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Showrunners Documentary Chronicles the Rise of TV's Top Creators

For TV fans, showrunners like Joss Whedon, Damon Lindelof, Kurt Sutter and J.J. Abrams are just as famous as the stars on their shows. A new documentary, available Friday on iTunes and Video On Demand (and in select theaters), takes an inside look at their jobs and what it takes to make a hit series. Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show is the brainchild of Irish filmmaker Des Doyle, who ...

Panasonic and ViXS Collaborate on Updated UHD 4K Streaming Services Functions for AX800 TVs

ViXS Systems Inc. , a pioneer and leader in media processing solutions, today announces that Panasonic and ViXS have collaborated on updated UHD 4K functions for Panasonic's AX800 line of Ultra HD 4K TVs, including ...

5 Things Aflac Incorporated's Management Wants You to Know

What Futurists Think Of HP's Bold And Weird New PC

The creators of three of the freakiest, most futuristic computer interfaces we've ever seen weigh in on the HP Sprout. This week, HP announced the Sprout , its bold attempt to reinvent what it means to work on the PC. Forget a mouse and keyboard. You control the Sprout by sliding your hands across an illuminated touchpad, on top of which various interface elements have been projected. This ...

Netflix Streaming: Everything New This Weekend

A complete list of every movie and show added to Netflix streaming through Sunday, November 2nd.

New HP Computer With 3D Scanner Could Make Designers Out Of All Of Us

John Hopton for - Your Universe Online Hewlett Packard ( HP ) is aiming to be a significant player in the emerging 3D market while breathing new life into the ailing business of personal computers, with a new product called Sprout. The Windows 8 PC is capable of 3D scanning, and will be followed in 2016 by a 3D printing product that is said to be cheaper and faster than anything ...

The Gadgets and Gear We Couldn’t Get Enough of in October

This is the stuff from our lives that we either own and never want to let go, or that we’ve been testing and are totally enamored with. This is October’s most loved gear. The post The Gadgets and Gear We Couldn’t Get Enough of in October appeared first on WIRED .

Robert Downey Jr. Praises Joss Whedon & ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Marvel is riding pretty high right about now. After Warner Bros. made waves a few weeks back with their DC movie announcements , Marvel steamrolled right over them by announcing their entire Phase Three slate of films and showing footage from The Avengers: Age of Ultron .

Lindsay Lohan sued for 60m

A website devlope is suing Lindsay Lohan and her brother, claiming they stole one of his ideas.

Stories you might have missed this week

Victoria's Secret under fire for perfect body campaign, the new airline seat that could change the way you fly and the best sex positions for a bad back are among the quirky or offbeat stories you may have missed this week.

Davao Memorial Park in 360°

Navigate around the photo “bubble” below. You can look up, down, and turn in any direction using your cursor, mouse or touchpad. On mobile gadgets, you can navigate by touch… »

Superhero Bits: Batman v Superman, Avengers Age of Ultron, Fantastic Four, Civil War, Joss Whedon

Want to watch video interviews with Joss Whedon, talking Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as Zack Snyder, talking Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? How does Robert Downey Jr. feel about Tony Stark’s journey in Age of Ultron? What’s up with Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics? Why are Rocket and Groot on the cover […] The post Superhero Bits: Batman v Superman, Avengers Age of Ultron, Fantastic ...

Lindsay Lohan Back Onstage After Missing Show

Lindsay Lohan has returned to the London stage for ongoing David Mamet play Speed-The-Plow after pulling out of a matinee performance due to ill health on Wednesday (29Oct14).

Krang Cosplay Is Perfect, Wins Halloween

From head-to-toe, the only way this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cosplay could have been any more authentic is if guimancreative had stacked on 30 pounds. Read more...

Lindsay Lohan Facing Lawsuit From Website Developer

Lindsay Lohan is facing a $60 million (£37.5 million) lawsuit from a website developer who has accused the actress of stealing his idea for a closet-snooping initiative.

Lindsay Lohan being sued for $60 million – report

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr are reportedly being sued for US$60 million over a mobile app.
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