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Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

The second trailer for Spider-man Homecoming hit today. Pretty good too. Check it out below:

So we know Tony Stark gives Spider-Man the costume he is seen wearing. We know Tony Stark takes it back and Peter Parker makes his own. There will be some inpressive fights on planes and ships (no trains but I am sure there are automobiles involved). We get a better look at Vulture and some of Shocker. But still not sure who Zendaya is playing.

Second Mattina X-23 Image plus details

So we showed off the first Mattina X-23 image a few days back. Well, here is the second one, along with the first one plus some details.

X-23 Venomized with full covered face is the new one. The one we showed previously now has trade dress. There will be four total covers. These two and then virgin variants with slightly different back ground coloring. The pre-sale for the books starts Wednesday. So keep an eye out at Comicxposure for the pre-sale. ComicXposure will announce this information tomorrow.

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