Artificial Intelligence has the opportunity to make us extinct if we are not careful. I look at how Elon Musk is in one hand scared of the technology and on the other investing and starting a company, who’s sole focus will to make all of us Hybrids so we can keep up with sentient artificial intelligence. Plus all the tech news of the day. It’s a packed show so listen now.

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Show Notes:

Billions to StopĀ AI. Billions to make us AI. Facebook AI Leader? Some users are Idiots. *Evil Alarm App* FBI Face Recognition. Facebook Townhall. Prison Insanity. Mega Upload Battle continues. ISS Space Walks. NASA Engine Test. SpaceX Engine Test. Vector Space Systems. Jupiter is Weird. Samsung Note 7 Fate. Night Shift on Mac. Steady Cam with Drone. iPad Apple Tv Remote. WhatsApp Hammer. Hacking a Human Cell. ACT NOW Privacy Loss Eminent. Intel Optane. iPad Bomb Plot. 3d Printed Liver by 2020. Your iOS Update. Verizon 4k on its FIOS. Uber Self-Driving Car Crash. Windows 10 Upgrade. Windows 10 Class Action. Child and Water Heater Robot. Sumatra Bike Trail Entity Chased Down. Idiot Stunt.

GNC #1188 Artificial Intelligence