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Space tourism rocket crash stirs mixed emotions

This image from video by KABC TV Los Angeles shows wreckage of what is believed to be SpaceShipTwo in Southern California's Mojave Desert on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. A Virgin Galactic space tourism rocket exploded after taking off on a test flight, a witness said Friday. (AP Photo/KABC TV)The explosion of Virgin Galactic's passenger rocket ship is stirring up mixed emotions as scientists and others involved in the space industry wait for more details on what happened over the Mojave Desert on Friday.

Estonian man faces cyber scam charges in US

The United States District Court Southern District of New York in lower Manhattan, pictured on January 28, 2010An Estonian man accused of being part of a ring that swindled advertisers out of millions of dollars by "hijacking" online traffic was hauled before a US judge. Vladimir Tsastsin, 34, was extradited to a federal court in New York to face charges including computer intrusion, wire fraud and money laundering, according to US prosecutors. "Now that Vladimir Tsastsin has been delivered to the Southern District of New York, he can answer for his alleged role in a scheme in which he and others manipulated Internet advertising techniques and reaped at least $14 million in ill-gotten gains in the process," Manhattan US attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement, released Friday. Malicious code in infected machines could also be used to replace digital ads at legitimate websites with marketing messages that earned money for the fraudsters, according to prosecutors.

Sign-language translator uses gesture-sensing technology

MotionSavvy's Uni shows Leap Motion's precision of capturing a signA team of deaf entrepreneurs is developing software to bridge the communication gap between hearing and hearing-impaired people.>

Chat with ghosts using an emoji ouija board

This is just a prototype board. The final will include even more symbols, and hopefully warn against using with jagged fingernails.You text your live friends with emoji, so why not give ghosts the same chance to use their favorite symbols to communicate? Help fund the Emouija Board to give spirits a chance to chat.>

Jealous you can’t get iOS 8’s awesome Handoff feature on your Android phone? Give this new app a try

Jealous you can’t get iOS 8’s awesome Handoff feature on your Android phone? Give this new app a tryOne of this year’s coolest new iOS 8 additions is Handoff, a new feature that lets you quickly move information and data between iOS devices and your Mac. While Android users can’t get this feature on their devices, they can get some of its functionalities by downloading the PPLNotify Notifications on PC & Mac app onto their Android phone. RELATED: Here’s a complete list of apps that use the awesome new Handoff feature in iOS 8 Essentially, the app lets you get all of your smartphone notifications right on your PC or Mac by delivering a small popup window on the upper-right hand side of your web browser, similar to the way that chat apps like Slack deliver notifications that someone is

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashes, 1 dead

The space plane, designed for space tourism, crashed in California's Mojave Desert. One fatality and one major injury have been confirmed by the California Highway Patrol.The space plane, designed for space tourism, crashed in California's Mojave Desert. One fatality and one major injury have been confirmed by Virgin Galactic.>

For just $0.99, this iPhone app that will tell you when you’re going to die

For just $0.99, this iPhone app that will tell you when you’re going to dieIf for some reason you really need to know when you’ll die, then the App Store’s got you covered, as Business Insider found a new $0.99 iPhone app that will guesstimate your death day for you. The Deadline app integrates with Apple’s iOS 8 Health app, to give you the answer to this rather morbid action, which means that in theory you could live longer if you better watch your health. FROM EARLIER: Apple threatened to remove the best iOS 8 widgets in the App Store… and then changed its mind “You’re going to die. Sorry, we all do eventually. I don’t want to, either,” the app’s description reads. “But, what if you knew the date of your death? Would

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Let us celebrate the world’s first web page

Let us celebrate the world’s first web pageOne of the biggest inventions of our time was made at a mind-numbingly boring Swiss headquarters of European Organization of Nuclear Research. 25 years ago, Tim Berners Lee’s idea about “a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents” led to the birth of the very first web page. It is spectacularly ugly and mind-blowingly meaningful and stated curtly that “everything there is online about W3 is linked directly or indirectly to this document.” The World Wide Web was born. This ugly little collection of fewer than two dozen links is the granddaddy of everything that now consumes our lives: Twitter, Facebook, Google, BuzzFeed, etc. That ultimate government-sponsored conflagration of taxpayer money across the

The US Health Department is using iBeacons to make its employees walk more

The US Health Department is using iBeacons to make its employees walk moreThe US Department of Health and Human Services has installed several iBeacons and other wireless transmitters throughout its headquarters building in Washington, D.C. that send employees alerts encouraging them to "take the long way back to their desks," and hydrate more, as Bloomberg reports. The executive in charge of the project calls them "an angel on your shoulder helping you make the right choices." Although just an experiment for now, the Health Department already has set up a scoreboard of its employees showing who is the "healthiest" in the office, and plans to implement an even more ambitious version of the system that will encourage people to take the stairs and potentially even collect data on their activity from their smartphones. At the same time, Bloomberg notes that many other companies are trying similar technologically-assisted ways of encouraging their employees to be more fit and healthy, but that it will probably take some time to see mainstream adoption throughout US corporate culture.

The 404 Show 1,574: Halloween episode, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak? Starbucks delivery (podcast)

The 404 Show 1,574: Halloween episode, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak? Starbucks delivery (podcast)It's an ultra-creepy episode of The 404 today -- way creepier than normal. Will Seth Rogen play Steve Wozniak? Can an app pinpoint your death? Why would you want Starbucks delivered to your house?>

Amazon diversity report no surprise, largely male and white

Amazon diversity report no surprise, largely male and whiteAmazon's diversity scorecard fills out how one would expect from tech firms these days, unfortunately.>

Christopher Nolan doesn’t have an email address

Christopher Nolan doesn't have an email addressDirector Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out soon: Interstellar, a big budget, original sci-fi film (original, as in, not adapted from any pre-existing novel or comic book property), which hits theaters and IMAXes across the US on Friday, November 7th. I'm excited to see it, as I'm sure many of you are. But until then, you can whet your appetite with a lengthy New York Times Magazine profile of Mr. ...

Get in the Halloween spirit by watching the all-time scariest video game moments

Get in the Halloween spirit by watching the all-time scariest video game momentsThe only thing more frightening than watching a scary movie in the middle of the night is a playing scary video game in the middle of the night. There’s something especially terrifying about interactive horror, when you have be the one to open that door at the end of the hallway. The horror genre has already begun to leave its mark on the new generation of consoles with recent releases Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within, but video games have been freaking players out for decade. Getting into the holiday spirit, Keith Stuart at The Guardian asked game developers at the GameCity festival in Nottingham to share the scariest moment of any game they have ever played. Their choices range from ancient Amiga releases to games that just

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Amazon Fire Phone burns on

Amazon Fire Phone burns onAmazon hasn't given up on the Fire Phone, Facebook makes it easy to mask your identity with Tor, and the Starbucks app will offer treats for delivery.>

FCC might give Netflix what it wants and still allow Comcast to sell fast lanes

FCC might give Netflix what it wants and still allow Comcast to sell fast lanesA report published this afternoon by The New York Times details one of the possible plans the FCC may debut in their attempt to establish new rules around net neutrality and the open internet. It takes a "hybrid" approach, dividing the new regulations between commercial or wholesale internet traffic and retail or residential internet traffic. In a nutshell, this would mean content companies like Netflix will get the price controls they want when it comes to dealing with companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. But those companies will also be allowed to give certain data a fast lane over their networks if it was "justified," cementing the gutting of net neutrality that occurred when Verizon defeated the FCC in court.

Hungary’s Orban shelves Internet tax after demos

Protesters demonstrate outside the headquarters of governor of Hungary's FIDESZ party against the goverment's new Internet tax plan in Budapest on October 26, 2014Hungary's prime minister on Friday shelved plans to introduce an Internet tax that had sparked major demonstrations and further concerns about civil liberties in the EU member state. The new levy on online data transfers "cannot be introduced in its current form", the right-wing Viktor Orban, 51, said in a morning radio interview. Orban also said that a "national consultation" on the Internet and taxes would start in January. The Economy Ministry Friday evening -- just as a third demonstration in a week was about to start -- initiated the withdrawal of the proposed levy, it said in a statement.

Check out the 60 complex questions that confused Cortana more than Siri and Google Now

Check out the 60 complex questions that confused Cortana more than Siri and Google NowThe three main mobile operating systems all have their respective voice-based virtual assistants to help users with various tasks during the day. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana have been compared in many tests since the latter was unveiled earlier this year, with most of them suggesting that all three assistants generally perform well, with Google Now having certain advantages when it comes to the things it can offer users, and Cortana being able to keep up with its older rivals. FROM EARLIER: This incredible heartwarming story shows us how amazing Siri can be However, a more advanced Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now test has apparently revealed that Cortana doesn’t do that great when having to answer more complex queries.

Tonight is your last chance to watch ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Say Anything’ on Netflix

Tonight is your last chance to watch 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Say Anything' on NetflixLooking for some scary (or maybe not-so-scary) movies to binge on along with your Halloween candy tonight? If you're a Netflix subscriber, here's the list you should check out first, because all of these titles will be disappearing come November 1st. As is the case every month, Netflix is rotating out some of its vast library of movie titles and replacing them with new ones. The reasons have to do with the licensing agreements Netflix makes with with content providers, which generally limit streaming rights for specific titles to only a few months. ...

Oi, America Movil, Telefonica to bid for Brazil’s TIM, sources say

The logo of America Movil is seen on the wall of the reception area in the company's corporate offices in Mexico CityBy Guillermo Parra-Bernal and Danilo Masoni SAO PAULO/MILAN (Reuters) - Brazil's Grupo Oi SA, Mexico's America Movil SAB and Spain's Telefonica SA agreed to place a joint bid worth around 32 billion reais ($13 billion) for TIM Participações SA , two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday. The companies agreed to present a single offer to minority shareholders and Telecom Italia SpA , which owns about 67 percent of TIM Participações, Brazil's No. 2 wireless carrier, said the first source, who requested anonymity as the deal is still in the works. ...

Microsoft promises new Office for Macs next year

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — After a long wait, Microsoft says it plans to release a new version of its popular Office software package for Mac computers — but not until next year.

Roku adds Google Play channel

John P. Falcone/CNETThe Google video service becomes the latest addition to the Roku streaming box.>

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Here’s your Halloween zombie-anatomy lesson

Here's your Halloween zombie-anatomy lessonCan zombies empathize? Are they near-sighted or far-sighted? Study up with this fully interactive model of zombie anatomy if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.>

AT&T just gave some of its Mobile Share Value plan customers a bunch of extra data

AT&T just gave some of its Mobile Share Value plan customers a bunch of extra dataAT&T announced on Friday that its top tier Mobile Share Value plan customers will receive more data for no extra cost beginning November 2nd. Once the new plans go into effect, customers paying $40 for 2GB will be upgraded to 3GB and those paying $70 for 4GB will be upgraded to 6GB. All Mobile Share Value plans will also include unlimited talk, text and international messaging for no additional charge. FROM EARLIER: AT&T doubles data plan sizes in huge limited-time promo The perks don’t stop there — AT&T is also extending its Double the Data offer on Mobile Share Value plans from 15GB to 50GB until November 15th. Any new or existing customers who sign up by November 15th will receive 30GB of data

BlackBerry Messenger lets you take back that text

BlackBerry/YouTube/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNETThe new version of the messaging app -- which works on BlackBerry, Android and iOS -- has an unsend feature. It also pulls a Snapchat by letting users send vanishing messages.>

Roku’s streaming boxes can now watch movies and TV shows from Google Play

Roku's streaming boxes can now watch movies and TV shows from Google PlayRoku owners can now rent, purchase, and watch videos from Google Play. Both movies and TV shows are available, marking a rather unprecedented step for Google. Until now, the company has reserved the best video experience for Android and Chromecast users. Sure, there's a Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, but you can only view content that's already been purchased or rented on Apple devices — there's no way to search for or watch something on the spot. Roku users are getting a much better experience: they're able to instantly play anything in Google Play's video catalog. ...

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FCC drafting new 911 rules to prevent more service outages

FCC drafting new 911 rules to prevent more service outagesThe Federal Communications Commission is trying to update the aging American 911 network for an era of cellphones and fiber networks. On a call today, senior FCC officials announced that Chairman Tom Wheeler was circulating draft rules that would improve reliability, expand requirements for service providers, and make it clearer who is responsible when 911 fails.

Pirate Bay co-founder jailed in Denmark

Co-founder of The Pirate Bay file-sharing website, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 27, in Stockholm on February 16, 2009The Swedish co-founder of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay was sentenced to three years and six months in jail Friday in the largest hacking case in Denmark's history. Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 30, was sentenced at a Copenhagen district court a day after he was found guilty of "hacking and aggravated vandalism". The prosecutor had requested a six-year jail term for Warg, and two years for his co-defendant, a 21-year-old Dane, who received a six-month sentence instead. The court in Frederiksberg, in central Denmark, said Warg's "piracy was systematic, intensive and long-term".

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashes during test flight

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during test flightToday one test pilot died when Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed in the Mojave desert. The spacecraft launches from the belly of the larger WhiteKnightTwo, once that cargo aircraft has reached cruising altitude similar to a normal airplane. Once SpaceShipTwo separates, it functions as a glider with a rocket motor.

Trent Reznor on his new role at Apple: ‘it’s everything I asked for’

Trent Reznor on his new role at Apple: 'it's everything I asked for'Trent Reznor is a hugely successful rock star who also now happens to work for Apple. Reznor didn't offer up many details on what's in the works between Apple and Beats, only confirming that his new duties are "related" to the chief creative officer position he held at Beats Music before Apple bought both the streaming service and Beats hardware line for $3 billion. Reznor said he remains focused on the music streaming / delivery side of things.

HP’s MB Chronowing smartwatch is more watch than gadget

HP's MB Chronowing smartwatch is more watch than gadgetEarlier this year, HP announced a collaboration with fashion designer Michael Bastian for a new smartwatch that would appeal to more than just nerds. Online retailer Gilt will be selling the new watch this coming Friday and The Wall Street Journal has gotten a first look at the device. According to the Journal, the MB Chronowing will be available with leather, rubber, or nylon straps for $349, or with a crocodile strap and sapphire-glass crystal for a heftier $649.

This iPhone App Uses Your Health Metrics to Tell You When You’ll Die

Stone crosses and gravestones are silhouetted against the sky at Invaliden cemetery in BerlinHappy Halloween! We’re all going to die someday! At least that’s the conceit of a new $1 iOS app called Deadline. It culls information from Apple’s brand new wellness data center, HealthKit, asks you a few basic questions, and then crunches some numbers to tell you how long you’ll live.

Friday Poll: Could AI threaten humanity?

Deadly AI from Elon Musk opened up a wave of discussion with his assertion that artificial intelligence has the potential to do horrible things to humanity.>

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Whovians: Bake a pudding brain cake in time for Halloween

Whovians: Bake a pudding brain cake in time for HalloweenAll you pudding brains who have been keeping up with the latest season of "Doctor Who" can make your very own pudding brain for All Hallows' Eve.>

Video: Kodak’s answer to GoPro lets you take spectacular 360-degree action videos

Video: Kodak’s answer to GoPro lets you take spectacular 360-degree action videosAs awesome as GoPro cameras are, we don’t think we’ve ever seen them film anything as spectacular as what we see in a new demo video for Kodak’s new Pixpro SP360 Action Cam. The new camera features a 16-megapixel sensor that has a full viewing range of 360 degrees and lets you film in 1080p video. This 360-degree viewing range is crucial because it allows the camera to be used in several different modes that let you take stunning panoramic videos, including a Ring mode, a Dome mode, a 360-degree Panoramic mode and a Globe mode. MORE AWESOME VIDEOS: Incredible GoPro video shows what it’s like to hunt from the perspective of a lion In addition to these features, the

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Sony’s quarterly loss balloons on mobile woes

In this Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014 photo, Sony Corp. President Kazuo Hirai watches a data during a press conference at the company's headquarters in Tokyo. Sony's losses ballooned to 136 billion yen ($1.2 billion) last quarter as the Japanese electronics and entertainment company's troubled mobile phone division reported huge red ink. The poor result released Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 was despite a 7 percent increase in quarterly sales to 1.9 trillion yen ($17.3 billion) as performance improved in cameras, TVs and game businesses. The Japanese characters in the background reads: TOKYO (AP) — Sony's losses ballooned to 136 billion yen ($1.2 billion) last quarter as the Japanese electronics and entertainment company's troubled mobile phone division reported huge red ink.

UBS cannot arbitrate vs Nasdaq over Facebook IPO: court

The falling price of Facebook's stock is seen on a screen reflected in the window of the Nasdaq building in New YorkBy Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided U.S. appeals court rejected UBS AG's bid to force Nasdaq OMX Group Inc to arbitrate a dispute over the exchange operator's alleged "catastrophic mismanagement" of Facebook Inc's $16 billion initial public offering. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York on Friday said UBS' agreement with Nasdaq to help make a market for Facebook shares did not entitle the Swiss bank to arbitration, in its effort to recoup more than $350 million of losses. ...

Get a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 with 4G LTE for $159

AT&T to soon offer the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 LTEWhat!?! This big tablet originally sold for over $500. And it comes with 32GB of storage, not just 16GB.>

Sunlight glints off Saturn moon’s seas in dazzling NASA image

Titan is a strange and wonderful place.Saturn's captivating moon Titan once again draws the eye as NASA releases a color mosaic showing the sun shining on its polar seas.>

Samsung says Microsoft deal invites ‘charges of collusion’: filing

People pose with mobile devices in front of projection of Samsung logo in this picture illustration taken in ZenicaBy Dan Levine (Reuters) - Samsung said its collaboration with Microsoft on Windows phones raised antitrust problems once Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia's handset business, according to a court filing. The filing late on Thursday stems from Microsoft Corp's lawsuit accusing Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of breaching a business collaboration agreement. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year in a New York federal court, says South Korean smartphone company Samsung still owes $6.9 million in interest on more than $1 billion in patent royalties it delayed paying. ...

Leaner Sony gains smartphone lift despite its own mobile malaise

Pedestrians are reflected in a logo of Sony Corp outside its showroom in TokyoBy Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp posted a smaller than expected second-quarter operating loss on Friday, hailed by its finance chief as proof that the Japanese group's restructuring program is paying off. The company said the reduced operating loss was due in part to rising sales of image sensors to smartphone manufacturers, though the poor showing from its own Xperia phones weighed heavily on results. ...

Andy Rubin calls it quits, ditches Google to build his own hardware incubator

Andy Rubin calls it quits, ditches Google to build his own hardware incubatorAndy Rubin, the co-founder of Android and former Android Guru inside Google, is leaving the company to start a tech incubator for start-ups that want to build hardware, The New York Times reports. After being removed from the Android team last year and replaced with Sundar Pichai, Rubin was put in charge of Google’s new robotics division. FROM EARLIER: How the original iPhone forced Google to completely rebuild Android “I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable — with a billion-plus happy users,” Google CEO Larry Page said in a statement. Rubin’s departure is just one of the recent changes at Google. Only last week, Google gave Pichai even more

HTC makes slim profit in ‘challenging quarter’, but better than last year

HTC makes slim profit in 'challenging quarter', but better than last yearThe HTC One M8 and Desire smartphones have helped HTC avoid a second cruel summer of losses.>

Telenor partners with Opera in Myanmar to help relieve bandwidth overload

Opera has updated and optimized their support for the special Myanmar fonts.As demand for bandwidth increase, carriers in Myanmar are looking toward third-party solutions such as Opera to help relieve traffic congestion.>

Before the NSA, there was the USPS

Imagine opening your mailbox to find a note that reads, “Show all mail to for copying prior to going out on the street.” Last year, one man did just that, leading to the discovery of secret surveillance programs for U.S. snail mail.

Mass protests convince Hungarian government to drop internet tax plans

Mass protests convince Hungarian government to drop internet tax plansHungary has decided to suspend a controversial plan to tax internet data transfers, after the proposed policy sparked large protests earlier this week. As Reuters reports, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced told Hungarian media today that the so-called internet tax will be withdrawn from the country's draft budget, and that a tax on money earned online will be revisited next year. "This tax in its current form cannot be introduced because the government wanted to extend a telecommunications tax, but the people see an internet tax," Orban told Radio Kossuth Friday.

Samsung’s new slim selfie phones

The Samsung Galaxy A5 in Light BlueThe Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 are handsets for those of us that place a premium on style and social networking.

Hungary suspends Internet tax after huge protests

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary's prime minister says the government will suspend a planned tax on Internet use and reconsider the matter next year.

Siemens seen picking EQT for hearing aids next week

MUNICH/LONDON (Reuters) - Siemens is likely to pick EQT next week to buy its hearing aids unit for about 2 billion euros ($2.5 billion), two sources familiar with the matter said. Danish hearing aid maker GN Store Nord was also in the running. Private equity firm Permira, which had been interested, is now out of the race, another source close to the matter said. Siemens' board is expected to make a decision on the matter next Wednesday, all three sources said. Siemens and EQT declined to comment. ...

Tencent teams up with IBM to offer business software over the cloud

Visitors use phones underneath of logo of Tencent at Global Mobile Internet Conference in BeijingBEIJING (Reuters) - Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Friday it would collaborate with International Business Machines Corp (IBM) on a new cloud software business for corporate customers, a marked departure for one of the dominant forces in China's consumer Internet industry. Best known for its popular WeChat messaging app and its online games rather than business software, Tencent said its cloud unit would now target small and medium enterprises in the healthcare and "smart city" industries. ...

Panasonic raises profit outlook as restructuring shows results

Woman performs rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon at the Panasonic Corp booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2014 in ChibaTOKYO (Reuters) - Panasonic Corp raised its full-year operating profit outlook by 13 percent and returned to a net cash positive position for the first time in five years after a drastic restructuring chopped unprofitable product lines in smartphones, plasma TVs and semiconductor chips. Panasonic said on Friday it expected a 350 billion yen ($3.15 billion) operating profit for the year to next March, compared with its prior estimate of 310 billion yen issued in July. The new figure would mark a 15 percent rise from last year and exceeds the average estimate of 339. ...

Samsung Electronics seeks China comeback with first metallic smartphones

File picture of a man walking out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in SeoulBy Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled two mid-tier handsets with a premium design as it prepared to deliver a riposte to its low-priced Chinese rivals and reclaim its title as the top brand in the world's biggest smartphone market. Samsung's smartphone woes began late last year and persisted through July-September, with its global market share down on year for the third straight quarter and its profit scraping at a three-year low. ...

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