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Canceled ‘Magic City’ being made into movie with original cast, plus Bill Murray


Starz's Magic City is coming back — as a movie.

The film, which will be penned and directed by creator Mitch Glazer, is set to bring back much of the original cast — including star Jeffrey Dean Morgan — of the TV series, which concluded in 2013. The twist? Magic City the movie will also feature some new characters, played by Bill Murray and Bruce Willis

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“Mitch is a fantastic creative partner, and we're thrilled to collaborate with him again,” said Bill Block, CEO of QED International, which is producing the film. “We loved Magic City the series, and know that with Mitch's sensational script and this outstanding cast, it will translate beautifully to the big screen.”

Magic City's Season 2 finale was never supposed to be a series finale for the period mob drama, set in Miami circa the late 1950s, early 1960s. But days before its final episode was set to air, Starz announced that Magic City would not be returning for another season Read more...

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‘Scandal’ characters find hope in latest episode (yes, even Olivia and Fitz)


As we learned on this week's episode, "An Innocent Man," everyone is someone's puppet

Whether it's Fitz, who is being played by Rowan; Cyrus, who's literally sleeping with the enemy; or a former president whose wife is the one pulling all the strings. Even Olivia finds herself an unwitting pawn in someone's twisted game. No one is immune.

Jake, of course, refused to play Rowan's game, and for that, he is well on his way to meeting a tragic fate.

Abby intervention

Concerned about Liv's nightmares, Abby insists that Fitz talks to Liv about Jake. Fitz doesn't appreciate her in-the-face intervention, but it works. Soon, he finds himself on Liv's doorstep Read more...

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