Samoan drop and legdrop. We get a Ronda Rousey hype video showing her kicking ass in UFC in stills before showing footage of her training. Titus and Apollo come down and face The Bar and beat them once again. Bray and Matt cut wacky promos again. Sasha, Mickie, and Bayley face Alexa and Absolution. Not really much to this – just a bunch of moves. Sasha hits her shotgun knees for 2. Sasha gets 2 off a cradle, but Alexa smashes her into the post, but gets locked into the Bank Statement and taps.

WWE’s Apollo Drops Crews Surname in Wake of Florida School Shooting

WWE has decided to drop the Crews from the name of superstar Apollo Crews, reportedly due to similarity to Nikolas Cruz, the shooter at last week’s tragic school shooting in Florida. Crews will simply be known as Apollo from now on, as his WWE.com profile, Twitter username, and Raw entrance graphics seem to confirm.

While tweeting during WWE Raw, WWE’s official Twitter account didn’t @mention Apollo due to his handle (but not his username) still containing the “Crews” portion of his name, something that will likely be changed in short order. Instead, WWE used the hashtag #Apollo to refer to the former Crews.

Despite the unfortunate similarity to his name, with Sportskeeda reporting that Vince McMahon “never wants to hear the surname again,” Apollo scored a tag team victory over champions The Bar with his partner Titus O’Neil on Monday Night Raw tonight.


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Oni Press Goes Post-Apocalyptic at Comic Con with New Series ‘The Long Con’

Oni Press has announced a new series from writers Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman, artist EA Denich, colorist M. Victoria Robado, and letterer Aditya Bidikar that delivers… okay, maybe it’s not the worst convention experience ever, but it’s probably up there. In The Long Con, a comic book convention and its attendees survives a local apocalypse. Check it out:

Five years ago, a cataclysmic event obliterated everything within a fifty mile radius of the Los Spinoza Convention Center—including the attendees of Long Con, the world’s biggest (and longest) comic convention. But unknown to the outside world, the con-goers not only survived, they kept the convention going. When proof of their survival surfaces, reporter Victor Lai is sent to investigate—after all, he was covering the con that fateful day and escaped mere minutes before everything went kablooie… abandoning his nerdy pal Dez in the process. So clearly he’s the perfect person for the job, and he won’t get trapped inside like some kinda idiot. Right?

Well, it’s still better than Wizard World.

In the press release, Meconis, Coleman, and Denich spoke about the series.

“Pop culture has an image of your average convention-goer, and that image is usually an awkward white dude in a superhero t-shirt, or a ‘sexy’ female cosplayer,” said Meconis. “That doesn’t correspond to the actual diversity of attendees we’ve met, or the passions that drive them to show up. We wanted to tell a story that reflects and celebrates that diversity while also asking: which media guests would we eat first?”

“There’s something really compelling about being trapped in a place you love,” said Coleman. “At first it’s great, but an hour in, it occurs to you that the long term nutritional value of convention center popcorn is limited and some of the goth teens are starting to craft improvised weapons. A pre-apocalyptic comic con already has dozens of factions, feuds, schisms and coups. We’re just making them a little less metaphorical.”

“This book absolutely is a love letter to all the pop culture we hold near and dear in our dorky little hearts—it’s a book about nerds, by nerds, for nerds,” said Denich. “It’s a pleasure to work with an awesome writing team like Dylan and Ben, and been a blast to help construct our crazy little con world!”

The Long Con hits stores starting in July. Take a look at the cover below:

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Thor: Ragnarok – VFX Supervisor On The Difference In Visual Effects From Iron Man To Today (Exclusive)

EXCLUSIVE: It’s no secret that today’s Marvel Studios productions are big budget affairs. There are a lot of special effects done on set, and probably a lot more visual effects done in post-production. Such is the reality of today’s movie landscape. But is this really true, or is it simply because we’re more cognizant now of those visuals than ever before?

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Speaking with our own Gig Patta, Thor: Ragnarok VFX supervisor Jake Morrison — who also worked on Thor and Ant-Man — discussed the leaps and bounds the studio has made when it comes to these visuals.

“If you go back to the first Iron Man picture, it’s a very grounded piece. There are real sets. There are real locations. They were out in the desert to do some of the set pieces there. They even had a mansion set. Those are things you can literally reach out and touch. There are practical locations.

The effect in that picture were the suits. That’s literally the visual effects. You can trace one after another, these pictures get more and more ambitious. And less grounded in locations in the sense that they care less to find something that had already been built. It’s much more about on what you can do. I’m sure the fact is that box office proved to significantly give Marvel the ability to dream big.

The interesting thing that having to work with them for so long—they are absolutely unencumbered by the practicalities of the shoot. It’s in the sense that if they can think of something cool and we will do it.”

Of course, this brings up the question of whether or not that ability to dream big is one that Marvel Studios should indulge in with each film. Is it perhaps a good thing to be limited by the realistic landscapes around you, or is it important to be able to transliterate something from the director’s imagination to the big screen?

As we’ve seen in movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, it certainly doesn’t have a negative effect on the stories being told, but there’s an argument to be made that it takes away from the tangible nature of the films.

What do you think? Is it a bad thing that Marvel Studios is able to make whatever they want in VFX? Let us know down below!

Be sure to stay tuned later this week for our full interview with Jake Morrison!

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Heavy Metal Launches AR App for Heavy Metal #289

Lots of comic book publishers have their own app, but how many comics or magazines can say they have an app for just a single issue?! That’s what we thought! From the twisted mind of editor-in-chief and wizard Grant Morrison, Heavy Metal Magazine has launched a new Heavy Metal Magazine AR app whose entire stated purpose is to “scan select pages of Heavy Metal Magazine issue #289 and bring them to life.”

The app is is live now on Android or iOS, it’s free, and you can even try it out on the cover image below to see what it’s like. Of course, you’ll need a copy of Heavy Metal #289 (in stores now) to see the rest of the pages.

Download on Android or iOS .

Heavy Metal AR is an AR application for your phone that allows you to scan select pages of Heavy Metal Magazine issue #289 and bring them to life.

Heavy Metal Issue 289 features Neon Wasteland an all new interactive animated comic book and augmented reality enabled action adventure video game. The story takes place in a dystopian future where the rich have abandoned their bodies in exchange for the digital immortality of the OmniVerse while the poor are left to grow old and die on the post apocalyptic sprawling factory slum know as Earth. You help decide who lives and dies in this interactive adventure that blends comic, cartoon and video game into a new form of story telling unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Heavy Metal the Worlds Greatest Illustrated Magazine.

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Star Wars: J.J. Abrams Says Some Last Jedi Haters Are Threatened by Women

Director J.J. Abrams recently spoke with IndieWire, and was asked about the backlash surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Abrams says he believes some of the hate comes from fans that are threatened by women.

“Their problem isn’t Star Wars, their problem is being threatened. Star Wars is a big galaxy, and you can sort of find almost anything you want to in Star Wars. If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in ‘Star Wars.’ You can probably look at the first movie that George [Lucas] did [‘Star Wars: A New Hope’] and say that Leia was too outspoken, or she was too tough. Anyone who wants to find a problem with anything can find the problem. The internet seems to be made for that.”

RELATED: Marvel To Release A 5-Issue Prequel Lando Comic To Compliment Solo: A Star Wars Story

I am sure there are people like the ones Abrams described, I just don’t think they are the cause of the majority of the pushback again The Last Jedi. There are plenty of legitimate things not to like about The Last Jedi, without bringing sexism into the fold.

Since when do Star Wars fans have a problem with women anyway? Princess Leia set a standard for awesome female characters back in 1977. And she has been succeeded by other awesome women including Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Mara Jade Skywalker, and Jaina Solo among many, many others.

For me, Admiral Holdo and Rose Tico severely lowered the standard set by their predecessors, they were just boring (it wouldn’t matter if their characters were male, they would still be boring, just look at Del Toro’s DJ), and after The Last Jedi, the same goes for Finn and Poe too. Rey and Kylo are the only new characters that are even mildly interesting for me, so it’s a good thing they survived.

I think J.J. is the one looking for problems where they don’t exist.

What are your thoughts on this? Throw fuel on the fire down below!

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New Garth Ennis Series, Pestilence Vol. 2, and a Jim Sterlin Art Collection: AfterShock May 2018 Solicits

Garth Ennis’ new series, A Walk Through Hell takes off, Pestilence: A Story of Satan is unleashed, and a collection of Jim Starlin’s artwork is put up for sale, all from AfterShock’s May 2018 solicits. Moe details below.

BABYTEETH #11 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.23.18
writer: Donny Cates
artist: Garry Brown
color: Mark Englert
letterer: Taylor Esposito
cover: Garry Brown
The story of the Antichrist and the people who love him continues as we enter into the most terrifying chapter of our journey so far: THE TERRIBLE TWOS! Plus, who is our mysterious new storyteller!? And what secrets about the fate of Clark do they hold?! Find out here, as a bold new direction in BABYTEETH begins!
From Donny Cates, the writer of Thanos, Dr. Strange, Buzzkill, Paybacks, Redneck and the breakout hit God Country, comes a pulse-pounding new series with art from THE REVISIONIST’s Garry Brown!
“This book is going to be the most sought after title of 2017” – Rick Shea of Famous Faces & Funnies comic shop

BETROTHED #3 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.09.18
writer: Sean Lewis
artist: Steve Uy
letters: Simon Bowland
cover: Steve Uy
The Betrothed’s earth-bound guardians get involved as all hell breaks loose for Kieron and Tamara. After battling Barbarians and having their friends discover the truth about the pair, how can they find a way to cope? Enter an all-night keg party, filled with flirtation, jealousy and a few pranks along the way. Funny, fantastical and full violence—issue #3 arrives with a bang!
From writer Sean Lewis (The Few) and artist Steve Uy (Uncanny X-Men, Avengers Initiative, Grumpy Cat) comes a sci-fi series, with a fun mix of Archie and Saga, that HAD to be told at AfterShock!

BRILLIANT TRASH #6 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.30.18
writers: Tim Seeley & Steve Seeley
artist: Priscilla Petraites
color: Marco Lesko
letters: Marshall Dillon
cover: Mike Norton & Addison Duke
Now that the Didi Virus has swept the globe, every one on earth has superhuman powers. But using the superpowers slowly kill the user, and each person must decide whether to use them for good or evil, and whether to burn bright and fast or not at all.
A sci-fi superhuman epic from Tim Seeley, the writer of Revival and Grayson, and breakout art sensation Priscilla Petraites!
“It’s the story of the ‘word of tomorrow,’ torn directly from the headlines, about an America that might be waiting for us. It’s cautionary, but it’s also action packed and fun!” —Tim Seeley

BROTHERS DRACUL #2 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.23.18
writer: Cullen Bunn
artist: Mirko Colak
color: Maria Santaolalla
letterer: Simon Bowland
cover A: Mirko Colak w/ Maria Santaolalla
cover B: Szymon Kudranski
Vlad Dracul and his brother Radu are prisoners of the Ottoman Empire. As royalty, though, they are treated with great respect. They are trained in art, music, archery, horseback riding…even vampire hunting! Herein the sorrow-filled truth of Vlad’s descent to the role of the Impaler is revealed!
From writer Cullen Bunn (DARK ARK, UNHOLY GRAIL, X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Mirko Colak (UNHOLY GRAIL,The Punisher) comes a tale of brothers and blood that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

COLD WAR #4 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.16.18
writer: Chris Sebela
artist: Hayden Sherman
colors: Hayden Sherman
letters: Hayden Sherman
cover: Hayden Sherman
With no safe havens left, the splintered sides of the surviving Cryonauts are spinning wildly out of control. On the ground, the least useful members of their ranks — lovesick couple Tikk and Sath — have stepped up to save their fellow soldiers. While deep behind the scenes, LQ’s semi-suicide mission to uncover who’s pulling the strings has hit bloody paydirt.
From Chris Sebela, writer of Blue Beetle, Kiss/Vampirella and Evolution, and Hayden Sherman, artist of The Few and John Carter The End, comes the story that HAD to be told at AfterShock!
“Sebela managed to balance a number of genres, giving us a plate that offers something for just about everyone…Hayden Sherman’s art is a big plus and evokes early Frank Miller. 9 out of 10.” -Stephen Gustafson of 411mania.com


DARK ARK #6 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.02.18
writer: Cullen Bunn
artist: Juan Doe
letterer: Ryane Hill
cover “A”: Juan Doe
cover “B”: Nat Jones
Two arks sail the flooded world. On one, Noah tends the animals of the natural world. On the other, the sorcerer Shrae stands watch over the monsters that haunt the night. But in order for Shrae’s charges to thrive in the World That Waits, Noah’s Ark must also survive. And when Noah’s vessel encounters trouble, Shrae’s monsters must work in secrecy to ensure that their would-be prey lives to find land.
From writer Cullen Bunn (X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Juan Doe (AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER) comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

HER INFERNAL DESCENT #2 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.23.18
Writers: Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson
Artist: Kyle Charles
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Cover: Kyle Charles w/ Jordan Boyd
Lynn and William Blake confront the anxiety-ridden mad judge of hell, Franz Kafka. Lynn descends further down the fiery depths into the circle of gluttony, where Cerberus awaits with a hunger of his own. Plus, a guest appearance by the world’s most beloved author of suspense and mystery!
From the writers of the break-out hit The Dregs and Marvel’s Cable, and the artist of Roche Limit, this is HELL like you’ve never seen before.


PESTILENCE: A STORY OF SATAN #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.30.17
writer: Frank Tieri
artist: Oleg Okunev
colors: Rob Schwager
letters: Marshall Dillon
cover “A”: Tim Bradstreet
cover “B”: Mike Rooth
The second volume of this hit AfterShock series starts here!
The year is 1353. The fugitive Roderick Helms has retreated to a life of hidden seclusion after failing to expose the Church’s role in the Black Death. But something threatens to bring him back into action. Something that has risen which will threaten to transform the waning plague into a far more darker and sinister crisis. And that something is none other than Satan himself!
Written by the master of violence, gore, and mayhem, Frank Tieri (Harley Quinn, Marvel vs Capcom, Wolverine, Deadpool), with spectacular art from illustrator Oleg Okunev, and covers by Eisner Award-nominated artist Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer)!
“Pestilence is a refreshing new take on the zombie genre. It really drives home the claustrophobic onslaught of the undead.”  -James Ferguson of horrortalk.com

ROUGH RIDERS: RIDE OR DIE #4 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.09.18
writer: Adam Glass
artist: Patrick Olliffe
color: Gabe Eltaeb
letterer: Sal Cipriano
cover: Patrick Olliffe w/ Gabe Eltaeb
Volume Three of the hit AfterShock Series!
In their final mission together, the Rough Riders are pushed to the brink of their own destruction. Houdini tries to outsmart death one more time while Jack Johnson attempts to save his dear friend. Meanwhile, Teddy Roosevelt must face not only his own sins, but those of his familial line. And in order to save the world from the end of days, Roosevelt must kill his daughter, Alice, who has been possessed by an ancient evil! Don’t miss “The Long Goodbye”, the stunning conclusion of America’s first team of super heroes.
Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of Supernatural and writer of Suicide Squad) with artwork by Patrick Olliffe (Untold Tales of Spider-Man).
“The story is exciting and fun, with the characters being faithful and fanciful, and the visuals are epic and thrilling. This is what comic books are all about!” – Patrick Hayes of scifipulse.net


A WALK THROUGH HELL #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.16.18
writer: Garth Ennis
artist: Goran Sudžuka
colors: Ive Svorcina
letters: Rob Steen
cover “A”:  Andy Clarke & Jose Villarrubia
So these two FBI agents walk into a warehouse…
Special Agents Shaw and McGregor handle the routine cases nowadays, which is just the way Shaw likes it. She’s pushing 40, a borderline burnout, the ghastly memories of her last investigation still clinging like shadows. McGregor is younger, more dedicated, hanging onto some measure of idealism whatever the world might throw at him.
When two fellow agents go missing inside a Long Beach warehouse, Shaw and McGregor are sent to investigate. But what they find waiting is far from routine, as the local police have already discovered to their cost. Before the night is out, our heroes will encounter terror beyond their most appalling nightmares—in a place where the night may never end at all.
A new kind of horror story for modern America, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Crossed) and drawn by Goran Sudžuka (Y: The Last Man, Hellblazer)

ANIMOSITY EVOLUTION VOL 1 TP / $14.99 / 128 Pages / on sale 05.16.18
writer: Marguerite Bennett
artist: Eric Gapstur
color: Rob Schwager
letters: Marshall Dillon
cover: Eric Gapstur
One day, the animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, they’ve started building. In a city by the sea, a new power is on the rise…and they’re making an animal kingdom all their own.
Collecting the first five issue of this captivating ANIMOSITY spin-off series!
From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, Bombshells and Batwoman) with artwork by Eric Gapstur–ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION is an exciting new series that expands upon this already amazing world!
AfterShock has earned their reputation for putting out some of the most diverse and entertaining comics in the industry. Animosity is a prime example of this.” – Steve Gustafson of 411mania.com

THE ART OF JIM STARLIN: A LIFE IN WORDS AND PICTURES HC / $49.99 / 328 pages / 9×12 size / on sale 05.02.18
FIRST AFTERSHOCK PRINTING! There are few creative names in comics whose influence is felt more in pop culture than Jim Starlin, with his creations Thanos, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer occupying such prominent roles in Marvel’s cinematic universe. The “father of the cosmic soap opera,” Jim Starlin’s name is synonymous with the larger-than-life epic, which is why AfterShock is proud to bring back into print, this epic 328-page retrospective on the career of one of the most popular and prolific comic book artists of the last 40 years! Covering everything from his humble beginnings to his rise as one of the industry’s top creative talents, this oversized volume includes glimpses into Starlin’s files and sketchbooks, as well as images of his personal favorites with insights into his life and creative process. The first edition of this volume sold out instantly. Don’t be caught short this time! Just in time for the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War movie!

SHIPWRECK VOL 1 TP / 136 Pages / $17.99 / on sale 05.30.18
writer: Warren Ellis
artist: Phil Hester
color: Mike Spicer
cover: Phil Hester
Dr Jonathan Shipwright, sole survivor of a very unusual and very secret shipwreck, doesn’t know where he is. Seemingly trapped on an endless road, in pursuit of a saboteur who holds the key to his salvation — or doom. Industry legend WARREN ELLIS joins AfterShock comics with this mysterious and captivating tale full of shock, secrets and surprises.
From the co-creator and writer of AUTHORITY, TRANSMETROPOLITAN and PLANETARY.
“SHIPWRECK might not be the first title readers think of when they think of new Ellis works, but…I have a feeling that that could (and should) change!” —Justin Partridge of newsarama.com

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READY PLAYER ONE: Mark Rylance & Simon Pegg Create The OASIS In A Pair Of New Stills; Plus A New TV Spot

Along with that awesome Empire cover from this morning, the popular magazine has also debuted two new stills from Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, featuring new looks at Simon Pegg & Mark Rylance!

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Here I Go Again” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

In many ways, Legends of Tomorrow’s third season has been every bit as entertaining as the first. However, there are a couple of areas where this season doesn’t quite measure up yet, one of them being the team dynamic. Between the loss of both halves of Firestorm and the less than thrilling addition of Zari Tomaz, the Legends just aren’t quite the well-oiled yet dysfunctional machine they were last year. This episode was clearly aimed at rectifying that problem and making Zari feel more like a legitimate member of this oddball family. And while she may never be the most dynamic character on the show, Zari did benefit from her prominent role this week.

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Watch Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler Break Down Casino Fight Scene

The outlet Vanity Fair has a great series of videos called “Notes on a scene,” and in it, we get to see a director break down iconic scenes from the film. Last year, we saw the hilarious Taika Waititi break down a scene from Thor: Ragnarok, but this time around, we are given the chance to see Black Panther helmer Ryan Coogler break down a scene from the latest Marvel Studios film.

The scene in question is the casino scene, where T’Challa, Nakia, and Okoye are hoping to take in Wakanda’s enemy no. 1, Ulysses Klaue. Of course, things don’t exactly go to plan, and Okoye is forced to lay down a couple of goons who discover her.

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Coogler starts off his breakdown by picking apart the costume from Nakia, and what it means for the culture of Wakanda. He then points to Okoye’s dress and wig, the latter of which is a bit dishonorable, given how important a bald head is for the women of the Dora Milaje. Another cool detail is the costumes: Nakia wears green, Okoye wears red, and T’Challa wears black. Coogler confirms that this is something of a visual reference to the Pan-African flag, which consists of those same three colors.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the cool little details Coogler illuminates us with in the video. It really goes to show all the thought that goes into every little detail — between the fights, the character motivations, and other visual nods.

What do you think of this video? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Vanity Fair

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: It’s A Pirate’s Life In New Promo For Season 3 Episode 12: “The Curse of the Earth Totem”

Next week, while Sara takes an impromptu vacation, the Legends find themselves sailing the seven seas on a swashbuckling adventure to hunt down Blackbeard's long-lost treasure! Check out the new promo now!

Jordan Peele’s Next Social Thriller Filming Later This Year

What exactly has Jordan Peele been up to on the movie front? It’s been over a year since his social-horror film Get Out hit theaters, and while he’s undoubtedly been busy in the wake of that success, we haven’t been given much of an idea of what his next movie is.

Sadly, that trend continues today, but it sounds like he’ll be getting to that film very soon. Speaking with THR, the filmmaker said:

“I am currently writing it, and I’ll direct for Universal this year. I’m just trying to entertain myself again.”

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Peele didn’t delve into any story specifics, but it sounds like fans of his directorial debut will find a lot to like here:

“One thing I know is that this is genre; and playing around with the thriller, horror, action, fun genre of intrigue is my favorite. That’s my sweet spot. So I think tonally it should resemble Get Out. That said, I want to make a completely different movie. I want to address something different than race in the next one.”

That’s definitely a good move. It’d be easy for a filmmaker like him to get put in the box as the guy who does movies about racism, but to shift his acute sensibilities to another topic altogether will help to make his voice feel fresh. Between that, and whatever work he’s doing on The Twilight Zone series, I think fans will surely be getting their fill of genre stories.

Can you think of any other social topics a movie of Peele’s can cover? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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The Punisher #221 Review: Surviving by Chance, but Still Coming Out on Top

The Punisher #221
8.5 Reviewer
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BC Rating
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Artist: Guiu Vilanova, Color Artist: Lee Loughridge, Letters: VC's Cory Petit, Cover by: Clayton Crain, Special Thanks: Mitch Montgomery, Designer: Anthony Gambino, Editor: Jake Thomas, Associate Editor: Mark Basso, Publisher: Marvel Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99

The Punisher and his War Machine armor are accidentally recovered by a fishing boat. He is able to remove the powerless armor and has the fisherman return him to the mainland. He ambushes one of Petrov’s patrols and finds an engineer who claims he can fix the War Machine armor. It’s not long after that Nick Fury contacts the Punisher.

The Punisher #221 cover by Clayton Crain
The Punisher #221 cover by Clayton Crain

I’m kind of torn on the concept of Frank only surviving on happenstance at the beginning of this book. On one hand, having your hero survive on pure chance can make them less engaging. However, the Punisher is such a reckless and haphazard character that it kind of follows that he is frankly a benefactor of random chance. Plus, it kind of subverts his hyper-macho “prepared for anything” veneer, though it’s questionable how intentional that would be.

In the end, it doesn’t bother me that much as a plot point.

From there on out, it’s another violent and brutal issue of Punisher. He cuts, shoots, and detonates Petrov’s men. He abuses that engineer needlessly, though you could argue this violent occupier deserved it.

Frank also makes a couple of jokes with Fury, which is a subtle and enjoyable slight humanization of Frankie boy. The two characters play off of each other well. Neither is accustomed to tolerating BS, but Fury also frequently employs BS. This creates a natural tension in the dialogue, making it that much more engaging.

The Punisher #221 art by Guiu Vilanova and Lee Loughridge
The Punisher #221 art by Guiu Vilanova and Lee Loughridge

Guiu Vilanova’s artwork continues the streak of grittiness and shadowing that make his style ideal for a Punisher title. He also gets to play a bit in the finale as Frank tears his way once more through Petrov’s army. On top of that, Lee Loughridge’s color work adds grim and dim layer over all of this, making it look even better.

Punisher #221 is another brutally fun comic in Frank’s saga. He is beaten but gets back up to take vengeance on Petrov’s people. Vilanova and Loughridge bring great art to the book. I recommend this one too. Give it a try.

As an addendum, I was torn on whether or not to cover this book given the Parkland school shooting last week. Cards on the table, talking about this book at all still feels like a lapse of tact. Frank Castle, though I like him, his still a hero-like character who employs arsenals of killing machines to deal with crime and evil. I don’t prescribe to the “good guy with the gun argument.” What I tell myself to justify this review at all is that I’m contributing to the wider cultural conversation about guns and the extent to which we should have the right to be armed, if only on a tiny, tiny, minute and miniscule level. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

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Lord of Gore Rages Onward: Devil’s Due/1First May 2018 Solicits

D. B Stanley and Daniel Leister’s Lord of Gore reaches its fifth issue this May, providing more horror, violence, and entertainment industry intrigue. This comes from Devil’s Due/1First. More details below.


(W) D.B. Stanley (A) Daniel Leister
(CA) cover A by Daniel Leister, cover B by Kyle Strahm
The current Headsman shows up at former Headsman Reed Daniels’s barn, and he’s not collecting for UNICEF. A little carelessness with a lantern, and the place goes up. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire… And the walls… Hay bales… Pretty much everything except the cows. OH, CRAP!
May 16, 2018$3.99

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Best Picture Nominee Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A young girl is raped while dying in the small town of Ebbing, Missouri. Time passes, and her case is yet to be solved. Out of frustration and anger, the girl’s mother decides to take matters into her own hands in a very creative and attention-grabbing way. Sounds simple enough, but there is definitely an underlying complexity that resides in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the Best Picture nominee written and directed by Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths).

Mildred Hayes (played by Francis McDormand), filled with anger at the fact that her daughter’s murder has yet to be solved, decides to rent out three billboards leading into town. The billboards depict the graphic way her daughter died, and places the blame of no arrests made on the town’s revered chief of police, William Willoughby (Woody Harrelson). Especially angered by Mildred’s decision is Officer Jason Dixon (Sam Rockwell), a racist momma’s boy with a history of brutality while wearing the badge. As the story unfolds, what seems like a clear-cut demand for justice turns into battles of vengeance that question the very character and morality of the people involved.

The performances in this film are spectacular, especially by our main three. McDormand commands every scene she is in as this tortured mother still grieving over her daughter’s death. She is a perfect balance of strong, determined force to be reckoned with, and a broken parent fighting an inner pain that she cannot cure. Harrelson’s portrayal of Willoughby is perfect. He views the attacks against him on the billboard as unfair but shows sympathy to this grieving mother. Finally, Rockwell embodies the role of Dixon phenomenally. His portrayal of Dixon is that of a lead henchman who acts like the big tough guy unless Willoughby reels him in. He wears his bigotry and anger on his sleeve and makes no apologies for them. His performance alters as the film moves on, when a decision made by Willoughby moves our focus onto his battle with Mildred.

Writer/director Martin McDonagh has faced some criticism regarding elements of his script. The focus of the criticism lies primarily upon the character of Dixon. It’s explained that the character is a racist with a violent history on citizens, both in custody and free. Critics have felt the racist element is limited to a plot device and not given more attention. Also, after a specific few events that occur (events I’m refraining from explaining because I want you, the reader and potential viewer, to experience it for yourself) that affect Dixon in a way that many have criticized as attempting to redeem this very flawed character.

In my opinion, this film is not about “good guys” and “bad guys.” It’s about people.

We are presented with this character that many of us would not give the time to consider ever being friends with. He is vile, ignorant, bigoted and pretty much a scumbag. He is nowhere near the standing the audience attributes to Mildred, the pained mother who is seeking retribution for a miscarriage of justice. As the story unfolds, tactics are taken by both characters that go against what we were presented with in the beginning. A character we feel is justified goes over the edge and questions our support for them. A character we are adamantly against makes choices that end up having noble intentions. These tactics taken are not meant to make us change our mind about how we feel about these characters. McDonagh has not presented these moments to make us cheer on who we initially thought was the “bad guy” and now question who we thought was the “good guy.”

What he has done is simple: he has presented us humans. The reality of humanity. That we are all flawed beings; some much more than others. We realize that the person who seeks justice for her family will make decisions we do not agree with, going against our morality. We learn that even those we find disgusting and intolerable can make selfless choices meant to benefit others. We are not perfect. We are far from it. A good person can have a bad moment. A bad person can have a moment of redemption. McDonagh explains that perfectly in his writing and direction of this emotional story.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has scored seven Academy Award nominations, which include acting nods for McDormand, Rockwell and Harrelson. Original Screenplay, Score, Editing and, of course, Best Picture round out the nods for a film that is heavily favored to win the evening’s top award. For the performances alone in this emotionally-charged story, this film is deserving of multiple viewings. This is easily Martin McDonagh’s finest piece of work. I highly recommend adding this film to your queue.

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Black Panther: Martin Freeman Teases More Everett Ross Appearances

Black Panther may have spent most of its runtime concerning itself with the country of Wakanda, its inhabitants, and its own problems, but it did have a few non-Wakandans take center stage for a bit.

On the bad guy front, we got the likes of Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger, but on the good front, we got to see the return of the cocky, smarmy Agent Everett Ross, who we were first introduced to in Captain America: Civil War. He had a much more pivotal role this time around (though he never took the focus away from our other heroes), and I was honestly surprised just how much I ended up liking him.

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But can we expect to see more of him in the future? Speaking with Den of Geek, actor Martin Freeman, who plays the agent, was asked if the studio had given him an idea of what the future held for the character. Freeman responded:

“They did. They did. They introduced me in Civil War and said there would be a couple of other films, one of which was Black Panther. So that was always on the cards. And I knew I’d have more to do in Black Panther than I had to do in Civil War. That was very much just the kind of introduction to who Ross was.”

From the sound of it, this means we could be seeing the last of the character in his next appearance. But don’t pour one out for Ross just yet, as it’s always possible for the studio to renew his contract based on where the story takes things. If he makes it through the Avengers films (assuming he shows up in them), a Black Panther sequel seems inevitable, and having him be an integral part of whatever that sequel is could be the way to go, especially given his expertise on Wakanda in the comics.

Do you want to see more of Everett Ross in the MCU? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Den Of Geek

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38 Review: Great Leads Against a Legendary Universe

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38
9 Reviewer
0 Users (0 votes)
BC Rating
Writer: Robert Venditti, Artist: Ethan van Sciver, Color Artist: Jason Wright, Letters: Dave Sharpe, Cover by: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey, Variant Cover by: Tyler Kirkham and Tomeu Morey, Editor: Mike Cotton, Assistant Editor: Andrew Marino, Publisher: DC Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $2.99

Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner have been beaten and taken by General Zod and his family. While Hal is bruised, Kyle is in a bad way. After an uncomfortable dinner with Zod’s family, Hal reveals that his personally-forged ring is always connected to him. He may be able to summon it regardless of what Zod is using to contain it.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38 cover by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38 cover by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey

While this is one of the thinner issues of Hal Jordan and the GL Corps, it manages to be compelling regardless. Presenting two of our heroes powerless and humbled is a basic and effective means of adding tension. That may seem obvious, but with heroes has powerful and often cocky as Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, it is a different mode of presentation for this comic.

Zod makes for a great villain. He’s a classical, brutal, and monologuing rogue whose power is even greater than that of our intrepid Green Lanterns. Ursa and Lor-Zod add slight variables, with Ursa being even more vicious than Zod and Lor being somewhat innocent and unknowing.

The interplay between Hal and Kyle is as entertaining as ever. Robert Venditti has well established by now that he has a firm grasp on the Green Lantern Corps. There is plenty of good dialogue and fun to be had in their discussion, even with Kyle bleeding out on the floor.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38 art by Ethan van Sciver and Jason Wright
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #38 art by Ethan van Sciver and Jason Wright

Ethan van Sciver returns to this issue, and his art is as strong as ever. His realistic styling brings muscular figures, incredible detailing, and great depth. His inkwork has always been great too. Jason Wright’s color is bright and pops. He can play the bright greens off the environment very well. Sciver and Wright make for a great team.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps continues to be a strong and consistently engaging book. With its ever-endearing leads, a great villain, and a strong stable of artists, this book scores another recommendation. Give it a read.

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Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 75

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you everyone for reading this each and every week. Before we make money with comics, I have a few thoughts. With all the Venom hype, don’t forget to speculate on the Venom hologram trading card, there is a sweet 3D hologram card that came in the MarveL Universe Four Series. Daredevil #598, Amazing Spider-man #795, Green Lanterns #40 were all reads of the week. Lucifer is #awesomesauce, Tom Welling as Kane is just great, Maze is hot, Ella is hot, Lucifer has hot ladies and you can’t teach that. Now lets make the money with some comics.

1. Adam Hughes Slayboy Sketchbook 2010 – Adam Hughes is #awesomesauce. Convention sketchbooks are an untapped source of speculation. Most of these sketch books are limited in print, have great sketches, and are worth the buy in. I really like the Catwoman stuff in this edition $40

2. Harley Quinn #1 Adam Hughes Mexican Variant – can’t afford the 1:25 American verson of the Hughes Harley Quinn, well you can get the Mexican edition or half the price just a great way to get a desired variant on the cheap $30-60

3. Penthouse Comix #2 – sexy Adam Hughes artwork that is all $5-15. Hughes did a lot of early work for Penthouse.

4. Marvel Age #129 – Adam Hughes cover. Marvel Age issues are a great speculation play and this needs more love $2-5

5. X-Force Megazine #1 – reprints New Mutants #98, first Deadpool, and it is easy on the wallet $15-40

6. Wolverine Origins #25 – ends the Deadpool story and leads into the 2008 Deadpool series. It even reprints New Mutants #98 this is super cheap $5-20

7. New Mutants Annual #5 – New Mutants plus Rob Liefeld equals money

8. X-Force #1 – I now think after the Deadpool trailer that all the X-Force #1’s should be pulled out of dollar boxes. There is a Shatterstar card, a Cable card, a Deadpool card, and I want to submit this as Deadpool’s true second appearance (it is on Tony’s old list as second appearance) as he has a file page at the end and not just a trading card $1-10 sets go higher

9. Amazing Spider-man #300 Walmart Variant – Venom-manina is running wild brother, not sure how I feel about the trailer yet but Venom is hot. ASM #300 is king and this reprint, which is a Walmart promo, is a great, inexpensive way to obtain this classic Spidey book $20-40

10. Spectacular Spider-man Annual #12 – Venom appearance nuff said

11. Nightwatch #6 – low printed Venom appearance. Everyone is chasing Lethal Protectors and ASM appearances, but who in there right mind is chasing Nightwatch #6? I put in the toughness of Kid n Play #9. Dig in
those dollar bins people $10

12. Wizard Magazine #17 Platinum Edition giving credit to Topher S., the true first appearance master himself. This ties for first image of Harley Quinn. Early Wizard Magazines are in dollar boxes and this is a must for Harley Quinn apeprances $10-20

13.  Wizard Dark Book #1 – Carnage cover. Carnage vs Venom on the big screen can’t wait $10

14. Web of Spider-man Annual #8 – Venom appearance nuff said

15. Amazing Spiderman Annual #26 – first solo Venom. Thanks to everyone in the comments for last weeks hidden gems for pointing this out. All the annuals for this year had venom apperances so happy hunting $5-10

16. Fame Lady Gaga FCBD #1 – remember Bluewater productions and their biocomics? I do and some of them still make decent money like this Lady Gaga comic, Lady Gaga is #awesomesauce $5-10

17. Avengers #4 JC Penny Variant – with DCU variants getting love with Canadian price variants getting love what about the JC Penny Variants avengers movie in may classic cover first silver age Captain America cheap reprint great addition to any collection or investment box $20 and up

18. Justice Society of America #12 – first appearance of Black Lightning’s daughter. This is the first mainstream DCU appearance of her as she first appeared in Kingdom Come #1. Both are classic issues and Black Lightning’s daughters.

19. Rick and Morty #30 Blank Cover Variant – it is convention season, time to get sketches. Well this Rick and Morty is perfect for it. It was exclusive to Frankies Comics and was limited to around 1,000 copies. It is perfect for sketches of Summer or Rick giving Ronald McDonald the finger. $20 and up

20. Sandman #50 Platinum – Neal Gaiman is #awesomesauce. Thanks to him for help in my braille reading, getting better every day. American Gods is in braille, but betweent that and Lucifer, I am a bigger fan of Lucifer and was surprised to see this platinum edition
of a key Sandman comic $50

love you guys see you next week time for dinner
blind adam the comic pimp out

Editorial: Stranger Things is straight out of the 80s- but it’s female characters don’t need to be.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2.      Stranger Things is a fantastic series with a great cast. I spent 8 straight hours binging season 1 with my roommate and rationing episodes of season 2 was painful with how hooked I was from the start! This being a story […]

Everything We Know About Avengers 4 (So Far)

Let's break down which new heroes show up, who's got a new costume and everything else we've been able to piece together so far.

The Venom Movie’s Comic Book Influences Explained

We take a look at how this upcoming Spider-Man spinoff is influenced by Marvel's comics.

Exclusive First Look at the Dynamite Trades Shipping in May 2018

We have an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for the Dynamite Trades shipping in May of 2018. These include Bettie Page, Ash vs Army of Darkness, The Librarians, and more.

Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner | Writer: David Avallone | Art: Colton Worley, Joseph Michael Linsner
| Format: Softcover Page Count: 120 Pages

She’s more modest than Ms. Blaise, but peels more than Ms. Emma. She out-vamps Vampirella, but she’s sweeter than Honey West. She put the mod in model, and the bangs in bang-bang. Now the world can know the truth: her classified adventures back in 1951 Hollywood have been declassified. Dynamite, David Avallone and Colton Worley are proud to present The Secret Diary of Bettie Page, in handy comic book form. This volume collects Issues 1-4 of Bettie Page and an exclusive short story illustrated by Joseph Michael Linsner, originally published in Playboy Magazine, with an introduction by writer David Avallone.

Cover: Nick Bradshaw | Writer: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims | Art: Mauro Vargas | Format: Softcover Page Count: 144 Pages

“The name is Ash, but you can call me Mr. Williams!” Ash finds out the hard way that major corporations frown upon the dismemberment of Deadites on company property and has to seek a new form of employment. What better place for the man with the chainsaw hand to be than in the public school system! The Chosen One goes undercover as a substitute teacher to find out who is messing with the Necronomicon. Along the way he encounters a secret government agency called S.M.A.R.T. who are charged with ridding the world of the undead menace. Oh, and they have modeled themselves after the methods of everyone’s new favorite “cool” teacher. Ash vs. The Army of Darkness collects issues #0-5 of the series written by Chad Bowers & Chris Sims (X-Men ’92, SwordQuest) and artists Mauro Vargas (Star Wars) & Sam Lotfi (DC New Talent Showcase).

Cover: Jay Anacleto | Writers: Gail Simone, Nancy A. Collins, Devin Grayson, Meljean Brook, Tamora Pierce, Leah Moore, Nicola Scott, Rhianna Pratchett, Mercedes Lackey, Marjorie M. Liu, Blair Buttler, Kelly Sue DeConnick | Art: Jack Jadson, Noah Salonga, Carla Speed McNeil, Mel Rubi, Cassandra James, Tula Lotay, Doug Holgate, Naniiebim, Nei Ruffino, Phil Noto, Jim Calafiore, Valentine de Landro | Format: Softcover Page Count: 152 Pages

Back in print! In this unique collection, writer GAIL SIMONE hand-picked eleven of the fiercest, most talented, and most popular female writers from the worlds of comics, prose, games and television, to help her tell the greatest legends in the She-Devil’s long history! A group of savage mercenaries hired to hunt and kill Sonja come across campfire tales of her at every turn… and Sonja does not like to be hunted. Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Marjorie M. Liu, Nancy A. Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rhianna Pratchett, and many more tell fascinating bits of Sonja’s legend, with a wrap-around tale by Simone herself, and art by the likes of Phil Noto, Jim Calafiore, Jack Jadson and more! Contains issues #1-5, the script to issue #1, concept art by Jack Jadson and more!

Cover: Photo Cover | Writer: Will Pfeiffer | Art: Rodney Buchemi | Format: Softcover Page Count: 104 Pages

Way back in the swinging ’70s, movie producer Sol Schick was the guy behind such cheesy classics as “Quarry: Bigfoot!,” Noah’s Ark: Found at Last!” and “Heavenly Visitors from the Hell Above.” But when he’s murdered – at a film festival! – with a piece of Noah’s Ark! – THE LIBRARIANS are drawn into the mystery. Can their combination of special skills, obsessive curiosity and knowledge of forgotten lore figure out who – or what – spelled doom for Schick? And as they delve deeper into his past, is it possible that things are not as they seem and that all his crazy, wild movies…were telling the truth?

Cover: Michael Kaluta | Writer: Simon Spurrier, Dan Watters | Art: Daniel HDR | Format: Softcover Page Count: 152 Pages

For the better part of a century the Shadow’s sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil-doers – but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent. But he is not forgotten. Not by the people he’s saved. Mary Jerez, is one of those people. The Shadow saved her from a horrifying school shooting – Mary knows all too well what evil lurks in the hearts of men. So when a horribly burnt man – incredibly strong and fierce, despite his terrible injuries— arrives under her care as a resident at the hospital – she believes she knows who he is, too. Is this mysterious man actually the Shadow – and with Mary’s help, will evil-doers again know what it means to fear his terrible justice?
Si Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men: Legacy, Judge Dredd) and Daniel HDR (Superman, Cyborg) bring the pulp icon into modern day in a tale full of deadly intrigue, gun-blazing action, and a study of the nature of evil!

Cover: J. Scott Campbell | Writer: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo | Art: Moritat, Maria Sanapo | Format: Softcover Page Count: 160 Pages

In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, SHEENA, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon’s most ancient secrets… Following the path of the trespasser, she encounters a forbidden ruin in which even more deadly dangers lie in wait — and begins an adventure that will take her beyond her wildest imaginings!

TUROK VOL. 1: BLOOD HUNT Trade Paperback
Cover: Álvaro Sarraseca | Writer: Chuck Wendig | Art: Álvaro Sarraseca | Format: Softcover Page Count: 140 Pages

The fascist Saurian soldiers of the Varanid Empire-part dinosaur, part man, all bad news-have seized control of the Lost Valley, and only the mysterious man known as Turok is willing to stand against them! But the all-new Turok only cares about one thing: he’s on a quest to track down a missing girl – and she might hold clues as to how the Lost Valley has changed so much! Now Turok must infiltrate a prison camp run by the Varanid Empire in order to get more information about her whereabouts — and beware, any Varanid soldier who gets in his way – because there’s a reason they call him the Dinosaur Hunter!

VAMPIRELLA (2017) VOL. 2: THE GOD YOU KNOW Trade Paperback
Cover: Andy Belanger | Writer: Jeremy Whitley, Paul Cornell | Art: Andy Belanger, Creees Lee, Paulo Barrios, Rapha Lobosco | Format: Softcover Page Count: 144+ Pages

Vampirella is fresh off a mind-blowing discovery-or at least it should have been. Coming to terms with what she’s learned about herself and her past means a journey to a place far scarier than the twisted future she’s living in… her twisted mind! Prepare yourself for a Vampirella like you’ve NEVER seen before! Collects issues 7-11 of Vampirella (2017)!

Cover: Jay Anacleto | Writer: Robert Place Napton | Art: Carlos Rafael, Debora Carita | Format: Softcover Page Count: 456 Pages

Includes three full graphic novels: Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Vol. 5: Rise of the Machine Men, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Vol. 6: Phantoms of Time, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Vol. 7: Duel to the Death.Dynamite Trades

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Star Wars: Cam Ranks The Films From Worst To Best

You’ve probably seen lists like this in every community forum you’ve ever been to, the ranking of Star Wars movies from worst to best.

Thing is, it’s very rare you will get two people who rank them the same way apart from a few stand out movies. I guess in many ways this is indicative of just how broad the Star Wars fan base truly is. It’s also a franchise which has spanned three generations already, and depending which generation you are from, might influence the way you rank the movies. After all, nostalgia does play a huge part in the way we feel about movies from our youth.

So, for no other reason than to generate some discussion amongst our readers, here is my Star Wars movies ranking from worst to best, with a little explanation into my thinking for each one, and a little video highlighting some bad and good moments. It’s doubtful anyone will flat-out agree with all my choices, so let me know why I am wrong with your own lists.

Obviously this list is going to change more and more as we get new Star Wars movies in the coming years, is it possible somewhere in that future slate of movies there is one that can rise up to top billing? Tough task. Anyway, without further ado.

The Phantom Menace

One of the most hyped movies of all time, The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars film to be released since the end of the Original Trilogy, and promised to explore how Anakin Skywalker became a Jedi and then turned into Darth Vader. The rough plot was okay, if a bit too political for a Star Wars movie, but we were left with an Anakin far too young to have any kind of character development.

It also suffers from a severe lack of screen time for both Darth Maul who hardly speaks and Obi-Wan Kenobi who hardly does much at all until the end of the movie. Whilst the movie had some good moments on Tatooine and an excellent three way saber duel, the good parts were far outweighed by the bad dialogue, boring characters, and the accursed Jar-Jar Binks toilet humour.

I was as hyped as any Star Wars Fan and even tried to excuse its flaws in my own mind for years until I had to admit it was just a poor movie. It feels, in many ways, like Star Wars for ten-year-olds, and whilst Lucas always maintained that Star Wars is a kids movie, the tone doesn’t match the supposedly more political plot. In many ways The Phantom Menace outline could have made for a more mature themed movie. It also simply doesn’t move the overarching plot of the trilogy on fast enough. One wonders what this movie could have been by writing out Binks and the Gungans altogether and focusing more on Maul, Kenobi and an older Anakin.

Attack Of The Clones

It was going to be tricky for Attack of the Clones to achieve much, having TPM as its predecessor. However the basic plot of the movie is again decent enough for an idea, the actual script itself though is weak, and may have even worse dialogue than The Phantom Menace did. Obi-Wan, whilst better in this movie is still underdeveloped as a character, and Anakin is simply not given enough to do in this movie.

The entire love story plot is frankly cringeworthy and the film would have benefited far more from Anakin and Padme having to outrun danger whilst slowly falling for one another — you know that classic movie formula of putting the leads in danger as they fall in love. As it stands, it becomes hard for the audience to work out why Padme ever falls for Anakin instead of getting a restraining order against him. Either she has no experience of relationships, or she must be desperate for attention, as Anakin is verging on creepy here.

The mystery of Syfo Dias and how the Clone Army were created just disappears midway through and is never mentioned in the series again. Who was he, really|? One must question why Yoda was happy to accept and use a Clone Army none of them asked for, and has origins linked to the assassination attempt of Padme Amidala. Hayden Christensen gets some terrible flak for his acting chops in this Trilogy, but it’s hard to imagine any actor delivering these lines in any better a performance than he did.

Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Ian McDiarmid, Christopher Lee and Samuel L Jackson are all great actors and yet everyone looks like they’ve only had a few amateur dramatic lessons. Okay, Christensen takes this to an even lower level on a few occasions as well, but it has to partly be down to having such bad dialogue, incomplete arcs and poor direction. Still…..Visually it’s a treat, and it has perhaps my favourite closing montage of any Star Wars film, as Yoda pronounces the Clone Wars have begun, and the Imperial March kicks in as we see the Clone Army being deployed across the Galaxy, intercut with Anakin wedding Padme on Naboo. That’s the frustrating thing about AotC: it has potential and it was completely squandered. As a standalone movie, it’s just all over the place unfortunately and at times actually cringeworthy to watch on repeat viewings.

The Last Jedi

Ok it’s a bit too soon for YouTube videos so I’ll leave this weird scene here instead.

I don’t think there is much I need to say about the most recent Star Wars movie. Some love it, and a good many more seem to despise it. The Last Jedi has the exact opposite problem from the two movies mentioned lower on this list. It has better dialogue, better acting, more emotional character development (though not the right kind for me), and it tries to be more mature in its themes.

However the basic plot the writer uses to place all his pieces on the board just doesn’t cut the mustard for me, choosing to ignore or dismiss the various ‘mysteries’ set up in The Force Awakens. It also feels like a film that’s got nowhere much to go in its conclusion and that’s something I can’t say about Attack of the Clones as a middle chapter. If anything, this movie needed to have an outline, or an end goal for Episode 9 which the writer was working towards. After listening to his many, many explanations, it appears as if all he wanted to do was tell his story and let others work out what happens next.

I could go on, but we here at LRM have debated and discussed this movie from many angles and sides since its release. Ultimately The Last Jedi feels like fan fiction to me rather than a proper instalment in the Star Wars saga and whilst it may work as a sequel to The Force Awakens, it does not work for me as episode 8 of a 9 chapter story. I am a fan of Rian Johnson the director, I am not a fan of Rian Johnson the writer. This one has hurt the franchise fan base as much as The Phantom Menace did, but it’s nowhere near as bad a movie, overall.

Revenge of the Sith

The concluding part of the Prequel Trilogy and certainly the best of the three Prequel movies. If anything, the problem with Revenge of the Sith is how much Lucas left to be told in this movie. The first two movies just didn’t move along quickly enough to be able to buy as an audience how quickly things escalate in ROTS. Some of the dialogue is a little better this time around, but still not what one would call quality writing. It does have some outstanding scenes which rank amongst fan favourites, the opera scene with the Darth Plagueis story is excellent, and really allows Ian McDiarmid to show his true talent for once in these movies, he was so wasted when you watch his Return of the Jedi performance.

This is also, for me, Lucas’ most poorly edited movie and that’s usually his best skill. There are scenes where you can almost see they started the edit too long before the call for action, and it removes the audience somewhat from the immersion. I am also of the opinion that the final duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the worst in the series, as there is so little emotion other than the very start and the very end of the fight. They literally don’t say a word from the first saber clash until separated on the lava flow about 10 minutes later. Sure, it has some good moves and flashy action, but there’s no heart. Not to mention that classic meme of Obi-Wan triumphing by declaring to Anakin it is over because he has the high ground. Fans are still scratching their collective chins on that one over a decade later (see video above).

The final nail in the coffin for this movie is probably the crazy idea to have Padme die in childbirth, not because of complications, nor medical reasons, but of a broken heart……… Come on, Lucas, really? I mean you could have had Yoda and Obi-Wan have to choose whether to save the kids or save Padme and weigh up those moral choices, but no, broken heart…sigh. It almost makes me wants to stand up cast my head back in despair and shout Nooooooo for a really long time. Yeah you get it!

Better than its chronological predecessors for sure, but really not that great overall. Also after all these years can anyone tell me what the hell happened to Palp’s face and why the Jedi couldn’t sense him at all? I was waiting to hear that Darth Sidious had found a way to disguise his power and thus his looks as well and that the twisted dark side ravaged figure we see in Jedi is his true appearance. Nope apparently he got burned off his own lightning in a very weird, bad CGI way.

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens has gone down my list upon seeing The Last Jedi, though it is still in the top half. It is clear to me now that JJ Abrams seems to have had no idea at all what was going to happen at the end when he made this movie. The mysteries he set up, he seemingly gives no guidance about to Rian Johnson who was allowed to simply dismiss at will (we reserve right to change our minds after seeing Episode 9).

When you take this element out, what is The Force Awakens other than a gigantic bigger scale copy of A New Hope? Sure, I love it when Rey and Finn escape aboard the wrecked Millennium Falcon, I loved seeing Han and Chewy again, and I even had goosebumps when that lightsaber flies past Kylo Ren into the hands of Rey, but unless I am extremely surprised by Episode 9, it feels like one giant expensive piece of fan fiction built upon cool set pieces rather than an interesting narrative.

If anything, I think many fans like me would have been far more interested in beginning this story with Ben Solo beginning to train with his Uncle Luke, the rise of the mysterious Snoke, and the First Order rising from the ashes of the Empire upon an impotent Republic. Then the turn of Ben Solo and the resulting sundering of Leia and Han. It’s great to have 20/20 hindsight, but for me, my imagination isn’t good enough to create en ending for this trilogy which will make all three movies feel satisfying and a true conclusion to not just this trilogy, but a nine movie arc. I have a bad feeling about Episode 9. I think the only character I feel is complete and I enjoy watching in this Sequel Trilogy is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. The rest feel somewhat like cardboard cut outs to me.

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Fans of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy were likely pretty disappointed with the adaptation the series received back in 2007 in the form of The Golden Compass. While the movie was well cast and the filmmakers had their hearts in the right place, the desire to pull back on the message and keep the narrative brisk really took the wind out of the sails of the whole thing.

Audiences felt that, and it resulted in a disappointing box office haul, with New Line Cinema opting not to move forward with the sequel (even though they had purposely removed the last 10-15 minutes of the film and pushed it to the sequel, so as not to end on a bummer note). It’s over a decade later, and a TV adaptation has now been confirmed, though details have been sparse as to when it’s coming.

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Thanks a tweet from Bad Wolf Productions, the production company behind the upcoming adaptation, we now know the project is next on their slate.

So what does this mean about the actual TV show? It’s very hard to say, since they didn’t really lay out a timetable. however, assuming they are shooting this year, a summer to fall release next year doesn’t seem out of the question. Plus, given the source material, they’ll need plenty of time to get those VFX done and up to snuff.

Are you excited to see that progress is being made in His Dark Materials? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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Witchblade Continues While Bonehead Gets a Collected Edition: Top Cow May 2018 Solicits

Top Cow’s Witchblade series by writer Caitlin Kittredge and artist Roberta Ingranata continues onwards this May of 2018. Plus, Bryan Hill and Rhoald Marcellius’s Bonehead series gets a collected edition. All of this comes from Top Cow. More details below.

MAY 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99
Alex Underwood as survived dying, demons, and the perils of hosting the Witchblade, but as she finally confront the true extent of the demonic forces influence the NYPD, her enemies, and even those closest to her, she knows this may be a battle she won’t survive

MAY 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99
The rogue alien visitor who broke Port protocols now lies dead, and Port of Earth is open again for business, but as our Consortium business partners arrive on Earth for a secretive meeting, traumatized and broken Earth Security Agent Rice and partner McIntyre discover there’s an unresolved threat at the ESA HQ.


MAY 23 / 128 PAGES / FC / T+ / $9.99
In a near future, a sprawling megalopolis sees the rise of “Boneheads” parkour-gangs that use neuro-linked helmets to augment their abilities and live for the thrill of physical risk. As a gang war threatens to tear the city apart, a mysterious Bonehead rises, a man with no past that might be the key to saving the city’s future. From writer Bryan Hill ( POSTAL ) and artist Rhoald Marcellius ( Marvel’s CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS ) comes a story about technological and human revolution.
Collects BONEHEAD #1-4

MAY 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99
Who is the mother of artificial intelligence? The re-imagining of CYBER FORCE continues as the origins of the “Aphrodite Project” are revealed…along with the dark intentions of the group that helped create her.


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The Batman: J.K. Simmons Hasn’t Met With Director Matt Reeves Yet

The development of DC Films’ The Batman has been quite the annoying thing to follow. Things seemed to be going great for the months leading up to Batman v Superman. Sure, we didn’t know if the movie was any good yet, but the trailers looked amazing, and the prospect of getting a Ben Affleck-directed Batman film was enough to get any film fan excited.

However, the year that followed Batman v Superman‘s release was more than a little underwhelming. Ben Affleck slowly backed away from the project, dropping out altogether early last year. Taking his place is War For the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. But how far into the process is he?

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While we can’t speak to that, it sounds like he, at the very least, hasn’t been in touch with all of the actors just yet, as revealed by J.K. Simmons when asked by Collider if he was looking forward to a meatier part in the universe.

“Oh, yeah! Assuming that we’re gonna go forward, the way we think it will, I’m really looking forward to that. Hopefully, it will be really fun and the character will expand a little bit, particularly in the stand-alone Batman movie. There will be more to do. I guess it’s Matt Reeves now for that one, who I haven’t met. So, it will be a whole new collaborator to get together and work with, hopefully.”

Given the fluidity of DC’s schedule, it’s incredibly hard to tell when they plan on releasing the film. However, if they’re anything to be learned from their recent failures, it’s that sticking to a strict schedule before getting into the swing of things is a recipe for disappointment, and is something fans have not let them forget.

When do you hope to see The Batman hit the big screen? let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

You Just Need a Sister and W.I.T.C.H Deals with a Crisis: Yen Press May 2018 Solicits

Get the sister you have always needed with A Sister is All You Need from writer Yomi Hirasaka. Plus Disney’s W.I.T.C.H. A Crisis on Two Worlds receives three volumes of a graphic novel release. Both of these come from publisher Yen Press this May. More details below.

A Sister’s All You Need., Vol 1 (light novel) 
Writer: Yomi Hirasaka
Artist: Kantoku
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Fiction / Humorous
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
Itsuki Hashima is a novelist who’s hopelessly enamored with the idea of little sisters and is constantly surrounded by colorful characters. A world class genius and love-guru who’s beauty almost seems a waste on her. A girl who’s constantly troubled by her friendships, love interests, and can’t even find refuge in her dreams. A ridiculously talented illustrator. Each of them have as many problems and worries as the next and they never have a dull day together as they play games, travel, and work together. From the same author of the famous I Don’t Have Many Friends, Yomi Hirasaka!

W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part III. A Crisis on Both Worlds, Vol. 1 
$11.00 USD, $14.50 CAD
Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7
The girls seem to face new challenges everywhere they turn, and the pressure is threatening to tear them apart. Even their normal lives aren’t free of stress — particularly when Will’s long absent father returns! Will the girls be able to pull it together before a new enemy emerges?

W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part III. A Crisis on Both Worlds, Vol. 2 
$11.00 USD, $14.50 CAD
Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7
Ari, the lord of Arkhanta, has a grudge against the Oracle and will go to any lengths to destroy him. The Guardians must stop Ari’s rising power at the source to protect Kandrakar, but with their team fractured, will that even be possible?

W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part III. A Crisis on Both Worlds, Vol. 3 
$11.00 USD, $14.50 CAD
Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7
The girls have barely recovered from their adventure in Arkhanta when they suddenly find themselves facing an Astral Drop revolution! How can the Guardians stop their doubles from wreaking havoc in their lives, though, when the Astral Drops know exactly where to strike the Guardians to turn their lives upside-down??f

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle, Vol. 1: Episode Ryu 
Writer/Artist: Fujino Omori
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD
Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
For the skilled former adventurer Ryu, it’s another eventful day at the Benevolent Mistress! A certain couple’s only daughter has been kidnapped, bringing Ryu out into the streets to search for her, in the name of justice and Astrea. Her investigation of the missing child eventually leads her to a lawless area of the Labyrinth City, the Grand Casino, where money and power decide everything!
This is the start of the Gale Wind’s tale in the city of Orario, home of the Dungeon and adventure!

Napping Princess (light novel): The Story of Unknown Me 
Writer: Kenji Kamiyama
Artist: Hana Ichika
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD
Fiction / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
When Kokone sleeps she dreams of Heartland, a place full of technology and warring machines, where she’s the Princess Ancien who possesses magical powers. But when events in her dreams and real life start to intersect, Kokone has to run from bad guys in both worlds. Will her dreams provide a way out, or get her into deeper trouble…? The light novel of Napping Princess will be available May 2018!

Forbidden Scrollery, Vol. 3 
Writer: Moe Harukawa
Artist: ZUN
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
In a certain era, the land of Gensokyo was separated from the rest of the world by a barrier and it built up its own unique culture. One day, people start buzzing about strange phenomena. They suspect that a youkai is using the Honjo Seven Wonders to hide some evil deed, but…?

Overlord, Vol. 7 (light novel) 
Writer: Kugane Maruyama
Artist: so-bin
$20.00 USD, $26.00 CAD, £14.99 GBP
Fiction / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
A group of “workers” whose better judgement has been clouded by hopes and expectations have descended into the unknown depths of a mysterious tomb.
These trespassers include the small but elite team Foresight, the storied warriors of Heavy Masher, the crew lead by a legendary elder worker, Green Leaf, and the invincible swordsmen of Angel.
They are some of the best that can be hired, but as more and more vengeful residents of Nazarrick appear, will any make it out alive?

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 5 (light novel) 
Writer: Hiro Ainana
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Fiction / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
After rescuing Muno Barony from disaster, Satou and crew head for dwarf territory and rescue an Oracle priestess from the demons! But for some reason, the attacks just keep coming…

Trinity Seven, Vol. 13: The Seven Magicians 
Writer: Kenji Saito
Artist: Akinari Nao
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 18 And Up, Grades 13 to 17
It’s a face-off between Luxuria masters as Lilith and Anna battle it out! There’s only room for one of them in Trinity Seven-who will reign supreme? Meanwhile, Arin and Hijiri partner up on an important quest–rescuing Arata!

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 5 (light novel) 
Writer: Wataru Watari
Artist: Ponkan 8
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Hachiman’s summer break is coming to a close, when Yui suddenly comes to visit his house. Not only that, but Totsuka has an invitation for him, as well as a request from a classmate–he even runs into Yukino’s sister at the fireworks festival! Hachiman is determined not to get close to anyone or have any expectations, but even this stubborn loner can’t ignore the changes occurring in his relationships with Yukino and Yui…

Strike the Blood, Vol. 9 (light novel): The Black Sword Shaman 
Writer: Gakuto Mikumo
Artist: Manyako
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Fiction / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Blue Elysium is a newly constructed, additional manmade isle off the Demon Sanctuary of Itogami Island: the latest, greatest resort, boasting pools, and an amusement park! Yaze schemes to invite Kojou and the others to the isle before its public opening, but somehow the “free” trip lands Kojou in a horrid part-time job.
Meanwhile, Sayaka Kirasaka, Shamanic War Dancer of the Lion King Agency, visits Blue Elysium as well. Her mission: to rescue the mysterious girl Yume, held captive inside a research facility. But, an unknown Attack Mage appears before Sayaka, a “Priestess of the Six Blades” using the same techniques as Yukina!

A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 15 (light novel) 
Writer: Kazuma Kamachi
Artist: Kiyotaka Haimura
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Fiction / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Academy City’s peacekeeping forces are absent due to the Avignon invasion. In that now lawless land, shadowy groups start moving behind the scenes.
–Those acting for their own interests.
–Those who love the dark and revel in killing.
–Those trying to destroy others’ hope.
–Those standing up in defiance for those important to them.
–Those bringing the battle to the higher echelons.
–Those quelling rebellious elements.
–Those who would stop a rampage with violence.
In this city, which controls all of science, who will survive?

BTOOOM!, Vol. 21 
Writer/Artist: Junya Inoue
$17.00 USD, $22.00 CAD, £12.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Media Tie-In
Ages 18 And Up, Grades 13 to 17
As things get worse for Sakamoto and Himiko, Sakamoto finally accepts the truth! But with Kira chasing him down, will he even be able to survive?

The Royal Tutor, Vol. 7 
Writer/Artist: Higasa Akai
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Historical Fiction
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Princes Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht have been making great strides thanks to an excellent education from Heine, the royal tutor. Even so, with the return of Prince Eins, the eldest of the brothers and heir apparent to the crown, the wall they must climb in the struggle to become the most qualified candidate for the throne looks more colossal than ever. Can the four younger princes stand up to their biggest rival?

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Department, Vol. 3: 13-Territory Inspection Department 
Writer/Artist: Natsume Ono
$15.00 USD, $19.50 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Crime & Mystery
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Still under government suspicion as a driving force in a coup d’etat, Jean Otus finds himself in the middle of an actual coup in the district of Suitz. When Jean gets captured, he might just discover there’s more to his best friend Nino than he realizes.

Baccano!, Vol. 3 (manga) 
Writer: Ryohgo Narita
Artists: Shinta Fujimoto, Katsumi Enami
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
NEW YORK, 1930
Firo’s big day has come, and everyone’s enjoying the celebration–Isaac and Miria so much so that they’ve had a bit of a change of heart! If one criminal syndicate is just too nice to rob, then surely another will do…Meanwhile, Szilard learns that the object of his search is right under his nose. Soon nothing will stand between him and ultimate knowledge…!
The crazy ruckus comes to a close!

Scum’s Wish, Vol. 7 
Writer/Artist: Mengo Yokoyari
$15.00 USD, $19.50 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
After Hanabi is heartbroken, she goes to Karuizawa with Ebato. This journey is guiding the two towards an end to their relationship. Elsewhere, even after Mugi conveyed all of his feelings to Akane, the free spirited girl didn’t reply in kind. Who is the one that holds the keys to her heart?

Dimension W, Vol. 10 
Writer/Artist: Yuji Iwahara
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Science Fiction
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
As the mad scientist Haruka Seameyer has transformed Loser’s wife into a terrifying monster, the sprawling fight for the ultimate Coil known as “Genesis” barrels toward its climax. Those who have lost their past will discover that their history still has meaning.

Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl, Vol. 6 
Writer/Artist: Canno
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
A new semester blooms and a new class of first-years bring more love troubles to Seiran Academy! Chiharu’s feelings are left reeling after a visit from Maya. Meanwhile, in Izumi’s classroom, a love rivalry forms…

Spirits & Cat Ears, Vol. 6 
Writer/Artist: Miyuki Nakayama
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
Join shrine priestess Neneko and her familiar, Shichikage, in the latest volume of this romantic comedy manga!

Angels of Death, Vol. 3 
Writer: Kudan Naduka
Artist: Makoto Sanada
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Horror
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
Ray and Zack have arrived at Floor B3, home to the mad prison guard Cathy and her brand of “punishment”. Driven into a corner by her many sadistic traps, will Ray and Zack be able to keep their promise to each other…!?

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Vol. 11 (manga) 
Writer: Satoshi Wagahara
Artist: Akio Hiiragi
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Chiho has collapsed, and Maou and company have figured out that it must be the work of an Angel. The only thing left to figure out is whether they’re holed up in Tokyo Tower or the Sky Tree. When the group finally finds whoever’s responsible for hurting their friend, the ultimate Maou/Alciel combo is going to paint the town red!

Triage X, Vol. 15 
Writer/Artist: Shouji Sato
$14.00 USD, $18.50 CAD, £10.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Crime & Mystery
Ages 18 And Up, Grades 13 to 17
The battle of Mikami Storm begins! The whole team of the Fujoshi clan has been waiting for this moment to change their destiny…Who will manage to make it through?

Akame ga KILL! ZERO, Vol. 7 
Writer: Takahiro
Artist: Kei Toru
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
Ages 18 And Up, Grades 13 to 17
Mera tries to teach Akame and company pleasure. Akame fumbles for a chance to escape, but she accepts her situation… And as a woman and an assassin, Akame challenges Mera.

Tales of Wedding Rings, Vol. 2 
Writer/Artist: Maybe
$15.00 USD, $19.50 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Romance
Ages 16 And Up, Grades 11 to 17
Sato followed his childhood friend to another world in order to marry her and became King of the Ring. But in order to save the world, he’ll have to marry four other princesses?! Can Sato handle marrying a second wife?

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 6 (manga) 
Writer: Natsume Akatsuki
Artist: Masahito Watari
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
Now that Kazuma’s charges have been cleared and his debt has been repaid, he’s living in the lap of luxury. But his leisurely indulgence doesn’t last long when Sena shows up with a quest for him!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Vol. 9 (manga) 
Writer: Fujino Omori
Artists: Kunieda, Suzuhito Yasuda
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD, £9.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
After a close call deep in the Dungeon, Bell and his party are making good progress on recovering and they’ve even reunited with their goddess after her ill-advised trip into the labyrinth. But as soon as it seems like they can relax, Hestia is goddess-napped and there’s no time to lose if her familia wants to save her! While everyone is distracted, even more danger approaches…

Delicious in Dungeon, Vol. 5 
Writer/Artist: Ryoko Kui
$15.00 USD, $19.50 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy
Ages 13 And Up, Grades 8 to 17
The party has defeated the Red Dragon and rescued Farin! But their quest won’t be finished until they make it back out of the dungeon unscathed. The adventure’s not complete until everyone returns alive…and full!

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Overwatch: Blizzard’s “Puppy Rumble” Is for All the Kibble!

Dog make pretty much everything better. I think that’s pretty much a constant, like water being wet and fire being hot. Now, make those dogs puppies and have them do adorable things and you have the formula for about 9,867,423,121 YouTube videos: enough to launch a thousand websites. But if there’s one thing that mankind can still be relied upon to do, it’s to take their entertainment and find new ways to elevate it to a This Is Spinal Tap-loving level of eleven. First we enjoyed watching puppies play; then we enjoyed filming puppies play; then we enjoyed filming and posting puppies playing. Next thing you know, we have Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl pulling obscene ratings on “Super Bowl Sunday,” both during the live broadcast and follow-up rebroadcast.

Leave it to the good folks at Blizzard to take it to the next level with Puppy Rumble, an Overwatch-theme game of puppy-vs.puppy capture-the-flag. Starting at 6:00 p.m. ET/3:00 p.m. PT today and tying into the Chinese “Year of the Dog”, you can tune into Twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch to watch the first ever canine competition of its kind. But it’s not just fun; it’s fun for a good cause as viewers will get to learn more about each dog’s background and how you can go about adopting each of the participating dogs. Viewers will also learn how they can support dog adoptions throughout the country; as well as about the work of partner organizations in the adoption drive:.

Here’s a look at Blizzard’s Overwatch channel on Twitch, for Puppy Rumble 2018:

Watch live video from PlayOverwatch on www.twitch.tv

To learn more about the partners involved in this adoption drive, you can click over to Blizzard’s partners Petfinder, Wags & Walks, Paws Atlanta, and Austin Pets Alive.  Viewers who are unable to adopt can consider sponsoring one; donating to one of the partnering organizations; or donating to a local shelter.

overwatch blizzard puppy rumble

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Arribas Brothers Introduces New Coco-Inspired Jewelry

If you’ve seen Disney/Pixar’s Coco, you already know that it’s a stunning film with breathtaking animation. The movie drew inspiration from Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a beautiful Mexican holiday that celebrates our loved ones in the great beyond. Arribas Brothers has recently released a Coco-inspired jewelry line, which can be found at their Disney resort locations.

Arribas Brothers specializes in glass and crystal art and jewelry, and their prices can range from affordable to not so affordable. They sell a number of Disney-inspired products, including slippers, tiaras, and of course Cinderella Castle replicas!

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Lovecraft Meets Jazz- the Jazz Legend: Scout Comics May 2018 Solicits

Jazz melds with Lovecraft and a touch of drug use in the new series Jazz Legend from Scout Comics. In addition, Mindbender is given a collected volume. All this will be released in May of 2018. More details below.

Written by JC Lacek and Illustrated by Vasco Duarte
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
There’s a peculiar new drug on the streets of Motocity. Its effects are unlike any other–an immersive psychedelic dreamscape with visions of animalistic abominations and god-like humanoids. This is bad news for Martin Comity, a hard-living womanizer who lives for two things: playing jazz and getting his next fix. As Martin’s fascination with the drug turns to obsession, his loosening grip on reality becomes more evident by the day. An eccentric writer, the reclusive Benjamin Way, takes an odd interest in Martin’s predicament after experiencing visions of his own. A phantom spectre with a single cryptic message: wake Martin to the nature of his “true” self, and quickly, or bear witness to the unraveling of that which bonds space and time. Jazz Legend is a neo noir meets cosmic fantasy inspired by the lives and works of jazz great Miles Davis, and the father of beat literature, Mr. William S Burroughs.

Written by James Pruett and Illustrated by Federico De Luca
Full Color, 160 pages, $19.99
Collecting the complete six issues of Scout’s critically-acclaimed break-out hit of 2017! At the tender age of seven, Alexander Oberman witnessed the gruesome deaths of his parents in a horrendous explosion caused by the explosive power of his own mind. How Alex survived has been a mystery. Physically he was fine, minus a few burns, but mentally he withdrew into himself…into his mind. For 16 years, Alex hadn’t uttered a solitary word or had a voluntary movement of his own, until now. Those that would use his destructive abilities have been awaiting Alex’s awakening. Now that wait has ended, and the world will soon learn the true potential of mankind. But will Alex be a vanguard for the world or will he be responsible for its annihilation? Featuring a Bonus Cover Gallery of the complete collection of MINDBENDER covers featuring art by Phillip Hester, Bart Sears, Matthew Dow Smith, Andrea DiVito, Enrique Corts, Elias Chatzoudis, David Boller, John McCrea and Francesco Francavilla! Also included as a Special added feature, a representation of the short story Strait Jacket from the award-winning anthology Negative Burn originally published in 1997 that was the very first appearance of the concepts that become MINDBENDER.

Written and Illustrated by Walter Ostlie
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Sherlock Holmes meets Ghostbusters in SHIVER BUREAU. Rev your engines because it’s a good day for a race through London. Pickle and Trish are hot on the heels of a suspect in a missing orphans case, but are they being led like mice to the proverbial cheese? Things are going to get dicey, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a spot of tea. After all you can’t face your impending doom with a parched throat and bad manners. Part 4 of the interlocking front covers of SHIVER BUREAU which when connected will showcase one large panoramic scene.

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Illustrated by Scott Van Domelen
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
In the riveting series finale, Bennett and his psychotic new “handyman” show what they’re capable of, Jen relies on her wits to stay alive, and an aging cop races against the clock to save her. (Be warned: not everyone makes it out of this one!)

Written by Richard Rivera and Illustrated by Dwayne Biddix
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Grace confronts a bully on the playground and then later must face an even greater threat on another plane with the fate of a soul hanging in the balance. After school, it’s time for a family meeting. Amanda asks Lena to use her magic to see she can learn about Stabbity. Grace reluctantly leaves her plush companion behind with her Nana as she and her mother attend a dinner honoring volunteerism. The Mayor, last seen in issue three, is hosting the seemingly innocent gala, but before the night is over, Grace will wish she had Stabbity by her side!

Written by A.C. Medina and Illustrated by Morgan Kendrick Sawyer
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
WELCOME TO PARIDISE is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly set in an underground bunker the size of California, 300 years after the Apocalypse. The clan raid has left Roosevelt’s a mess and Manny all out of options. With the threat of Gunnar looming over him, Manny has no choice but to go to High Town in search of an old acquaintance. It’s the issue we’ve all been waiting for, find out what’s been the prize that has changed everything!

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Ready Player One: Hot Topic Releases Their Merchandise, And We Need It ALL

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been talking a lot about Ready Player One and the film isn’t even OUT yet.  Part of this is because the book, “Ready Player One” by Ernie Cline, had such a strong impact when I read it.

Part of the excitement anytime an existing property gets made into a movie is definitely the merchandise that comes with it, not gonna lie. There hasn’t really been much officially released for the book (or the film) until today, and Hot Topic came through in a big way.

I need everything in this collection, and I’m not sure where to start. We already showed you the new Funko Pops coming from the line, but if you haven’t seen them, here.

The Three Keys bath bombs apparently smell like peppermint, honey & lavender.

The Three Keys bathbombs.  These are absolutely ridiculous but I love them, and I’m ordering them for myself to use at WonderCon (because I don’t have a tub at home). Also, does it bother anyone else that the keys are out of freaking order??

A shirt for Gunters. (men’s sizes)

A new Iron Giant shirt. (also men’s sizes)

This storyline throwback to the creator of the OASIS’s business, Gregarious Games shirt. (Men’s sizing again, boo).

How about a fragrance for Gunters?  No really, they’re doing a perfume (unisex, I guess?) that comes with the keys:  “Join the quest and smell appropriately. This exclusive fragrance from Ready Player One has notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage so you’re ready to crack the Easter Eggs!”

A shirt for Gunters who hate IoI aka SUXORS. (again with the men’s sizes)

There *are* some female shirts, but as usual they cost $2-5 dollars more than the men’s sizing.  The best is definitely this ringer tee with the keys and an attempt at the quatraine from Anorak’s Invitation.

The boys’ pjs, of course, because pockets.  What the hell is up with that anyway?  My previous three pairs of HT pj pants have all been marketed to boys because they had pockets and none of the ladies ones (at the time) did.

A makeup palette marketed for Art3mis, but it’s silly because the only time she would even WEAR makeup is at Og’s party.

A scoreboard bracelet, and yes I already ordered one.

This Parzival/Art3mis friendship bracelet which makes ZERO SENSE. If anything, it should be Parzival and Aech if you’re calling it “friendship”.

Check out the collection on Hot Topic’s website now.

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DVD Review: Ben 10 (Villain Time, Season 1: Volume 1)

Tara Strong is one of today’s superstars of voice acting. She’s what you’re listening to when Bubbles talks on Powerpuff Girls, Timmy Turner wishes on The Fairly OddParents, Raven spells on Teen Titans Go! and Twilight Sparkle glows on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She might be any cartoon character on your TV. This talent comes in handy when she’s Ben Tennyson, a boy with the Omnitrix. This wristwatch device allows him to turn into 10 different alien creatures to be a superhero. Ben 10: Villain Time, Season 1: Volume 1 contains the first 20 episodes of the reboot series that aired on Cartoon Network last spring. The new season begins this month on the channel. Check your local listings for times.

Here’s Josie’s review of the DVD set:

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The transfer brings out the detail in Ben’s 10 identities. The audio is Dolby Digital 2.0. You’ll get to hear Tara Strong’s amazing voice work. The episodes are subtitled.

No bonus features

Warner Home Video presents Ben 10: Villain Time, Season 1: Volume 1. Starring: Tara Strong, Montserrat Hernandez, David Kaye, Greg Cipes & John DiMaggio. Boxset Contents: 20 episodes on 1 DVD. Released: February 13, 2018.

Michael B. Jordan Snuck Into Black Panther Screenings To See Audience Reactions

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther continues to surpass expectations. Earlier today it was reported that it hauled an impressive $192 million domestically, which is insane considering that this is a standalone film.


Without a doubt, the villain Erik “Killmonger” Stevens played by actor Michael B. Jordan, is one of audiences favorite aspects of the film. Some are even calling him the best MCU villain since Loki first appeared in Thor. With all this noise about his character, Jordan wanted to see audiences responses for himself. While at the All-Star Celebrity Game in Los Angeles he talked to Entertainment Tonight about how he snuck into opening night screenings to see audiences reactions.

“Honestly, everybody was laughing, they were yelling at the screen, you know what I’m saying? The gasps, the one-liners, everything was working so it was cool to see it with a normal audience — not at a premiere, not at a press junket. They were really engaged and interacting with the film, so it was good to see.”

With great films like Fruitvale Station and Creed in his resume (OK fine I will also mention Fantastic Four), Jordan was nervous about audiences’ reaction to his portrayal of a villain something that he had not done before.

“It is a little relaxing to know people are really liking the performance, [Playing the bad guy] was something I’d never really done before so I was anxious to see how it would play and if it worked… it felt good.”

A superhero is only a good as his villain and most audiences out there agree that Jordan’s Killmonger was a smash hit. What do you think of Jordan’s villain in Black Panther? Let us know in the comment section below!

Marvel Studios Black Panther is in theaters now!

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

From Iron Man to Black Panther: Marvel Studios’ True Superhero, Casting

It’s easy to look at the collection of Marvel Studios releases now and appreciate some examples of the true unsung hero of the film franchise giant: the casting department. Yeah, yeah, we know, not everyone is happy with all the hero and villain casting, but you have to admit, Marvel has had some pretty great pairings of character and actor.


If we go all the way back to a time BEFORE Marvel Studios was a thing — I’m talking all the way back to Blade — you can start to see how the groundwork was being laid. Wesley Snipes in the half-vampire warrior flicks was perfect casting for the time. That’s not to say it was all a cakewalk; Snipes had gone to court vs writer/director David S. Goyer over Blade: Trinity. He’s even said he’d be down for playing the character again, or at the very least wants to see Blade the character join the current MCU officially.

Let’s dive right in with perhaps the most controversial (at the time) choice, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

I want you to go back in time. Imagine the world’s shock and awe when it was announced that freaking Robert Downey Jr. would be portraying Tony Stark in an Iron Man film. It’s a move that director Jon Favreau had to fight for, by the way, because no one wanted RDJ. And Tony Stark was almost played by Tom Cruise; never forget that. “There were people in our company who directly said, ‘No. You can’t [cast Downey]. Next,” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said.

But Favreau wouldn’t take no for an answer, and eventually the powers that be were at least convinced to get Downey Jr. screen test for the part.

While this is labeled as an audition tape, it’s obviously not, but thanks to the internet we get a glimpse of the beginning of the magic:

Stan Lee has gone on record several times now saying how impressed he is with the casting, “That man was born to be Iron Man, you know? He’d be on the top of the list. But, I have to say: whoever does the casting for Marvel is a genius. For instance, I can’t picture anyone being better than Thor. Captain America? You couldn’t beat him.” (Admittedly, Stan has spent more time with Evans than anyone else, since the two got to know each other during the Fantastic Four days.)

Chris Hemsworth as Thor. It turns out that Chris wasn’t even on the short list for the role, but his brother Liam was. When Thor director Kenneth Branagh was auditioning possible Asgardians, he’d narrowed his list to four possible choices (one being Daniel Craig) none of which included Chris.  Ultimately, those actors didn’t work out, and Kenneth had to go back to his pool of talent. There were at least two or three interview sessions with Chris before screen testing him. “We pretty much knew as we were shooting the test that he was the guy. It seemed, across these meetings, he had grown into it. He understood it better. And crucially, he was at ease,” Branagh said.

Chris Evans as Captain America. Evans had already been inducted into the Marvel film verse with his role as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four films, but he was no one’s first (or even 5th) choice to play Captain Steve Rogers. Turns out, John Krasinski went so far in the process as it have a costumed screen test along with Hemsworth, and that’s when it hit him that he wasn’t the right guy for the part, and “took himself out” of the running.

Captain America director Joe Johnson has admitted that Evans never did a screen test for the part, saying in an interview back in 2010:

“Chris didn’t audition at all. I was already familiar with everything he’d done and was championing his cause, not that I had a fight from the Marvel team. They were fans of his as well. He came in to the art department to say hi, saw all the jaw-dropping art and designs on the wall and reacted the way I’d hoped he would. It was really his wonderful enthusiasm for everything he saw that cinched the deal.”

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. There’s been a lot written about this subject, from the shady money deal when Scarlett signed on to officially replace Emily Blunt to the real reasons Blunt backed out of the deal (we may never know). With a list of five other ladies who almost got the part, it still seems strange that Johansson is who netted the gig. Not to say she isn’t good in the part (which she LOVES playing), but, we all know that Nat has been poorly utilized as her own character minus the fabulous chair scene in Avengers. Yes, I’m lookin’ at YOU, Joss.

Will we EVER get the solo Black Widow movie?  Maybe the ship has sailed on this front, unless maybe you have Nat come in as some kind of reverse Nick Fury for a women of Marvel film with the power players right now; Wasp, Shuri, Valkyrie, the rest of the Black Panther badass ladies.

Speaking of Fury — Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. This was one of those surprise castings that didn’t really shock anyone who was familiar with the evolution of the character in comics. Considering for at least 10 years before the announcement, Fury had been drawn and presented in the funny papers as a black man, it made pretty damn good sense to bring in Mace Windu. Jackson himself is a big fan of comics (and anime, actually), and was familiar with Mark Millar‘s work on the book, which had reimagined the SHIELD boss in Jackson’s likeness back in 2002.

“Yeah. The first time I saw Nick Fury was in the comic books, at Golden Apple [Comics]. Mark Millar. Mark Millar, genius. Yeah. [Millar re-imagined Nick Fury in Jackson’s likeness in 2002 for The Ultimates, predating Jackson’s casting in the MCU. —Ed.],” Jackson said in this interview with The AV Club.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord. We all kind of know this story, right? Chubby comedic actor Chris Pratt posts a photo of himself on Instagram after shedding several pounds and putting on muscle definition, and the next thing we know he’s captaining the Milano in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Once again thanks to the power of the internet, we get to see a screen test, this time with Pratt and Dave Bautista playing off each other:

Gunn has said they screen tested a ton of dudes for the role:

“We screen tested probably 30 actors, as we were trying to find Peter Quill, and I didn’t even want to see Chris at first. I thought he was overweight at the time, and he seemed like a comedy guy, and he didn’t think he was the right person for the role. But he came in, and he was doing his audition, and 20 seconds into his audition I’m like, ‘That’s the guy.’”

And the real reason I started writing this piece: Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, the Black Panther.  Seems like everyone has almost forgotten that back in the early ’90s, before Blade, Wesley Snipes was trying to get his version of the Wakandan king off the page and into cinemas. While yes, that could have been pretty awesome, Black Panther needed to be made RIGHT NOW with Boseman.

In a recent interview with Variety, Feige actually went so far as to say that there was no other actor for the role BUT Chadwick. During the planning phases for Captain America: Civil War, it was decided there needed to be an additional character, and a producer (unnamed in this interview, but I’d love to know whom) suggested T’Challa.

“We were working on the story and we needed another character. Our executive producer suggested T’Challa. The minute we started talking about Black Panther, we brought up Chadwick. He really was the only actor we discussed. I think it was 24 hours between saying his name in a creative story meeting and talking to his agent and getting on a phone with him and offering him the role of Black Panther, which he accepted.”

24 hours from mention to deal making, kind of awesomely perfect.

After writing this all out, which admittedly I wasn’t planning on doing so much on, maybe I’ll turn this into an installment thing, and break everything down by phase or film, because there’s so much here to digest.

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Ryan Reynolds Shares DEADPOOL 2 Set Photos As He Grants Wishes Suited Up As The Merc With The Mouth

Ryan Reynolds may play a foul-mouthed badass on the big screen but he's got a heart of gold and has shared some snaps of a recent Make-A-Wish visit which might just make your day. Check them out here...

Guests Can Now Meet Black Panther and the Dora Milaje at Disneyland Resort

Heading to Disneyland soon? If so, count me jealous. Currently guests can meet Black Panther and the Dora Milaje at the Hollywood Backlot, inside Disney’s California Adventure!

black panther

Black Panther and the Dora Milaje will be joining their other Avenger friends — The Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and Captain America. This meet-and-greet will be for a limited time only, so get to Disneyland as quickly as possible! I’m sure Hollywood Studios will also get a meet-and-greet, which would honestly entice me to visit sooner than later.

Dora Milaje

The costumes look incredible. As far as wait times, expect them to be long. This is one hero no one should miss!

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BLACK PANTHER Director Ryan Coogler Gives The Play-By-Play During The South Korea Fight Scene

Without a doubt, Ryan Coogler is the man of the hour right now and should command the same type of payday for Black Panther 2 that WB rewarded Patty Jenkins with to helm their Wonder Woman sequel.

Black Panther’s Opening Weekend Box Office Compared to Every MCU Movie

Black Panther dominated the box office in its opening weekend, with an estimated $201.8 million debut. With such success in Black Panther's benchmark debut, how does the rest of the MCU compare in opening weekend hauls?

Check out the chart below for updated numbers through the MCU's latest release, Black Panther, in comparison to the opening weekends, both adjusted and unadjusted, of each Marvel film so far, as well as their worldwide box office totals. We've also taken a look, where applicable, at a film's percentage increase or decrease over its direct predecessor (rounded to the nearest whole percentage). And then read on for more analysis of all of Marvel's 2017 releases so far.

Continue reading…

Nerd Food: Lucky Charms Introduces First New Marshmallow in 10 Years

Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, Clovers and Blue Moons, Hourglasses, Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons! I can’t get the jingle out of my head now, but it looks like the lyrics are about to change. After 10 years, Lucky Charms is introducing a brand new marshmallow — and saying goodbye to one of their old ones.

While I’ve never eaten Lucky Charms (seriously), I’m sure kids of all ages will adore this brand-new marshmallow! It certainly fits in with the theme of Lucky Charms, and I can’t wait to see all the social media photos of it.

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AQUAMAN Rumor Claims Mera’s Relationship With Dolph Lundgren’s King Nereus Will Be Changed

In the comics, Mera was betrothed to General Nereus before she fell in love with Aquaman while plotting his assassination. A new rumor says that scenario will play out differently in James Wan's film.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Star J.K. Simmons Hopes To Play Commissioner Gordon In THE BATMAN

While J.K. Simmons didn't get a lot of screen time in Justice League, the Oscar-winning actor says that he would like a chance to play Commissioner Gordon again in a future DC movie. Hit the jump for more!

Crowdfunding Watch: The Awesome Fantasy Adventure Edition

On this particular President’s Day I’d like nothing more than to step outside this current reality. Thankfully, fantasy adventure let’s me do exactly that. I’ve located three fantasy comics looking to raise money to help bring their wonderful worlds to life. Now that I have my pot of coffee and an angry cat who keeps […]

Michelle Obama Congratulates Cast and Crew of Black Panther

Black Panther was originally predicted to make $160 million across its entire 4-day Presidents Day weekend opening, but the film has smashed all expectations, making $201.8 million in just three days to become the fifth biggest movie opening of all time, falling just $6 million short of beating Avengers and becoming the second biggest superhero opening of all time. The movie turned out to be part of a sweeping cultural milestone, and Hollywood bean counters were ill-equipped to understand its appeal, even as the weekend rolled out and Black Panther stomped over even Sunday’s late estimates of $192 million in three days. As it currently stands, Black Panther will make more than $235 million in four days, topping the previous record-holder, Deadpool, which earned $152 million.

In the wake of Black Panther’s astonishing (to everyone but Bleeding Cool, who predicted exactly this) box office success, former First Lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter to congratulate everyone involved.

“Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team!” the potential future president tweeted. “Because of you, young people will finally superheroes that look like them on the big screen.”

“I lived this movie,” Obama continued, giving the film her personal stamp of approval. “And I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories.”

There’s still time to add to Black Panther’s four-day total, provided you can find a ticket available today.

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Breaking: Jeff Jarrett To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Having learned that Jeff Jarrett is the latest name announced to be part of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class, I had to make sure that Hell did not in fact freeze over.

Jeff Jarrett has a storied legacy in the world of sports entertainment, having competed in USWA, WWF, and WCW, as well as co-founding Impact Wrestling (at its inception it was known as NWA:TNA and has been previously known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling). His tenure with the World Wrestling Federation, from 1992-1996, included six Intercontinental Championship reigns, winning the European Championship and sharing a tag championship with the late Owen Hart. Jarrett left WWE (then WWF) in less than amicable fashion that the thought of him ever associating himself with the leader in sports entertainment again seemed suspect. And yet when Triple H sends out a tweet about Jarrett being the latest name to be enshrined in WWE’s Hall of Fame you have to wonder what kind of discussion Jarrett and the “Cerebral Assassin” had that made the man who popularized the phrase “slapnuts” want to associate himself with the a company again.

This Marge Simpson Face Mask Will Leave You Horrifyingly Hydrated!

Ah, sheet masks. I’ve written about them in the past, and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. The Face Shop’s Marge Simpson sheet mask is pretty damn nifty. I recently reviewed the Lisa mask, so now it was time to try Marge!

marge simpson face mask

Designed for medium-sized faces, this is deal for anyone with a slightly larger face that mine. It was a little big, but it still worked.

As you can see, it’s a little on the horrifying side. But it does provide some much-needed moisture to my winter-weathered skin. Unlike the Lisa mask, though, my face felt a little stickier after. I did have to wipe off excess moisturizer, too. But still, my face feels fresh and baby soft!

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TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett to Join WWE Hall of Fame

The latest in a shocking string of coincidences wherein major media outlets conveniently discover the next inductee in WWE’s 2018 Hall of Fame Class, NBC Sports has reported that Jeff Jarrett is the next wrestler to join the exclusive club. Jarrett, who held the WWE Intercontinental Championship six times, was an eleven-time World Champion outside of WWE, including four times in WCW.

Jarrett also co-founded Impact Wrestling, then known as TNA, for a time WWE’s main competition after the fall of WCW, though the company’s buffoonish mistakes continually prevented them from making any kind of dent in WWE’s dominance. The company managed to earn WWE’s ire, but little else, as even in their press release announcing Jarrett’s induction, WWE refuses to mention the company by name, instead writing, “Jarrett continued to compete around the world and also began to promote shows that gave future WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young their first major exposure.”

Jarrett recently returned to power in Impact Wrestling, even lending the company the use of his new wrestling brand name, Global Force Wrestling, though he soon parted ways with the company after reports of unstable behavior. No word on who will induct Double J into the Hall of Fame, but our money is on a giant pile of gold karat bars.

Jarrett joins Ivory, the Dudley Boys, and Bill Goldberg, a wrestler who poops 20 times per day, in the 2018 Hall of Fame class. Hopefully, a major media outlet will “discover” another member next week.

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The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #314: “Where Have All the Ring Names Gone?”

What do you want from me? It’s another week of wrestling. We’re waiting on the Chamber to have anything to talk about. But not really because we’re really waiting on WrestleMania to finally get here. The danger is that the Road to WrestleMania and The Pocket of Suck are starting to look dangerously like the same thing.

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Dwayne McDuffie Week Day 5: “Catching Lightning in a Bottle (and Other Moral Victories)” with Static Shock

There’s something incredibly gratifying that during Dwayne McDuffie Week, Black Panther became the #1 film in the world, not only beating box office records, but also the misconception that media with black heroes doesn’t have mainstream appeal. And to think there were those back in the day who were hesitant to make Static Shock merchandise despite […]

Black Panther’s Biggest Easter Eggs

From Stan Lee's cameo to Wakanda history, here's everything we spotted in the latest MCU movie

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INTERVIEW: Rich Tommaso’s “Dry County” Based (Loosely) on His Own Life

Writer and comics creator Rich Tommaso is known for his anthropomorphic spy-thriller series Spy Seal and his horror-based series She Wolf, both reflecting the 1970s and 1980s crime and horror movies that have influenced him. Dry County, totted as “The EVERYMAN Crime Series,” is one of Rich’s newest projects among others. This first comic, published […]

Rabid is reinfected by the Soska Sisters

David Cronenberg’s Raid put him into the nightmares of horror fans when it was released in 1977. The movie made immediate headlines by casting Marilyn Chambers, actress who went from posing for the box of Ivory Snow to starring in the erotic sensation Behind the Green Door. Now she would be the woman saved from death by a revolutionary treatment only to be the killer of thousands. Now after 41 years, this classic of Canadian cinema is getting remade by twin sisters. The Soska Sisters have made a dead with Shout! Studios to revive the nightmare. Jen and Sylvia Soska recently made See No Evil 2. Here’s the press release from Shout! Factory:


Berlin and Los Angeles – February 15, 2018 – Shout! Studios, the multi-platform filmed entertainment distribution and production arm of Shout! Factory, has acquired U.S. rights to writers/directors Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska’s new feature remake of David Cronenberg’s early horror classic RABID. This multi-year agreement provides Shout! Studios with digital, on-demand, broadcast, home entertainment, and select SVOD rights to the RABID feature remake for cross-platform releases in the U.S. Back 40 Pictures will handle the theatrical distribution duties. The RABID feature remake by Jen and Sylvia Soska is being developed and produced by Back 40 Pictures in conjunction with Telefilm Canada and Ontario Media Development Corporation. The announcement was made today by Jordan Fields, Vice President of Acquisitions at Shout! Studios, and film producer Michael Walker.

Jen and Sylvia Soska will direct this new feature from a screenplay they adapted with John Serge from the original Cronenberg classic. Michael Walker, Paul Lalonde, and John Vidette are serving as producers.

Shout! Studios will be working closely with filmmakers and producers in the production process. The RABID feature remake is currently in the pre-production phase. Principal photography is expected to begin in April.

“Remaking one of the seminal films of David Cronenberg’s early work is audacious, exciting and not a little nerve-wracking. But there are no better hands in which to place this challenge than the four belonging to the enormously talented Soska sisters. Their creative vision will both honor the Cronenberg ethos and find in Rabid a currency that will terrify today’s audiences,” said Jordan Fields, Vice President of Acquisitions at Shout! Studios.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be re-imaging David’s 1977 body horror classic, RABID, with such incredible support behind us. We are not fans of soulless remakes as seems to be the trend these days as they disrespect the fans and the original body of work. Our RABID is a continuation of the thoughts and conversation David started with his original piece and modernized through a female perspective. This film will truly honor not only the original but Cronenberg’s entire body of work which would not have been possible without a team behind us that cares about the artist and well as the fans. Shout Studios has always put the fans first and this film will blow audiences away with its authenticity and elevated horror,” said filmmakers Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska.

The film deal was negotiated by Shout’s Jordan Fields and Vanessa Keiko Flanders, and by Michael Walker on behalf of Back 40 Pictures and Clay Epstein of Film Mode Entertainment.

The Walking Dead Season 8: Making the Case for Walker Olympics 2018

Credit: AMC

With less than a week to go before the show’s mid-Season 8 return, AMC is reminding The Walking Dead fans who might still be caught up in Winter Olympic fever that the show has some serious advantages over the international competition. I mean, strap skis onto some walkers and you could have a righteously cool ski jump. Replace the rifle with Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) weapon of choice and you could have a Bazooka-thalon. I’ll just put this last out there for you to marvel at (copyright/trademark me): full-contact curling using a walker’s head/upper torso/arm combo in place of the stone.

Here’s a look at the three promos:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for the second-half of Season 8 on Sunday, February 25th at 9 p.m. ET with a special extended episode:

The Walking Dead Episode 8×09 ‘Honor’: Rick faces new difficulties after a battle. Meanwhile, the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.

Credit: AMC

Here’s the most recent mid-season trailer for the second-half of The Walking Dead‘s eighth season – trying saying that fast five times – along with the official AMC synopsis:

All out war has had a devastating impact on every person involved. The communities themselves are fractured. Alexandria has been destroyed, the Hilltop finds themselves pinned, and the Kingdom is shattered — half of them dead, the other half controlled by the Saviors.

At the very center — Rick, having been distracted by the conflict, has just returned home to learn that Carl, who heroically shepherded the Alexandrians to safety during Negan’s attack, has been bitten by a walker. Once his sole motivation in this otherwise stark existence, Rick is forced to deal with this reality. Carl has always been a beacon of hope, a symbol for the remaining thread of humanity — lessons that the survivors around him would be wise to take with them as this war surges onward.

But Rick isn’t the only person who’s living in peril. Aaron and Enid are in a dire situation at Oceanside — unclear if they’re in friendly territory, or if they’ve just made new enemies. Father Gabriel will do his part in attempting to smuggle Dr. Carson safely back to the Hilltop and a pregnant Maggie is wrestling with the many moral gray areas that come with leadership during war. In a standoff with the Saviors, she must decide how to proceed with the dozens of POW lives she’s currently in control of, as well as new complications that come with being a leader.

In addition to the war, Negan continues to deal with struggles within his ranks as workers, traitors, and others’ thirst for power cause conflict at the Sanctuary. Having gifted the Saviors a major victory, Eugene’s loyalty is repeatedly tested as new obstacles present themselves.

As all-out-war consumes us, the line between good and evil continues to blur. People fighting for what they believe in. Everybody working together for something bigger — to feel safe and have a world worth living in.

walking dead season 8 olympics promos
Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln  (Rick Grimes), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Norman Reedus  (Daryl Dixon), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier),  Lennie James (Morgan Jones), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel Stokes), Alanna Masterson (Tara Chambler),  Khary Payton (King Ezekiel), and Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes); with Gale Anne HurdGreg NicoteroDavid Alpert, out-going showrunner Scott M. Gimple and franchise creator Robert Kirkman serving as executive producers.

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Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games drips on Blu-ray May 1

Maya The Bee buzzed from a feature film into a series over the last few years. Now the bee is back for another longer adventure. Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games takes her into a risky competition in a chance to save the hive that can also destroy it. The various home video versions arrive May 1. Here’s the press release from Shout! Factory Kids:

A Wholesome, Fun-Filled Major Motion Picture

Maya, the little bee with a big heart, is back for another adventure. Sequel to the wildly popular feature film Maya The Bee Movie, Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games makes its buzzworthy debut on DVD and Blu-ray on May 1, 2018 from Shout! Factory Kids.

Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games is based on the well-known children’s novel and popular animated series in Europe, Australia and Asia and offers an immersive cinematic adventure into a spectacular macroscopic world. A must-have for fans of all ages, the film is an instant classic that delivers wholesome family entertainment— emphasizing the importance of friendship, responsibility and courage.

After a slow harvest season, the very survival of the hive is threatened. Maya, and her sidekick, Willy, go to Buzztropolis, where the Empress invites them to participate in the Honey Games. But if they lose, the hive will have to give the Empress all of their summer honey! Needless to say, Maya and Willy’s teammates are neither enthusiastic nor athletic, but Maya remains positive and exclaims that “every bug has a talent!”

Can Maya and Team Poppy win and secure her hive’s future? Only if Maya is able to gain new friends and learn about teamwork, accountability, and overcoming preconceived notions!

Directed by Noel Cleary (Tashi), Sergio Delfino (Chicken Run) and Alexs Stadermann (Maya The Bee Movie, Bambi II), and produced by Studio 100 Media in association with Flying Bark Productions, Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games features the acclaimed voice talent of Coco Jack Gillies, Richard Roxburgh (Mission: Impossible II), Linda Ngo (Top of the Lake)and Justine Clarke (Home and Away).

One of the best-known and beloved children’s brands of all-time, the stories of Maya The Bee have been passed down among generations of families for years. Originally a German children’s novel by Waldemar Bonsels, The Adventures of Maya the Bee was published over a hundred years ago in 1912. Since the original publishing, the book has been translated into many other languages and enjoyed by children all over the world. In addition to the book, Maya The Bee is also a comic book series, appeared in various iterations as animated series and now as major animated feature films.

InvestComics Top 5 #152

Every week before new comic book day, InvestComics provides our fans with the Top 5 Hot Picks for new comics coming out on Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. This week’s Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #515 and new comics coming this Wednesday 2/21/18.

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Amazing Spider-Man #796 – Red Goblin mania has officially set in. Will this issue be the first “full appearance” of Red Goblin? Better get to that comic store early because it’s sold out already. Rumor has it that the Red Goblin will first FULL appear in issue #797.
Pumpkinhead #1 – Dynamite Entertainment has a hit on their hands. Creative team Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd bring this almost completely sold out (distributor level) comic this Wednesday.
Hit-Girl #1 – Who doesn’t love this foul-mouthed hero? Appearing in her first on-going series beginning this week.
Avengers #681 – Comic fans are all in with Marvel’s 16 week plan as long as they deliver on time. Week seven of “No Surrender” answers the question “Who is Voyager?” Readers are so interested (maybe a few speculators too) that this comic is on its way to selling out.
Batman #41 – Artist Mikel Janin returns for part one of “Everyone Loves Ivy”.

Top 5 Comic This Week

Top 5 Comic This Week

Top 5 Comic This Week

Top 5 Comic This Week

Top 5 Comic This Week

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Thanos #12 Buy Now

Kick-Ass #3 Buy Now

Spm #797 Buy Now

Also appearing in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #515
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Thanos #13Thanos #14 and Thanos #15
Amazing Spider-Man #797
Infinity Countdown Prime #1
Doctor Strange Damnation #1
Black Panther Annual #1
Super Sons #13
Batman and The Signal #2
Batman Sins of the Father #1
Trinity #18
First Issue Special #8 (1975)
The Brave & The Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #1
Deathbed #1
Kick-Ass #3 (2008)
Sonitus #1
Shiver Bureau #1
Musketeers #1
Bloodborne #1
Punk’s Not Dead #1

Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay

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READY PLAYER ONE And Four Classic Steven Spielberg Movies Grace Empire Magazine’s Latest Covers

With Ready Player One set to hit theaters next month, Empire has decided to honor the movie's iconic director with a batch of Steven Spielberg-themed covers. Find out which classics get the spotlight...

BLACK PANTHER Concept Art Surfaces Which Reveals Someone Else In T’Challa’s Vibranium Suit

In the comics, there have been many Black Panthers before T'Challa however, the person who eventually succeeds him is his sister, Shuri. It appears Marvel wanted to see how that might potentially look.

Star Trek: TNG Is Returning to the Mirror Universe

In last year's hit comics miniseries Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken, IDW gave us the Mirror Universe version of the TNG crew. We're talking buff Picard here! Ever since, fans have wanted to see more tales about this twisted version of the Next Generation team. And now, IGN can exclusively announce that they're getting just that with a new story arc called Through the Mirror.

Unlike that previous arc, Through the Mirror will be a five-week event in the month of May. And while last year's story took place solely in the Mirror Universe, this time around the Prime Universe TNG team will be crossing over with their Mirror U. counterparts.

The tale is written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton, who also wrote Mirror Broken, with each issue featuring a different artist. J.K. Woodward, who did the art on the previous series, is creating connecting covers for all five issues of Through the Mirror. Each issue also features a backup story illustrated by Woodward.

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SPOILERS: BLACK PANTHER – 22 Amazing Easter Eggs, Cameos, And References You Need To See

Black Panther is a great standalone movie but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of amazing Easter Eggs, cameos, and references for comic book fans in the Ryan Coogler helmed released. Check them out!

BLACK PANTHER’s Chadwick Boseman Goes Rock ‘N’ Roll For The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Chadwick Boseman looks like he's either ready to start a '70s funk band or reign over Wakanda on the cover for an upcoming edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Either way, it's pretty damn awesome!

The BLACK PANTHER Movie Wasn’t The Only Thing Related To The Hero Making History This Weekend

Black Panther has been breaking plenty of box office records this weekend but so has the movie's soundtrack! The album topped the Billboard 200 and you can find more details on that after the jump...

The Weekly Round-Up #428 With Twisted Romance #2, Bloodshot Salvation #6, Invincible #144, Star Wars: Darth Vader #11 & More

Best Comic of the Week:

Twisted Romance #2 – I am so thankful for this excellent weekly series.  Alex De Campi is an incredible writer who is exploring romance through a number of genres and from different angles in this book.  The main story is by De Campi and artist Alejandra Gutiérrez, whose art reminds me of a cross between Brandon Graham and Leslie Hung.  It’s about Twinkle, a photographer’s assistant who falls for a gorgeous actor.  She’s surprised that he likes her too, especially when surrounded by so many thin, beautiful model types, yet they begin to get close to one another.  He has a bit of a secret though, because otherwise this wouldn’t be a “twisted” romance, but instead a pretty ordinary one.  Even then, it’s not so much twisted as kind of sweet, and gives voice to a community that has only rarely been seen in comics (or, you could argue, is the basis of superhero comics, but that’s a whole column and I’m trying to not spoil anything here).  The backup story is by Meredith McClaren, and it explores the notion of human/AI romance in the age of Twitter bots.  It’s pretty cool too, as is the prose story by Vita Ayala.  This is a great series, and I’m already bummed out that it’s half over.

Quick Takes:

Black Monday Murders #8 – I’m glad to see that Jonathan Hickman’s series has not completely disappeared, but is instead just incredibly casual about when it comes out.  This latest issue is one of the most momentous of the series so far, as two of the central characters face off against each other, the Detective makes an unexpected move, and some other stuff happens.  This book has been building very slowly (even slower because of how rare it is), and it feels like the storylines are starting to coalesce nicely.  I hope a new issue comes along soon…

Bloodshot Salvation #6 – I’ve been enjoying this latest Bloodshot series, but with this issue, there were two things that I don’t really like in comics that held back my enjoyment.  One is the Deadside, the weird afterworld of the Valiant universe, and the other is the painted art of Renato Guedes, an artist whose work I usually like a whole lot.  The art is just a little too slick for the story I felt.  I’m kind of ready for this arc to be done, to be honest.  Shadowman and the Deadside just wear me out.

Captain America #698 – Cap gets melted out of a block of ice to find himself in a pretty ugly future, with America belonging to the very rich, while everyone else lives in ruins.  It’s a good issue, as everything done by the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is, but it feels likes it’s been done before.  The central shock of the issue, revolving around just how long Cap’s been frozen, really didn’t work for me.  I was enjoying this book more when it was happening in the present, and can already see how this whole storyline is going to play out.

Darth Vader #11 – A new arc has Vader facing new threats in his mission to track down any remaining Jedi knights.  He runs across a family of bounty hunters that have been hired to kill him, and that goes much as you would expect.  Charles Soule is doing a good job of keeping the early days Vader interesting, which is actually a pretty tough task.

Detective Comics #974 – This issue is big on repercussions and aftermath, as the team deals with the fallout of Batwoman’s actions last issue.  I always like these types of issues on team books, where it’s purely character driven.  Hearing news that there might be a shakeup coming a DC has me nervous that James Tynion is working towards a conclusion to his big story, instead of simply moving into the next chapter, and that makes me a little nervous.  This has been such a consistently solid series since Rebirth began.

Falcon #5 – The Blackheart storyline ends, and leaves me hoping that writer Rodney Barnes is going to figure out the best way to approach Sam Wilson.  I do like that his relationship with Joaquim and Rayshaun seems to be strengthening and taking centre stage, but I still feel like having him deal with supernatural foes (there’s hints of vampires to come, now that we’re done with demons), and needing to call in characters like Daimon Hellstrom and Brother Voodoo doesn’t really play to his strengths as a character.  I’m still not sold on the art either.  This book should be better than this…

The Grass Kings #12 – We are given a history lesson on Sheriff Humbert before learning that the Federal Government is looking into the Grass Kingdom, making our band of oddball secessionists very nervous.  It feels like Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins might be moving towards finishing this series soon, as a lot of individual character arcs move forward at a quick pace.  This remains an interesting and unpredictable series.

Invincible #144 – I’ve bought Invincible regularly since issue thirty-six, and caught up to the series in trade.  Through its entire run, Invincible has been a very special comic, depicting a fully realized universe that was backdrop to some amazing and emotional adventures.  Robert Kirkman was never afraid to shake up the status quo of the series, and to put his beloved characters through the wringer.  This series began by upending audience expectations, and that never really went away.  Artist Ryan Ottley has become a favourite of mine, and it was nice to see original artist Cory Walker put in an appearance and close out the series he helped start.  This issue covers many years of Mark and his family’s lives, and completes the long story arc of the Viltrumite Empire.  I’m really going to miss this title and these characters, but I applaud Kirkman and company for realizing it was time for the book to end.  I imagine we’ll see some of the supporting characters again one day, and I know I’ll be eagerly looking forward to Kirkman and Ottley’s next projects.

Justice League of America #24 – We’ve come to the end of the Queen of Fables/Might Beyond the Mirror storyline that has been building almost since this title began, and it’s all kind of unimpressive.  I still don’t see the necessity of dragging Promethea back into comics to close off the story, and again found my attention wandering as I read this.  What I did like was seeing Vixen being established as a powerful character, and Killer Frost finally coming to some grips with her issues.  I know Steve Orlando’s time on this title is limited now; my hope is that this title lives up to its potential for whatever is left to it.

Kill or be Killed #16 – Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips provide us with a very clear-eyed portrayal of what happens in psychiatric wards, and Dylan is drugged to stop him from seeing his demon, but his mind is convinced that this is all part of the demon’s plan.  We see that either the demon is real, or we get a good understanding of why it’s so difficult to treat mental illness.  This issue, like almost every issue of this series, ends with a twist I didn’t see coming that proves that there’s a lot more to come before this story is over.  It’s some really great stuff.

Lazarus X+66 #6 – This interlude miniseries comes to its conclusion with a very dark tale that reveals the history of the Vassilovka family’s Lazarus, the Dragon.  This is a bleak comic, told with gritty artwork by Tristan Jones, who is pretty impressive.  I’ve liked this miniseries, but I am more than ready for Greg Rucka and Michael Lark to bring back the (very ir-)regular Lazarus series.

Mage: The Hero Denied #6 – Matt Wagner keeps this story moving along, although nothing particularly special happens in this issue.  Still, it’s a very well-written and gorgeous character-driven book that I thought I’d never read again, so I’m thankful for it.

Marvel 2-In-One #3 – As Ben and Johnny prepare to travel to other universes looking for Reed and Sue (based on a lie that Ben told Johnny), they have to deal with the fact that Johnny’s powers are on the wane.  This leads to the inclusion of a new character, and an understanding of what’s going on with the Torch.  Hercules guest stars, and Doctor Doom looks to be a recurring character.  I’m really enjoying this book, and with Valerio Schiti coming in on art, I didn’t even miss Jim Cheung all that much.

New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #20 – Kenan Kong is not the only focus of this book any more, as it undergoes a bit of a title change and introduces both the Lantern Corps of China, and a likely candidate to be the Aqua-Man of North Korea.  It’s as solid an issue as we’ve come to expect from this title, and nice to see that it is headed in new directions after I was convinced it would have been ending with the last issue.  The “will they or won’t they” thing that Kenan has going with the Flash might get old, but it’s still kind of fun.

Ninja-K #4 – Christos Gage continues to explore the Ninja program, as Ninjak tracks down and meets Ninja-G, the first black female to achieve the designation.  We learn how it ruined her life, and how she claimed it back in a very packed issue.  Juan José Ryp handles the art, and while I’m not his biggest fan, I did enjoy a lot of the little details he stuffed into his panels (the cat lapping up blood on a carpet was particularly disturbing).  This series has really reenergized Ninjak as a character in my eyes, and I appreciate the extra pages at no extra cost.  It’s a good read.

Phoenix Resurrection #5 – Thanks to Diamond, I only got this book now, and it’s a bit of a non-event, isn’t it?  There are a couple of nice moments between Jean and the Phoenix, and her and a dead character, and I guess it’s not a spoiler to say that Jean Grey comes back, but I don’t see why this had to be a five-issue miniseries to get us to this place.  Really, this could have been the first arc of X-Men Red, and that would have made more sense.

Poe Dameron #24 – I really thought that the end of this issue was going to set up the beginning of The Force Awakens, but Charles Soule swerves some, extending a story probably too much past its best before date.  I feel like it’s time for this series to undergo a time period change or something; it’s been spinning its wheels a little too long now.

Port of Earth #4 – This continues to be one of my favourite new science fiction series.  I like the way Zack Kaplan continues to unspool his main story, while also having TV talking heads examine the ramifications and consequences of creating a space port for alien races on Earth and dealing with extraterrestrial commerce.  It’s a very smart series.

Punisher #221 – I’m still really liking Matthew Rosenberg’s strange take on the Punisher as an armored one-man army going after a corrupt regime in an Eastern European country.  It’s working way better than it should be.

Rumble #3 – The tone of this new volume has really changed from the previous one, as things get ever darker, and we see how vigilante militias are never a good thing for a neighbourhood, especially if it’s full of members of a monstrous hidden race.  It feels completely different, but is still very entertaining.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #32 – Beth and Nina decide that it’s time for Orson to go back home to Maryland, and that decision doesn’t sit well with him, but a chance encounter with someone who helped them start their crime spree does a lot to get him back on track.  It’s another very well-realized issue by David Lapham in a long line of thoughtful and impressive comics.  I love this book.

X-Men Red #1 – I waited until I’d read the end of Phoenix Resurrection before tackling this new debut.  I’m not sure what I think about this series yet, and that is because even though this is an over-sized first issue, it doesn’t do all that much to explain just what Jean is hoping to achieve with her new squad, who the team members are, or why they were picked (beyond Nightcrawler and Namor), or how this book manages to coincide with the established X-Status Quo.  All that said, I’m very intrigued to see what Jean’s big vision really is all about, and like that she is coordinating with Atlantis and Wakanda to meet her goals.  I think that maybe if this issue wasn’t so decompressed, we’d be further into the story, and I hope that writer Tom Taylor includes a little more material in future issues (six pages were devoted to getting a mutant baby to stop crying).  I would also like to see Jean interacting with some of her older friends.  She’s just back after a long death, and seems pretty up-to-date on things that happened while she was away; watching her process some of that would be interesting.

Comics I Would Have Bought if Comics Weren’t So Expensive:

Avengers #680

Doctor Strange #385

Judas #3

Ms. Marvel #27

Old Man Logan #35

War Stories #26

Weapon X #14

Wildstorm Michael Cray #5

X-Men Blue #21

Bargain Comics:

X-Men Blue #16&17 – Marvel is really doubling down on the nostalgia factor with their X-Books.  Immediately after a Mojo-centric crossover that has the squads reliving various pivotal battles, the Blue team gets lost in time, where they come across the characters of the 2099 series from the 90s.  Are there no new readers left?  It’s way too self-referential these days.

X-Men Gold #16&17 – I stay on the fence with this book.  On the one hand, I like that Marc Guggenheim is striving to tell uncomplicated superhero stories, and that he’s make an attempt to channel the ghost of Chris Claremont some (and yes, I know that Claremont’s not dead yet – I think that might be why it’s not quite working), but things are falling flat.  A bunch of aliens from the Negative Zone show up to rescue the green lizard alien guy that the X-Men captured at the start of the series, and along the way they take Kitty and Nightcrawler, so the team decides to go after them.  How did they know they were from the Negative Zone?  The action moves a little too quickly in places, and the 90s throwback art helps make things confusing at all times.  In issue seventeen, drawn by Ken Lashley, I was halfway through the issue before I realized that the woman I thought was either Sage/Tessa or maybe Psylocke was actually Armor, looking nothing like she has ever looked before.  Similarly, I kept dreading the notion that the bald guy was Ink.  Why is Ink in this book, aside from the fact that Guggenheim created him in Young X-Men, one of those titles that are better forgotten?  I know this is supposed to be the flagship X-Book, but it doesn’t really act like it.

New DEADPOOL And X-MEN Funko Pops Are Based On The Merc’s Upcoming Sequel…Sort Of

Funko has unveiled a new range of Deadpool and X-Men Pops and while you might think that these are based on the Merc with the Mouth's upcoming sequel, licensing issues have made the company get creative.

BOX OFFICE: BLACK PANTHER Claims Second-Best Sunday Ever Domestically; On Track For Monster 4-Day Haul

Marvel and Ryan Coogler's Black Panther has now recorded the second-best Sunday ever at the domestic B.O. with an estimated $59.55 million, and is on track to top Star Wars: The Last Jedi's 4-day totals...

BLACK PANTHER’s Everett Ross Confirmed To Return To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

After being introduced in Captain America: Civil War, Martin Freeman's Everett Ross played a key role in Black Panther this month. Now, the actor weighs in on his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’s Chris Evans Weighs Seemingly Confirms Plans For A BLACK WIDOW Movie

Black Panther has been a huge hit for Marvel Studios and now Chris Evans talks about the impact it might have on Captain Marvel and seemingly confirms that the Black Widow movie is indeed happening...

This Awesome Iron Man Hulkbuster LEGO Set Will Burn A Huge Hole In Your Wallet This March

Toy Fair took place in New York City this weekend and you can check out a detailed look at LEGO's new Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulkbuster set after the jump. The question is, will you be able to build it?

Liev Schreiber Explains Why INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Is “Going To Be Pretty Special”

Into the Spider-Verse puts the spotlight on Miles Morales and puts the spotlight on the wall-crawler in an animated setting. Here, star Liev Schreiber sheds some light on what exactly we should expect...

This Replica Of Thor’s Hammer Can Only Be Lifted By Its Creator

Fifty seven thousand Marvel movies later, you know the deal: Thor has a hammer (called the Mjolnir). Only he can pick it up. To pretty much anyone else, even those who are theoretically stronger than him, it’s impossibly heavy. Bringing the concept ...

6-year-old ‘Spider-Mable’ gets to be a hero for a day

This webslinger got to live out a childhood fantasy. Six-year-old Mable (last name not given) has leukemia, and, just like "Batkid" in 2013, had one wish she wanted fulfilled: to be a superhero for a day. The Children's Wish Foundation and the city of Edm...

Tom Holland Cast as the next Web-Slinger, Jon Watts to Direct the Next Spider-Man Adventure

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are proud to announce that after a full worldwide casting search, Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man film, in theaters in IMAX and 3D on July 28, 2017. The film will be directed by Jon Wat...

“Batman Day” – Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back By Popular Demand, BATMAN DAY 2015 Makes the Celebration of The World’s Most Popular Super Hero and Global Pop Culture Icon an Annual Event DC Entertainment is bringing back the fan-favorite event celebrating The Dark Knight. “Batman...

Introducing the Suicide Squad

Feast your eyes on Adam Beach as Slipknot, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara (kneeling) as Katana, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie as Ha...

Title of ‘Walking Dead’ companion series revealed

It's official: AMC's "The Walking Dead" companion series has a title. Executive producer Robert Kirkman announced Friday that the companion series, which starts as a prequel to the original, will be titled "Fear The Walking Dead." read-more...

Catwoman comes out as bisexual

Catwoman has been an arch-nemesis for Batman for 75 years, becoming an antihero over time and spinning off into her own comic book series. But it turns out we didn't know all there is to know about Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. This week's "Catwoman" #39 co...


Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios announced today that Sony is bringing Marvel into the amazing world of Spider-Man.  Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel's Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pict...

Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer

Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer: FANTASTIC FOUR, a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their ph...

Image Comics Launches Mail-Order Subscription Service

Customers can now opt to purchase 12-issue subscriptions to their favorite Image comics and have them mailed to their door Image Comics is pleased to announce Image Direct, a newly launched mail-order subscription service that allows fans to purchase 12-i...

New ‘Avengers’ trailer promises a dark journey

When the Avengers return to the big screen in May, expect destruction, superheroes coming to blows and lots of brooding. Things don't seem to be working out so well for Iron Man, Captain America and the rest. The much-anticipated sequel sees Ultron -- an ...

Sony hack: Spider-Man role at Marvel discussed

Did Sony almost let Spider-Man join the Avengers at rival Disney? That seems to be the case according to Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal's emails that were leaked on the Internet by hackers earlier this week. In an email to Pascal dated October 30th, Sony ...

Marvel’s Star Wars #1 To Sell Over 1 MILLION Copies

The series, which takes place between the events of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Backand features all of the major characters from the film, is due in stores January 14, 2015. It is written by Jason Aaron, with artwork by John Cassaday....

Skybound Mystery Box – Exclusive Walking Dead #1

Be aware all Walking Dead completionists...there is an exclusive Walking Dead #1 cover only found in this box. At the minimum each Skybound Mystery Box will contain the following. The Walking Dead #1 Black Anniversary Edition (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS BOX)2...

Marvel Teases It’s Time For Spidey to Renew His Vows in Summer 2015

What is there to say? Spider-Man revealed his identity to the word in Civil War. Aunt May got shot and there wasn't any hope for her. It ended with Peter and Mary Jane making a deal with Mephisto (although this seemed to have been changed in One Moment In...

Learn the title & release date for every Marvel movie from now until May 2019!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will grow even bigger than ever before with Phase 3! At a special event held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took to the stage to announce the full slate for Phase 3 of the Marvel ...

SILK re-emergence in the Marvel Universe

After 10 years locked away, Spider-Man’s latest ally strikes out on her own this February in the brand new ongoing series SILK, written by “Supernatural” producer Robbie Thompson with art by Stacey Lee. For Thompson, Cindy Moon’s s...

Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 will bow October 12th.  Season 4 ended with Rick and gang capture by "The Hunters"...a group of survivors turned cannibals.Check out the tease below. var bc_params = {"api":"hybrid","playerId":"83327935001","playerKey"...

Original Superman comic sells for record $3.2 million

For comic book collectors, it's the Holy Grail. A pristine copy of Action Comics #1 -- which introduced Superman for the first time -- sold on eBay (EBAY, Tech30) for $3,207,852, a record. When it originally hit newsstands in 1938, the comic sold for 10 c...

Every Marvel Easter Egg Explained In One Video

So you thought you knew everything about every Marvel movie to date?  Well, this video will put your knowledge to the test!...

‘Pristine’ original Superman comic up for auction

Superman's debut comic book sold for just 10 cents in 1938. But today, a rare original is worth many times more. A "pristine" copy of Action Comics #1 will go on auction in August, eBay&nbspannounced Tuesday. Collectors know of about 50 remaining...

CGC’s Ex-President Launches New Comics Grading Service, CBCS

Steve Borock was the President of comics slabbing and grading company CGC. He was also their primary grader He left CGC to work for Heritage Auctions in 2008, specialising in their handling of valuable comic books including those of Don &am...

X-men: 50 Years of Mutant past

Everyone knows the usual suspects—Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey—but what about those "other" X-Men? Do the names Maggott or Slipstream ring a bell? If those ones slipped your mind, don’t worry. During the team’s 50 year r...

A Full Marvel Reboot?

Time Runs Out sees everything Jonathan Hickman has been building towards comes to a close and will affect the entire Marvel company across the board, forcing them to do something the company has never done in its 75 years. Could that be a R...

Fans marvel at Wolverine, X-Men plots crafted by local comic book writer Jason Aaron

At least twice a year, writer Jason Aaron leaves his Prairie Village home for a weekend trip to New York to discuss the fate of the universe.   The Marvel universe, that is. This fictional domain is forever expanding for Marvel Comics, which is not o...
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