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Which Gadgets Get You Through the Holidays?

The holidays are a magical time. They can also be incredibly hectic and stressful, as you struggle to juggle your responsibilities at work with visiting family members, shopping for gifts, and the link. No matter what your seasonal stress, however, technology is there to help. Read more...


A better way to is an e-commerce platform with a wide selection of gadgets,consumer electronics, flashlights, toys,...

Miley Cyrus Is ‘A Freak’ But Lots Of ‘Fun,’ Proclaims Flaming Lips Front Man

You might not think that the head of Oklahoma’s Flaming Lips, 53-year-old Wayne Coyne, would have a whole lot in common with ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus, but you’d be wrong. As well as the obvious similarities, like the tattoos and dress sense, it seems the pair have other things in common too, like their love Miley Cyrus Is ‘A Freak’ But Lots Of ‘Fun,’ Proclaims Flaming Lips Front Man is an ...

Marco Polo : Netflix's Critical Flop That Dared to Be Diverse

Since the first season of Marco Polo dropped on Netflix a week ago, the 13th-century medieval epic has suffered a critical pile-on that feels almost gleeful in its disdain. It’s “the most gorgeous thing you’ll ever fall asleep to,” “meh,” “ludicrous,” and “binge-proof,” which may be the worst insult of all to level at a show created by the streaming service that popularized the habit of binge ...

Miley Cyrus Contributes To 'Free the Nipple' Movie

Topless endorser and pasties queen Miley Cyrus will be supporting the #FreetheNipple movement in more way than one by contributing to an upcoming film of that name

Miley Cyrus Almost Made Surprise Appearance With alt-J

alt-J's 'Hunger of the Pine,' the lead single off their new album This is All Yours, initially made some waves for a couple things, among them a sample of Miley Cyrus' vocal

Lindsay Lohan Strips Down to Her Underwear, Channels Mean Girls' Sexy Christmas Dance for Love Advent Calendar

Ah, the Yuletide memories! Love magazine's latest Advent calendar model is none other than Lindsay [...]

Edgar Wright's fellow super-hero directors show support following 'Ant-Man' exit

Joss Whedon and James Gunn post on social media following British director's exit from Marvel movie
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