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The Wonderfully Mundane Lives Of Animals, Captured By Simpsons’ Animator Liz Climo

In Liz Climo’s world of animals, rats and snakes are BFFs, dinosaur dads are simply awesome, and narwhals have the best Halloween costumes.

Climo is a California-based illustrator and animator. By day, she works as a character artist and storyboard revisionist for “The Simpsons;” but it’s a whimsical comic series that she’s been working on in her spare time that’s been getting her plenty of attention.

In the series, featured on her Tumblr page, Climo depicts the lives of penguins, bears, lizards, and other creatures -- their friendships, their struggles, and the mundane everyday experiences that you’ll find all too familiar.

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Climo, who has published several children’s books, told The Huffington Post in an email Tuesday that her inspiration for the series comes from making observations in her day-to-day life.

“I like paying close attention to people as they interact with each other (in a hopefully-not-creepy way) and see what makes them special, unique and sometimes hilarious,” she said. “I really like taking walks in the morning, and that's usually when I get my ideas. When an idea pops to my head, I write it down on a list I keep on my phone. Thinking of a funny idea for a comic and finding the best possible wording is the hard part, drawing it is the easy part. Luckily, my drawings are super simple and I can do them pretty fast, so it's easy to find the time to do them at the end of my work day or during a quick break.”

Scroll down to see more of Climo’s illustrations; then visit her Tumblr page for a more complete selection.

H/T: Bored Panda

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RIP Tama The Cat: Thousands Attend Funeral Of Japan’s Famed Feline Stationmaster-Turned-Goddess

Thousands of people gathered in a Japanese city over the weekend to bid farewell to a beloved local icon: a cat named Tama who served as stationmaster of a rural railway station for almost a decade.

The calico cat has been credited with saving the struggling station, and its railway line, from financial collapse.

tama cat
Tama in 2008.

Tama’s road to glory began in 2007 when she was appointed honorary stationmaster at the unmanned Kishi station in rural Wakayama prefecture. Tama, who had been a stray who hung around the station, was the first cat in the world to hold such a position.

According to the Associated Press, the Wakayama Electric Railway had been almost bankrupt at the time of Tama’s appointment, and the Kishi station had let go of all its staff. The president of the railway, Mitsunobu Kojima, told the news outlet that appointing Tama as stationmaster had initially just been an excuse to keep the cat at the station.

“But she was really doing her job,” he said.

Tama, wearing a custom-made stationmaster’s cap and cape, would sit at the station’s ticket gate “greeting” passengers.

She soon attracted tourists from across Japan and around the world who flocked to the station to see her at work.

Kojima says the cat’s popularity helped pull the railway line out of debt. The cat is said to have contributed an estimated 1.1 billion yen ($8.9 million) to the local economy.

"Tama-chan really emerged like a savior,” Kojima said in a speech delivered at the cat’s funeral. "It was truly my honor to have been able to work with her.”

tama cat
Tama in 2008.

Tama died on June 22 at the age of 16 (or about 80 in human years).

On Sunday, an estimated 3,000 people attended her funeral, held at Kishi station. Mourners reportedly brought flowers and tins of tuna to honor the late stationmaster.

During the Shinto-style ceremony, Tama was elevated to the status of goddess. Followers of the Shinto religion honor many gods, including animal deities.

The AP says Tama will be enshrined at a nearby cat shrine in July.

In a message of condolence, Yoshinobu Nisaka, the governor of Wakayama, expressed his sadness at the cat’s death. He called Tama a “superstar of tourism,” according to The Guardian, adding: “I express my deep sorrow and great gratitude.”

In her lifetime, Tama was promoted from stationmaster to "ultra-stationmaster,” and then to vice president of the rail company. On Sunday, she was posthumously given a new title: honorable eternal stationmaster.

Tama will reportedly be succeeded by another calico cat named Nitama, or "Tama II."

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Ask Siri What Zero Divided By Zero Is; Prepare To Be Burned By Some Major Snark

Ask Siri an unsolvable question and you'll get a cheeky response.

This week, social media was abuzz with talk about Apple’s know-it-all digital assistant, and her sassy answer to the impossible query: “Siri, what is zero divided by zero?”

**The answer is below. iPhone users, we'd recommend asking the question for yourself before scrolling down.**

This is Siri’s response to the question.

A video posted by Max Knoblauch (@maxknobs) on Jun 30, 2015 at 7:07am PDT

"Imagine that you have zero cookies, and you split them evenly among zero friends," Siri says. "How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends."

Thanks a ton, Siri. reports that only iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 8 will receive the snarky answer, but The Huffington Post tested it out on iOS 7 and got the same response.

Here’s how netizens have reacted to the burn this week. Even “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul weighed in.

Ask Siri "what is zero divided by zero?" RIGHT. NOW.

— Aaron Paul (@aaronpaul_8) June 30, 2015


— Justin (@justinsea_) July 1, 2015

So I just asked Siri what's zero divided by zero..and well my night has been ruined

— heatherleedobbs (@heatherleedobbs) July 1, 2015

Siri is mean as hell! Ask her what zero divided by zero is!

— Mike Dubs On Air (@MikeDubsRadio) July 1, 2015

after I asked Siri what zero divided by zero was

— delina. (@luhanzayns) July 1, 2015

Siri is saaaaaalty when you ask her what zero divided by zero is. I love it.

— Ashley Argota (@ashleyargota9) June 30, 2015

Siri is no novice when it comes to giving tongue-in-cheek answers. Just ask her if she has a boyfriend or if she believes in God. If you’re interested in something totally off-the-wall, ask her why fire trucks are red.

This story has been updated to clarify which versions of iOS give users a sassy Siri.

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