The Engadget Podcast Ep 33: Losing My Edge

Managing editor Dana Wollman and host Terrence O'Brien are joined by a new face on this week's episode: social media manager Evan Rodgers. They'll talk about Engadget's Adult Week -- a collection of articles about growing up in the digital age. Sure,...

GNC #1187 Apple Hacked? – Geek News Central

Was Apple Hacked? That is the question a lot of people are asking especially when fingers are being pointed at third parties. The question I would like to ask is what third parties have access to my AppleID? I thought Apple controlled the entire food chain. How does a third party get access to my AppleID that can be used to be logged in and wiping my phone or worse. Questions need to be answered by Apple on exactly what they know. This show is pretty packed hope you have fun with me. I spend some time today talking about Investors and small businesses. Have a soap box moment.

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Show Notes:

Idiot Investors. Was Apple Hacked? LOL Idiot. Kid Spy. Facebook Fake News. SpaceX outplays ULA. Sun has no Spots. Ariane 5 Launch Strike. Oh you did not do that! Two Pints a Day! Jordanian Airline Twitter Zingers. Uber Dirty Pool. Instagram Filters. Social Media Inspection Underway. No Drip Wine Bottle. Violent Protester Phone Inspection. SpaceX Big Gadgets. Virgin America RIP. FBI Investigates Bots? Workflow. Double Agent Attack. FCC and Prisons. Shame on Intuit! ISS For Sale? Snowden’s Boss Speaks. Broadband Privacy DEAD! Rover Wheels. Police and Hackers in UK. You Mac is not Secure. Copyright Office HR Bill! Google smack Symantec Hard! Google Fiber dashed dreams. Trump Trucks. Serious Sleep Walker. Daring Vlogger.

GNC #1187 Apple Hacked?

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