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The X-Files: 10 Greatest Guest Stars

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Will Finally Bring Damage Control to the MCU

After the Avengers defeat the bad guys and the credits roll, who cleans up the mess? Who clears the debris, sweeps up the scraps, and collects all those bits and pieces of alien / mystical / foreign objects — you know, the stuff pedestrians probably shouldn’t get their hands on? Whether you’re a casual or more committed fan of the Marvel universe (or superheroes in general), you’ve likely pondered this very question. Spider-Man: Homecoming will finally give us an answer.

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It Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Photos, & Everything Else We Know

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #267: “And The World Goes Insane”

Just over a week left before WrestleMania, and the big event is hardly even mentioned this episode. It seems that every wrestling related story this week has struggled to outdo every other wrestling related story, so strap in as we fly through every breaking news event that’s happened since the last episode. Its a lot guys.

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Squint Really Hard And Get Your First Look At Black Panther In First Official Photo

Marvel has released a photo from the upcoming Black Panther film, showing the Panther in some kind of car chase scene shot in South Korea. Check it out:


No, really. He’s in there. We swear! Look:


Starring Chadwick Boseman in the titular role and directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018.

Squint Really Hard And Get Your First Look At Black Panther In First Official Photo

Bizarro Back Issues: Battling The Scourge Of Police Corruption In The Form Of A Robot Elephant (1988)

Convention season is in full swing, and that means that I'm spending a lot of time digging through dollar bins and picking up cheap back issues. The thing is, though, I'm not really looking for the good stuff anymore --- as the title of this column implies, I'm in it for the weird ones. More than anything else, I want the stuff that won't be seeing a reprint anytime soon: '80s black-and-white boom titles, Christian Archie comics about Betty witnessing to Veronica, and weird old licensed books for all-but-forgotten toy comics. That stuff is my jam.

And that's how I ended up reading a comic about cybernetic police officers fighting a dirty cop whose concept of "dirty" mostly involved smashing up a city with a giant robot elephant.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Highlights 03.27.2017 (Goldberg/Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins/HHH, Charlotte/Bayley)

Check out all the best highlights from Raw!

Charlotte Flair tries to drive a wedge between Bayley and Sasha Banks: Raw, March 27, 2017

Six nights before WrestleMania, The Queen plays mind games with two of her opponents in the Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match.

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax: Raw, March 27, 2017

As the Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match at WrestleMania looms, Bayley teams with Sasha Banks to take on Charlotte Flair and the formidable Nia Jax.

Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar: Raw, March 27, 2017

A-Double battles The Scottish Supernova, six nights before challenging Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in the WrestleMania Kickoff.

Bayley has a lot to prove in her WrestleMania debut: Raw Fallout, March 27, 2017

The Huggable One looks ahead to the Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match at WrestleMania, a title defense that has grown more perilous in recent weeks.

Seth Rollins signs Triple H’s Hold Harmless Agreement: Raw, March 27, 2017

“The Kingslayer” will have a chance to live up to his moniker when he battles The King of Kings in a Non-Sanctioned Match at WrestleMania.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson assault Cesaro & Sheamus with a ladder: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Raw Tag Team Champions ambush their WrestleMania opponents in the locker room area.

Big Show vs. Jinder Mahal – Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge: Raw, March 27, 2017

Six nights before the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the WrestleMania Kickoff, The World’s Largest Athlete makes a massive statement.

WrestleMania hosts The New Day prepare for The Ultimate Thrill Ride: Raw, March 27, 2017

Follow The New Day from the New York Stock Exchange to the streets of Philadelphia as they gear up for WrestleMania.

The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his “yard”: Raw, March 27, 2017

In a chilling message, The Deadman shows The Big Dog where his final resting place will be after their collision at WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens vows to end Chris Jericho at “KO-Mania 2”: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Prizefighter reveals what he’ll do to Jericho when he challenges his former best friend for the United States Championship at WrestleMania.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Neville: Raw, March 27, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher clashes with the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, six nights before Neville defends his title against Austin Aries at WrestleMania.

WWE honors Maya Angelou during Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, WWE pays tribute to literary icon and activist Maya Angelou.

Cesaro & Sheamus spark a ladder melee: Raw, March 27, 2017

Cesaro & Sheamus get some payback against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson as the “good brothers” prepare to battle Enzo Amore & Big Cass.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens – No Disqualification Match: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Underdog from the Underground will be fired if he fails to defeat his former best friend live on Raw.

Seth Rollins risks it all for retribution against Triple H at WrestleMania: Raw, March 27, 2017

After signing a Hold Harmless Agreement, Seth Rollins heads to WrestleMania to get payback against Triple H in a Non-Sanctioned Match.

Goldberg meets Brock Lesnar face-to-face before WrestleMania: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Universal Champion gets a piece of The Beast Incarnate six nights before they battle for Raw’s most elite title at WrestleMania, The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

Sheamus receives 15 stitches after Raw’s ladder-swinging brawl: Raw Fallout, March 27, 2017

The Celtic Warrior receives medical attention after being wounded during the chaotic brawl on Raw involving the three teams vying for the Raw Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania.

Divinity III: Stalinverse #4 (Preview)

Divinity III: Stalinverse #4  (Preview)

Covers and interior pages for the March 29 issue of Valiant's ongoing mystery.

Source: Comics Continuum

rages on, creating new enemies and testing former alliances along the way. However it appears that cracks may be appearing in the foundation of this strange new world.

The Valiant Entertainment solicit says:

The world has gone red, and now the epic final confrontation begins as Divinity, Ninjak, Shadowman, Komandar Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and the Red Brigade all choose their side on the lines of the coming battle ... Wait, you think we'll tell you how this one ends? Nyet, comrade! The universe as we know it hinges on this, so make sure you read this one first, Valianteers!

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn
Colors by: David Baron
Covers by: Monika Palosz (A), Tom Muller (B), Jeffrey Veregge (C), Greg Smallwood (D), Adam Gorham (E)
32 pages
$3.99 (US)
On sale: March 29, 2017

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4

Aquaman’s Amber Heard Gets Punny in New Training Photo

Aquaman’s Amber Heard Gets Punny in New Training Photo

With the release of the latest trailer, fans got our first brief look at Amber Heard’s Mera in action in the brand new “Justice League.” However, the star isn’t quite ready to skip leg day yet, as she’s set to reprise her role as the Atlantean Queen in the 2018 “Aquaman” solo movie. With that in mind, Heard took to Instagram to show off not only her training, but also her sense of humor.

The photo shows Heard in a fierce battle stance, sword in hand, along with a caption that reads, “Wushu were here.” Wushu, of course, is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts, which hopefully means we’ll get to see Heard’s Mera fully embrace her comic book counterpart, who never shies away from a good fight.

Wushu were here —- Trainer: @lijing_wushu #Aquaman

A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on Mar 27, 2017 at 1:32pm PDT

This isn’t the first time Heard has taken to social media to show us what we’re in for. Last month, Heard also posted a short video on Twitter, letting us get up close and personal with her fists during one of her training sessions. “Aquaman” star Jason Mamoa hasn’t been shy, either, sharing his own training photos and videos to get fans hyped for the upcoming film. Even director James Wan has been getting in on the fun, using Instagram to tease potential filming locations.

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“Aquaman” will center on Aquaman as a reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis who is caught between land dwellers that are always polluting the globe and his own people who are ready to invade the surface.

Directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Patrick Wilson (Orm) and Willem Dafoe (Nuidis Vulko), “Aquaman” surfs into theaters on October 5, 2018. However, the King of Atlantis will next be seen in “Justice League,” which opens on November 17.

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Legion Season 2 Won’t Rule Out Professor X and Comic Connections

Final Fight: The 15 Greatest Last Stands In Comics

Final Fight: The 15 Greatest Last Stands In Comics

No one is getting out of this alive. You are facing overwhelming odds. Hope is all you have left, but this is not the end. Nay, this is your last stand. You’ve still got one more fight scene left in you, and you’re going to make them pay for every second of it. Whether you’ve just listened to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” or you’re still jazzed up from watching “Logan,” these 15 final fights should keep you satisfied.

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To clarify, these don’t literally have to be last stands — the events in question do not need to take place at the end of a series or a character’s life for that matter. Some of these characters actually make it out of these encounters. Also we aren’t going to count “X3: The Last Stand,” because we’re not basic.


15 - Parademon Death of Superman

In The New 52’s “Earth 2” #1 (2012) by James Robinson, Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott, Earth 2 has been taken over by endless hordes of Parademons. Led by Steppenwolf, these Parademons’ Boom Tube technology has allowed them to easily enslave the planet. Batman has one final plan: a computer virus that will destroy every Parademon beacon tower across Earth 2, and with it the energy supply and instructions of every Parademon. If Batman can get close enough to upload the virus, it would end the war. Superman and Wonder Woman try to buy Batman some time with Kryptonian tooth and Amazonian nail, killing as many Parademons as they can. The problem is that for every wave of Parademons the two heroes destroy, another squadron can just teleport in from Apokolips, making this an impossible fight.

Two members of the JLA aren’t enough, however, as Steppenwolf manages to get the drop on Wonder Woman. Parademons swarm Superman, self-detonating and turning the Man of Steel into ash. Batman successfully uploads the virus, only to reveal that the towers’ fail-safe mechanism is in reality a self-destruct mechanism — his plan a suicide run all along.


14 - Birds of Prey - Never Forget Us

The cover of “Birds of Prey” #14 (2000) may advertise the “Last Stand Against The Fury of LASHINA!” but that plot line isn’t important. The true last stand belongs to a ragtag group of marshals and a busload of D-list super villain convicts marooned on Apokolips. While Black Canary tries to track down a Mother Box to teleport out, the marshals and villains form a temporary alliance to hold off against a planet’s worth of Parademons. Lead Marshall Dina even acknowledges that this will be their Thermopylae, facing a “jillion to one” odds with reinforcements a dimension away.

It’s a shining moment of the most esoteric of DC’s villains and nameless marshals — shout out to all two of you Shrapnel fans out there — in an epic battle that will ultimately rank as a blip in the grand scheme of the DC universe. From this insignificance, however, comes one of the most beautifully badass speeches: “It’s a last stand. No quarter. We can’t be sure Canary will deliver the goods. We have to face the fact we’re not leaving here. They might overrun us. They might beat us. They might kill us. But they’ll never forget us.”


13 - Thanos Imperative - StarLord and Nova Last Stand

A sort of sequel series of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Thanos Imperative” (2010) focuses on Marvel’s cosmic heroes trying to close a rip in our universe known as the Fault. Through the Fault, there exists the Cancerverse, made up of nightmare Avengers and apparently everyone who died of cancer. Seriously, Captain Marvel, historically known for dying of cancer, is King Cancer in the Cancerverse. Bad taste aside, this last stand moment comes in the form of Nova (Richard Rider) and Star Lord deciding to stay behind for the final 60 seconds of the Cancerverse before it implodes, ensuring that Thanos doesn’t teleport out or pull some sort of cosmic nonsense.

The details of this suicide run was withheld until “Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Sin,” (2015) where that 60 seconds rule is changed, significantly undercutting the significance of Nova and Star Lord’s sacrifice. Regardless, it stands as a sort of infinite last stand, as 616 characters cannot die in the Cancerverse. This loophole results in a game of cracked Cosmic Cube keep-away between Thanos, Nova, Drax, Star Lord and The Revengers, with the 616 heroes dying and being reborn almost instantly to fight on.


12 - Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand

After Wolverine got his adamantium all up in the fabric of space-time in “Age of Ultron,” the Marvel multiverse essentially begins to collapse in upon itself, with tears in reality opening up all across the multiverse. The 616 Universe gets Angela from the Image Universe, while the Ultimate Universe gets the purple planet eater, Galactus. It’s curtain call for the Ultimate Universe, so everybody gets a chance to go out as loud and noisy as possible. The clock is ticking as Galactus builds his world-eating machine, so the Ultimates are willing to sacrifice everything just to buy their universe more time: Cap headshots a quinjet right into the hungry Galactus’ mouth. Susan Storm gets to Force choke Reed Richards, while Kitty Pryde gets a suicide run as a proverbial giant space bullet, punching Galactus right in the face.

Destroying the super-serious (but with vampires?) modern/edgy Ultimate Universe with a classic Jack Kirby designed gigantic guy in a purple Kermit helmet is just the perfect ironic twist. Oh, Ultimate Universe, for all of your incestuous mutants and cannibal Blobs, you were undone by your lack of an Ultimate Nullifier, or some sort of 616 Nullifier.


11 - Death of Wolverine - Nuke v. Logan

While “Death of Wolverine” had a ton of great scenes, we’ve got to give the nod to Logan’s henchman war. When a bounty is placed on his head, a de-powered Logan speeds the plot along by literally leaving a map with directions and instructions to “COME AND GET ME YOU COWARDS.” We only get to see Nuke’s shot at taking down a Wolverine without a healing factor, but judging from the corpses of the henchmen representing a plethora of organizations sprinkling Logan’s combination home/kill-zone, we know a henchman massacre too brutal for comics took place here.

This was actually Logan’s attempt at reducing collateral damage. The bounty was to bring Logan in alive, with a twist. The more time goes on, the lower the bounty gets, so it’s a race to see who can run into a set of adamantium claws first. Honestly, we could go for a complete miniseries of just Logan fighting henchmen on this island forever.


10 - Hard Boiled - Nixon Last Stand

Nixon is a tax collector, but that’s just what he thinks. Nixon is a robot assassin created by the Willeford Home Appliance corporation to take out corporate rivals. In the classic hero’s dilemma, Nixon can head back to HQ to re-enter his delusion of being a tax collector or insurance salesman, or he can make one last stand at taking down the Willeford corporation to free his robot brethren.

Honestly, “Hard Boiled” (1992) is probably the most underrated Frank Miller work. We don’t see Nixon’s final stand but just the aftermath: a “Where’s Waldo” war zone that tells so much more than words ever could. From revolvers jammed through henchmen biceps, the beautiful billowing smoke leaking out of a wrecked Willeford brand tank, to the daisy-chained cans of Cola-Cola hooked up to the already intricate Willeford Lazy Goy war behemoth, the intricate locales and details provided by Geof Darrow perfectly complement Nixon’s simplistic rhetoric. Ultimately, Nixon failed to realize that if the Willeford corporation can design a killer robot, they can surely design something stronger.


In this epic climax to the “Bullseye” story arc from “PunisherMAX” by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon, Bullseye gets into a glorious final fight with the Punisher. This Bullseye isn’t just a guy with perfect aim, he’s a method massacrer. Bullseye studies his prey with demented devotion, trying to become The Punisher in order to think like The Punisher. Bullseye begins wearing Frank’s old clothes and sleeping in his old mattress in a former Punisher safe house. Bullseye’s methods prove to be fruitful, however, discovering all of Punisher’s safe houses, and military arsenal, prompting Castle to siege Fisk Tower for a final showdown.

Technically this is Bullseye’s last stand, his magnum opus of murder, as he prays to God: “And I only ask one little favor… this awful bloodshed that’s about to happen here… This horrible reckoning of vengeance and the most depraved sort of violent shenanigans imaginable…Please just make it last.” Bullseye’s prayers are answered when his elevator fight with Frank leads them to a floor still under construction, with construction tools conveniently lying around and not a single piece of safety equipment in sight. Bullseye exclaims: “There is a God.”


08 - Batman Knightfall - Batman v Bane

After facing an onslaught of villains, from Amygdala to Zsasz, a beyond exhausted Batman returns to Wayne Manor to find Bane waiting for him. By organizing a jailbreak at Arkham, Bane has forced Batman into a war of attrition, wearing him down to a point where he couldn’t fight back even if he wanted to. From giving Bats a chance to giving Joker a beatdown for killing Jason Todd, to interrupting Batman’s rooftop Bat-naps, Bane’s plan is an elaborate rope-a-dope, running the Batman down for this one fight.

Let’s not be mistaken, this is a one-sided whooping. When Batman summons whatever strength he has left for a punch, an unflinching Bane responds: “You are already broken.” Bane even beats Batman with a piece of the Batcave before crushing him under the giant penny. When Batman’s internal monologue begins wanting for death, he can still muster up the energy to say: “G-Go… back to… Hell.” Not wanting to end Batman’s agony, nor silence his shame, Bane decides to break the bat. Turning this entry into a literal last stand, Bane breaks the Dark Knight’s back over his knee as if it were a dead twig.


07 - Krypto v Kryptonite Man

In this story within a story, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” (1986) by Alan Moore, Curt Swan, George Pérez and Kurt Schaffenberger, we witness the last stand of Superman. As Superman’s rogue gallery undergoes a murderous metamorphosis — the ’90s — Superman is pushed to the limit, sealing the Fortress of Solitude for siege against an onslaught of old-school opponents.

Forget Doomsday, this is the proper final fight of Superman, who sounds awfully human: “Perry, I’m scared. I think I’m going to die, and there’s so much in my life I have to get straight…” Alternatively, Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang turn super, powering up to show that nobody loved Superman more. Krypto the super dog, however, puts this claim to the test. See, Brainiac-Luthor’s ace in the hole is the Kryptonite Man, whose powers, profession and lethality-level are, well… “Kryptonite Man.” Krypto knows that Kryptonite Man’s touch is deadly, but understands that going for the jugular is the only way to help Superman. Superman is also defeated, not by a boney juggernaut in green spanx, but by breaking his one oath to never kill. It’s like “Man of Steel,” but the exact opposite.


06 - Star Wars Empire To The Last Man

In “To The Last Man” by Welles Hartley and Davidé Fabbri, we get a space-homage to “Zulu.” On the planet Maridun, the Galactic Empire faces the native Amani, whose spears pierce through Stormtrooper armor like lightsabers through younglings. The Amani are no savages though, utilizing superior numbers and space-guerilla tactics to thin the Imperials. Humanizing the faceless soldiers of the Galactic Empire, Imperial Officer Sunbar is our protagonist, the only officer who knows what he’s doing. His superior officers, however, are useless, too busy seeking promotions to realize they’re not making it out alive.

Sunbar knows his fate, so he plans to make the Amani hurt. The Imperials dig three angled trenches, pointing towards a fortified AT-TE that serves as their final fallback position. Sunbar is “punished” by being ordered to command the first trench, embracing hope: “You’re right. Somebody has to command that position. It should be me.” As the cowardice of superior Imperial officers betrays the plan, however, we begin to understand the more questionable Imperial tactics in the Star Wars Universe. Finally, “To The Last Man” summarizes the beauty of last stands eloquently: “All duty is sacrifice… sometimes that sacrifice provides its own reward.”


05 - Invincible v Conquest - Conquest Monologue

With the Invincible War leaving the Image Universe severely lacking in heroes, but perfectly setting the stage of war, Invincible must prove his namesake as he faces Conquest. A Viltrumite war-fighter, Conquest is who the Empire sends to assimilate planets solo. Conquest could use Viltrumite equipment that would fix the scar running on his face, or regrow his eye or hand, but doesn’t. Scars are his war trophies. Conquest could crush Invincible at any time, but must thank him first: “It’s not very often that I get to cut loose like this. I mean really cut loose like I have here. Usually, there are so many mission parameters… But not here — not with this planet. For whatever reason, I don’t really care why, to be honest, I was told — take control, no matter what it takes… take control of the planet. So whatever you did to piss us off — thank you. This has been fun.”

Mark refuses to make this his last stand, even though Conquest is trouncing him. When Conquest snaps Mark’s right arm, Mark switches to south paw straights. When Conquest crushes Mark’s left fist, Mark still has plenty of skull cracking head-bashes to spare.


04 - Punisher Born - Lone Survivor of Firebase Valley Forge

“Punisher: Born” by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson and Tom Palmer claims that The Punisher was not born when Frank Castle’s family was gunned down in Central Park, rather The Punisher was born in Vietnam, through an internal exchange made to ensure that Frank wouldn’t become another nameless corpse on some forgotten hill. We are privy to Frank holding out during the final days of the Vietnam war, trying as he might to hold the vastly overrun Firebase Valley Forge.

With a pop of a flare, we are witness to an endless wave of Vietcong, charging Valley Forge with ostensibly endless numbers. It’s a battle that Frank should not win, and he doesn’t. There’s a darkness stirring within Frank, a presence that can allow him to make it out of Vietnam alive, keeping his war going forever, as long as he agrees to it. From this punishing pact a persona is produced — The Punisher, bloodied and bruised, clutching a shattered M-16 that he used to beat two dozen men to death with while suffering from eight bullet wounds. This is the last stand of Frank Castle, but the first fight of the Punisher.


03 - 300 Come and Get it

Frank Miller’s epic retelling of the battle of Thermopylae between King Leonidas with his 300 Spartans against a thousand nations of the Persian Empire is basically one big last stand. Leonidas knows he cannot kill every Persian; however, he can win via a war of attrition. Make the losses so great that Xerxes’ men will be so demoralized that they will have no choice but to abandon their campaign. For a story that’s about 300 dudes in capes and thongs, it’s kind of amazing.

Even if you’ve seen “300” like, 20 times (300 times? That’s 585 hours, don’t be hyperbolic), the graphic novel is worth checking out, if only for the best of Frank Miller’s artwork. Notable differences between the two mediums include comic Leonidas not offering the hunchback Ephialtes the chance to tend to the wounded. Instead, Leonidas just rejects him. In the film, this turns Ephialtes’ betrayal into vengeance, a deliberate choice, rather than an emotional reaction of being rejected. Instead of helping Sparta, Ephialtes helps himself by pledging loyalty to Xerxes. Oh also, instead of that one goatman, and the pierced nipple executioner, there’s like tons of free-hanging dong.


02 - Last Stand of Johnny Storm ALT 2

Taking place in “Fantastic Four” #587 (2011), the portal between the Negative Zone and Earth has been ruptured, with the control console wrecked and the Annihilation Wave — an endless horde of insect destruction — only four minutes away. In order to close the portal permanently, someone will have to stay behind. Ben Grimm volunteers, only for Johnny Storm to suddenly throw Ben back through the portal.

As a teary-eyed Thing looking on, Johnny declares that this is his where he will make his last stand. With the portal closing and the universe saved, Johnny finds the perfect final words for one final effort — one final flame on: “A billion to one. You think I’m afraid of that? You think I’m afraid of that?! FLAME ON!” It’s a simple line that not only epitomizes the Human Torch, but also inspires the reader to spark a flicker of bravery from within. If Johnny Storm can face literal annihilation without a trace of fear in his heart, you too can make it through one more ordeal.


01 - He stood Alone Guns Hot

In Walter Simonson’s “The Mighty Thor” #362 (1985), Thor and company are trying to escape the Norse equivalent of Hell — appropriately named “Hel” — in order to return innocent souls that Hela (Asgard’s version of Hades) had stolen from the mortal realm. With endless waves of demons in hot pursuit, Thor decides to make his last stand at Gjallerbru, the bridge out of Hel, in order to ensure his friends’ survival. Skurge The Executioner, long-time Thor villain, however, knocks Thor out.

Skurge no longer wishes to be the fool. With a pair of enchanted M-16s and plenty of ammunition, one God fights the entirety of Hel. Through his final act, Skurge not only earns himself a place in Valhalla, but also produces some of the most beautiful words to ever appear in comics: “They sing no songs in Hel, nor do they celebrate heroes. For silent is that dismal realm and cheerless. But the story of The Gjallerbru and The God who defended it is whispered across The Nine Worlds. And when a new arrival asks about the one to whom even Hela bows her head… The answer is always the same… He stood alone at Gjallerbru… And that answer is enough.”

Did we leave out your favorite last stand? Think of a final fight worthy of Valhalla’s Greatest Hits? Let us know in the comments!

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Baby Driver Release Date Moved Up

First IT Teaser, Poster And Some Terrifying New Stills Released Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Full Trailer

"We all float down here." The first trailer for the re-adaptation of Stephen King's IT will be with us tomorrow, but ahead of that you can get an early glimpse of some footage & new pics right here.

Westworld Season 2: Cast Updates, Story Details, Release Date Info, Fan Theories & More

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the First Look at the New Tony Stark

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the First Look at the New Tony Stark

When it comes to superheroes, Marvel’s resident web-slinger is the one on everyone’s mind, thanks in large part to the brand new trailer that was released today for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” However, while most people are currently focusing on Spidey, director Jon Watts says the film will also give us our first look at the all-new Tony Stark.

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In an interview with Fandango, Watts was asked if the version of Tony Stark we see in the film will be one that we haven’t seen yet. “Absolutely,” Watts replied. “You have to think about the implications of what he did in Civil War, which is pluck this 15-year-old kid our of obscurity and bring him to Germany to embark on this insane adventure. And then he just drops him off at the end of it while he continues his part of the story. There’s a lot of repercussions to that. Is it a first step towards Tony as some sort of mentor figure? Is he comfortable with that? Has he ever seen himself as that? Or is he the one who’s needed the mentoring along the way? I think it’s a really interesting facet of Tony Stark’s personality that we get to explore in his relationship with Peter.”

So far, the trailers haven’t been shy when it comes to showing Tony’s role as a mentor to the young Peter Parker, so this news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. What’s interesting, though, is Watts’ comment about Tony possibly being the one who needs mentoring. Will we see the Armored Avenger pick up a thing or two from the wall-crawler? It isn’t something that’s been explored heavily in the comics, since the characters are similarly-aged peers, but thanks to the film’s different dynamic, could prove to be a new storytelling road to explore.

Directed by Jon Watts (“Clown”), written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (“Vacation”), and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Donald Glover, and many, many others, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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Snipperclips Review

Venom Movie Will Launch Sony’s Marvel Universe

Hasbro Planning GI Joe Reboot With “Millennial Approach,” Still Doesn’t Understand Franchise’s Core Appeal


Mediocre news for fans of GI Joe! Hasbro is planning to reboot the franchise as part of their goal of creating a Marvel-like shared universe with all of their toy and game properties, according to a profile in the LA Times. Sadly, the company has failed to learn any good lessons from the middling performance of the last two GI Joe films, which took the campy 1980s cartoon and turned it into a boring, modernized generic action flick with heavy helpings of military porn. The solution, according to Hasbro: attempt to modernize it again, this time with a “millennial approach.”

“The world has changed, and I think you’re going to see GI Joe changing with it,” said Hasbro exec and person with a name that would fit perfectly in a 1980s British arena rock band Simon Waters. “There’s going to be a much more contemporary approach to the whole franchise, and that will allow us to develop different characters.”

What Waters and Hasbro fail to realize is that attempts to modernize GI Joe are what made the first two movies suck in the first place. Nobody wants a contemporary GI Joe that reflects the intricacies of the modern political landscape. We want sailors that talk like Jack Nicholson with emasculating pet parrots talking trash to them, soldiers in garishly colorful costumes who end up just having to punch people in the god damn face because their specializations are so ridiculously specific they have no use in 99% of combat situations, hilariously inept, over-the-top villains scheming to take over the world with elaborate plots to control the weather or create giant mutant vegetables, Australian bikers with chainsaws who get high on grape soda and donuts, espionage that involves putting on a plain rubber mask that makes someone look exactly like another character, computers that take up entire rooms in with 80 foot screens and the graphics of a Commodore 64, and lots of sweet ninja action and laser gun fights where nobody ever gets injured and everyone parachutes out of their planes, helicopters, and tanks before they explode spectacularly. Embrace the camp, man. It’s not that freaking hard.

But Hasbro has other plans: “We hope to create a head snap. It’s a different kind of Joe — one that still resonates with Joe fans but brings in an uninitiated audience and expands the audience internationally and domestically.”


Hasbro Planning GI Joe Reboot With “Millennial Approach,” Still Doesn’t Understand Franchise’s Core Appeal

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

The second trailer for Spider-man Homecoming hit today. Pretty good too. Check it out below:

So we know Tony Stark gives Spider-Man the costume he is seen wearing. We know Tony Stark takes it back and Peter Parker makes his own. There will be some inpressive fights on planes and ships (no trains but I am sure there are automobiles involved). We get a better look at Vulture and some of Shocker. But still not sure who Zendaya is playing.

Humans Season 3 Confirmed

The Shirtless-Bear Fighter Interview – Arguing Back And Forth About Full Frontal Male Nudity


Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner have been around comic books for years, editors at Marvel, Valiant and Image. Now they have their own comic, announced at ECCC, Shirtless Bear-Fighter. They gave Bleeding Cool a preview (below) and agreed to be interrogated by me.

On that topic, I am upping the number of interviews I’m doing on Bleeding Cool. If you are interested, get in touch.

Bleeding Cool: Jody, you’ve been around. Marvel, Valiant, why Image?

Jody LeHup: Right well as you mention I used to be an editor. At Marvel I worked in the X-Office where I edited DEADPOOL and Rick, Jerome, and Dean’s UNCANNY X-FORCE as well as passion projects like the STRANGE TALES anthology. Then at Valiant I edited the QUANTUM AND WOODY relaunch. But I was writing before I was an editor and writing was always the end goal. I got so much out of my time editing…learned a lot about storytelling and art direction and worked with some incredibly talented people on some truly amazing projects. In fact the X-Office was where I met brilliant editor and SBF co-creator Sebastian Girner.

But eventually it was time to make the move back to the other side of the desk. One of the first books I started developing with Sebastian was SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER! and since it was a creator-owned book Image was a no-brainer. They’ve been setting the bar for high quality creator-owned comics for a long time now and we were thrilled to be able to pitch them SBF. Fortunately they dug it and here we are.


Bleeding Cook: Well, Sebastian, you’ve edited enough comics at Image. You’ll have seen the ones that don’t quite do as well as expected, leaving creators on the hock, trying to eke a living, putting out pages between commissions and work for hire as a result, eventually concluding, unfinished, gravestones for a career. Why is Shirtless Bear Fighter different?

Sebastian Girner: Awesome. Now I want to quit comics!

So, while it’s true that some series don’t find their audience, either because they’re too far ahead (or behind) their time, I think that every creator-owned comic starts off as a passion project. A spark lit in the imagination and heart of creators who wants to will it to life, no matter what, even if there is no certainty for financial award or critical acclaim. That’s a feat that demands respect in and of itself.

In that regard SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER! Is no different. It’s a fever-dream concept filtered through Jody’s and my own love and history with comics, and then brought to awesome life by a team of mega-talented artists and designers. It’s exactly the kind of comic we wanted to make, and Image gave us a home for it, and we have faith that it’s also a comic that a lot of people are going to want to read!

And while we wouldn’t mind getting a hernia carrying giant sacks of Shirtless Bear-Money to the bank, we can say with certainty, that even if we bomb, we’d be proud to have our gravestones be just marble statues of us, shirtless, flexing, forever capturing the essence of the raw spirit that fueled the making of this comic!

BC: Looking at the preview… he’s not just shirtless, this bear fighter, is he? He seems to be rather naked, and significantly endowed to take a bear’s eye out. So why emphasise the lack of shirt?

JL: When we first meet Shirtless, he’s a bit of a wild man…wandering the woods looking for bears to fight. No pants needed! But as events progress and Shirtless becomes more entwined with the human world, he’s asked to put some pants on “for god’s sake”. So Shirtless rocks his pants/no shirt look for most of the series. Hence the name. His li’l bear-fighter IS quite impressive though…what do you think, ‘Bass? Spinoff?

BC: The images are pixelated in the preview – will they remain that way in print? Because, damn, that’s going to be a lot of pixels.

JL: We actually went back and forth on the pixels. At the end of the day we think the pixels are funnier. Like he’s on an episode of Cops!

SG: Jody says “we went back and forth” but I think it was more like an epic Roman senate debate, where we took turns arguing for and against all the reasons to just have our main character be fully naked with a 3-foot hog lolling about in a comic about angry bear-punching. I think we made the right choice…but sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder…

JL: You lie awake at night wondering about 3-foot hogs?

SG: Doesn’t everyone?

BC: Boys, please, you’re both pretty. Have either of you ever been attacked by a bear? What about by Robert Kirkman?

JL: Never been attacked by a bear OR Robert Kirkman. YET. But this whole book was pretty much born out of the fear of Robert attacking us. It could still happen. SBF was our way of warning him not too because we’d…um…write a comic book about it.

What was the question?

SG: The question was if we’d fight Kirkman. And the answer is, unequivocally, “yes!” I challenge him and a team of professional wrestlers of his choice to come at Jody and me GUNS BLAZING!


BC: Is it just members of the family Ursidae, that the shirtless bear fighter fights? Or does he also scroll through Grindr looking for victims? I have to say, he does seem to fit the image of the “bear” himself.

JL: When it comes to enemies of the ursine persuasion, Shirtless is an equal opportunity bear-fighter. NO BEARS ARE SAFE and ALL are complicit in having wronged him. Though as the story progresses Shirtless is going to have to come to terms with the fact the world isn’t as simple and black and white as he’d like for it to be. Along the way expect bear-brawls galore! And colorful non-bear enemies as well! SBF’s hatred of bears is really just the starting point for our hero.

To answer your question though, be on the lookout for issue #2 where we have a lot of fun with that idea.

SG: Shirtless was wronged by a certain group of bears, his anger at them is justified and understandable. But rage is a wildfire, and after years of stoking the flames, Shirtless is easily goaded into fighting ANY bears. Like, if he went to the circus and saw a dancing bear he’d drop his cotton candy, jump into the ring and start a bare-knuckle shuffle! And also he’d beat up some clowns while he’s in there, because obviously!

BC: What about Koala bears? Would he still fight them? Or, since this is a fictional world, Winnie The Pooh? Or, as mentioned earlier, Robert Kirkman?

JL: Rich, I can see the gears turning as the scope of SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER! begins to dawn on you. Sky(bound?)’s the limit!

SG: Shirtless wouldn’t, like, wait outside a school bus full of tiny bears going to school and punch each of them in the face as they came hopping out. He’s not THAT far gone. So there are bears that are safe from his rage…as we’ll see in issue #3 and beyond…but it sure doesn’t take much to get on Shirtless’ “Made me angry: must punch” list!

BC: How the hell did you persuade Nil Vendrell and Mike Spicer to get involved with this?

SG: You need perfect co-conspirators to pull off the perfect crime, and our whole creative team…Nil, Mike, “Fancy Dave” Lanphear, all our awesome cover artists, Jared Fletcher our logo designer…they’re all geniuses.

JL: This is Nil’s first long form comic and he’s already a rock star. Shirtless Bear-battles, comedic timing, cartooning, acting…Nil can do it all. And he absolutely nails the emotional components of scenes. This is a book with a bear-sized heart of gold and much of that is due to Nil’s incredible storytelling. Then Mike comes in with his killer colors and Dave with the off-kilter bounce of his letters…Those guys really set the tone for the whole book. Couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done.

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1 is published in June by Image Comics. Have a look. And the pixels are staying. No news on when the original art will be available for purchase.

The Shirtless-Bear Fighter Interview – Arguing Back And Forth About Full Frontal Male Nudity

Reading List: The Ten Essential Grant Morrison Stories

Grant Morrison is a polarizing creator, with some people writing off entire swaths of his career for being "too confusing," while others proselytize about its virtues, so long as you understand these very specific references and cult theories he's alluding to. It can be tough to decide where you stand on him, so if you're struggling to find a way into Morrison's impressive career and body of work, we've assembled a Reading List of the ten top stories that could turn you into a die-hard Morrison devotee.

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The SmarK Rant for WWE Wrestlemania 27


Live from Atlanta, GA.

Your host is THE ROCK. Plus Josh Matthews & Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole, who is trapped in a GLASS CASE OF EMOTION.

Smackdown World title: Edge v. Alberto Del Rio
Edge has Christian with him, and ADR has pre-Funkasaurus Brodus Clay, which is kind of a weird role to see him in now. They slug it out to start and Del Rio goes to the arm right away, but Edge dumps him. He charges and runs into the railing, allowing Alberto to further beat on the arm, and back in for two. Del Rio chokes away on the ropes and pounds the arm again for two. To the armbar, but he misses a blind charge and hits the floor, allowing Edge to follow with a flip dive. That had to be killing him. Back in, Del Rio brings him in with a top rope armdrag for two. Edge comes back with a leg lariat as this thing is not clicking in the least. Edge with the flapjack for two, but Del Rio goes back to the arm and tries the cross-armbreaker, but Edge counters into the Edge-O-Matic for two. They trade rollup attempts and Del Rio rolls into the armbreaker, but Edge makes the ropes. Edge to the top, but Del Rio brings him down with an enzuigiri for two. Christian brawls with Brodus to kick off a feud that went nowhere, and Edge cradles for two. Impaler sets up the spear, but it misses and Del Rio gets the armbreaker, which should have been the finish. Edge fights through and cradles for two, however, and gets his Cloverleaf thing. Spear finishes at 11:14. Pretty blah opener, especially for a World title match, although obviously we now know the circumstances behind it. **1/2 Clearly the finish should have been Del Rio tapping him out to the armbar and then going on to drop the belt to Randy Orton after Extreme Rules, because this way Del Rio never got any momentum behind his main event push. And really, Edge’s offense is much more suited to a big stadium atmosphere than Del Rio’s arm work was, which also caused the match to suffer. Edge and Christian, sore winners, get revenge for winning by wrecking ADR’s car with crowbars. What did he do to warrant that? There’s offbeat shenanigans and then there’s outright vandalism!

Cody Rhodes v. Rey Mysterio
It’s Captain America for Rey this year. And of course this is the blowoff for Cody’s Dr. Doom gimmick, which lasted a surprising amount of time and did very well for him. Rey gets a rana from the top right away, but Cody puts him down and pounds him in the corner. Disaster kick gets two back before it was a finish for him. Rey with a flying headscissor attempt, but Cody reverses into the Alabama Slam for two. He chokes Rey out and goes to a nerve pinch, and they head to the top for a rare delayed superplex from Rhodes. That’s something you don’t see every day. He goes for Crossroads to finish, but Rey dumps him to give us TWO Michael Cole-isms at once: “Building momentum” and “Creating separation”. Back in, Rey with a pinning combo for two. Rey tries the Rube Goldberg bulldog, but Cody counters into a suplex for two. Rey sets up for the 619, but Cody catches him and gets the catapult for two. He pulls Rey’s knee brace off, but that allows Rey to recover with a moonsault for two. Rey removes Cody’s mask in response, and hits the 619 to the NAKED FACE, but the flying splash hits knee. Rey puts on the evil mask himself (although judging by his past problems with masks at WM, this might be a mistake) and gets a diving headbutt for two. The Atlanta crowd now gets behind Cody, who retrieves Rey’s kneebrace in a nice tit-for-tat moment, waffles him with it, and finishes with Crossroads at 12:00. That was a clever finish that was actually explained well by the announcers for once. I heartily endorse this event or product! ***1/4

Meanwhile, Teddy Long and Snoop Dogg audition various doofuses, leading to Roddy Piper laying out Zack Ryder while singing “Friday” and Hornswoggle rapping. Well this was certainly a use of time.

Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Ezekial Jackson & Wade Barrett v. Big Show, Kane, Santino & Kofi Kingston
AKA the “Get a bunch of people a payday match”. Amazingly, Slater & Gabriel were the tag champions just a year ago, and Barrett was the IC champion. The guys trade finishers to start and Show punches out Slater for the pin at 1:33. And that’s that. That kind of goes against Cody Rhodes’ argument about Show not winning at Wrestlemania. ½*
Meanwhile, The Rock runs into Mae Young, Eve Torres and Steve Austin.

Randy Orton v. CM Punk
Punk cost Orton the WWE title at Royal Rumble, due to Orton punting Punk TWO YEARS BEFOREHAND. Now that’s a grudge! And they say chicks don’t let things go easily. They quickly brawl to the floor and Punk boots the stairs into Orton’s knee, then comes in with a flying bodypress for two. Punk works on the knee, but Orton comes back with a neckbreaker. Punk catches a high kick and does a sort of jawbreaker onto Orton’s knee, and that gets two. Orton is kinda way overselling the knee for 3 minutes into a match. Punk with the running knee for two, and he sets up for the GTS, but Orton fights out and tries the RKO. Punk manages to counter that with a high kick for two. Punk to the top again, but Orton brings him down via the crotch and sets up for a superplex, giving us a great look at a “Randy Orton Orange-O-Meter” sign. That man really is quite orange. Punk survives the superplex and rolls out, wrapping Orton’s knee around the post and getting a ringpost figure-four in the process. Back in, he goes back to the knee and here’s where the announcers should have been like “Orton is in pain with every offensive move he makes!” instead of 5 minutes ago. Punk controls with a leglock, but Orton fights out and gets the powerslam. Backdrop suplex gets two. Punk boots him down and snaps on the Anaconda Vice, but Orton rolls him into the ropes to break. From there it’s the draping DDT and he sets up for the RKO, but Punk is down for a while so he changes his mind and opts for the punt instead. The knee gives way on the run-up, however, which is an interesting twist, but he was just suckering Punk in. RKO is blocked by Punk and he slides out of the ring in a nice bit of wordless acting from both guys. Punk comes in with a flying clothesline, but that’s reversed into the RKO at 14:49. Would have worked better if he had punted Punk to end the feud, but this was a pretty great finish as is. ***1/2 I know this one didn’t get much love at the time, but I think removed a bit from the disappointment surrounding the show it was a really good match where they delivered the best they could. And really, Orton did some good goldbricking at the end there and Punk’s facials were tremendous. Of course, both guys would end up as World champions later in the year, too.
Meanwhile, Mean Gene meets with the Rock and introduces him to John Cena’s #1 fan, Pee Wee Herman. About as hilarious as it sounds, maybe even less.

Michael Cole v. Jerry Lawler
Steve Austin is of course the referee here as they cram in every overbooking trick they can. Cole hides out in the Cole Mine while Lawler beats up Jack Swagger and then runs Cole’s face into the plexiglass. Lawler kicks Cole’s ass for a while in the box and they head in to start the match for real, but Swagger attacks Lawler from behind. An anklelock allows Cole to take control right away and work on the ankle. Cole goes up for a Swaggerbomb, but then opts for one off the first rope instead, and that gets two. Cole looks ridiculous out there, but I guess that’s partly intentional. Although this is insanely long already for this kind of match. The crowd starts a “boring” chant as Cole pulls down a strap and applies an anklelock, but Lawler fights that off without breaking a sweat. Lawler stomps a mudhole, prompting Swagger to throw in the towel, but Austin wants none of that. Swagger DEMANDS that the match be stopped, and that earns him a stunner. Cole pleads with Steve for his life, but Lawler makes his comeback and beats on him as this thing just keeps GOING. Lawler busts out the dropkick in honor of his Wrestlemania debut and goes up with the fistdrop for two. And he applies his own anklelock for the submission at 13:51. They gave this FIFTEEN MINUTES?!? Should have been 3 minutes, tops, with Cole getting his offense and Lawler laughing it off and beating the crap out of him to finish. Booker T leaves his announce position and gets a stunner afterwards, just because. BUT WAIT. It’s the Dusty Finish, as the Anonymous GM chimes in and reverses the decision to really kill this thing dead. -***

HHH v. Undertaker
I was listening to the year-end awards show on the Observer site, and Dave and Bryan were talking this up as even better than the Punk-Cena ***** classic from Chicago. HHH’s extended “For Whom The Bell Tolls” intro is pretty awesome, as is the Undertaker’s Johnny Cash theme. Probably cost a ton of money just for the entrances alone, though. HHH slugs away in the corner to start, but gets tossed and they brawl outside. Taker clears a table right away, but HHH spears him into the Cole Mine (now there’s a concept that thankfully died a quick death) and heads back in. They exchange fisticuffs again and Taker gets the flying clothesline, but HHH blocks the old school ropewalk and sends him to the floor. Into the railing, as the upside of only working once a year becomes evident. Hey, if you’ve got the financial security to be able to afford only match per year, you might as well leave it all on the table so to speak. HHH is already trying a Pedigree on the table, but Undertaker backdrops him to the floor instead. JR is worried about his internal organs, so you know it’s painful. The replays show that, yeah, HHH just took a flat-back bump off the table and onto the mat. Ouch.

HHH is standing, so Undertaker hits the annual Wrestlemania tope suicida, thankfully not killing himself this year. He sets up the stairs but can’t hit anything as we get more and more teases and setups, but he charges instead and HHH counters with a spinebuster through the Spanish table! Holy shit, they’re just letting it all hang out. Back in, Taker catches him with a chokeslam for two as JR is really talking up the end of the streak. UT wants the Last Ride, but HHH slugs out of it and then pounds him in the corner. Oh, that’s not smart, Cerebral Assassin. Taker indeed tries the powerbomb, but HHH escapes and sets up for the Pedigree, which Undertaker escapes, but HHH gets another spinebuster for two. That was a great sequence of two guys knowing each other. He grabs a chair, but Taker kicks it back in his face and then just UNLOADS with it. Safely on the back, I should note. However, he pauses for dramatic effect, and it’s KICK WHAM PEDIGREE for two. HHH sets up for a superplex, but this time Taker does hit the Last Ride, and that gets two. Tombstone time, but even with the pose it only gets two. The chair is still around, so Taker picks up HHH and tries again, but this time it’s reversed into a DDT on the chair and both guys are out. They both pull themselves up on the ropes in a cool visual of two guys fighting through it to continue beating each other up, and HHH recovers first with the Pedigree for two. Kicking out of two Pedigrees? Is this guy CM Punk or something? And it’s a THIRD one for two. Holy cow.

HHH grabs the chair and goes all Steve Austin-at-WM17 on him, but Taker is old and stubborn and won’t stay down. So it’s a VICIOUS chair to the face, and UT got his hands up so fast that it looked unprotected. The crowd’s kinda freaking out a bit now because Taker is getting the BEATS put on him, and he can’t even do the zombie situp. HHH suggests, gently, that Undertaker stay down again, but Taker keeps fighting, so HHH resignedly gives him the famous tombstone…for two. If I was watching this live, I would have bet money that it was going to be the finish and the streak was over. So with all rational options exhausted, HHH gets the trusty sledgehammer to end it for good. However, HHH gets sucked into the gogoplata while trying to bash Taker’s head in. I hate it when that happens. HHH is equally stubborn and won’t tap, instead grabbing his hammer and threatening one last skull-bashing before finally dropping it and then tapping out at 28:54. It definitely wasn’t as good as Punk-Cena (one of the greatest matches of all-time), but it certainly wasn’t “two guys hitting finishers and then laying around” like others have accused. They were two guys who wanted to let it all hang out at Wrestlemania, with Undertaker stubbornly refusing to die (great choice of song to reflect that, even!) and HHH hitting everything he had and then letting his temper force himself into the one mistake that allowed the beaten Undertaker to win. I also the minimalist approach to it, as it gets portrayed as a brawl with a bunch of shortcuts, but it was really only one chair and one table and the rest was the in-ring finishers doing all the damage. Not something I’d want to watch over and over, but it was definitely something that deserved the viewing at least once. Not the Match of the Year by any means, but I’d call it a solid second place. ****1/2 The pace was slow, however, because Undertaker really is an aging and beat up old guy. So it’s obviously a very effective role for him to play during a match.

Dolph Ziggler, Layla & Michelle McCool v. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki
Man, Laycool just disappeared off the face of the earth, didn’t they? McCool, who looks about 90 pounds here, slugs it out with Trish to start and then counters the Matrix with a stomp to the gut. Trish reverses the Styles Clash into a facebuster, and tries the headstand headscissors, but ends up tumbling to the floor with Michelle instead. She keeps coming with a double clothesline onto Laycool and a rollup of McCool for two, then lays her out with the chick kick for two. Dolph brawls with JoMo, which leads to a Starship Pain on the floor, and Snooki comes in with a handspring elbow on McCool and a splash to finish at 3:48. Just time filler in a show that didn’t need any more filler, but nothing offensive. * Of course, this match ended up helping to seal Morrison’s fate, as he bitched on Twitter about how Melina should have been in Trish’s spot here and pretty much earned himself a pink slip.

WWE title: The Miz v. John Cena
You know, lost in the Miz’s fall from grace is the equally tragic plummeting of Alex Riley from main event manager of the WWE champion to modern day Superstars job guy. John Cena’s Wrestlemania entrance has now progressed to a full gospel choir. Test of strength to start and Cena goes to a headlock, but Miz stomps him down in the corner. Cena gets a gutwrench for two and MAN is this crowd dead now. Taker-HHH must have destroyed them. Miz with a DDT for two. Miz misses a charge and Cena goes up with the guillotine legdrop for two. But he misses his own charge and Miz takes over again with a boot for two. Another big boot gets two. Miz puts him on the apron and gets a kneelift for two as Cena is off on another world, which I believe turned out to be Cena knocking himself silly at some point early on. Cena comes back with the five knuckle shuffle, but Miz reverses the FU into a DDT for two. Miz undoes a turnbuckle, but Cena cradles for two and hooks the STFU. Miz quickly makes the ropes, but A-Ry runs Cena into the EXPOSED STEEL and Miz gets the Skull Crushing Finale for two. They sell it like a big near-fall, but the crowd just gives it a sarcastic “TWO!”. Another try, and now the ref is bumped, because that’s EXACTLY what this boring match needed. Riley lays out Cena with the briefcase and Miz gets two. Miz charges with the case and accidentally hits Riley, but Cena’s FU only gets two. That would have been a really flat finish anyway. They head outside and Cena clotheslines Miz into the crowd, then follows with a spear over the railing where he CRACKS his head on the floor. Oh man, that was scary. Both guys are out and it’s a double countout at 14:48. Well that’s just an awful finish. *1/2 However, The Rock is OUTRAGED at this bullshit and comes out to restart the match himself. So Cena tosses Miz back in, but Rock turns on him with a Rock Bottom and leaves, allowing Miz to get the pin and retain the title. I am just astonished at how badly this entire show was booked at times. And then Rock beats the crap out of Miz, too. And that’s Wrestlemania, ladies and gentlemen!

The Pulse
Holy crap, minus Undertaker-HHH that’s a pretty dire PPV, Wrestlemania or not. Traditionally one awesome match influences my rating upwards, but we’re in the digital age now and that awesome match is already on a “Best of 2011” DVD, so fuck this show. Strong recommendation to avoid and I’d put this one solidly in the bottom third of Wrestlemanias.

INTERVIEW: Dastmalchian’s Abra Kadabra Toys With Team Flash

INTERVIEW: Dastmalchian’s Abra Kadabra Toys With Team Flash

Another one of Flash’s classic Rogues takes center stage in tonight’s aptly titled episode “Abra Kadabra.” A villain from both the future (the 64th century) and another dimension (Earth-19), Kadabra journeys to our Earth to permanently take down the Flash. After he fails and finds himself captured, Kadabra makes Barry an offer he simply cannot refuse – let him go free, and he’ll disclose Savitar’s true identity. There’s just one (major) snag: Gypsy has come to retrieve Kadabra in order to make him pay for his crimes.

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Ahead of tonight’s episode, Dastmalchian spoke with CBR about “The Flash’s” take on the classic — and insanely powerful — rogue, the villain’s beef with the Flash, and whether his knowledge can really save Iris.

CBR: For people unfamiliar with Abra Kadabra, and for those who know him but might not be aware of how the show will portray the villain, who is he and how would you define his skill set?

David Dastmalchian: Abra Kadabra, in my humble opinion, is the greatest showman – the biggest magician – the universe has ever known. Being that he is from the 64th century, from the future, he has access to all kinds of insanely powerful technology that can enhance not only his showmanship, but following through with some of his goals or projects in life. That can include accruing wealth, because he’s a capitalist at heart, too. But, no, he’s truly a showman.

Unfortunately, in the time that he lives, people aren’t so impressed by what it is that Abra can do, even though he knows how much skill and craft and talent goes into his work. Not only has that been frustrating, but, in the future, I’ve had run-ins with this thorn in my side: Barry Allen. He’s this guy who thinks he is somehow called upon to meddle. He’s caused me a lot of problems; in fact, he’s shattered some of my dreams. He’s not just been annoying — he’s actually caused major, major problems and frustrations for me. I’ve come back so that he can’t bother me anymore in the future.

Abra Kadabra makes Barry an offer he can’t possibly refuse when he offers to reveal Savitar’s true identity, but can Kadabra be trusted?

Strictly, as a basic fact, Abra absolutely knows who Savitar is, because he’s from the future. Everything that is happening to Barry right now, he knows exactly how it happens, where it happens, and when it happens. The fact that he knows how much Iris means to Barry – the fact that he knows what Savitar means to Barry and the fact that he knows all the details of his life – means that everything Abra is saying is 100 percent true. How I can use that is the gift. That is the talent of the true magician, the true showman.

If I wanted to, with the technology at my disposal and my gifts, I could have gone back in time and killed Barry with a snap of a finger, or with the tap of my magic wand. That wouldn’t be a great show. That wouldn’t be fun. That wouldn’t be the trick that I wanted to pull off. Utilizing the knowledge that I have, and making Barry this offer I do, is all part of my plan to make Barry pay for the suffering that he’s caused me, that he doesn’t even know he’s caused me… yet.

In what ways does Gypsy turn things upside down?

She needs to go back to where she came from and leave me alone. It’s like, “I’m sorry I caused you some problems on Earth-13. I’m sorry if I perhaps may have hurt some people that you care about. I don’t care.” She causes me a lot of headaches. Imagine you are standing on stage. You are about to perform in Vegas for the largest crowd. I am going to do the greatest trick that I have conceived. Then, all of a sudden, someone stands up at the back of the theater because their phone is ringing or they are answering a call.

Gypsy is like that annoying person that continues to try and get in the way and interrupt my great performance. Don’t worry, though. Abra will have his way and I will absolutely take care of Gypsy. She’s another person Barry not only cares about, but — there are people in Barry’s inner circle that he cares deeply for. It’s really fun for me when I get to hurt not only Barry, but the people he cares about the most.

Does that mean you get to interact with Team Flash?

You’ll have to see. Barry realizes very quickly that he doesn’t have the skill or power to stop me by himself. It’s going to take more than one speedster to stop this magician. You are going to see a number of people at work trying to stop Abra. And, guess what? I just toy with all of them.

Abra Kadabra’s abilities require CGI effects, buy there’s always some kind of physicality involved with playing a villain. What were some of the challenges in bringing this theatrical character to the small screen?

I’m blessed with a life of being familiar with these characters. I have a passion for comic books. That was helpful in even the physicality and how I felt I would carry myself as Abra – how I would walk, how I would move, how I would gesture, and how I would talk. As a kid, I was almost as fascinated with magic as I was with comic books and horror and sci-fi films, but just not enough that I ever pursued it the way I wanted to do.

When this came about, one of the really awesome things that the Flash team did for me was – I went up [to Vancouver] and we started to get into the wardrobe and the look of the character – and I spent a good deal of time with a real magician, an illusionist who lives up in Vancouver. His name is Alex Zander. He came and graciously spent a lot of time with me. The little things that a magician does – or the detail that goes into the craft – those are all the things that you, as an actor, if you have a short amount of time to try and prepare, it’s really difficult to do by yourself. So, having professionals come and work with me and train me was invaluable.

The Flash’s rogues frequently return to butt heads with Barry more than once. What kind of conversations did you have with the producers about Kadabra’s return, or do you feel he’s a one-trick pony?

I’m so excited about this episode and where this episode goes and what happens. I will say, a magician never reveals his secrets. I’ll have to leave it at that. The most fun for the audience, as when you are reading a comic book, is comic books and episodes of any series, do not have to end with our hero on top. Now that Abra is here – when he will appear and disappear is going to keep people on their toes and, hopefully, most of all, leave Flash quaking in his little red boots.

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Legends of Tomorrow’s Season 2 Finale is Huge

Caity Lortz, Brandon Routh and Legends' creators preview what's to come, including guest stars galore, as Season 2 wraps up.

A2Z Analysiz: WrestleMania XXVII (John Cena, The Miz)

For an easy to navigate archive of all my WWE DVD reviews, please visit World Wrestling Reviews!

Georgia Dome – Atlanta, GA – Sunday, April 3, 2011

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Josh Mathews are on commentary.

MATCH #1: World Heavyweight Championship Match – Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Edge has been the Champion since 2.18.11, and this is his second defense. He’s accompanied by his best friend Christian. Del Rio of course has his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez with him, as well as his bodyguard Brodus Clay. Edge is coming off four straight WrestleMania losses, while Del Rio is making his debut. Del Rio wisely goes after Edge’s taped up arm right away. Edge backdrops Del Rio to the floor, but pays for it when he joins him, as Del Rio throws his arm into the barricade and the steel steps. Back in the ring Del Rio covers for two. Del Rio continues going after the arm but misses a charge into the ropes and falls hard to the floor. Edge follows him out with a somersault dive over the top rope. Back in the ring Edge goes up top but Del Rio armdrags him down for a two-count. Edge comes back with a boot to the face and both men are down. Back on their feet Edge unleashes a flurry, including the flapjack for two. Del Rio goes back to the arm and tries the Cross Armbreaker but Edge counters to the Edge-o-Matic for two. Edge tries an O’Connor Roll but Del Rio rolls into the Cross Armbreaker and Edge has to reach the ropes. A frustrated Del Rio argues with the referee, allowing Edge to snap his neck off the top rope. Now Edge goes back up top and Del Rio kicks him in the head for another two-count. Rodriguez threw Edge’s leg off the bottom rope there, so Christian runs over to fight Rodriguez and Clay, and gets kicked in the face by Del Rio and slammed down by Clay. Meanwhile Edge rolls Del Rio up for a near-fall. Edge hits the Impaler DDT and looks ready for the Spear. Del Rio avoids it and Clay takes a cheap shot from the floor. Once again Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker but Edge turns it into a pinning combination for two. Edge then locks on the Edgecution. Clay tries to interfere again so Christian hits him with a tornado DDT out on the floor! Del Rio powers out of the hold but then turns right into a Spear and Edge gets the pin in what would prove to be his final match at 11:09. That was better than I remembered it, as Del Rio’s psychology was sound and the crowd was into Edge the entire time.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #2: Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Mysterio is paying homage to Captain America this year. He hits an immediate rana off the top rope before Rhodes can even take his jacket off. Rhodes cuts him off and goes to work, hitting an early Beautiful Disaster kick (not yet called as such) for two. Mysterio tries to fight back but Rhodes catches him with the Alabama Slam for a near-fall. Rhodes continues to pour it on, hitting a delayed superplex. That’s an awesome move and it gets two. Rhodes signals for Crossroads but Mysterio slips out and sends Rhodes to the floor. Mysterio hits a dropkick and misses a baseball slide but is able to connect on a headscissors that sends Rhodes crashing into the ring apron. That was cool. Back in the ring Mysterio hits the seated senton off the top rope for two. He continues the fast paced assault, but Rhodes catches him with a wheelbarrow suplex for a two-count. Mysterio comes back with a headscissors and tries the 619 but Rhodes catches him and slingshots catapults him into the middle rope for two. Rhodes goes after the knee brace now and removes it. Even without the knee brace, Mysterio hits a springboard moonsault for two. Rhodes’s mask falls off and Mysterio takes advantage, hitting a 619! Mysterio goes for a Superfly Splash and Rhodes catches him, but Mysterio counters that and kicks Rhodes right in the face for two. He puts Rhodes’s mask on and delivers a couple of headbutts. Mysterio goes up top and hits a diving headbutt for two. The referee removes the facemask from the ring while Rhodes slips to the floor and grabs the knee brace. When Mysterio tries a suicide dive Rhodes blasts him in the face with the brace! Back in the ring Rhodes hits the Crossroads to get the upset pin at 11:58. That was really good, as the match played into the feud perfectly and they did some cool spots relating to the mask and the brace. Rhodes getting the win is awesome too.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #3: Eight-Man Tag Team Match – Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella vs. The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Barrett is the current Intercontinental Champion, while Slater and Gabriel are the current WWE Tag Team Champions. Kingston was a last minute replacement for Vladimir Kozlov. Last year he was added to Money in the Bank at the last minute. What does that guy have to do to get a real spot on the card? Marella and Slater start it off. Show is quickly tagged in and he unloads on Slater. He crushes Slater in the corner and wipes him out with a shoulderblock. The referee loses control as everyone just starts coming into the ring regardless of tags. Marella hits Slater with the Cobra and Show hits him with the WMD to end this grueling contest at 1:34. I think they literally did everything they could possibly do in the time they were given.
Rating: *

MATCH #4: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Orton is coming into this match with his right leg taped up, but that doesn’t stop him from attacking right out of the gate. He knocks Punk to the floor and follows him out for more abuse. Punk kicks the steps into Orton’s injured leg. Back in the ring Punk hits a high cross body off the top rope for two. Orton hits the backbreaker but Punk cuts him off and goes right back to the leg. Punk hits the running knee in the corner and continues the leg abuse. He tries the Go 2 Sleep but Orton slips out and tries the RKO, and Punk slips out of that and kicks Orton in the face for two. Punk goes up top and Orton knocks him down. Orton hits a superplex for a two-count. Really, of the three commentators none of them mentions that Orton’s dad used that move as a finish? Punk comes right back and goes to work on the leg again. Orton fires up with clotheslines, the powerslam, and a Thesz Press. He follows up with an Angle Slam for two. Punk cuts him off and puts on the Anaconda Vise and Cole actually explains that Orton can’t use his injured leg to push out of the hold. That’s great insight. Orton gets to the ropes. Punk goes to the apron for some reason, likely so that Orton can trap him in the DDT. Orton looks for the Punt but his leg gives out on him. Punk looks confident and almost gets hit with the RKO but he’s able to avoid it. He goes for the springboard clothesline but Orton catches the RKO this time! That’s enough to for Orton to get the pin at 14:45. This is a bit of an overlooked gem, with great psychology from Punk, awesome selling by Orton, and a great finish.
Rating: ****

MATCH #5: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole, with Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

Booker T and Jim Ross are on hand to call this match with Mathews. Cole tries to stall in the Cole Mine but Austin rings the bell and tells Lawler to go ahead and go after him! Lawler has to fight Swagger off first, which he does with little difficulty. Cole offers a handshake and wants bygones to be bygones. Of course Lawler will have none of it, pulling Cole’s head repeatedly into the Cole Mine wall. Lawler gets into the Cole Mine and continues the abuse. Then he throws Cole into the Anonymous Raw General Manager’s podium. Swagger attacks Lawler behind Austin’s back, allowing Cole to hit a baseball slide. Cole distracts Austin while Swagger puts the Ankle Lock on Lawler for a couple of seconds. Back in the ring Cole goes on offense. It’s not too often you get to type that sentence. This actually goes on for several minutes. Cole then pulls one strap down and then puts on the An-Cole Lock to absolutely no reaction. Lawler kicks his way out of it and then stomps a mudhole. Swagger throws the towel in but Austin chooses not to recognize that so Swagger gets in the ring to protest. Just take one guess how that ends for him (with a Stunner). Cole pleads with Austin and then slaps him! Lawler takes over now, hitting a series of punches and the dropkick! He goes to the second rope and hits the fist drop, but he pulls Cole up at the count of two. Lawler puts the Ankle Lock on and Cole immediately taps but Austin allows Lawler to keep the hold on as Cole begs for him to ring the bell, which he finally does at 13:45. That was much too long but they did some cute spots and the finish was good.
Rating: *½

Austin and Lawler celebrate, and Booker T decides he has to join them for a Spin-a-Roonie. Unfortunately for Booker he ends up on the receiving end of a Stunner. Then from out of nowhere the Anonymous Raw GM chimes in and says that since Austin was absurdly biased, he is reversing the decision to a disqualification win for Cole. Lawler throws Mathews in the ring to take a Stunner. What an absurdly stupid coda to a match that had no reason to not be a definitive end to this feud.

MATCH #6: No Holds Barred Match – Undertaker vs. Triple H

The Game comes out swinging but the Dead Man is up to the task, throwing HHH to the floor. Undertaker throws HHH into the steel steps, and HHH comes back by driving Undertaker through the Cole Mine. Back in the ring Undertaker looks more annoyed than hurt, and he hits the flying clothesline. Undertaker goes for Old School but HHH whips him down to the mat. They go back to the floor and HHH whips Undertaker into the barricade. HHH clears off the announce table and goes for the Pedigree but Undertaker backdrops him to the floor! Undertaker follows up with the flying tope and manages not to spike himself. Back up on their feet Undertaker charges and HHH catches him with a spinebuster through the Spanish Announce Table. Back in the ring Undertaker hits a Chokeslam for two. HHH comes back and tries mounted punches in the corner (you think he’d learn) and Undertaker tries the Last Ride but HHH slips out and hits another spinebuster for two. The Game goes outside and brings in a steel chair, but Undertaker books him in the face. Undertaker hits HHH with the chair a couple of times but HHH hits a Pedigree from out of nowhere for a two-count. HHH goes for a superplex but Undertaker reverses to the Last Ride! That only gets two. Undertaker hits the Tombstone Piledriver but HHH kicks out again! He goes for another one but HHH slips out and hits a DDT on the steel chair.

They sell their exhaustion for a while and when they get back up HHH hits a second Pedigree but Undertaker kicks out. HHH hits a third Pedigree and Undertaker kicks out again! Now HHH grabs the steel chair and goes all Stone Cold at WrestleMania X-Seven, and yells for Undertaker to “stay down.” Now while Undertaker is lying on the mat, why doesn’t HHH go for a cover? Undertaker gets up and HHH blasts him right in the face with the chair. HHH continues telling Undertaker to “stay down” and “die,” but I still can’t figure out why he won’t cover him. Undertaker grabs HHH by the throat but there’s not much behind it. He tells HHH to bring it, so HHH makes the throat slash gesture and then hits the Tombstone! The crowd buys it but Undertaker kicks out! A desperate HHH goes outside the ring and grabs the sledgehammer. Before he can use it, Undertaker grabs HHH in the Hell’s Gate! HHH grabs the sledgehammer but it falls from his hand and he taps out at 29:21. There are a lot of divergent opinions on this one, and I land somewhere in the middle. They did their damndest to make this one feel epic, and it worked to a point, but it definitely seemed like they were trying really hard and that’s always a turnoff. I liked HHH’s strategy of going for big moves throughout the match and Undertaker just doing his best to survive – other than the Shawn Michaels matches, which are perfect, this is the most vulnerable Undertaker has seemed during the Streak. Forced epic is always really hard to pull off, and I can’t fault the effort, and if they didn’t have to live up to the Shawn Michaels matches this might have seemed better, but it is what it is.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match – John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi vs. Dolph Ziggler & Laycool

Michelle McCool and Layla attack Stratus and Snooki right off the bat and the men split them up for some reason. Snooki slaps Ziggler and the referee separates everyone to start the match proper. McCool and Stratus start it off, and despite an early onslaught by the former seven-time Women’s Champion, McCool cuts off the Matrix move and goes for the Faithbreaker. Stratus counters that with a facebuster. She follows up with a Stratusphere attempt but McCool blocks it and they tumble hard to the floor. Layla comes over to help out but Stratus is able to take out both members of Laycool. Back in the ring Stratus gets a schoolgirl rollup for two, and then lands the Chick Kick. Ziggler breaks up that cover and Morrison comes in to clothesline him to the floor. Morrison then follows Ziggler out with Starship Pain! Snooki tags and the crowd boos, but they quickly turn to cheers as she hits a double handspring elbow on McCool in the corner, and then a handspring splash to get the pin at 3:17. That was perfectly harmless and you need to have a match like this between Triple H versus Undertaker and the main event. Watching Morrison give Stratus the cold shoulder is fun too.
Rating: **

MATCH #8: WWE Championship Match – The Miz vs. John Cena

The videos before the match are seriously awesome. Miz has been the Champion since 11.22.10, and this is his sixth defense. He’s accompanied by his protégé Alex Riley. They go back and forth to start and the crowd does NOT like John Cena. Miz hits the corner clothesline early for a two-count. Cena comes back with a gutwrench slam for two. They rise and Miz hits the Side Effect for two. Miz goes for the corner clothesline again but Cena avoids it this time. Cena goes up and hits the Cena Slice for two. He charges to the corner but misses and hits nothing but turnbuckle. Miz kicks Cena in the face and gets two. He continues slugging away at Cena, keeping him on the mat. These guys don’t appear to be on the same page. Cena misses a cross body block or something and lands awkwardly. Miz hits a kneelift for two. Even Ross and Lawler seem to notice that these guys don’t seem quite right, particularly Cena. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena powers out and unleashes flurry. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz slips out and hits the baby DDT for two. Miz hits a neckbreaker for another two-count. Miz removes a top turnbuckle pad, and while the referee is distracted with that Cena gets an inside cradle but it only gets two. Cena avoids getting thrown into the exposed turnbuckle and tries the Attitude Adjustment and Miz slips out, so Cena drop toeholds him and puts on the STF. Miz reaches the ropes and then distracts the referee, allowing Riley to grab Cena and throw him into the exposed turnbuckle. The Champion then hits the Skull Crushing Finale but it only gets two. Miz tries the Skull Crushing Finale again but the referee gets bumped and Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment. Of course there is no one to count now. Riley gets in the ring with the briefcase and decks Cena with it. The referee recovers in time to make a count, but Cena kicks out at two. Riley distracts the referee and Miz grabs the case, but Cena ducks and Riley takes it instead. Cena hits Miz with the Attitude Adjustment but Miz kicks out! They take it to the floor and Cena clotheslines Miz over the barricade. Cena clotheslines Miz further into the crowd and the referee count them both at out 14:43. What the hell?

The Rock makes his way out sweating like Mark Henry, but before he can say anything the anonymous Raw General Manager tries to chime in. Of course it doesn’t matter what the GM thinks, and Rock declares that this match has to restart with no-DQ rules. Back in the ring Cena tries an Attitude Adjustment but Miz slips out, and Rock hits Cena with the Rock Bottom! Miz crawls over and makes the pin to retain the title at a whopping 0:36 (total match time 15:19). What a shit sandwich. The match was not so very good to begin with, and that’s coming from a guy who likes both Cena and the Miz, but something was definitely off there. The double countout was stupid and Rock’s involvement in the finish cheapened the whole thing. It’s not the worst main event in WrestleMania history, but it’s probably one of the bottom five.
Rating: *¾

After the bell Rock attacks Miz, hitting him with the spinebuster and the People’s Elbow. Rock celebrates to end the show.

Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Marion

Norman tries his best to make his new tenant, Marion Crane, comfortable in an extremely satisfying episode of Bates Motel.

This Bates Motel review contains spoilers.

Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 6

Well Marion, it was nice while it lasted.

“Marion” is certainly the most fun that Bates Motel has had in a long time. Picking up right where last week’s Rihanna-tastic episode of the show left, we might have met Marion last episode, but now Norman gets to as well. As the series is smack dab in Psycho territory at the moment, it deliciously leans into moments from Hitchcock’s film. The camera lingers on Norman deciding which room key to give Marion. There’s the classic “eye through the painting hole” visual, discussion about birds, and Norman even offers to make Marion a ham sandwich like in Anthony Perkins’ rendition of the role. All of this is being done to lull you into a weird sort of safety. “Marion” wants you to think you know exactly where all of this is going so by the time it gets to the iconic shower scene it’s able to really knock you on your ass.

Marion Crane is pretty much the driving force of the narrative this week, much like the episode’s title might indicate, and the bulk of the episode revolves around her. Norman and Marion get a few scenes and plenty of time to get to know one another. The two trade stories and ruminate on love and loneliness where exchanges like this can take place:

“It’s hard to be lonely. It’s also hard to love to people. I think that’s the trap.”


“Yes, the little private trap that everyone lives in.”

Highmore vibrates with this material as Norman now seems enlightened and about to enter his final form. Rihanna on the other hand largely feels like she’s sleepwalking through a lot of her material. The episode also draws up a nice parallel where Norman compares an unfaithful boyfriend to that of having an imaginary Murder Mother in the sense of how can you really know “when someone is real”?

On the topic of that Murder Mother, Vera Farmiga is also looking her absolutely crone-iest as she glares disapprovingly down at Norman as the comely Marion stays in their motel. I mentioned earlier in the season that the year’s second installment has played the most like a horror film so far, but there are shots of Norma in this episode that are downright terrifying. With the season now in its second half, it’s nice to see the actors going for broke—especially Farmiga. None of this cast has unfortunately garnered any Emmy wins so far, but it’d be nice to see the show’s swan song finally break that tradition. Farmiga floats between vengeful and ethereal in the most menacing sort of way as Norman gets farther and farther away from her.

It feels appropriate to touch on in some capacity that after the painful trust session that Emma and Dylan went through last week, the two push further in their quest for answers. They learn that Norma is dead, information that is surely going to send the two of them headed right back to Norman in time for the finale. It’s a decision that’s certainly understandable on their end, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Even if it has felt like these two have been in their own little bubble this year, it’s been nice unequivocally knowing that they’re safe. That security’s about to go out the window. Enjoy the bagels while you can.

After the bombshell reveal that Norman has been apparently sleeping with men for some time while in Norma mode, this acts as fuel to keep Norman and his mother at odds through most of this episode. What’s all too tragic here is that after Norman’s talk with the good doctor as well as his reality check in the bar, he appears to be lucid about what’s going on. He defiantly tells Norma that she isn’t real and the only reason he’s seeing her at the moment is because of the new tenant that’s in the motel.

“You see? I’m starting to understand it all now,” he tells her. He’s spot on in that respect, but unfortunately that insight doesn’t do Norman any good at all as he heads down the rabbit hole this week. If anything, Norman trying to prove he’s not a slave to the voices in his head is exactly what sends him to his doom. Later on he admits “I’m completely losing my mind,” but it’s over the wrong thing. We get to see Norman literally warring with his psyche this week and it’s just devastating that his moments of clarity come hand-in-hand with sweeping valleys of madness. PS: How similar is Norman’s relationship with Mother to David’s relationship with the Shadow King over on Legion?

And on that note, let’s get back to that shower scene. Marion gets in there with the scene playing exactly how you’d expect…until nothing happens at all. There’s no murder. No hand tearing down the shower curtain. No blood down the drain. It’s at that point that things get really interesting because it’s clear that someone—likely Marion—is still going to get murdered from what all of this has triggered, but now it’s capable of happening at any time. Series creators Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse script this episode and you can tell that this is the installment that they’ve been waiting for. Rather brilliantly, Marion gets away and lives to have her happily ever after, with instead the much more suitable victim, Sam Loomis, stepping up to take her place. Ehrin and Curse do some brilliant work by revealing to their audience that yes, you are going to get that iconic shower scene after all. It’s just going to be a gender swapped version that connects all the way back to Norman’s childhood.

The script is officially out the window for Bates Motel and with Norman now fully realized, I can’t wait to see what these final four episodes hold. Madeleine Loomis better be careful.

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Damage Control, Easter Eggs And What To Expect From Spider-Man: Homecoming

spider-man2With the release of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer comes a new interview director Jon Watts did with Fandango that included some very interesting bits of information. There is no official run time yet as the film is still being finished, but Watts tells folks there will be a good number of Easter Eggs for the existing Marvel Universe including one that can be found in today’s trailer. But what you won’t see in the film is any nods to previous Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield.

A lot more than just an Easter Egg is the introduction of Damage Control into the MCU. It’s a construction and demolition team that cleans up after super-heroes and in this iteration, it’s created and funded by Tony Stark. The problem is that there are already salvage groups making big money on going in after these battles, one being run by Adrian Toomes, and will be the catalyst for him putting together the Vulture suit. This could lead to various ties ins to other films as Toomes could’ve salvaged things from battles in any of the MCU films / shows.

As for Tony Stark’s role in the film, it picks up from Civil War and how he just grabbed a 15-year old off the street, through him into a clash of titans and then dropped him back off before the film was over. Now we get to see the repercussions of his actions and what Stark’s role will be with Peter going forward. Will he stay around in Peter’s life? Could he become a mentor and is he capable of something like that?

Watts thinks that the key to Peter Parker is sincerity and how he always wants to do the right thing no matter what. And besides Marvel Universe Easter Eggs, there will also be some for John Hughes movies. Watts felt inspired by those movies and that they also had the sincerity and taking teenagers and treating them seriously. Looking at the story from the eyes of Peter Parker instead of as an adult looking back at high school.

And for the important things… there will be an after credits scene.

There is no connection between Spider-Man: Homecoming and the newly announced Venom film. Nor is it connected to the MCU according to Watts.

And he is aware of what’s going on in Avengers: Infinity War in case it effects his movie, but the project is all The Russo Brothers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7th and stars Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton.

Damage Control, Easter Eggs And What To Expect From Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Will Introduce Damage Control To The MCU

Spider-Man: Homecoming Will Introduce Damage Control To The MCU

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” will mark the web-slinger’s first solo film as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will also see another first as the Marvel Comics salvage company Damage Control will make its big screen debut. In “Homecoming,” Damage Control will be Tony Stark’s newest company — and it will butt heads with Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

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When asked about Stark’s new company, director Jon Watts confirmed to Fandango that it is Damage Control. “Yes,” he said. “That’s from the comics.”

On whether Damage Control brings about new possibilities in the MCU, Watts said they just might. “Yeah, possibly,” said Watts. “For me, in thinking about this movie, it just fit in with our overall philosophy with the kind of story we wanted to tell. In the same way that Peter gives us the ground level view of what it’s like to be a 15-year-old kid in a New York City that was almost destroyed by aliens before the Avengers showed up.”

He continued, speaking to Damage Control’s needed role in the MCU. “You also wonder after all those huge messes are made, who’s sent in to clean up? Is it the normal people who would be hired to do something like that? Does it become a government operation? Is it dangerous? What do you do with all the alien body parts that you find? I really like asking those practical questions about this world, and then use that to drive the story.”

Whether or not this version of Damage Control has anything to do with the version that’s being developed as a potential sitcom for ABC remains unknown. A “Damage Control” series was announced as being in development at ABC back in October, but updates about that series have been few and far between.

Directed by Jon Watts (“Clown”), written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (“Vacation”) and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Donald Glover and many, many others, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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For conventions and other genre events.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Unpacks Spider-Suit’s New Gadgets

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Unpacks Spider-Suit’s New Gadgets

The newest trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming” debuted lots of new footage of Tom Holland as everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He’s the third actor to take up the role of Peter Parker on the big screen, following Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland and director Jon Watts revealed what makes Holland’s version different from his predecessors and where the idea of Spidey’s new tech gear originated.

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When asked how he’d describe his Peter Parker, Holland said he’s “different to the previous two. I felt very strongly about the question about what would happen if you gave a 15-year-old super powers. I think the answer would be he would have the time of his life. Yes, he would probably stop crime, but have so much fun doing it. We really tried to convey that he’s enjoying his superpowers. More often than not in superhero movies, the powers are a burden to the superhero but in our case, they’re the complete opposite.”

The teaser video that was released before the new trailer showed a spider-drone that flies off of Spider-Man’s chest emblem. Watts clarified that new piece of tech, saying it’s not much of a departure for the hero.

“There’s a precedent for it in the comic books because Tony Stark builds Peter a new suit,” said Watts. “Tony Stark is a very bells and whistles kind of guy. We had that set up in ‘Civil War.’ That was one of the fun brainstorm meetings: What could be in that suit? We made a list of all the neat things that Tony would put in there for Peter to discover or keep him safe. At one point, we just realized ‘what if that little spider could crawl out and move around and do surveillance?'”

Directed by Jon Watts (“Clown”), written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (“Vacation”) and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Donald Glover and many, many others, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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The Comic Store Owner Planning To Hunt Down His Suspected Chicago Bulls Shoplifter Today


Mike Wellman of The Comic Book Bug in Southern California, often featured in these hallowed pages, has a problem with thieves. He writes on Facebook,

As promised, here are the crooks of the day today! If you are a comic retailer, be on the lookout because they are known serial thieves (more on that in a bit). First, their tactics…

Mr. Chicago Bulls came in around 1:15 today and was browsing around. Seemed friendly enough and didn’t need any help when I asked him. Then, about 20 minutes in he had a slew of questions. He’s in the market for a Marvel Select Gamora and Rocket set that’s coming out later, so I’m pretty sure he’s a collector, not a flipper.

At one point he asked me the price of a poster we had in the back of the store, which I was able to answer “it’s $10” without having to go back there.

He left and then came back about 5 minutes later with this gorgeous cup o’ beauty you see pictured below. I just assumed she was shopping at Trader Joe’s and he had something he wanted to show her, but oh no, this is a team effort.

My relief came in at 2:00, so inspired by Kristen Parraz, I decided to go poop before I went home for the day. (Revelations to keep your attention!)

Five minutes later, my replacement guy is blowing up my phone so I answered. “Someone just stole some action figures! I’m chasing them!” I hastily pulled my pants up and joined the pursuit!

Alas, they were long gone. But we have this juicy footage to share with you guys!

Apparently after I went to the restroom, Chicago Bulls asked my replacement to go and get him the aforementioned poster at the back of the shop, distracting him long enough to jump behind the counter and grab two pricey action figures. My guy noticed and told him he couldn’t be behind the counter. He replied “oh, sorry” and came back around front, placing the figures where he could easily retrieve them.

Then the Mrs. stepped up to purchase the poster. As my guy was ringing her up, he noticed Chicago Bulls go for the three pointer and haul ass out of the shop with the action figures. Police were called, reports were filed. I’m pretty sure it’s a loss but that’s okay, we have our dignity which is more than these two lousy pieces of turd chunks can claim.

Thing is, this isn’t the first time Chicago Bulls has taken stuff from us. He was busted at our Culver City shop last year and told not to come back. In front of his kids. That’s why I’m pretty sure he’ll be hitting other shops in the area now and why I’m tagging some of my SoCal retailer friends. Be on the lookout y’all. And this dickcheese REALLY seems to like his Bulls Jersey. He’s always wearing it when he rolls through. Maybe he should go steal some new threads too!

17626503_10210388645287395_3586427058263354036_n 17629687_10210388645767407_2541911269702914797_n 17523658_10210388645567402_5949087649175177672_n

There were some entertaining replies,

But then it got real. Mike claimed to have found his suspect on social media.

Some people would call the police straught away. Mike Wellman… appears to have read too many Punisher comic books. And yes, we will update as warranted…

The Comic Store Owner Planning To Hunt Down His Suspected Chicago Bulls Shoplifter Today

15 Unique Superhero Designs In Cartoons

15 Unique Superhero Designs In Cartoons

Animation is great medium for adapting superhero comics. It lets writers clear up muddled bits of comic continuity and adapt famous comic arcs into much more clear and cohesive stories. Many “Justice League” fans found a love of the team through the beloved animated Series, same goes for the many “X-Men” cartoons. One could even go as far as saying that a good chunk of modern comics fans got into comic books because of cartoons.

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Animation also serves as a great place for superhero experimentation, both with storytelling — be it adaptation or original ideas — and with character design. The latter is something that’s somewhat rare in cartoons, as most cartoon adaptations use the comic versions of superheroes’ costumes, making only slight changes. That being said, there are a few cartoons that managed to get creative with their superhero costume/character designs, and CBR is counting them down. Here are the 15 most unique superhero designs in cartoons.


Kid Flash from Young Justice

Let’s start off with a simple, but effective design. Kid Flash wears a pretty comics-accurate costume in the first episode (with added goggles) of “Young Justice,” but by the second episode he’s moved on to a costume that fans of the show know and love. Both versions of the costume keep the classic Kid Flash look — a yellow top and boots, red gloves and pants, and an open-topped mask to show off Wally’s red hair.

His tactical suit gives his original quite an upgrade. The “Young Justice” costume features shoulder-guards, protective padding all down the legs and some and an overall “activewear” look to it — given to him for the purpose of defending him against collisions and impacts. Additionally, Wally’s boots appear more like running shoes and his gloves feature cupboards for storing power bars to fuel his super-speedy metabolism. Plus, like other members of “the team,” Kid Flash’s costume has a “stealth” option that helps the sidekicks on there black ops missions. The details of this costume not only give Wally a much need equipment upgrade, but they also help to make his spandex look less “ketchup-and-mustard-y” and more logically tactical.


TMNT - All four Ninja Turtles

The Turtles have gone through a lot of different interpretations over the years, in both comics and animation. The 2012 adaptation, however, features some of the most creative “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” designs in recent history. In the original comics, the first animated series and even in the 2003 series, the Turtles were mostly indistinguishable, save for their mask colors and/or weapons of choice. The 2012 series took a more modern animation approach to the TMNT.

First off, The Turtles look like turtles, not like buff green men in shells, which is how it should be. Second, each character has, well, character to them; Donatello is tall and lanky with a tooth gap that fits his nerd-like personality. Michelangelo has a child-like appearance, with a rounded face and freckles while rocking the classic series mask. Raphael is short and bulky and has a crack in his shell that fits his hot-headedness. Lastly, Leonardo’s look is simple, almost seeming to have all the traits of his brothers, which is apropos to his leader status. Along with their personalized masks and padding, these Turtle designs help each brother stand out and show off their personalities.


Young Justice Robin Character Design

Yes, another “Young Justice” entry, but can you blame us? The show incorporated a lot of unique character designs, especially with its take on the boy wonder. “Young Justice” featured an actual kid Robin. Sure he’s 13, but he looks and acts like a kid, moving away from the popular late-teen Robin depiction. His youth is partly what makes this design work so well.

Theres a lot to analyze with this version of Robin, so let’s start from the ground up. Robin’s shoes are pretty damn cool, looking like athletic wear versions of “Ninja socks.” His signature yellow utility belt looks functional, like it can actually hold his various birdarangs and other gadgets. The red shirt is reminiscent of the classic Robin aesthetic with the simple “R” logo, yellow straps, and different colored sleeves. His high collard cape, yellow on the inside and black on the outside, works to make him iconic and stealthy. The bulky gloves feature hacking equipment and a projected screen for GPS and other technological needs. Lastly, his boyish haircut and simple domino mask complete the whole ensemble, making the “Young Justice” Robin a truly unique character design.


Beast Boy from Teen Titans

Before being reworked as a short-form comedy, “Teen Titans” was an action show, and a hit one at that. The show bolstered anime-influenced humor and designs, the latter of which were mostly done by character designer Derrick J. Wyatt. Though it takes influence from his many comic book costumes, Beast Boy’s “Teen Titans” series costume has a lot of flair and style to it.

In most of his comic book iterations, Beast Boy wore a remnant of his Doom Patrol days, some of them red, some of them purple. This trend continues as the “Teen Titans” costume is a personalized version of the costumes worn by Doom Patrol featured in the series. Beast Boy’s design is clean and doesn’t do more than it needs to. It looks maneuverable, super heroic, and nods to a lot of the classic looks. The coolest part of his design comes from the depiction of his fang and pointed ears, which are more pronounced and really sell him as a “beast,” more than just a normal person with green skin. The smartest part of BB’s design though has has to be the paw-prints that cover the bottom of his shoes. Subtle and brilliant.


Cyclops character design

“X-Men: Evolution” is a great example of adapting comic books into animation. Over the years, “X-Men” comics have featured countless mutants and students of the X-academy. The core of X-Men, however, always comes back to something similar to the original 5: teenage mutants trying to survive puberty and superpowers. “X-Men: Evolution” adapted this concept by bringing fan-favorite X-Men back to their teenage years.

Long-time X-Men leader Cyclops got a serious costume makeover for the show. His visor, hair, and color scheme — though blue and yellow are the whole team’s colors — remained the same, but the overall look was something entirely new. Cyclops’ costume is simple, with a giant “X” around his torso, short gloves, and armored boots. The simplicity is what makes this costume unique; the costume screams “X-Men,” which is what the leader of the X-Men needs, an iconic costume that represents their team and their cause.


Danny Phantom

Another costume that’s simple, but works well, is the one belonging to “Danny Phantom”. An original creation by Butch Hartman, the ghost boy’s powers and origin revolve around ghosts. Danny can — as the theme song goes — walk through walls, disappear and fly. Danny’s costume doesn’t exactly shove the ghost motif down our throats with symbols and the like, but it still gives the teenage superhero a ghostly appearance.

Character design is about more than just the costume. The shape of the character’s body, the color choices and even their hair can effect how we perceive a character and Danny’s design takes all this into consideration. The story of his costume is that it was simply the jumpsuit that Danny was wearing when he activated his parents ghost portal and got his powers. The suit’s colors were inverted during the accident and he’s been rocking the jumpsuit ever since. The stark-white against pitch-black suit mimics the effect of a ghost in the night, and his white hair and glowing green eyes continue that idea. Even the white glow effect that Danny is given when in ghost form adds a nice touch to his ghostly theme.


Batman Beyond

A definitive product of the late ’90s/early ’00s, “Batman Beyond” continued the story of “Batman: The Animated Series” by fast-forwarding to 2039, where a new, younger Batman — Terry McGinnis — has taken over for the aging Bruce Wayne. Terry uses a Batsuit that is much higher-tech than the cape and cowl seen in “BTAS.”

The “Beyond” bat-costume created a contemporary suit that completely covers Terry. The black suit covers every inch including his mouth — with a neat “white mouth” effect taking over when Terry talks — and keeps the classic white eyes, pointed ears and spikes on the forearms. The insignia is changed up, skipping yellow or black in favor of a bright red bat-symbol that matches the under-arm wings. The wings are used to stabilize the jet-boots of the costume, one of the suit’s many high-tech features. On top of flight, the suit gives Terry enhanced strength, stealth-mode, spy equipment, and an artillery of auto-shooting batarangs.


Power Man from Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel’s “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon might elicit mixed reactions amongst Spider-Man and cartoon fans, but it’s hard to deny it’s design work. The main cast of characters in “Ultimate Spider-Man” are Spider-Man himself, Iron-Fist, Nova, White Tiger, and Luke Cage, A.K.A Powerman. All but Luke’s costume designs are highly derivative of their comic book counterparts and don’t change much.

Luke Cage, on the other hand, gets a wholly original costume. And not just a “street clothes” costume that comic book Cage tends to wear, but rather a full fledged, spandex and mask costume. Though a bit derivative of the costume worn by the second Powerman — Victor Alvarez — the suit has a lot of cool things going for it; the metal bits, the “suspenders” look, the gauntlets and even the visor-mask are all reminiscent of the first-appearance Luke Cage costume, only with an updated vibe about it.


One-Punch Man

A lot of Japanese superhero designs tend to be armored, helmeted, and detailed. Not that these are bad things — shows like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider have created some of the best superhero costumes out there — but it does mean that more American-influenced costumes like “One-Punch Man’s” Saitama ring a little more unique amongst other anime heroes.

The coolest part about Saitama’s design is that not only is it simple, but also it looks like an upgraded version of a kid’s pretend costume. Stick with us here, can’t you easily see the yellow jumpsuit being footie pajamas, the gloves being dish gloves and the boots being rain boots? Heck even the cape — stark white and just a little to big — looks a lot like when a little kid grabs a white bath towel and ties it around their neck to play superhero. This child-like costume fits into Saitama’s superhero life, since he is, as he says “just a hero for fun.”


Cyborg from Teen Titans

Cyborg is another one of those comic book characters who, prior to the New 52, sort of had one-note costume designs, with very little changing about his silver/white metal cybernetics over the years. Even during the New 52, Cyborg’s looks only went through small changes with each advancement of his tech. The “Teen Titans” cartoon gave us what has to have been — and still is — the most unique Cyborg design out there.

The “Teen Titans” Cyborg hits all the main beats of the comic version; flesh arms, a left cybernetic eye and use of white metal. Otherwise, the design goes in its own direction, especially with the introduction of the “blue tech” pieces. There really isn’t a better name for the blue segments of the design, which appear to be glass encompassed circuitry of some sort. The blue parts are really what make the entire design so unique, especially when they were used on vehicles and other deceives that Cyborg built in the show, cementing them as part of his signature look.


Diamondhead from Ben 10

Because of the series’ premise, “Ben 10” left a lot of room for unique and original character designs in the form of the aliens that the protagonist could turn in to. Though each alien was unique in its own right, they all looks pretty, well, alien. That is, except for Diamondhead. Yes, the crystal-bodied hero doesn’t exactly look human, but he does have the most humanoid look amongst all the aliens in Ben’s arsenal, and he’s definitely the most super-heroic-looking of them all.

Diamondhead is a faded blue-green color (meant to look like a crystal, since that’s essentially what his body is made out of), is tall and muscular, has a pretty pronounced lower jaw and two spikes coming out from his back. The geometric shapes that his muscles and limbs form are fitting to the whole “diamond” aesthetic, as is the shape of his head. As for Diamondhead’s costume, his clothes are formed from Ben’s outfit, black and white for the original series, and green and black for “Omniverse.” Diamondhead uses a lot of elements of classic “heavy hitter” comic characters — like The Thing of Fantastic 4 or Colossus of the X-Men — and combines them into something fresh, simple and unique.


Static Shock costumes

Over the course of “Static Shock’s” three seasons, Static had two incredibly unique costumes. In the comics, his superhero outfits were creative combinations of classic spandex and hip hop fashion, and he went through quite a lot of them. The series found a good middle ground for all of these outfits, taking some of the elements and creating something new in the process.

Static’s cartoon look is still very hip-hop fashion inspired — oversized hood, baggy pants, etc. — but it’s simplified for animation, kept clean while still singing  its own unique tune. Honestly, it’s hard to find a costume like the “Static Shock” look. It had two unique iterations that celebrated the character’s origins and evoked the classic “teenage superhero” feel, meaning that the costume is meant to look cool, because Virgil, a teenager, wants to look cool — wearing goggles on his head that he almost never uses and the like. It’s really hard to ignore how iconic and original Static’s costume was on “Static Shock.”


Great Saiyaman from Dragon Ball Z

Known for ridiculous poses and long-winded speeches about justice, it’s “Dragonball Z’s” The Great Saiyaman! The Great Saiyaman is the secret identity that Son Gohan takes up so that he can use his Saiyan powers for good without being found out by his new school friends. The Great Saiyaman story arc takes place immediately before and leading into the series’ final “Majin Buu” arc, and features a lot of tropes and cliches of both American and Japanese superhero storytelling.

The Saiyaman suit was created by Bulma when Gohan asked for a disguise so that he wouldn’t be spotted by civilians. She created the suit and gave him the ability to put it on instantly with the help of a Capsule Corp. watch. The transformation watch is a staple of Tokusatsu shows, as is the use of a helmet instead of a mask. The Great Saiyaman’s helmet has the appearance of a bug with its twin antenna which, while reminiscent of “Kamen Rider,” isn’t afraid to do it own thing. The tights, big gloves, and cape evoke American superheroes while the belt almost looks like a championship wrestling belt. Lastly, the green gi helps tie it all together as a uniquely “DBZ” design.


Wasp from Avengers cartoon

The fan-favorite series “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” was known for using the silver-age designs for most of its large cast of heroes. Characters like Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye had costumes that didn’t veer too far from their comics origins. There was, however, one hero that stood out amongst the rest, Janet Van Dyne, A.K.A. the college-aged Avenger known as the Wasp.

Wasp’s EMH design is delightfully youthful. She’s shown with cropped hair, a fashionable-looking dress and a set of cute, theme-appropriate headphones. The costume looks both home-assembled and college-student designed. The headphone antenna are the best touch, establishing her bug theme while giving the entire costume an anime/cosplay look about it. Wasp’s costume definitely looks like it was made by a nerdy/geeky college girl, and there has yet to be a design like this. This version of Wasp is truly a unique take on the shrinking and stinging Avenger.


DCAU Nightwing

A lot of Nightwing fans know of the iconic black and blue costume that the former-Robin rocked for most of his comic career. “Batman: The Animated Series” took its own spin on this costume, by changing just enough to let it sing its own tune, like many of the show’s designs. The costume premiered in the sequel series “The New Batman Adventures” after Dick Grayson graduated college, quit being Robin, and travelled the world.

This design is the epitome of simplicity. The costume is almost entirely black, with nothing but an extended blue bird icon forming a “V” shape on the front and back of the costume. That’s it. There are no bulky belts or arm pouches like previous comic iterations, just the black suit and a V-shaped masked to complete the whole look. Well, of course there’s also the mullet which, surprisingly, doesn’t actually age that badly. Dick’s long hair helps fit with the rebellious nature of Robin’s transition into Nightwing, despite it’s adherence to the ridiculous hair trend of the 90’s. Regardless of wether or not you dig the bat-mullet, it’s hard to deny the unique simplicity this Nightwing costume had.

Which superhero’s costume was your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Features An Avenger Other Than Iron Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Features An Avenger Other Than Iron Man

As promised by yesterday’s teaser promising a brand new “Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer, Marvel and Sony delivered the real deal this morning, giving us an exciting new look at Spidey’s gadgets, a terrifying view of the Vulture, and a better understanding of Tony Stark’s role as a mentor to the young Peter Parker. However, Iron Man isn’t the only Avenger to make an appearance, as we also get a brief cameo from Captain America.

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At approximately the 37 second mark, we see none other than Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, suited up to promote Captain America’s Fitness Challenge in a video being shown to a gym full of students. Among them are Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds. Ned, is apparently aware of his friend’s secret at this point, eagerly asks if Peter knows Cap, to which Peter  nonchalantly replies, “I stole his shield.”


It’s not much, but once again, this brief moment manages to highlight Marvel’s attention to detail when it comes to reinforcing the foundation of its massive shared universe.

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Directed by Jon Watts (“Clown”), written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (“Vacation”), and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Donald Glover, and many, many others, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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Supergirl Becomes An Ace Reporter In Mystery Filled New Promo

Supergirl Becomes An Ace Reporter In Mystery Filled New Promo

Kara Danvers may no longer be a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media, but she’s still a reporter through and through. The next episode of the series, titled “Ace Reporter,” will see her continuing to follow leads as she tries to make a name for herself in the world of blogging. That’s no easy task, but hey, she’s super.

The trailer moves pretty fast, but there are a bunch of exciting things in store for the Maid of Might when the show returns next month. First let’s just get this out of the way: the show’s very obnoxious version of Snapper Carr is making a return. More exciting and delightful, there’s a brief shot of Darren Criss as the Music Meister, returning after the crossover episode. His story thread ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so it’s great that the show is immediately following up with him.

There’s also a prominently featured bearded man. CW fans will recognize this as Rahul Kohli, who plays Ravi the adorkable sidekick of Liv on “iZombie.” Ravi is in the mold of Cisco, or Felicity, or Winn, but it seems that on “Supergirl” he’s taking a villainous turn. Either way a bunch of new and returning faces makes for a pretty exciting episode. We even get a look at Katie McGrath, who will be coming back as a series regular to play Lena Luthor.

Starring Melissa Benoist as the Girl of Steel, “Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter and Chris Wood as Mon-El. “Supergirl” returns on April 24th.

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STUDIO GHIBLI FEST Coming To United States Theaters

A six-film series coming to North American theaters.

Here He Comes To Save The Day: Dynamite Unveils New ‘Mighty Mouse’ By Sholly Fisch And Igor Lima

Mighty Mouse was famously created by Paul Terry in 1942 as a combination of two of the most popular characters in the world, Superman and Mickey Mouse. Now the Mouse is back in a new series from Dynamite, written by Sholly Fisch with art by Igor Lima. The first issue, out in June, features variant covers by legendary artist Neal Adams and painter/legendary fan of old stuff Alex Ross.

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Star Wars Celebration 2017: Complete List of Trading Pins

Collectors get ready, because Star Wars Celebration is again rolling out an awesome set of pins exclusive to this year's show.

Three sets of trading pins have already been revealed as part of the Road to Celebration, and now IGN can reveal the remaining pins that will be available. Check out all of the 2017 Star Wars Celebration trading pins below:

Complete list of Star Wars Celebration 2017 trading pins

This year's pin set are designed by Derek Laufman. The 40 unique Star Wars character pins represent one year of the franchise's history in honor of its 40th anniversary.

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Alex Ross, Neal Adams Cover New Mighty Mouse Series

Alex Ross, Neal Adams Cover New Mighty Mouse Series

When Mighty Mouse makes his return to comics this summer, the diminutive hero will arrive with some heavy-lifting cover artists to hep him make a big splash.

The new series (Mighty Mouse’s first in three decades), written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Igor Lima, will feature variant covers by industry legends Alex Ross and Neal Adams. The first issue of the new Dynamite Entertainment series arrives during the character’s 75th anniversary, offering an all-new take on the classic comic book and cartoon hero.

Imagine that the world’s greatest hero has been exiled to another dimension — an alien world, where not even the laws of physics work the way they should. The only person who even believes the hero exists is a young kid whom no one will listen to. And yet, the hero — who just happens to be a cartoon mouse — remains the shining light that this drab, cynical world needs to restore its color and life. Here comes Mighty Mouse to save the day in his most unexpected adventure yet… right here, in the real world!

galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1043079","name":"Mighty Mouse #1 Cover Art","images":[{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-BW-Igor-Lima.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-B&W-Igor-Lima","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-B&W-Igor-Lima"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Coloring-Book.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Coloring-Book","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Coloring-Book"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Alex-Ross.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Alex-Ross","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Alex-Ross"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Classic.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Classic","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Classic"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Igor-Lima.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Igor-Lima","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Igor-Lima"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Neal-Adams.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Neal-Adams","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Logo-Neal-Adams"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Alex-Ross.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Alex-Ross","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Alex-Ross"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Igor-Lima.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Igor-Lima","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Igor-Lima"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Neal-Adams.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Neal-Adams","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-No-Logo-Neal-Adams"},{"src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Mighty-Mouse-Spot-Color-Alex-Ross.jpg","title":"Mighty-Mouse-Spot-Color-Alex-Ross","caption":"","desc":"Mighty-Mouse-Spot-Color-Alex-Ross"}]})

“Mighty Mouse” #1, by Sholly Fisch and Igor Lima, arrives this summer with covers by Lima, Neal Adams and Alex Ross.

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Bryan Hitch’s Cover For The New Absolute Authority Edition – And Confirmation Of A New Story With Warren Ellis

probably shouldn't be sharing this but here's a sneak at the pencils for the cover to the new Absolute Authority edition.


Absolute Authority was the first of DC’s Absolute formats, pioneered by Wildstorm EIC Scott Dunbier, using the French oversized model and applying it to American comics, with far more content, decent paper quality and lush colours. It was a hit and everyone from Marvel to Dark Horse to Image copied it. Dunbier was fired by DC Comics over issues regarding League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, and he ended up at IDW where he continued to innovate formats copies by everyone else, such as the Artist’s Edition.

But DC Comics are returning to the one that started it all, Absolute Authority with a new printing – and from Bryan Hitch‘s tweet above, a new cover.

And yes, to make people like me buy it all over again, a brand new Authority story by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

for those asking, the new Absolute Authority will feature all the Ellis-Hitch Authority stuff, a new cover and new story! (by us!)


Bryan Hitch’s Cover For The New Absolute Authority Edition – And Confirmation Of A New Story With Warren Ellis

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Teen Titans Annual #1 Has Justice League Vs. Titans Follow Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad? Batman Vs. Nightwing Via Preview?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Teen Titans Annual #1.

Former Teen now Adult sidekicks in the Titans are pitted against their mentors in the Justice League. Memories wiped a battle to ensue meaning that Justice League vs. Titans follows Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

So, do these teaser / preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

“Whatever Happened to the Mouse of Tomorrow?” – Mighty Mouse Returns to Comics

It has been awhile since there was a Mighty Mouse comic, hasn’t it?  Dynamite’s acquired the licence is soliciting a new series that sounds like it might be a skewing satirical and maybe even meta? The headline is “Whatever Happened To the Mouse of Tomorrow?” harkening back to Alan Moore’s and Curt Swan’s “Whatever Happened to […]

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2 Gets Another Awesome Extended TV Spot; Cool Star-Lord Billboard Spotted

Marvel has released another extended TV ad for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, featuring some action-packed new footage from the film. Plus, Star-Lord takes aim on a new billboard...

Jumanji Debuts Footage; Reveals New Title, Story Details

Jumanji Debuts Footage; Reveals New Title, Story Details

While we wait for the first trailer for this year’s big “Jumanji” sequel to drop, the first footage from the anticipated follow-up screened during Sony’s CinemaCon panel. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Dwayne Johnson — along with costars Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan and Jack Black — introduced the “Jumanji” footage and also revealed the film’s new name. The movie is now named “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”

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THR described the footage that was screened for the audience, which began with four high schoolers in detention. The teens are then tasked with cleaning out the school’s basement, which is where they find an old video game console — and a video game called “Jumanji.” They boot up the game and each of them pick a character to play as. They then become that character as the game transports them into a jungle.

The nerdy boy is excited that he’s now Dwayne Johnson’s character, while the popular girl is mortified to see she’s become Jack Black’s character. While it wasn’t revealed who’s playing as Karen Gillan or Kevin Hart’s avatars, Johnson did tell the audience that there was an in-story reason for Gillan’s revealing costume.

Directed by Jake Kasdan (“Bad Teacher”), the film is a “continuation” of the 1995 comedy classic starring Robin Williams, which itself is an adaptation of the 1981 children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. The original centered on a young boy named Alan Parrish, who becomes trapped in a board game while playing with his best friend Sarah Whittle. Nearly three decades later, two siblings discover the game and unwittingly release the now-adult Alan (Williams). After finding Sarah, they work together to finish the game in hopes of undoing all of the destruction it unleashed.

Opening Christmas 2017, the new “Jumanji” reportedly revolves around four teens who play the game, and control the avatars of stars Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. Nick Jonas also stars.

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Tom Holland Went Undercover in the Bronx To Prepare For Spider-Man Role

Tom Holland Went Undercover in the Bronx To Prepare For Spider-Man Role

One of the most closely guarded secrets in the Marvel Comics universe is Spider-Man’s identity under the mask. For years, the web-slinger kept the secret close to his chest, rarely revealing it to even his closest friends and family. It became not only a staple for the character, but an aspect of him every other superhero acknowledged. When “Civil War” occurred in 2006 and Peter Parker came out and told the world he was Spider-Man, everyone was shocked — not just because of who he was, but because he’d actually revealed his biggest secret. Of course, with comics being comics, Spidey’s identity in the public eye backfired, and through various shenanigans, Peter eventually put the figurative genie back in the bottle.

It turns out, reality sometimes mimics fiction. That was the case, at least for actor Tom Holland, a.k.a. The Amazing Spider-Man. Forced to go undercover and assume a secret identity in the name of acting, Holland assumed the guise of Ben Perkins and secretly attended Bronx High School of Science in New York City in preparation for his role in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

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“It was a joke I made to Marvel that I wanted to go to a high school undercover to experience what New York high school is really like,” Holland revealed in a recent interview with Variety. “They took it very seriously. I went to school for three days and went undercover. I put on an American accent. My name was Ben Perkins. The problem is that Bronx School of Science is for geniuses. You can’t just join halfway through. You have to go through an extensive exam process. A lot of the students were very confused about why I was there, and I think a lot of the teachers were too. So the teachers kept testing me and asking me questions, and believe me, I am by no means a scientist. It was fun and I learned a lot about schools. One of the key characters in the movie, Flash Thompson, was largely informed by my trip. Bullies now aren’t just jocks. They’re rich kids in the nice cars with the fancy clothes. We have a snobby bully rather than a jock bully.”

As for choosing the name Ben Perkins, it turns out that was an unintentional nod to his acting coach. “He was with me at the time in New York while we were there. I went in with another name, but somebody asked me my name, and I panicked and said Ben Perkins. So I went with it.”

And of course, Variety asked the question many other probably found themselves questions: did he ever tell people at the school that he was Spider-Man?

“I told one person on the last day and it spread like wildfire,” Holland admitted. “This girl was like, “what’s your deal?” And I said, “I’m Spider-Man.” She didn’t believe me. She just thought I was a nutter.”

Apparently for some, truth is stranger than fiction.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” follows the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” The film, described as “a coming-of-age story,” finds Peter attending his high school for gifted kids, trying to impress his new benefactor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and also dealing with a pesky arch enemy, the Vulture (Michael Keaton).

Directed by Jon Watts (“Clown”), written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (“Vacation”) and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Donald Glover and many, many others, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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Kieron Gillen To Sign James Bond Comics … On Star Wars Day?

I feel a disturbance in the Force.

Kieron Gillen is the writer of Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra book, their bestselling female lead title, coming off a critically acclaimed run on Darth Vader.

May the fourth is Star Wars Day. May the fourth… be with you. It’s still funny.

Yet rather than get Kieron Gillen to sign Doctor Aphra or the Darth Vader collections, Forbidden Planet in London has him in store to sign… his James Bond oneshot comic book instead.

Someone’s crossing the streams there (to bring in yet another franchise).

A Forbidden Planet rep tells me “Maybe we’ll put Kieron in a Wookie suit, just to keep up the mood…”

Yes. Someone make this happen. With his regrown beard, he’s halfway there.


Kieron Gillen To Sign James Bond Comics … On Star Wars Day?


STAN LEE & JOE QUESADA will host an exclusive 'Cup O Joe' event to benefit THE HERO INITIATIVE.

James Gunn Had More Freedom With Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn Had More Freedom With Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Sequels are a tricky thing. Filmmakers always run the risk of hewing too closely to the first film, merely repeating story beats that audiences responded to the first time around. In some cases, sequels just become a rerun of the first film with new villains or set pieces swapped in. Writer/director James Gunn didn’t want that to happen with the follow-up to 2014’s surprise mega-hit “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Luckily for Gunn, the success of the first “Guardians” ensured that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” could be its own thing.

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During a panel at the Writers Guild Foundation’s WGFestival, as reported by Variety, Gunn opened up about his creative process for the sequel.

“On the second movie I had a lot more freedom,” said Gunn. “Because the first movie did well and it was great not having to explain the five major characters to the audience in the first half hour, we just go straight into the story.” He added, “This has to be its own thing and you can’t start making this a sh—y Xerox of the first one.”

Gunn also revealed to the audience that they won’t have to wait long for Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) to meet his long lost father Ego (Kurt Russell). Gunn said that the highly anticipated family reunion occurs within the first 20 minutes of the film.

The director also revealed which Guardian he feels the most connected to. “Rocket’s character I relate to more than anybody; Rocket is me,” said Gunn, referencing the foul-mouthed raccoon scoundrel voiced by Bradley Cooper. “He has the anger issues that I have and he has the same inability to accept love that I have.”

Written and directed by James Gunn, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″ stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, and franchise newcomer, Kurt Russell, who plays Star-Lord’s father – Ego, the Living Planet. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” arrives in theaters May 5.

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In Latest Sign That Everything In World Is Going To Hell, Jumanji Reboot Will Be About Video Game, Not Board Game


As if we needed any more reminders that Western civilization has entered a downward spiral of reality TV show presidents, looming nuclear war, and never-ending Zack Snyder films, a new report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap has just put the icing on the proverbial doomsday cake. According to the report, the upcoming reboot of Jumanji, the film about a cursed board game that contains a magical jungle world, will not feature the cursed board game. Instead, it will be about another piece of mystic, antiquated technology: a 1990s video game console. Why star Karen Gillan didn’t tell Rich Johnston any of this while drinking in local pubs and talking about her Avatar comic book, Uber, we have no idea, but the truth is out there now for everyone to lament. Apparently, a group of teenagers are in detention in school, but instead of bonding over broken home lives, shared insecurities, and Judd Nelson’s sweet ass fingerless gloves, they find the old Jumanji console and are transported into the game.

Jumanji stars Gillan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. The movie hits theaters on December 22, 2017. That leaves us less than seven months to stop it and reverse the destruction before it’s too late. But it’s probably already too late. Let’s just play some video games instead.

In Latest Sign That Everything In World Is Going To Hell, Jumanji Reboot Will Be About Video Game, Not Board Game

Tom Holland ‘Jump Streeted’ NY High School for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Research

And details on that Spider-Drone from the new trailer.

Walking Dead Prepares For War In Season Finale Photos

Walking Dead Prepares For War In Season Finale Photos

An all-out war has been brewing all season long on “The Walking Dead” and the upcoming season 7 finale promises to be a bloody and action-packed journey. The finale, titled “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”, will air this Sunday and AMC has released a limited set of images previewing the highly anticipated episode.

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“The Walking Dead” has a lot of action to squeeze into one hour-long finale. The impending war between the now aligned communities and The Saviors will no doubt be an action-packed sequence that will take-up a good portion of the episode. Rick may have assembled a formidable set of allies between The Kingdom and the Junkyard community, but it will still take everything they’ve got to give Negan and his Saviors a run for their money. If you’re worried about spoilers, don’t fret…these images give a glimpse of the action, but are basically spoiler-free.

Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walker – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peleteir, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green, Danai Gurira as Michonne and many, many more, the Season 7 finale of “The Walking Dead” airs April 2 on AMC.

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MVP: The Top Ten Golden Age Heroines

In the debut edition of MVP, we asked for your votes to determine the greatest heroine of the Golden Age of comics, and the votes have now been tallied, giving us a solid top ten of some of the most iconic heroes in comics. While a few of the entrants on the list may come as no surprise, there's one or two entrants who cracked the top ten that could benefit from a modern age revival.

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Squarriors The Card Game Hits Kickstarter


Johnathan Neuls is a co-founder of Cold War Incorporated and the Chief Rules Architect for Squarriors The Card Game. He writes,

On behalf of my Cold War family, I am thrilled to announce the Kickstarter campaign for Squarriors The Card Game, the first interactive part of the Squarriors universe! After nearly three years of design, development, and testing we are finally ready to release this game out into the world. I cannot even begin to describe how excited we are for fans of the hit indie comic book series to be able to experience the Squarriors story first-hand! We have worked many, many hours to ensure that Squarriors The Card Game faithfully brings to life all of the Squarriors characters you love (and love to hate) with innovative gameplay that puts skill and strategy before random chance. We love this game… and we think you’ll love it, too!

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure the gameplay doesn’t rely on random chance and that philosophy extends into the retail product, as well. The launch set and all of the sets in the future are sold complete–no booster packs, no arbitrary card rarity. This guarantees that nobody can ever “pay to win” in Squarriors The Card Game.

If you want to know more about the gameplay mechanics, I highly recommend you check out the crash-course introduction video on the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign for Squarriors The Card Game begins on Tuesday March 28th 2017 and ends May 2nd 2017. In addition to the game, we’ve got a ton of other stuff available in various combinations:

Full-art Meo cards (Kickstarter-Exclusive) Full-art Wormwood cards (Kickstarter-Exclusive) Full-art Ghost cards (Kickstarter-Exclusive) Squarriors The Card Game playmats (Kickstarter-Exclusive) Limited Edition Early-Adopter Ghost playmats Autographed 1117 Squarriors posters Squarriors Spring #4 Sketch Covers (w/Ashley Witter sketches!) Original Squarriors source-artwork pages Squarriors T-Shirts …and even a perk that lets you name a future card!

Come check out the Kickstarter! If you have any questions, message us on the Squarriors The Card Game Facebook page!


Squarriors The Card Game Hits Kickstarter

What To Look Forward To – 3/29 – Featuring Afar OGN, Jughead: The Hunger One-Shot, Batgirl Annual #1, New TPBs, HCs & Much More!

Welcome to What To Look Forward To!

Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. There are a few new series coming out, as well as some new TPBs and HCs to check out. There’s a new segment at the bottom of the page, so without further ado let’s dive in…

New This Week:

Afar OGN – Leila Del Duca (art on Shutter) takes up the writing pen with Kit Seaton on art! A young girl’s astral projections take her across the galaxy. But it’s not all about visions and adventures, it’s about the responsibility that comes with a power like that (why does that sound familiar?) I’m a big fan of Leila’s, and from the few previews pages I’ve seen so far, this should be a great book. Don’t miss it!

Lobster Johnson: The Pirate’s Ghost #1 – LJ hits another spooky case, as a mobster he’s hunting may be connected to a ghost ship that pulled into port.

DC/Hanna-Barbera Crossovers One-Shots – Several issues this fifth-week, featuring many of your favorite DC/HB characters. Personally, I can’t wait to check out Booster Gold/Flintstones and Green Lantern/Space Ghost.

Jughead: The Hunger – Given that this is “Archie Horror” I had assumed this was in the same world as Afterlife with Archie (geez I miss that series). But given that various covers indicate Jughead may be a werewolf, that might not be the case. Should be a great read though, Archie Horror hasn’t let me down yet. Oh, I miss Sabrina too. (Hack Cover C shown)

Batgirl Annual #1 – Fan favorite team-up Batgirl and Supergirl aim to break into Arkham, and the story only gets bigger from there.

Other issues to look forward to:

The Comic Book History of Comics #5

Deadly Class #27 – New arc!

Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire #1 – Return to the adventurous 1930’s with this thrilling four-issue mini-series.

Hadrian’s Wall #5 – Second half of 8-issue mini-series begins. Sounds like the story is expanding out beyond the station.

Mayday #5 – Mini-series conclusion! If you can’t get your hands on all issues, be sure to keep an eye out for the collected edition soon.

Collected Editions and OGNs:

Black Hammer Vol. 01 Secret Origins TPB

Hellblazer Vol. 01 TPB

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon TPB

Velvet Deluxe HC

Wonder Woman & The Justice League of America Vol. 01 TPB

Start Here!

Welcome to the new segment! This section is for readers new to comics as well as readers on a budget, highlighting several great “jump-on” points each week under $20.

Dark Horse Number Ones – $6.00 – Eight of Dark Horse’s top series’ first issues for only $6? How could anyone pass on this?

Jughead: The Hunger – $4.99 – Archie Horror, aside from irregular scheduling, has been non-stop entertaining since day one. This should be no different.

Lobster Johnson: The Pirate’s Ghost – $3.99

Whichever DC/Hanna-Barbera One-Shot catches your fancy – $4.99 – The list includes Adam Strange/Future Quest, Booster Gold/The Flintstones, Green Lantern/Space Ghost, and Suicide Squad/Banana Splits. Bringing Hanna-Barbera into the DC fold seems like one of those “what took so long” moves, and now this goes to show it’s in full swing. Keep an eye out in June for DC/Looney Tunes!

TOTAL = $19.97

Between Lobster Johnson, Jughead, plus a few of the issues in Dark Horse Number Ones, this could be a pretty spooky week. Great spring reading, yeah?

Looking for more recommendations? Find me on Twitter @4ColorPhil and Tumblr

That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.

Creator Spotlight: Wendy Pini

Wendy PiniWendy Pini Connect with Wendy:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

A Brief History of Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini, along with her husband Richard Pini, is the comic creative team known as WaRP. They are responsible for creating the wildly popular Elfquest series.

Through the mid 70s, Wendy Pini become infamous for appearing at comic conventions as an actress/dancer in The Red Sonja and the Wizard Show. This led to her first professional comics work, writing an issue of Red Sonja for Marvel Comics.

However, she’s also written and painted two critically-acclaimed graphic novels based on the hit TV series Beauty and the Beast. Additionally, she created text and illustrations for Law and Chaos, an art book inspired by the writings of Michael Moorcock.

And in 1997 Wendy Pini designed the elfin mascot for the Enclosed Laminar Flames investigation (ELF). This was an experiment performed in space by members of the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia.

Subsequently from 2007 to 2010, she focused on her darker side. The result was an adults-only graphic novel based on the classic Edgar Allan Poe horror story Masque of the Red Death. Her animated web comic of the same name has received millions of views. It is currently available as a limited edition, 400 page hardcover collectors volume.

In 2012, along with Richard, Wendy donated her entire body of work to Columbia University NY Library’s archives. Her artwork and writings are permanently available to students and the public for study.

In addition, Wendy also completed the book and lyrics for a musical adaptation of Masque of the Red Death. In November 2014, two songs from Masque were performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

See Spidey’s Tricked-Out New Suit in New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer

The suit makes the man, and that’s seldom more true than for the superhero set. Batman would be another joe-schmo billionaire industrialist without the arsenal of weaponry built into his armor, Iron Man would literally die without his hardware, and now we can add Peter Parker to the list of superheroes whose own clothes act as unofficial sidekick. In the latest trailer for upcoming threeboot Spider-Man: Homecoming, we get a glimpse of some nifty new modifications (courtesy of Stark Industries) to Spidey’s trademark red-and-blue spandex. A new generation’s Spider-Man needs some modern upgrades, and the latest iteration of the suit includes a detachable mini-drone and what I can only describe as “skintight suction technology.”

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The new SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING trailer showcases the Vulture, more Tony Stark

While this isn’t the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s the first real look we’ve gotten at Michael Keaton’s take on Adrian Toomes/The Vulture, and his general reasoning behind becoming a bad guy in this upcoming re-do of the Spider-Man franchise – this time in the hands of Marvel Studios. As you can see, there’s […]

Behold: The Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer That Was Promised


As promised, the movie gods have released the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. We’d normally write a bunch of words here about the trailer or the movie. Like “Spider-Man Homecoming stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., and Marisa Tomei as sexy Aunt May,” or “Spider-Man Homecoming was directed by Jon Watts and is produced jointly by Marvel and Sony.” But you don’t care about any of that. Let’s be honest. You’re not reading this. You scrolled down immediately and hit play, as well you should. We could say just about anything here, no matter how shocking, and you probably wouldn’t even notice because you’re too busy watching the trailer already. X-Men Forever was our favorite comic of the last two decades. Justice League looks like it could possibly be a decent movie. We only have at most twelve good jokes, and we just cycle through and repackage them for every article. See? We could say anything at all, no matter how shocking, ridiculous, or ultimately true.

Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2017. It can’t come soon enough.

Behold: The Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer That Was Promised

Rogue Gods and Bloody Murder: A Preview of Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #1

The first Britannia series did well enough to spawn a sequel and we have a preview of Britannia: We How Are About To Die #1, which is due out April 26th. The series by Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp concerns Antonius Axia, the only detective in ancient Rome (“detectioner” is how they phrase it in the […]

The Devil’s Executive: Should You Be Reading ‘Brain Damage’?

So you find out you’re sick. Like, really sick. And then a guy pops up in your home saying he’s a demon here to talk to you about some business before you die. This is the bleak scenario facing protagonist Anthea Chambers in Mikaela B.'s dark comedy Brain Damage.

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ASTONISHING X-MEN To Have New Artist Each Issue, Beginning with JIM CHEUNG

The former X-FORCE artist joins this X-FORCE-ish team.

New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer Sees Peter Parker Take On The Vulture And Iron Man

The amazing (and spectacular) new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has debuted and it features some serious tension between Peter Parker and Tony Stark along with an epic battle with The Vulture...

Power, Responsibility & IRON MAN In New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer

And Peter Parker isn't the only one wearing a Spider-Man suit.

JUSTICE LEAGUE & AQUAMAN Movies Add Virtual Reality In-Theater Component

No Mother Box needed.

Cover Variants – Rick And Morty And Venom With Emmett Helen And Francesco Mattina

Here’s the Fried Pie Con variant cover of Rick And Morty #24, available only at the show, by Emmett Helen. Fried Pie Con is on at Broomfield, CO on April 15th.


While Comixposure has their own exclusive cover for Venom #6 by Francesco Mattina. With pre-sales beginning on Wednesday at noon. There will be four covers… here are two of them.



Cover Variants – Rick And Morty And Venom With Emmett Helen And Francesco Mattina

A2Z Analysiz: Mercury Rising 2011 (CIMA, Johnny Gargano)

The Presidential Ballroom – Atlanta, GA – Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lenny Leonard and Chikarason are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Jon Moxley vs. Arik Cannon

Moxley has two women with him tonight, Valerie Malone and Trina Michaels. HGe attacks Cannon right away before the bell. Cannon weathers the storm and unleashes some offense, but the women interfere from ringside to give Moxley the advantage. Moxley uses a sleeper and adds a body scissors to it just for fun. Cannon fights out of that and hits a big neckbreaker complete with a hilarious sell from Moxley and both men are down. Back on their feet Cannon builds some momentum with a flurry of offense. Cannon hits an exploder suplex for two. Moxley fights back with an Ace Crusher and a Lariat for two. He tries to use a chair but Cannon avoids it and gets a rollup for two. Cannon then hits a right hand, a superkick, and the brainbuster but Valerie Malone gets in the ring to distract the referee and when Cannon turns his back that gives Moxley the chance to kick him low and wrap him up in a small package for the win at 7:31. That was adequate for the time given.
Rating: **

MATCH #2: Six Man Elimination Match – Brodie Lee vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Silas Young vs. AR Fox vs. Jon Davis vs. Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa

Ichikawa is making his debut tonight. He and Fox start the match and the crowd is introduced to his brand of comedy. I think it’s fair to say he’s in the same ballpark as Kikutaro insofar as they’re both comedy wrestlers. Lee doesn’t find him amusing though and slaps him down, which leads to a five-on-one assault. Ichikawa tries hard but continues to fail, and Davis murders him with a lariat for the first elimination at 3:20. Now it’s Lee and Davis going at it, the two big powerhouses. Lee hits a headscissors and a suicide dive to the floor. That’s just awesome. Fox and Young take over in the ring with some fast-paced back-and-forth, and Fox knocks him to the floor and takes everyone except Jacobs out with a dive. Jacobs then convinces Ichikawa to come back in the ring and try a dive, but of course he makes no contact. Everyone seems to be going after Lee, which is smart given that he’s the biggest dude out there. Jacobs is able to hit Fox and Young with a simultaneous leaping Ace Crusher off the second rope, and executes a simultaneous Contra Code. That’s enough to eliminate Fox at 8:20. Jacobs also tries to pin Young but he’s too close to the ropes. Davis comes back in the ring and asserts his power advantage. The match starts to get out of hand and Jacobs traps Young in the End Time for the tap out at 10:55. Jacobs then goes for a crucifix on Davis and Lee helps him out with a big boot to Davis’s face and Jacobs scores his third straight elimination at 11:23. We’re down to just Jacobs and Lee now. They take the fight outside and Jacobs hits a Contra Code on the floor! Back in the ring Jacobs hits another Contra Code but Lee kicks out. Jacobs goes up top and Lee is able to take him down with a super butterfly suplex. Lee then hits a big running boot to the face and the Truck Stop for the pin at 13:55. That was good clean fun and solid work from everyone involved.
Rating: ***

MATCH #3: Non-Title Match – Masato Yoshino vs. Sami Callihan

Yoshino doesn’t even come out with the Open the Dream Gate or Open the United Gate championship belt, so this is definitely a non-title match. They start out brawling at a rapid rate, which could favor Callihan. That turns out to be exactly the case in the opening minutes. Yoshino fights back with Sling Blade. That doesn’t last too long before Callihan fights back with a Zig Zag. Yoshino comes back and locks on From Jungle and turns it into a sunset flip for two. The champ focuses on Callihan’s arm, so Callihan comes back with hard strikes and kicks. Yoshino hits a perfect missile dropkick for two. Callihan fights back and drops the straps to hit a huge clothesline for two, and then a Rikishi Driver for another two-count! He then runs right into the Lightning Spiral but he’s able to kick out! Yoshino follows up with Torbellino and then locks on Sol Naciente for the submission victory at 9:28. That was a good styles clash and I’m digging Callihan in the ring if not the character outside it yet. Speaking of, Callihan gets on the mic and growls and curses a bit.
Rating: ***

MATCH #4: Open the Brave Gate Title Match – PAC vs. Akira Tozawa

PAC has been the champion since 8.29.10, and this is his sixth defense. Also, this is only the second time the belt has been defended in the United States, after Matt Sydal did it at an ROH show in Dayton against Austin Aries back on 2.23.07. They take it down to the mat, which would be a good idea for Tozawa throughout the match I’m sure. PAC gets a little bit of offense in but Tozawa mostly dominates in the early going. Finally PAC fights back by countering the diving headbutt attempt with two boots to the face. The cut on PAC’s forehead from last night has been opened back up. PAC works Tozawa over a bit before Tozawa knocks him to the floor and follows with two consecutive suicide dives. Tozawa then hits a senton off the apron. Back in the ring Tozawa hits a Saito Suplex for two, and then a Back Drop Driver for another near-fall. PAC is quickly back in control though as the crowd chants “This Is Awesome.” He this a springboard 450 but Tozawa kicks out! The offense continues fast and furious as the crowd chants “This Is Wrestling,” one of my least favorite chants. Tozawa finally hits one of his famous German Suplexes but PAC kicks out at two! He goes for another one but PAC reverses to one of his own and that’s enough to get the pin at 19:39. The finish seemed a bit abrupt but the action leading up to it was awesome, as Tozawa continues to be the best thing going in the company.
Rating: ****

MATCH #5: Danny Steel & Charade vs. the Sin City Saints

Apparently these four athletes impressed during an afternoon tryout/seminar. Right as the bell rings Sami Callihan runs out from the back and destroys the Sin City Saints, so this is a no-contest around 10 seconds in. Callihan cuts a promo loaded with curse words that I can’t totally comprehend. Arik Cannon runs out and adds more cursing. This is horrible. Cannon destroys Steel and Charade, and then they angry guys turn their attention to each other.
Rating: DUD

MATCH #6: Open the Freedom Gate Title Match – YAMATO vs. Austin Aries

YAMATO has been the champion since 1.28.11, and this is his first defense. You know, people give WWE crap about hammering home their points, but I’ve heard “first-ever in-house iPPV” a number of times on this DVD. Aries has vowed to leave DGUSA forever if he does not win the Open the Freedom Gate Title. YAMATO is accompanied by Kamikaze USA leader Jon Moxley, but before the match he tells Moxley to go to the back. Both men appear evenly matched as they show off their mat and chain wrestling skills early on. YAMATO gloats a little bit too early and Aries makes him pay with a Brainbuster for two and then a 450 Splash but YAMATO kicks out of that too! The champion wisely rolls to the floor but Aries follows him out, wanting so badly to win the title. Back in the ring Aries continues to control the action. YAMATO goes to the floor and crawls under the ring, and when Aries climbs to the top he sneaks out and tosses Aries into the guardrail. Referee Jason Harding gives a lot of leeway, as YAMATO uses a broom and doesn’t get disqualified. Back in the ring YAMATO works the lower extremities, using the Figure-Four Leglock and the Ankle Lock in his attack. Aries fights back and dumps Yamato to the floor, and then takes him out with the Heat Seeking Missile. They fight on the apron and Aries dumps YAMATO on his head back in the ring for a two-count. Aries switches up his attack and goes after the leg. YAMATO fights back with a powerbomb right into the Samoan Crab, a la Samoa Joe. Speaking of, will the Real Samoa Joe please stand up? Back on their feet they exchange strikes until YAMATO grabs a sleeper and then hits the sleeper suplex for two. YAMATO dumps Aries hard to the floor, and when they battle on the apron Aries is able to hit a Death Valley Driver! Back in the ring that only gets two. They fight up to the top rope and YAMATO goes for a superplex but Aries cradles the legs into a double-pin situation but both men get their shoulders off the apron before a three-count can be made. Aries recovers quickest and hits two straight IEDs and a Brainbuster but YAMATO kicks out! He goes up top for another 450 Splash but YAMATO avoids it and hits an enziguiri. YAMATO delivers a kick to the head and tries a Brainbuster but Aries rolls through and gets a quick schoolboy rollup for two. Aries hits the kick to the head and tries the Brainbuster but YAMATO reverses to his own and it only gets one! YAMATO goes for Galleria but Aries reverses to the Brainbuster for a very close near-fall! They trade forearm blasts now and Aries goes for another Brainbuster but YAMATO counters to Galleria and Aries kicks out! YAMATO delivers a hard kick to the face, and then one to the head. He then hits Galleria one more time and Aries is finally done at 25:23. They took a very simple story – two guys both trying to win with the same combination of moves – and created something extremely exciting and memorable, particularly down the stretch. This was one of the best DGUSA matches of the year so far. Aries will now have his last DGUSA match tomorrow night against Jimmy Jacobs.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #7: The Dragon Gate Six Man Tradition Continues – CIMA, Naruki Doi & Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann

CIMA finds Stalker Ichikawa on his way to the ring and beats him up just for fun. He and Ricochet are two-thirds of the Open the Triangle Gate Champions along with Dragon Kid. This is the fifth match in the series of them dating back to 2006 (there was no match in 2009). Blood Warriors attack right away and take early advantage on Swann. Leonard needs to retire “Right On the Button” from his vocabulary. Gargano and CIMA get a chance to resume their battle from last night, and then everyone gets a chance as the action comes at a rapid pace. The two teams both get a chance to pick on a member of the opposing team and work him over. Swann is the unfortunate victim of the Blood Warriors, and they do a number on him. Finally Swann is able to make a tag and both Taylor and Gargano are houses afire on Blood Warriors. The action comes at a breakneck pace and everyone gets to look good. About 23 minutes in the pace really quickens so it feels like they’re headed into the home stretch. Ricochet badly blows a dive to the floor, but nevertheless it eliminates Gargano and Taylor from the match, leaving CIMA and Swann in the ring. CIMA delivers the Schwein, Meteora, and then a Muscular Bomb to finally get the win at 25:51. This is a worthy entry in the WrestleMania six-man tag series, as I continue to love any and all things Ronin. Blood Warriors continue to look dominant over the whole promotion, but I like where this is all going.
Rating: ****

Pull List Roundtable 3/29/2017 – X-Men Prime, Jughead The Hunger, DC/Hanna Barbera & More

Pull-list roundtable banner comics big

Mike Maillaro ADAM STRANGE/FUTURE QUEST, BOOSTER GOLD/FLINTSTONES, GREEN LANTERN/SPACE GHOST, SUICIDE SQUAD/BANANA SPLITS – Some really cool Hanna-Barbera/DC crossovers coming out this week. Books like FUTURE QUEST and FLINTSTONES have been incredible, so I will definitely be a customer for all of these. I actually love fifth week events like this! JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #1 – Archie’s horror line has been a lot of fun. It’s a very different take on these characters, but still manages to maintain the heart and spirit of Archie. This issue isn’t set in the AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE world, but instead a solo story about a horror version of Jughead’s love of eating. X-MEN PRIME #1 – I’ve been an X-Men fan for around 30 years now. They have been pretty rough to read for the last several years. Marvel seems to be promising a fresh start for the X-Men line. I am hoping that Marvel doesn’t disappoint me again. Just feels like too many failed opportunities in the last few year. AVENGERS #5.1 – I have said this before, but Waid is a much better fit on this book that he is the main AVENGERS book. His Kang story has just been boring. But this flashback story to the early days of the second Avengers team has been great. I suspect they are going to try and shoehorn Avenger X into modern continuity like they have done with Clash over in Spider-Man, but I have actually liked what they have done with Clash, so that might not be all that bad an idea. WWE WRESTLEMANIA 2017 SPECIAL – $8 cover price is a tough sell for me. But, Boom has managed to find a real unique way of doing WWE comics, expanding on the storylines we see on WWE TV. I do think the big issue here is that it feels a bit dated at times as they are doing storylines for months ago. But, it still is very well done and features writing by one of my favorite writers, Dennis Hopeless (SPIDER-WOMAN #17 and ALL-NEW X-MEN #19 also comes out this week). TITANS ANNUAL #1 – It’s still not 100% clear how the sidekicks fit in the New 52 universe. We’ve only been getting a little teases here and there. This Annual features many of the Titans characters teaming up with their mentors. I am real curious how this plays out, especially with characters we really haven’t seen together like Wonder Girl/Wonder Woman and Aqualad/Aquaman. SABAN’S POWER RANGERS GRAPHIC NOVEL – From what I know, this Graphic Novel is set after the new POWER RANGERS movie. Again, Boom has been killing it with the POWER RANGERS franchise, so I have to check this one out. My son is a huge fan of pretty much all incarnations of POWER RANGERS, though he doesn’t have a lot of interest in this movie, so I doubt I will see it in theaters. But still pretty curious about this new version. Previews #343 Animosity #6 Rough Riders Riders On The Storm #2 Reggie And Me #4 (Of 5) Joyride #11 Batgirl Annual #1 Justice League Of America #3 Kamandi Challenge #3 (Of 12) Back To The Future Biff To The Future #3 (Of 6) G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #238 M.A.S.K. Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #4 Rom #8 Star Trek Boldly Go #6 Postal #19 Black Widow #12 Infamous Iron Man #6 Man-Thing #2 (Of 5) Occupy Avengers #5 Old Man Logan #20 Thunderbolts #11 Divinity III Stalinverse #4 (Of 4) Generation Zero #8 Ninjak #25 John Babos

11 new books this week.

Batgirl Annual #1 Booster Gold / the Flintstones Special #1 Justice League of America #3 Ninjak #25 Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #2 ResurrXion Spotlight Sampler Suicide Squad / Banana Splits Special #1 Thunderbolts #11 Titans Annual #1 Inhumans Prime #1 X-Men Prime #1 James Fulton Deadly Class #27 – The last issue featured the return of a couple of characters I didn’t expect to see in this book again, and it was glorious. Deadly Class is one of my favourite Image books. Divinity III #4 – As much as I’ve enjoyed Divinity, I do hope that this last issue is the last issue. Divinity IV sounds like a bad idea. Lazarus #26 – This amazing series is pretty behind its schedule, so I’m glad to see it coming out again. Mayday #5 – Alex De Campi is quickly becoming one of my favourite comics writers. This 1970s spy thriller has been riveting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to end. Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality #1 – The first Space Riders series was a ton of fun, and I’m glad that Black Mask has brought it back. If you feel the need for some brightly coloured Kirby on acid comics, this is the book for you. Phil Allen Afar OGN – I’ve been a big fan of Leila Del Duca’s artwork on Shutter, and after seeing only a few pages in previews, her time behind the writing pen should be just as interesting. Booster Gold / The Flintstones Annual #1 – The first of (I’m assuming) many DC/Hanna-Barbera crossovers. Though several books like this are out this week, I’m only getting this one and… Green Lantern / Space Ghost Annual #1 – Between the two though, this is the one I’m more interested in. I’ve been getting into Green Lanterns lately, so this is a highlight for me. Hadrian’s Wall #5 – The first arc was enjoyable, but this next arc seems to be taking on a bigger story. I’ve liked Kyle Higgins’ work before, and this is quickly becoming a favorite. Jughead: The Hunger – Given that this is “Archie Horror” I had assumed this was in the same world as Afterlife with Archie (geez I miss that series). But given that various covers indicate Jughead may be a werewolf, that might not be the case. Should be a great read though, Archie Horror hasn’t let me down yet. Oh, I miss Sabrina too. Lobster Johnson: The Pirate’s Ghost #1 – I’m always up for more LJ. Mayday #5 – Mini-series conclusion! This was a very fun and violent series from Alex de Campi, and I, for one, am hoping for more. Moonshine #6 – The first arc is wrapping up, and I’m interested to see where this series is going. Reggie and Me #4 – This is the next-to-final issue of the mini-series, and I’ll be bummed to see this go. What better way to get readers to like Reggie than tell his story from the perspective of man’s best friend? Other issues I’m looking forward to: Batgirl Annual #1 Justice League of America #3 Lazarus #26 Star-Lord #5 The Comic Book History of Comics #5 The Old Guard #2 The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #2 Matt Graham Animosity #6/InSeXts #10 – Happy Marguerite Bennett Day, I guess. I will be happy with the next chapter of the animal apocalypse roadtrip hitting the same day as a Victorian horror saga pitting Lady and Mariah against a Parisian Monstress. Dark Knight III The Master Race #8 – I stopped buying this book after issue #4. I missed a week and while my shop had plenty to go around, the cover price just killed it for me and I decided to wait on the trade. That was April, 2016. The next issue hit in June. And now in March, #8 of 9 is hitting. It’s on the list just to note that shipping schedule. Harley’s Little Black Book #6 – I enjoy Amanda Conner’s Harley Team-Up book and artist showcase. This time it’s Lobo with Simon Bisley on art. In. Suicide Squad Banana Splits Special #1 – What the ****? Deadly Class #27 – New arc! The new students of this school for assassins are at the mercy of the sinister Student Council. This is the arc that we’ve been careening towards for years, and Remender has promised a shocking turn. In a series built on shocking turns, this one has to be huge. All-New X-Men #19 – The original five time displaced X-Men reuinite in the wake of Inhumans vs X-Men. Marvel asks us, “Will they walk into an uncertain future together or apart?” Well, given they have a new book in X-Men: Blue, I’m going to go with “together”. Writer Dennis Hopeless carries his X-Momentum from this title into Jean’s solo book, too, so this is the end of a volume, but not an era. Black Widow #12 – I feel that the end of an era does hit Black Widow’s title, though. It’s one of Marvel’s best books, so I hope we get more, but as of this writing, I understand that this is it for Waid and Samnee’s Widow book. Spider-Woman #17 – Back to Dennis Hopeless and the best spider themed spy in the business, Jessica Drew, the sensational Spider-Woman. What? This is another final issue? Goddammit. X-Men Prime #1 – Kitty Pryde returns to the X-Men for a new era of protecting a world that hates and fears mutants! Kitty. Pryde. Is back! Again! Jean Grey has a solo series by Dennis Hopeless! Cullen Bunn is taking his X-Force magic and putting it into a Magneto led original five X-Men! The X-Men rosters on Blue and Gold are tailored to me and my 80s and 90s nostalgia!

Oh. I just saw the writer for X-Men: Gold, Kitty Pryde’s team with my nostalgic pandered roster. Well. I have my Jean solo series and Blue. And The Wolverine with Laura is still going, right? You killed Widow and Spider-Woman, but The Wolverine will never…*

*X-Traitor arc reference.

That BLACK CAT/SILVER SABLE Movie May Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

Sony Pictures is forging ahead with its plans for a shared Spider-Man Universe (seemingly sans Spider-Man), and it appears Black Cat/Silver Sable is being put on the fast track with Venom!

LEGION Showrunner Noah Hawley Says Comic Storylines Won’t Influence The Second Season

Ahead of season one's finale, Legion showrunner Noah Hawley discussed what to look for - and what not to expect - going into the show's recently announced second season. Read on for more...

Marvel Now 2017 & ResurrXion Spoilers: Inhumans Prime #1 & X-Men Prime #1 Usher New Era For Mutants & Inhumans For Marvel Comics Via Preview

Marvel Now 2017 and ResurrXion Spoilers for Inhumans Prime #1 and X-Men Prime #1 follow.

ResurrXion kicks off a new era for Mutants and Inhumans / NuHumans with “Prime” one-shot specials.

Newsarama has the scoop on Inhumans Prime #1.

CBR has the scoop on X-Men Prime #1.

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up both one-shots?

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Grant Ward Returns In A New Photo; New Synopsis Released

With one week left until Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns from its hiatus, ABC has released a new photo of Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), along with a synopsis for episode 17, "Identity and Change"...

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Batgirl Annual #1 Has Supergirl Team-Up To Save Saturn Girl On Road To Legion Of Super-Heroes Rebirth Via Preview?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Batgirl Annual #1 follow.

We know from DC Universe Rebirth #1 and from the Batman Rebirth series that Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes is being held in Arkham Asylum. It seems like Batgirl and Supergirl will facilitate a jailbreak after Saturn Girl or someone called “Gayle” (perhaps even a new alter ego for Imra Imra Ardeen) reaches out telepathically to Supergirl. AV has the scoop.

So, do these preview / teaser pages intrigue you enough tipick up the issue?

Comic Book Noise 773: The New 52 Supergirl #3 and #4

Host Derek Coward answers the question “What do you think about power sharing/absorbing/copying characters?” and talks about the third and fourth issues of The New 52 era Supergirl series.


RiffTrax Live to Feature Dr. Who: The Five Doctors

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Tom Holland Weighs In On Those BLACK CAT And VENOM Spinoffs

We've learned recently that Sony is developing movies featuring Venom and Black Cat and Silver Sable, but will Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland be involved? Here's what he had to say about that!

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING CinemaCon Report – Tony Stark Takes Back The Spidey Suit

Sony's CinemaCon panel naturally featured a segment for their upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming collab with Marvel. Footage revealed that the webcrawler will be losing his Stark-designed threads.

Miles Teller Will Star in Amazon’s Too Old to Die Young

Undervalued Spotlight #336

House of Secrets #94, DC Comics, October/November 1971 Sadly Bernie Wrightson passed away March 18th, 2017 at the way too young age of 68. Mr. Wrightson was a true giant…

Read the postUndervalued Spotlight #336

Undervalued Spotlight #336 by Walter Durajlija first appeared on Comic Book Daily - Discussing the minutiae of comic book collecting..

Fast and the Furious Streaming Guide: Where to Watch Online

SUPERGIRL: Come Check Out The New Extended Promo For Season 2, Episode 18: “Ace Reporter”

After that shocking twist, Supergirl heads into its spring hiatus on a high note, but when the show returns, things aren't looking too great for Kara Danvers. Check out the new extended promo now!

Complete DC Comics Superhero Movie Release Calendar

WWE Raw 3/27/17 – WrestleMania 33 Go-Home Show

It’s WrestleMania’s go-home show and with Brock involved in the title mix, maybe just maybe we’ll get tug of war 2.0 over the title! TAKER IS DOING SCARY THINGS TO THE RAW INTRO! I guess Roman vs. Taker is closing ‘Mania. They hype up the contract signing for an unsanctioned match…I guess it’s a hold-harmless contract signing, but that still seems odd. Bayley comes out while Byron talks about her and she hops down to hug fans. Bayley talks about her past and I’m astonished they didn’t use Bayley saying she used to have to beg her parents to buy WM to plug that you can get WrestleMania for free this year. Char-lotte. Is here. To say. Words. That are. In theory. For-ming. Sen-ten-ces. Charlotte’s red and gold cape/robe hybrid is outstanding. “CM Punk” chant 8 minutes in. Hell of a start. Sasha comes out after Charlotte insults her. Nia says their drama is cute, and then a brawl breaks out. A tag match is coming up next. Holla holla.

Sasha and Charlotte do a few things before Nia tags in and bullies Sasha. A double babyface dropkick sends Nia…sorta wobbling like Jello. Charlotte lands some horrible elbows from the mount before tossing her out for an ad break. Rampage vs. Mo hype video – FINALLY, something exciting on this show! Charlotte does a strut and gets 2. Figure 8 is broken up by Sasha, who trips Nia to the floor. Bayley to belly wins it. SHE’S DOOMED! Nia beats up the faces afterwards and charges through Charlotte too.

Recap of HHH-Seth showcases HHH kicking lots of ass. The clipboard graphic gets its own Metallica theme song, too. HOF recap video hypes up the HOF red carpet event. We see Mick get fired before Sami is interviewed and says that it’s weird to be at Raw without Mick, but he’ll dedicate his performance in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to Mick. Steph says you can’t just do that, so he’ll have to beat Owens in a no DQ match tonight to get a spot or he’ll be fired. Sami gets buried by Steph here and then gets to lose to KO tonight too. Great!

Neville is out to do commentary for Aries vs. Noam Dar. Aries vs. Neville will be on the kickoff show. Dar comes out to dead silence and his generic created wrestler theme isn’t helping him. Aries misses a dropkick to send Raw to a break. Aries hits the dive to the floor. Fox distracts Aries, so he hits a forearm, then the discus firearm before winning with the Last Chancery. Neville stands on the table while Cole lets you know it means nothing by hyping up clips of his interview last week with HHH. Ad for the kickoff reveals that 2/3 of the WM kickoff show will be on USA – so hopefully they put all the in-ring stuff on that.

Cole says that earlier tonight, we saw a cemetary, COULD IT BE THE UNDERTAKER AND IS HE DIGGING ROMAN REIGNS A NEW YARD!? I would presume that he’d be digging him a grave, but if he’s making him a new yard, that’s rather sporting of him. Seth comes down for his formal signing of the unsanctioned fight. I love HHH talking and talking and talking and telling Seth that he has to sit here and listen to him talk some more. Seth refuses to sit, so HHH tells him the match is off. HHH calls him “good boy” to further make Seth and by proxy the rest of the roster seem like puppets in the McMahon Family Theater.

HHH yammers on for a while and then Seth tells him to sign the damn document. HHH rants about how great money is and how great it is to have success. This was a fantastic babyface promo in some ways. HHH calls Seth a onelegged man in an ass-kicking contest and how no one-legged man has ever won an ass-kicking contest! Seth showed how serious this issue is by pointing to the WrestleMania sign with his crutch. Can we get a graphic of the contract with Metallica playing again?

HHH kicks the table into the bad knee, but Seth and his skinny jeans fight back with a kick. Would skinny jeans be good to walk in if you’ve got a bad knee? I figure they’d be a bit harder to walk a lot in especially with a brace on. Cole awkwardly move on from that to hype Brock vs. Goldberg. Takeover is hyped up with some bizarre post-processing being done for the main event. Seth stood tall tonight, so he’s seemingly doomed. HHH to continue his tradition of winning WM matches that he, as a retired part-timer shouldn’t really win, to tell the “greater story” that just so happens to allow the babyface to win on the show that doesn’t mean a tenth as much as WM. HHH vs. Seth is officially announced.

The Andre battle royal is hyped up with… an over the top rope challenge. Show tosses out Jinder, and then Bo comes out. Gets tossed out. Shining Stars come out and get thrown out. This is a fantastic way to fill time with absolutely nothing of substance. It’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant to only order bread. Goldust, Truth, and Axel jump him. So is this a battle royal or just a random assortment of crap? The entire group eliminates Show. Braun comes down, so I guess everyone in this is in the battle royal on Sunday – so what about no one being able to enter themselves in any kind of match? Show and Braun stare down before Cole talks about the tag title situation.

Gallows and Anderson are back in their Bullet Club-knockoff shirts and mock the Jersey boys for their formulaic promos. We see more grave digging with a man who may or may not be the Undertaker. The great thing with these Taker skits is they can actually do them and not use Taker for the shoot given how they’re not actually showing him. Roman says he’s not scared of someone digging holes. New Day is shown ringing the NYSE bell and then touring Philly. We get a skit of them running to the Rocky statue to a sub-TNA version of the Rocky theme.

Sheamus and Cesaro chat with Mike Rome, but get beaten up by The Club. Cesaro is shoved into giant plastic grating by a ladder. Shocked he wasn’t also shoved into a pile of clangy pipes. Why bother to use a ladder in this if the match itself isn’t a ladder match? Neville comes out for a match against Gallagher.  A WWE 24 special covering the post-WM Raw is hyped up for tonight.  Neville dominates for a bit, then gets outsmarted before an ad break. They run and bonk into each other to dead silence. Flying umbrella dive hits, and boy is he asking to get hurt doing that. A superplex leads to the Rings of Saturn neck crank to win.

Neville’s celebration is interrupted by the Austin Aries News Network to interview the New Day. They do the who bit and Aries’s deadpan “yes, who” ruled. New Day gets an A-Double chant going and says he’ll see Neville at WM. They hype up the Miz-Cena mixed tag match a bit. Nice of Cole to hype up SD star John Cena while RAW AND SMACKDOWN ARE IN A BATTLE FOR THEIR VERY LIVES. A Brock-Goldberg video focuses on the Royal Rumble and a rivalry that Byron says has been “overloaded with shock and awe” here in 2017.

The Boo Dog comes down and every fan but a busty brunette hopping up and down is upset. Roman runs down his accolades and gets booed before bragging about retiring Taker at WrestleMania. Roman says this is his house and it’s his yard now. Taker says that the ring is his yard and that the ultimate thrill ride will be Roman’s last ride before showing a gravestone. Well, that was awesome. The lights go out and his gong sounds before he appears behind Roman to tell him that he will rest in peace before lowering his arms to make the lights go down.

They plug that the Network has a free 30 day trial and WrestleMania is free due to that if you want it to be. Enzo and Cass come down and Enzo talks about practice while Cass talks about practice some more and now they can cross the line. Hopefully not like TNA. The Club comes down before Cesaro and Sheamus come down with a ladder. Nice hop to the apron by Cesaro, but The Club kicks ass with the ladder, which should officially be added as a stip for the match. Maya Angelou joins the ranks of women given a video package for women’s history month, alongside Mae Young, who hustled men for money in the ’60s. KO is interviewed and says yeah, he was a Jericho fan, but fans of Jericho are morons.

They plug the Kurt Angle network interview before recapping Seth vs. HHH earlier before a recap video of their history dating back to the NXT Title win years ago and includes Seth calling HHH out at the last Takeover show. HHH gets all the cool-looking parts of the video package. Oh, and there’s this guy named Seth Rollins in this too. The card is recapped before KO comes down to face Zayn.

They brawl for a bit mid-ring before a walk and brawl into the crowd. Zayn is tossed into the announce table for an ad break. Zayn takes off the top layer of steps, but gets DDT’d on the base. Owens hits a lariat in the corner, but eats a corner exploder. Zayn hits the torpedo DDT, but a helluva kick misses and he eats a superkick for 2. Frog splash gets 2.5. Blue thunder bomb gets 2, so Joe comes down before Jericho comes down to save Zayn from a beating. He chairshots Joe twice, but eats a punch from Owens, who is distracted and gets cradled to lose. Chris uses the Chair of Jericho on KO a few times and says that KO JUST MADE THE LIST!

Brock comes out to confront Goldberg. Heyman, the czar of ECW, returns to Philly for the go-home show of WrestleMania. Yea, Brock’s gonna get booed here. A large ECW chant breaks out  Heyman says that the Universal Title is everything – but Brock wants it, and while Goldberg is THE MAN, Brock is THE BEAST. Heyman talks about WM being sold out thanks go Brock and thanks him for drawing the house. Heyman insults Goldberg in Yiddish before saying that he’s one of his people, so that doesn’t work. Goldberg says people don’t want to see them talk, so it’s time to bring a bit of WrestleMania to Philly. Goldberg spears him on the floor. Goldberg is caked in sweat doing a spear and then he held the title high. Well, this was certainly better than a tug of war, but was still a bit underwhelming.

Screenshots –

Riverdale Episode 8 Trailer, Details, and Return Date

Jessica Henwick Hesitated on ‘Iron Fist’ After Finn Jones Controversy

Marvel’s Iron Fist may have receded from the spotlight, but the final Defender series may never escape the controversial casting around it. Even star Jessica Henwick was uncertain of climbing aboard after Finn Jones joined the series, claiming “it was a hard decision...

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This Is Us Season 2 Confirmed

The Flash: The Savitar Reveal Will Cause Big Repercussions

The Flash stars and EP discuss what's to come as Season 3 wraps up, if Iris can be saved, and the surprises to come involving that big prophecy.

Tim Duncan’s Newborn Daughter Has A Cool, Guardians Of The Galaxy Inspired Name


Sure first-ballot Hall of Fame basketball player Tim Duncan is a well-known comics enthusiast , with a love of The Crow, and also a nerd. He once even appeared on a Marvel Punisher variant cover, which if you know anything about him as a player and person, is hilarious:


Now, his love of comics has spread to the ultimate tribute of fandom: he named his newborn daughter after one of his favorite characters. Appearing on the new episode of Road Trippin With RJ and Channing hosted by Cleveland Cavaliers players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, he reveals the inspiration behind his new daughters name: Quill.

“Star-Lord, his original name is Peter Quill, and he’s really just cool as shit,” Frye explained to Jefferson.

“My girlfriend, she also writes a lot too, so it’s like a pen quill,” Duncan added. “It’s a combination of all the things.”

Sure Tim, a pen quill. But kudos on the birth my man! I lobbied for Parker, Grayson, and a billion other names when I had my daughter, but was shot down. Just one more person to be jealous of one of the greatest to ever do the damn thing.

Tim Duncan has some pretty interesting knee braces options for Game 7 today. #Spurs #Mavs

— George Kiel III (@GeorgeKiel3) May 4, 2014

Tim Duncan’s Newborn Daughter Has A Cool, Guardians Of The Galaxy Inspired Name

Second Mattina X-23 Image plus details

So we showed off the first Mattina X-23 image a few days back. Well, here is the second one, along with the first one plus some details.

X-23 Venomized with full covered face is the new one. The one we showed previously now has trade dress. There will be four total covers. These two and then virgin variants with slightly different back ground coloring. The pre-sale for the books starts Wednesday. So keep an eye out at Comicxposure for the pre-sale. ComicXposure will announce this information tomorrow.

Star Wars Rebels Creator on Maul and Kallus’ Fates and Other Big Season 3 Storylines

Warning: Full spoilers for Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 follow.

Star Wars Rebels just wrapped up its third season, with several notable events occurring along the way. With the third season now complete, I spoke to the show’s co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni for an in-depth post-mort on many of Season 3’s biggest moments and events (including a key death), the decisions behind them and much more.

IGN: Let me start out asking about the finale and Kallus, because this character has been one of my favorites to chart. It reminds me of Asajj Ventress in Clone Wars, who was a villain at first but then had these other layers revealed. Did you debate if he actually would make it out of there or not and how did you decide what his path would be?

Continue reading…

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 16 Trailer and Details

True Detective Season 3 Is Being Written, Deadwood Vet Joins

Supergirl: “Distant Sun” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Tonight’s Supergirl is one of those weird episodes that’s solid on its own merits, but somewhat disappointing in the context of the season as a whole. Of the four Arrow-verse shows, Supergirl is the one with the least tangible sense of direction right now. It hasn’t been entirely clear what the endgame of Season 2 is meant to be, and with the series set to take a month-long break before the final push, it’s still annoyingly unclear where things are headed.

First, the good elements. “Distant Sun” featured two noteworthy returns, as Kevin Smith came back to direct his second episode of the season and Lynda Carter finally reprised her role as President Marsdin. As before, Smith’s presence wasn’t really noticeable (aside from the obligatory Star Wars reference and an amusing nod to his film Yoga Hosers). Visually and tonally, this was “just” another episode of Supergirl. As it should be.

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In the past, we’ve told you how writer Scott Edelman, when signing a new contract with Marvel after writing a forward for one of their books, was asked to promise never to say anything derogatory about Marvel on social media. Edelman’s statements were on Brian Keene’s Horror Show podcast, and here’s what he had to say at the time, back in June of 2015 (Keene’s comments in bold):

I just had an issue with Marvel in that I was asked to write an essay to go with the Marvel Masterworks for Captain Marvel. They just got up to volume #5. And they said, “Would you like write about it?” because of the twelve issues, I think I’d written eight of them or something like that. So I said fine. I started writing the essay, because I remember buying the issue of Marvel Super Heroes that had the original Gene Colan and Arnold Drake, if I’m remembering correctly*, Captain Marvel in it with the old costume. The green and white costume. And so I started writing the essay and the contract shows up, which is, I don’t know, eight, ten, twelve pages, and it included such clauses as… The clause that really leapt out of me is I would not say anything derogatory about Marvel or its employees or anything like that.

In the introduction.

No, no. Ever. Because this was not a contract dealing with this one thing. This was a contract dealing with the entire relationship and talking about who owned characters, talking about how I couldn’t put any of my original comic book artwork on exhibition without the permission of Marvel Comics.


I contacted people like Roy and a bunch of other people and said “Did you guys sign this kind of thing?” And they all said no. But this was all pre-Disney that they signed it. I asked Neil Gaiman, and he said no, of course, but he’s Neil Gaiman. They don’t ask him to sign that. And I have to admit, when I had a conversation with them, they did remove the clause, because I said, “If I tweet that I hated an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that’s saying something derogatory about Marvel Comics. So I wouldn’t want to be in breach of contract by having an opinion about a movie.

That’s insane.

But I ended up never signing it. They were willing to take that out, and I did get a phone call saying “we don’t want old creators to be angry at us” and that kind of thing. I don’t want to nitpick it, but I have original artwork from the seventies and I don’t want to be asking permission, and I finally said, look, what I would like is just a contract that says “I’m selling you a 2000 word essay, you’re paying me X hundred dollars, it’s about this one thing. It’s not a whole relationship. We’re not doing a relationship. We’re just selling the one thing. Can there be a contract like that. And they really don’t do things like that. It would be one thing if I was trying to write five monthly books or something, and even then I would have to think about it.

Would you ever go back to comics?

Well I don’t think I can. Not with the way the rights situation is.

We’ll I’m blacklisted from DC.

There’s always that tug of doing stuff like that. Sure, it would be fun to do things like that again. Certain characters that you would enjoy playing with. But the idea of selling everything away for all eternity is one thing. It would be different if I was writing a comic book. I can understand you wanting to protect Spider-Man. I’m not gonna say I own Spider-Man. But to say a 2000 word essay about how I wrote Captain Marvel, can’t we just make it a handshake thing?

We haven’t heard too much about this since then, but the subject came up today on Twitter when real-life superhero and comics luminary Gail Simone got to talking about the subject, or something close to it. Simone didn’t name names or companies — or even say she was talking about comics specifically, so it could technically be any industry in which writers work — but she had some comments about social media clauses in writers’ contracts, and how they might affect writers who disagree with the decisions of a media company:

Okay, I have a real thing to say that's a bit complicated.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

The net effect is that more and more, sometimes writers in all media are contractually obligated not to discuss complaints people may have.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

And then, because they cannot comment, they are labeled as complicit, apathetic, or downright malicious.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

I understand the frustration, because sometimes, corporate media can make some real boneheaded, tone-deaf moves.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

But it has to suck for the freelancers who disagree with these moves AND with not addressing them, but are legally stuck.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

But if people say fifty times that they can't respond, odds are, they really can't respond.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

I know several recent cases where writers were held to blame for things they disagree with and fought against.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

But as corporate culture gets more litigious and sensitive about social media, they are going to try to control more of it.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

Anyway, just saying, something to consider. If someone you respect has shut down on a topic, it's possible they had to do so.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

Fortunately, I personally remain a tremendous loudmouth. ;)

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

Thank goodness for that!

Following up on her thread, Simone responded to a question about whether any specific comics companies were notorious for this behavior:

There are huge differences in how different comics companies handle public criticism by employees, for sure.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

A few instances of companies handling public criticism by employees come to mind. Most recently, there was the cancellation of Legends of Wonder Woman after outspoken tweets and interviews by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon. In another article on that same topic, Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston noted:

When iZombie creator Chris Roberson criticised DC Comics on Twitter for commissioning the Before Watchmen series, he was instantly removed from writing the Fables Cinderella comic.

When Dwayne McDuffie talked about the ins and outs of writing superhero comics for DC on their message boards, he was fired off Justice League Of America.

When John Layman talked about the micromanagement of The Authority comic by Paul Levitz, his feet didn’t touch the ground.

But on the existence of the problem in comics and other media, Simone says she thinks it’s worse elsewhere:

Not just comics, I think it's worse in other media.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) March 27, 2017

Finally, we are contractually obligated to point out that, in the course of investigating claims of a social media clause in Marvel contracts in the past, the claims were denied by several Marvel freelancers and executives.

Gail Simone Says Something Complicated About Social Media Silence Contracts For Writers

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