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Fujifilm’s new X-A3 is a selfie powerhouse

Fujifilm's new X-A3 is a selfie powerhouseFujifilm has announced the X-A3, a new version of the entry-level model in its X-series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. It’s not the only part of the press release that Fujifilm tries to measure a new feature by its selfie-ability. Fujifilm has also added more of its vaunted film simulations — PRO Neg.Hi and PRO Neg.Std, most notably — to bring the total number available on the X-A3 to 11.

Questlove will host a weekly show for internet radio service Pandora

Questlove will host a weekly show for internet radio service PandoraPandora is reportedly in the final stages of creating its own subscription-based music streaming service, designed to rival Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, but that's not the only change on the horizon for the internet radio company. Pandora has also partnered with Questlove, well-known member of the Roots and Stephen Colbert's Tonight Show band leader, to produce a weekly three-hour radio show that will be broadcast online. Questlove Supreme will feature eclectic playlists handpicked by the artist himself, as well as guest appearances from musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills pedestrian

Flowers are laid near the scene where a passer-by was killed after being hit by a driver playing A Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go while driving hit two women, killing one and injuring the other, in Japan's first death related to the Nintendo Co craze. The driver said he had been distracted by the game after his arrest for negligent driving following the accident on Wednesday evening, a spokesman for the Tokushima prefectural police said. No decision has been made yet on whether to proceed with a prosecution," he added A spokesman for Niantic, which developed Pokemon GO jointly with Nintendo affiliate Pokemon Company, said the company had added a pop-up to the Pokemon Go screen when it detected an increase in speed asking for confirmation the user was not driving.

HP’s new laptop screen can prevent people from spying on you

HP’s new laptop screen can prevent people from spying on youSometimes you really don’t want the people around you to see what’s on your laptop screen, so HP has come up with a solution. You might have seen something like this before: people already buy “privacy filters” and stick them onto their laptop screens to achieve this same effect. What’s interesting about HP’s privacy filter is that it can be turned on and off by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

Google will take you on a 360-degree tour of the Kenai Fjords, Bryce Canyon, and other National Parks

Google will take you on a 360-degree tour of the Kenai Fjords, Bryce Canyon, and other National ParksGoogle Google is celebrating the National Parks Service’s 100th anniversary with a new 360-degree "interactive documentary."The company sent film crews out to various National Parks to capture the natural wonders around them along with commentary from park rangers. Five parks are featured: Kenai Fjords National Park, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Dry Tortugas National Park.Viewers can kayak through fjords, get up close with lava, deep sea dive around coral reefs, and explore dank caves. ...

Canon’s 5D Mark IV has built-in Wi-Fi and shoots 4K video

Canon’s 5D Mark IV has built-in Wi-Fi and shoots 4K videoCanon today announced the 5D Mark IV, the fourth iteration of the company’s popular full-frame DSLR camera originally launched in 2005. It’s the first Canon DSLR to shoot 4K video, and it’s also the first 5D to come with Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen. The 5D Mark IV will be available in early September for $3,499.

Uber to pull out of Macau in September: Macau media

Photo illustration of logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone over a reserved lane for taxis in a street in Madrid(Reuters) - Global ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc will pull out of the gambling hub of Macau on September 9, less than 10 months after it launched there, Macau media reported, citing a letter they said was sent by Uber's Asia regional chief. According to a copy of a letter uploaded onto Macau legislator Au Kam-san's official Facebook account, Uber's Asia Regional General Manager Mike Brown said the firm planned to exit the small China-ruled city, saying its drivers have been fined a total of 10 million patacas ($1.25 million) in the short time in which it has operated in Macau. There was no immediate response from the Macau government, and legislator Au couldn't be reached for comment.

The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Stagefright and real-life ransomware

The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Stagefright and real-life ransomwareMr. Robot is a show built on hacks. The mother of all hacks serves as the big cliffhanger at the end of the show's first season, and nearly every plot development leading up to it was nudged along by some kind of exploit. It’s rare to get through an episode without at least one digital intrusion, often drawn from real life. Each week, we'll be running throughMr. Robot's C Y B E R activities — who got hacked, why, and how much magic would be required to make them actually work. ...

Best Buy is bringing Oculus Rift demos to 500 stores this holiday season

Want to try virtual reality for yourself but don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on an expensive headset? We have good news for you. According to Bloomberg , Oculus Rift demos ( which started in May ) will be featured in 500 Best Buy stores around the country by the time the holiday season rolls around this year. Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, who called the technology "mind-boggling," is confident that the demos are going to be well-received by customers and believes VR "has the potential to contribute to our growth." SEE ALSO:  How I get a new iPhone for $125 a year In addition to the Rift, Best Buy will also host 200 PlayStation VR demos, which will rotate between locations throughout the season. The PlayStation VR is likely to be the first headset with mainstream appeal, especially considering the fact that PS VR players don't need a high-end gaming PC to play VR games. All they need is a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Camera. Virtual reality has had its fair share of early adopters, but giving the hardware a platform this large could change the way that the average consumer views the technology. After all, it's nearly impossible to explain to someone how far VR has come since over the past several years without letting them get their hands on it. Joly doesn't have any delusions that VR will be a massive hit in 2016. The technology is still being perfected, and the barriers to entry are still too daunting for many gamers. But with thousands of customers finally having the chance to experience VR for the very first time, this holiday could be the first step to virtual reality becoming mainstream in the coming months and years.

Drop test: Is the Galaxy Note 7 really tougher than the S7 Edge?

Drop test: Is the Galaxy Note 7 really tougher than the S7 Edge?The Note 7 is the first phone made with Gorilla Glass 5, but does this make it a tougher to break that the S7 Edge?

World’s first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore

World's first self-driving taxis debut in SingaporeThe world's first self-driving taxis will be picking up passengers in Singapore starting Thursday. Select members of the public will be able to hail a free ride through their smartphones in taxis operated ...

How Apple stopped the Siri disaster, and quietly became great at AI

When Siri was originally released on the iPhone 4S back in 2011, the reviews were somewhat lukewarm. On the positive side, having an intelligent assistant baked into a massively popular smartphone was a huge leap forward. On the other hand, Siri didn’t always perform as advertised. Even more problematic was that Siri's feature set was purposefully stunted by Apple. In fact, the Siri Apple released in 2011 wasn’t even as capable as the Siri app that Siri’s original developers had previously released on the App Store. What’s more, it eventually became apparent that rival AI systems from the likes of Google were far superior than what Apple was bringing to the table. DON'T MISS:  Case maker claims the most intriguing new iPhone 7 feature is actually fake As time marched on, Siri began to slowly but surely improve. Not only did the scope of its functionality expand, but its speech recognition and processing capabilities also got markedly better. A fascinating in-depth piece from Steven Levy, writing for Medium’s Backchannel , details how Apple’s ongoing research into machine learning made all of these improvements possible. What’s more, Apple’s machine learning techniques can now be found across many parts of Apple’s software. With access to top-level Apple executives like Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, not to mention some time spent with two Siri scientists, Levy provides us with an unprecedented glimpse into some of the fascinating work Apple is currently doing with deep learning. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve come across Apple’s AI, and not just in Siri’s improved acumen in figuring out what you ask of her. You see it when the phone identifies a caller who isn’t in your contact list (but did email you recently). Or when you swipe on your screen to get a shortlist of the apps that you are most likely to open next. Or when you get a reminder of an appointment that you never got around to putting into your calendar. Or when a map location pops up for the hotel you’ve reserved, before you type it in. Or when the phone points you to where you parked your car, even though you never asked it to. These are all techniques either made possible or greatly enhanced by Apple’s adoption of deep learning and neural nets. Indeed, Apple emphasized to Levy that machine learning now permeates all aspects of the iPhone user experience, often in surprising ways. For instance, Apple leverages machine learning to improve face detection in the Camera app and even when deciding if connectivity is stronger on a Wi-Fi network or on cellular, One particularly interesting tidbit from the piece details how Apple leveraged its machine learning expertise when developing the Apple Pencil that debuted with the iPad Pro. When the iPad Pro first came out, reviewers lauded the Apple Pencil and specifically noted that inadvertent touches via the palm were thankfully unregistered. As it turns out, this was made possible by machine learning. Using a machine learning model for “palm rejection” enabled the screen sensor to detect the difference between a swipe, a touch, and a pencil input with a very high degree of accuracy. “If this doesn’t work rock solid, this is not a good piece of paper for me to write on anymore — and Pencil is not a good product,” says Federighi. If you love your Pencil, thank machine learning. Apple famously likes to keep everything under wraps, a fact which makes Levy’s write-up all the more enthralling and worth checking out in its entirety. For the full scoop on how Apple has used machine learning to improve Siri and why Apple believes that controlling both the hardware and software helps improve overall AI, make sure to hit the source link below. Apple doesn’t make its executives and top-level scientists available too often, but when they do, it’s always worth exploring.

SF woman outhustles others to win #PitchLeBron online contest

SF woman outhustles others to win #PitchLeBron online contestThe owner of a San Francisco company gets a big-league shout-out from the NBA star on social media.

Can a social network curb racial profiling?

Can a social network curb racial profiling?Nextdoor became a magnet for racial profiling. An update aims to reduce such incidents, but what responsibility does the community message board have to do so?

Man claims bottles and cans just stick to his head

Man claims bottles and cans just stick to his headTechnically Incorrect: No one seems to know why Jamie Keeton's body is the way it is. But it's seemingly magnetic. So much so that he makes money out of it.

Apple proposes new job-related emoji, including astronaut and pilot

Apple proposes new job-related emoji, including astronaut and pilotApple has been quite opinionated regarding emoji standards of late, and today its latest recommendations have been approved by the Unicode Consortium. The iPhone maker suggested earlier this month that Unicode adopt new job-related emoji for firefighters, pilots, painters, astronauts, and judges, with options for both male and female versions of each profession. For those unaware, the Unicode Consortium is the tech industry non-profit responsible for standardizing emoji across operating systems and hardware.

Google just made public Wi-Fi suck a little bit less

Wi-Fi Assistant is a feature that Google has been offering to Project Fi users for a year. The optional setting will connect your device to over a million public Wi-Fi hotspots that Google has verified as being fast and reliable, giving you more seamless connections in places where the cell service is lacking. Starting today, the option is rolling out to anyone using a Nexus device in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries. For anyone eligible, this is an upgrade well worth taking. DON'T MISS:  How I get a new iPhone for $125 a year There's obvious privacy concerns about auto-connecting to public Wi-Fi, however. Previous studies by researchers have shown that people will connect to basically any Wi-Fi network, and if Google is programmed to trust a network with a specific name, hackers could build a similar-looking network that your device would connect to automatically. But Google does have one trick up its sleeve: when you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, Google will establish a VPN connection with its own servers, which should protect your data. It's likely not foolproof, as there's other attacks that can be done on public Wi-Fi other than sniffing packets, but it's far more secure that most public Wi-Fi, which mostly involves praying no-one can be bothered to hack you. So, if you regularly do online banking or send nuclear launch codes from your mobile device, you'll want to use a VPN, or disable Wi-Fi Assistant outright. But for anyone who struggles for cell signal, Wi-Fi Assistant is a decent way to save a little time every day.

Good thing Rick Astley doesn’t mind Rickrolling, cause we’re never gonna give it up

Good thing Rick Astley doesn't mind Rickrolling, cause we're never gonna give it upThe singer whose 1980s video is at the heart of a recurring internet joke says he knows it's not personal.

World’s largest aircraft damaged on 2nd test flight

The developer of the world's largest aircraft says the blimp-shaped airship sustained damage after it made a bumpy landing Wednesday on its second test flight in eastern England. Hybrid Air Vehicles said it is trying to figure out what caused the rough landing of the 302-foot (92-meter) Airlander 10 during its 100 minute flight Wednesday in Bedfordshire, north of London. "The Airlander experienced a heavy landing and the front of the flight deck has sustained some damage, which is currently being assessed," the company said. "Both pilots and the ground crew are safe and well and the aircraft is secured and stable at its normal mooring location." A hybrid of blimp, helicopter and airplane, the Airlander is able to stay aloft for days at a time. It is designed to use less fuel than a plane, but carry heavier loads than conventional airships. The aircraft was initially developed for the U.S. military for use in surveillance in Afghanistan. Related:  Was Cincinnati Zoo right to delete Twitter account? FBI investigating possible cyberbreach of New York Times reporters' email accounts World's largest pyramid is hidden in a mountain in Mexico

Google Fiber flips the switch on super-fast internet in Salt Lake City

Google Fiber flips the switch on super-fast internet in Salt Lake CityResidents are invited to check whether their address is served by 1-gigabit service, which costs $70 per month.

US intelligence still sorting out NSA hack

YORBA LINDA, Calif. (AP) — The U.S. is still probing the extent of a recent cyber leak of what purports to be hacking tools used by the National Security Agency, the nation's top intelligence official said Wednesday.

Beware of moldy bagpipes: Doctors warn musicians of health concerns

Beware of moldy bagpipes: Doctors warn musicians of health concernsPlayers who don't regularly clean their instruments could end up suffering from "Bagpipe lung," according to a new case study.

How to decode Pokemon Go’s new appraisal feature

Many of the updates Niantic has released for Pokemon Go  over the past month have been to address bugs and server issues, but this week, the developer surprised players with a brand new feature that hadn't been previously announced . The new feature, "Appraise," allows players to ask their respective team leaders about the power level of any Pokemon in their possession. MUST SEE:  The holy grail: Hack Pokemon Go so you can walk anywhere, no jailbreak required It's a neat addition, but unfortunately (like every other feature in the game), it's poorly explained and nearly impossible to find if you don't know where to look. We're going to do our best to walk you through the process. How to appraise your Pokemon Once you've updated your Pokemon Go app to 1.5.0 (iOS)/0.35.0 (Android), you can open the Pokemon menu where all your captured Pokemon can be found. Tap on the Pokemon you want to have appraised, then tap on the circular menu button at the bottom of the screen. You should see three separate options: Favorite , Appraise and Transfer . Click on Appraise . At this point, your team leader—Blanche, Candela or Spark—will pop up at the bottom of the screen and analyze your Pokemon. Tap on the screen a few times to read everything your team leader has to say, but be sure to take note of what the leader says in the second dialog box, because you'll need that information later. Understanding your appraisal So, you've appraised your Pokemon, but you have no idea how to actually utilize the information you've been given. Here's where the internet comes in handy. Shortly after the update began rolling out, some clever Pokemon Go players decoded the messages from the team leaders and determined that you can actually gauge the Individual Value (IV) of your Pokemon based on what they say. Here's a helpful image from Reddit user ygorwr with every possible answer: If you want a more precise reading, you can check out the detailed explainer over on Gamepress . But this chart should give you a basic understanding of what your team leader means when they tell you that your Pokemon is "really strong."

‘SNL’ star Leslie Jones’ personal site offline after hacking

FILE - In this July 9, 2016 file photo, actress Leslie Jones arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of LOS ANGELES (AP) — Leslie Jones, the black "Saturday Night Live" and "Ghostbusters" actress-comedian, is again the target of racist and sexist online attacks.

The upcoming Macbooks will be fast in ways you probably weren’t expecting

Apple's upcoming Macbooks need to be a major refresh to the lineup, since the laptop selection is looking a little old lately. We're expecting Touch ID and a new OLED button panel to come to the 2016 Macbook Pro, but code hidden in the latest version of macOS Sierra hints at one additional feature. According to code uncovered by  9to5Mac , macOS Sierra will support USB 3.1 Gen 2, better known as the upgraded version of USB-C. Apple introduced USB-C ports into its lineup with the 2015 Retina Macbook, and it's a safer bet than ever that those ports will be coming to the new Macbook Pro. DON'T MISS: The code  9to5Mac   found shows that Apple is planning to support the upgraded USB-C from a software side. Given that the Retina Macbook isn't due for an update for a good six months, and a Macbook Pro refresh has been overdue for some time, it's a safe bet that this code is aimed at the upcoming Macbook Pros. I'll be disappointed if the new Macbook Pros ditch conventional USB ports entirely, but adding USB-C connectivity could be a major boost. The ports should have the capability for 10Gb/s transfer speeds, which means that one port could potentially handle a high-resolution external display, talk to an external graphics card, and provide power all in one. If that doesn't sound like a laptop you want in your life, there's something wrong.

A simple reason why The Ring reboot trailer doesn’t work

A simple reason why The Ring reboot trailer doesn't workThe Ring was excellent for a number of reasons, but I’d start with director Gore Verbinski, who, at his best, is not just a good horror director, but a talented storyteller regardless of genre. In The Ring, Verbinski's talents turn a silly story about a deadly video into something natural, immediate, and believable. Bit by bit the stakes are raised, with more innocent people being sucked into The Ring’s increasingly powerful blackhole.

How to remove pesky malware from your PC with Windows Defender Offline

How to remove pesky malware from your PC with Windows Defender OfflineSome malware is really good at hiding itself. You can thwart those malicious plans by running Windows Defender in offline mode.

Why Heath Ledger’s Joker was the best Batman bad guy

Why Heath Ledger's Joker was the best Batman bad guyNo joke! A new video makes a convincing argument as to why the Clown Prince of Crime makes the perfect antagonist for the Dark Knight.

Ex-Comverse CEO pleads guilty to fraud, a decade after fleeing to Africa

Fugitive U.S. millionaire Jacob By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - The former chief executive officer of Comverse Technology Inc pleaded guilty to securities fraud on Wednesday and was ordered detained a decade after fleeing the United States for Namibia to avoid prosecution. Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the Woodbury, New York-based software developer's founder, entered the plea in federal court in Brooklyn, after ending his fight to avoid extradition. Benjamin Brafman, Alexander's lawyer, said he was "bitterly disappointed." It was unclear if Alexander would appeal.

HP Inc beats estimates, weak printer demand weighs on forecast

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) logo is seen as part of a display at the Microsoft Ignite technology conference in ChicagoBy Aishwarya Venugopal (Reuters) - HP Inc , the hardware business of the former Hewlett-Packard Co, reported higher-than-expected quarterly revenue and profit as demand recovered for its notebooks. However, HP forecast current-quarter profit below analysts' estimates, reflecting weak sales of its printers as companies cut costs across industries. HP's shares fell nearly 6 percent in extended trading on Wednesday. Third-quarter revenue from the company's computer business rose 7.5 percent from the second quarter as sales of notebooks improved. ...

Giant butt-shaped aircraft crashes because butts weren’t meant to fly

Giant butt-shaped aircraft crashes because butts weren't meant to flyThe world's apparently largest aircraft crashed during a test flight in England. But all the internet could see was that it looks like a heinie.

Orange denies media report on deal with Vivendi on Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia new logo is seen at the headquarter in Rozzano neighbourhood of MilanFrench telecoms operator Orange denied on Wednesday having reached a deal with Vivendi that would include taking stakes in the media giant's pay-TV Canal Plus and in Telecom Italia, following an online report by French magazine Challenges. Rumours of a potential deal between Vivendi, which owns 24.7 percent of Telecom Italia, and Orange, have regularly surfaced over the past few months as traditional media groups try to find new ways to compete against newcomers such as Netflix and Amazon. "Orange obviously discusses with all content players in a sector that is constantly evolving, but the group formally denies having reached any secret deal with Vivendi including Canal Plus and Telecom Italia," a spokesman for Orange said by phone.

Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 8: watch our digital after show tonight with special guest Kor Adana!

Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 8: watch our digital after show tonight with special guest Kor Adana!The Verge is hosting the official Mr. Robot Digital After Show in partnership with USA Network, and we hope you'll join us tonight directly after the show, and each week, as we discuss the exploits of sophisticated hackers and corporate overlords. Tonight we're pleased to bring back Mr. Robot writer and Technology Producer Kor Adana, who gives the show many of its impressive details. Mr. Robot airs Wednesday night at 10PM ET, and you can watch the Mr. Robot Digital After Show right after by tuning in to the Ustream channel above.

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