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FTSE LIVE: Footsie flat awaiting hotly anticipated UK GDP figures

After opening a touch lower, the FTSE 100 rallied to add 0.7 points at 6,8543.1 having closed 19.57 points higher yesterday after early concerns over the Greek election results faded.

Facebook says to blame for temporary outages of its sites

A Facebook logo on an Ipad is reflected among source code on the LCD screen of a computer in this photo illustrationBy Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Facebook, the world's largest social network, and its Instagram photo-sharing site, suffered temporary outages around the world for up to an hour on Tuesday and the company said later that an internal software networking error was to blame. The outage at Facebook appeared to spill over and temporarily slow or block traffic to other major Internet sites, according to web and mobile user reports from around the globe. A hacker group associated with other recent high-profile attacks sought to take credit for the outages, but Facebook denied in a statement that any outside party was responsible. "Both services are back to 100 percent for everyone.” Users in the United States and many countries in Asia and Europe reported that they were unable to log on to the websites of Facebook, Instagram and corresponding mobile apps including Facebook and Facebook Messenger from around 0600 GMT.

Pension firms told to alert people to pitfalls of freedom reforms

Firms must alert workers about the tax risks and question them about health and lifestyle choices and marital status in 'direct and simple language', says the FCA.

Rafael Nadal refuses to make any excuses following straight-sets defeat against Tomas Berdych

Rafael Nadal refused to make any excuses after his record-equalling winning streak over Tomas Berdych came to a comprehensive end in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open.

Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios Australian Open LIVE: Follow the quarter-final action

Andy Murray takes on Nick Kyrgios in the quarter-final of the Australian Open. The British No 1 has been a runner-up three times in the Australian Open in the past and looking to go one step further.

Facebook, Instagram access restored after disruption: company

The problem was caused by Washington (AFP) - Full access to Facebook and Instagram have been fully restored after users suffered disruptions on Tuesday, Facebook said in a statement.

Manchester United are wasting their time trying to re-sign Paul Pogba, insists Andrea Pirlo 

Manchester United should forget about the prospect of re-signing Paul Pogba and live with the grave mistake they made in allowing him to leave, according to Andrea Pirlo.

No wonder this FA Cup is so open… half the clubs left have waited more than 40 years to win a major trophy

The FA Cup has been an irrelevance to many clubs in recent years – but given the lack of success for most sides in the fifth round draw, Wembley could be the greatest day out for a whole generation.

Internet browser Vivaldi takes aim at tech savvy users

Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera Software, speaks at a Reuters Global Technology Summit in ParisBy Joachim Dagenborg OSLO (Reuters) - Veteran software maker Jon von Tetzchner launched a new internet browser on Tuesday, offering an interface for high-volume users who "have problems fitting all their open tabs on one screen", he said in a Reuters interview. Known as Vivaldi and available on desktop computers from Tuesday, the browser's initial launch covers the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. "A mobile phone and a tablet version are in the pipeline. We are working on it, but they won't be out until they're ready," said von Tetzchner, who owns 90 percent of the company's shares and has paid for the development.

Michael Clarke is at war with Australia’s selectors, has lost the support of his team-mates and could miss the World Cup

PAUL NEWMAN IN PERTH: Michael Clarke, Australia’s injured captain, is said to be at war with the selectors while his team-mates are believed to have moved on without him

Jose Mourinho and Sir Bobby Robson’s relationship soured and the Special One and Brendan Rodgers are heading the same way

JOE BERNSTEIN looks at the similarities between how Sir Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho fell out and how the Chelsea manager and Brendan Rodgers are going the same way.

Facebook and Instagram outage caused by an internal change, not hackers

Facebook and Instagram outage caused by an internal change, not hackersFacebook and Instagram were both taken offline this morning around 1AM ET, with a Facebook spokesperson saying that this was "not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems." Hacking group Lizard had originally hinted that may have been responsible. Facebook's spokesperson added that the site's engineers "moved quickly to fix the problem, and both services are back to 100% for everyone."

The drone debate hits close to home for White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — The drone-control debate has hit uncomfortably close to home for the White House, thanks to an apparently hapless operator who sent his quadcopter crashing inside the presidential compound.

Scientists ask if Ebola immunizes as well as kills

LONDON/DAKAR (Reuters) - A recent sharp drop in new Ebola infections in West Africa is prompting scientists to wonder whether the virus may be silently immunizing some people at the same time as brutally killing their neighbors.

Aer Lingus backs £1bn takeover by BA owner if Irish government agrees 

The third, revised approach by IAG of €2.50 (190p) a share plus a dividend of five cent a share still needs to satisfy Ireland’s government, which owns a 25 per cent stake.

‘Miniature’ boats race on Sydney Harbour in beautiful tilt-shift video


A 23-second, tilt-shift, time-lapse clip, posted on YouTube channel Media 24h, shows Sydney ferries racing on the harbour.

In the beautiful clip, the ferries appear more like children's toys in a bathtub, as they competed in the annual Ferryathon on Jan. 26. The tilt-shift effect seen in the video makes the objects appear "miniature," by using a lens that shifts the depth of field to a diagonal line instead of a straight horizontal plane from the camera.

The race involves the fleet of Sydney ferries going head-to-head on Sydney's iconic harbour from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back to finish under the Sydney Habour Bridge Read more...

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GNC #1007 Comcast Ghost Writers

I am beyond blown away by the Comcast Ghost Writers scandal.. They are pretty bold and it is obvious a lot of politicians are bought and paid for by Comcast. I go off on the Ghost writing practice and a pile of other tech and science news.

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Show Notes:
Comcast Ghost Writer #1.
Comcast Ghost Writer #2.
Cable Crying about Speeds.
AT&T Owning Mexico Mobile.
Africa Solar.
WiFi Map App.
Robot Law Breakers.
Cuban Home Grown Internet.
EFF Global Security Battle.
Comet 67P Update.
Cyanogen Android Take Over.
China Moon Mining.
Silk Road Trial Revelations.
What was this Idiot Thinking.
Drones for Mars.
Muni-Broadband Fed Fight.
73 Million iPhones?
Pirate Bay will be back.
Microsoft Earnings.
Oracle Shareholder Battle.
Lunar XPrize.
Build a Snow Shelter.
NYC First Power Grid.
ICANN Complains about Cyber-squatters.
Microsoft Vapor Ware?
Boeing & SpaceX to Launch Humans in 2017.
Dropcam replacement plan.
Waze not liked by Police.
Dominoes Pizza Tracker on Samsung.
Marriott App exposed Credit Cards.
Google Mobile Play.
Google Fiber Roll-out Announcements.

Maria Sharapova beats Eugenie Bouchard to reach Australian Open semis

Maria Sharapova blasted her way into the semi-finals of the Australian Open as she eased past No 7 seed Eugenie Bouchard. Sharapova booked her place in the last four with a 6-3, 6-2 win

Tomas Berdych stuns Rafael Nadal to reach Australian Open semi-final

MIKE DICKSON IN MELBOURNE: Tomas Berdych raised the stakes for Andy Murray's much anticipated Australian Open match against Nick Kyrgios with a win over Rafael Nadal.

Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide

File-This April 9, 2012, file photo shows Instagram being demonstrated on an iPhone in New York. Social media websites Facebook and Instagram have stopped working Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. The problem is affecting users in Australia but also in other countries including the United States. (AP Photo/Karly Domb Sadof, File)SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook suffered a widespread outage lasting an hour on Tuesday affecting users worldwide.

Miley Cyrus: I thought Grammy nomination was a joke

Miley Cyrus is just as impatient as we are to get her new tunes released -- but before we get amped on a new Miley album, there’s still time to celebrate Bangerz.

‘Life-threatening’ blizzard shuts down much of U.S. Northeast

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A life-threatening blizzard barreled into the U.S. Northeast, affecting up to 20 percent of Americans as it kept workers and students housebound, halted thousands of flights and prompted New York to ban cars from roads and shut down subway trains.

Mia Khalifa, MTA, Chipotle, Facebook Down, Tom DeLonge, IRS, …

Mia Khalifa MTA Chipotle Facebook Down Tom DeLonge IRS Dying Light Emma Watson drive Abc News Cindra Ladd Kaci Fennell NJ Transit Ellen DeGeneres Weather Miss Universe 2015 WWE Pro Bowl Weather Channel SAG Awards

Facebook and Instagram down worldwide after ‘hack’  

Hackers from the online group Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for the attack, which took the two social media sites down at around 6am GMT.

AirAsia crash report won’t include black box data: investigator

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A preliminary report into last month's crash of an AirAsia passenger jet that killed 162 people will not include an analysis of the black box flight recorders, an Indonesian investigator said on Tuesday.

Japan turns to ‘I am Kenji’ Facebook page on hostage crisis

Protesters chant TOKYO (AP) — The plight of freelance journalist Kenji Goto, taken captive by Islamic State group militants, has gripped Japan, and the people's hopes for his safety are now on Facebook with a simple, unifying plea: "I am Kenji."

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN wants to know why the LEFT don’t think libel rules apply to them 

Tom Watson is, of course, a Labour MP and has a vested interest in painting all Conservatives as rapists and child molesters. His latest target is Leon Brittan, who died last week.

Betty Batziana – The woman who radicalised the ‘Greek Che Guevara’ Alexis Tsipras

Betty Batziana has been Alexis Tsipras' partner for more than 20 years and urged the sporty, middle-class future PM into hard-left student politics, helping him join the Communist Youth of Greece in 1990.

Kirstie Allsopp posts number plate of litter lout on Twitter

Outspoken presenter Kirstie Allsopp has taken to Twitter to publicly shame a car driver who she caught littering. The star posted a strongly-worded message identifying the car's number plate.

Now arthritis drug can treat sciatica pain

The drug seeks out and 'silences' compounds involved in inflammation - and early trials show that it can banish pain completely.

Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak is a step closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Arizona have created a material that could conceal military airplanes and even people. The technology, they say, will be available in their lifetime.

How popular hayfever pills ‘could raise Alzheimer’s risk’ by more than 50%

Antihistamines Piriton and Benadryl, sleep remedy Nytol, and Ditropan - to treat an overactive bladder - have all been linked to Alzheimer's, a study by the University of Washington found.

It’s a zombie cat! Beloved pet hit by a car and buried ‘claws its way out of its grave after five days and came home for dinner’

Black and white feline Bart was found on the street in a pool of bloo in Tampa, Florida. But five days after he was buried, his owner Ellis Hutson found him near his home and ready to eat.

Staff at Houses of Parliament were sent home sick after overflowing toilets and blocked pipes were left for two weeks without being cleaned 

The Houses of Parliament, pictured, require immediate refurbishment to prevent them suffering 'irreparable damage' which could cost the taxpayer between £1bn and £3bn according to a new documentary.

Katie Price clashes with Katie Hopkins over tax-funded driver for disabled son Harvey

They have, so far, been getting along. But Katie Hopkins and glamour model Katie Price came within a whisker of an almighty row during Monday evening's episode of Big Brother.

Snapchat to ramp up ads Tuesday, with launch of video feature — reports

Snapchat to ramp up ads Tuesday, with launch of video feature -- reportsThe popular messaging app, known for missives that vaporize after a set time, will begin serving its users multimedia content from CNN and others, according to reports.>

Apple Q1 earnings preview: what to expect


This is the one to watch.

After a relatively quiet first half of 2014, Apple announced pretty much all of its new products and services in September and October. On Tuesday, shortly after the market closes* at 4pm ET, Apple will release its first quarter earnings report of the 2015 fiscal year, offering the clearest picture yet on how these products and services have performed.

See also: What to expect from Apple in 2015

The spotlight, as always, will be on iPhone sales, which continue to represent the bulk of Apple's business. Apple CEO Tim Cook immodestly predicted that the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would trigger "the mother of all upgrades." Apple analysts appear to have equally high hopes for the quarter. Read more...

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It’s not just hot flushes, women’s hormones also trigger asthma 

Sarah Broom, 42, from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, had no idea why she was suddenly struggling to control her asthma symptoms.

BBC’s NICK ROBINSON is alarmed by voters’ contempt for politicians

A high proportion of the voters I talk to tell me either that they stopped believing politicians made any difference a long time ago, or that they’re as mad as hell and not going to take this any more.

Planet with 30 huge rings discovered 420 light years away

Astronomers at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands, and the University of Rochester in New York say this is the first ring system of its kind found outside the solar system,

Mystery of vanishing ‘miracle’ acne cream: Why has PanOxyl been discontinued?

After spending a small fortune, I finally discovered the miracle - a blackhead-buster that was worth its weight in gold. And it cost £5. That miracle was PanOxyl.

Hacker group claims it is behind outages at Facebook, other sites

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Internet sites including Facebook, the world's largest social network, Instagram and other popular sites suffered temporary outages on Tuesday and a hacker group associated with other recent high-profile attacks claimed it caused the outages. A Twitter account that purports to speak for hacker group "Lizard Squad" posted messages suggesting that it was behind an attack the temporarily blocked several major web sites. ...

Before and after photos: War reduces Ukraine’s Donetsk airport to rubble


DONETSK, Ukraine — Built for almost $1 billion dollars ahead of the Euro 2012 football championship, Donetsk airport — once a shining gem of the regional capital — has been the focus of intense fighting during the conflict in eastern Ukraine since May, as Russian-backed separatist rebels battle Kiev's government forces for control over its grounds.

After nearly nine months of close-quarters combat that included fierce tank battles, the rebels this week managed to dislodge Ukrainian fighters from their positions inside one of the terminals, and from the underground tunnel network they used to move in and out without taking fire. Read more...

More about World, Russia, Us World, U.S. World, and Ukraine

Daily Mail’s GP Dr Martin Scurr reveals all in extract from Doctors Dissected

When my wife Glynis was seven years old, she and her twin sister were diagnosed with rickets. But it wasn't the traditional type caused by a vitamin D deficiency, writes DR MARTIN SCURR.

Grim Fandango Remastered might be the perfect video game remake

Grim Fandango Remastered might be the perfect video game remakeThere wasn't anything like Grim Fandango when it first came out in 1998. The adventure game tells the story of Manny, a salesman for the Department of Death who helps lost souls find better travel packages to the land of the dead. Half the fun in the game comes from just talking to other characters.

Miss Beverly Hills suffers bikini malfunction during swimsuit round of Miss California

Miss Beverly Chanelle Riggan suffered the wadrobe glitch just seconds after she appeared on stage at the competition. Despite the embarrassment, she carried on.

Knock back a drink six days out of seven, say scientists

According to scientific research, laying off alcohol for just one day a week could significantly reduce your risk of liver damage.

Clarifications & corrections for Boudicca cruise ship fire

If you wish to report an inaccuracy, please email You can also write to Readers’ Editor, Daily Mail, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT.

Face to face with my girl’s abuser Jeremy Forrest – and a final shattering shock

The mother of the teenage girl who was whisked off to France by disgraced maths teacher Jeremy Forrest tells of the moment she faced him at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, where he was jailed.

Greece faces run on its banks as Alexis Tsipras squares up for Angela Merkel clash

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras wants longer to repay part of his country's £185bn bailout, demanding a debt-wiping conference similar to that held for post-war Germany in 1953.

Your brain can be conned into believing you committed a crime

How much do you trust your brain? We're asking, because a new study published in Psychological Science provides scientific evidence that it's not hard to manipulate people's memories -- even to make them believe they've committed a crime. Researchers...

Benedict Cumberbatch apologizes after calling black people ‘colored’ on Tavis Smiley

The 38-year-old Sherlock star was widely condemned after using the racial term during a debate on the lack of diversity on British screens on the PBS talk show, Tavis Smiley.

Nasa reveals full size booster for the biggest rocket ever made

The two-minute, full-duration static test in Utah will fire a full-scale version of the booster for NASA's new rocket, the Space Launch System.

New IoT research facility opens in Singapore

New IoT research facility opens in SingaporeGreenwave Systems launches research and development center focusing on Internet of Things technology, and plans to expand its headcount in the country by 50 percent.

The ‘worst snowstorm in history’ shuts down the East Coast

Winter storm Juno was set to dump snow at the rate of several inches per hour along with bringing winds up to 80mph, creating whiteout conditions that were being described as 'life-threatening'.

HARRIET ARKELL SAVVY SHOPPER: Born in the USA: From ‘posh dogs’ to buffalo wings, the American treats that are irresistible here 

American food is becoming more popular than ever in the UK and with the Super Bowl taking place this Sunday, there will no doubt be a surge in sales of the nation's favourite treats.

Coalition accused of £36m vote-buying blitz in crucial seats

Ministers have been accused of effectively trying to bribe voters after showering cash on marginal seats and visiting marginal constituencies in Lancashire, Norfolk, Kent and the South West.

Labour puts the brake on fracking after MPs vote through raft of regulations

Labour forced ministers to agree 12 new restrictions on fracking last night, which critics say will further hold up the shale industry for months or even years.

Oil gives up early gains on firm dollar, shrugs off OPEC comments

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil gave up early gains with Brent futures slipping below $48 on Tuesday as a stronger dollar weighed, offsetting comments from producer group OPEC that prices may have found a floor.

‘Bigger girls do better in comedy!’ Rebel Wilson says her size is an asset in Hollywood and insists she has no plans to change her shape by losing weight 

She's enjoyed a lot of success in Hollywood and Rebel Wilson, 28, attributes much of it to her weight.

Billie Faiers takes baby daughter Nelly supermarket shopping in Essex

Earlier this month, Billie Faiers was doted on by her fiancé Greg Shepherd, as he took her out for a sumptuous meal in celebration of her 25th birthday.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flaunts her flat stomach for new lingerie shoot

The blonde bombshell treated her 2.7million followers to a sneak preview of what they can expect from the new ads for her best-selling Rosie For Autograph underwear range.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Bercow forced to cut back on his £900,000 year of parties

The House of Commons Speaker has been forced to scale back dramatically his grandiose plans to mark two of Parliament’s most significant anniversaries.

The revolutionary space telescope 1,000 times sharper than Hubble

The concept being developed by the University of Colorado Boulder uses an opaque disk up to a half mile across to bend light and converge it in a central point.

Lizard Squad Claims to Take Down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder (Briefly)

Lizard Squad Claims to Take Down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder (Briefly)

Overnight, reports circulated about Facebook and Instagram going dark. Now, Lizard Squad is claiming to have taken down a large handful of sites—albeit briefly.


Science finds a new way to unboil an egg

Science finds a new way to unboil an eggThere is, as it turns out, more than one way to unboil an egg -- and the new way carries great potential for the development of pharmaceuticals.>

From cold baths to high heels – why a bit of discomfort is GOOD for you 

Most of us like being comfortable - sinking into a soft snuggling bed, firing up the central heating now it's cold, or wearing flat shoes.

Mac on… David Cameron’s ‘drunk and stoned’ hoax caller

'He said he was from GCHQ on the phone'

Bali Nine smuggler ‘breaking into pieces’: Mother of Myuran Sukumaran reveals her son’s torment, as family return to visit him in prison before his execution 

The mother of Myuran Sukumaran has spoken of her son's torment as he sits behind bars in Bali fearing that any moment he will be told his life will brutally end in front of a firing squad.

Facebook, Instagram Suffer Widespread Outage Overnight; Tinder, Hipchat Also Go Down

Facebook and Instagram went down early Tuesday morning as a major snowstorm hit the Northeast. Reports on social media indicate that Tindr and Hipchat were also down.

Users worldwide were affected by the outage, The Associated Press reported, many of whom took to Twitter to express their outrage (mock and in some cases genuine) and crack jokes.

There will be a baby boom in 9 months. #facebookdown

— Bipartisan Report (@Bipartisanism) January 27, 2015

Widespread global reports now of a phenomenon called 'talking to each other'. Horrible scenes.


— sam. (@SamAlexWarren) January 27, 2015

After about 40 minutes, Facebook and the rest of the sites were back online.

Guess who's back #FacebookDown

— Creative Chaos (@csquareonline) January 27, 2015

Lizard Squad, the hacking collective that claimed responsibility for taking down the Malaysian Airlines website on Sunday, suggested on Twitter that it was also responsible for the social media outage.

However, in a statement cited by TechCrunch, Facebook denied being hacked:

"Earlier this evening many people had trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram. This was not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems. We moved quickly to fix the problem, and both services are back to 100% for everyone."

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the Facebook outage led to the usual snark, including #pray4facebook and #ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown hashtags.

I played with my real cat instead of watching cat videos. #ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown

— The Geekpreacher (@geekpreacher) January 27, 2015

So, "books". If that IS your name. We meet again #facebookdown #pray4facebook

— Amanda Bates (@amandabate5) January 27, 2015

#ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown actually walked up to someone and poked them. However they did not wanna be my friend afterwards

— DJ Darryl Williams (@DJDarryl) January 27, 2015

what if an atheist started #pray4facebook and now they're questioning their religious beliefs cause the site is working again

— Hayden Shields (@hirschgoesRAWR) January 27, 2015

I'd like to thank Lizard Squad for taking down Facebook. A break from 957 Candy Crush Saga invites a day was needed. #facebookdown

— Scott McClellan (@bamasevere) January 27, 2015

The worst thing about #facebookdown is not being able to post about it on facebook.

— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) January 27, 2015

Clearly I was mistaken in thinking having #facebookdown would improve my productivity tonight. 'cuz here I'm on twitter instead....

— irvin lin (@eatthelove) January 27, 2015

People coming out to reality after Facebook & Instagram go down. #FaceBookDown

— ismailkidd (@ismailkidd) January 27, 2015

Now ELEVEN party leaders could take part in TV debates

Broadcasters last week made a ‘take it or leave it’ offer for a seven-way debate between the leaders of the all the major political parties in England, Scotland and Wales.

Quell Treats Chronic Pain Without Side Effects at CES

Quell logoChronic pain is a major health issue for many people. Often, the only treatment available is prescription drugs and usually, these drugs are expensive, hard to get, and they may cause bad side effects. Quell is a new product from Neurometrix that promises to help with the treatment of chronic pain by using an electric band that fits over a patient’s calf muscle.

Jamie met with Dr. Shai Gozani, CEO of Neurometrix. The two covered many of the challenges faced by chronic pain patients and how Dr. Gozani believes Quell will be able to help.

Quell is expected to hit the market in the spring and will retail for around $250. Quell users will also need to purchase disposable liners that fit between the Quell band and the leg. These liners will cost an additional $30 per month.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly for the TechPodcast Network.

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Don’t let Valentine’s Day bug you! San Francisco Zoo offers jilted lovers to adopt a COCKROACH named after the person who dumped them

The zoo is highlighting two of its less-desirable inhabitants - Madagascar hissing cockroaches and giant hairy scorpions - through the adopt-an-animal program.

Why were we ALL misdiagnosed? As more and more of us are told we’ve an irritable bowel, how doctors may be missing problems that are even WORSE

There are concerns that IBS is being overdiagnosed. James Hennessey (left) and Zaynab Mirza (right) were told they had IBS but actually had cancer.

Police search for convicted criminal who ‘ran over his pregnant SISTER’ and then fled the scene

Authorities in Florida are searching for Justin Colby, 33, who is accused of striking seven-months-pregnant Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, 32, with his car.

KFC launches a heart-stopping hot dog using fried chicken breast in place of a traditional bun

The fast food chain's Double Down Dog, which is being offered at select KFC stores in the Philippines, is also topped with cheese, honey mustard and relish dressing.

Digital meltdown plagues Obama as White House video feed of historic India speech cuts out JUST as he praises hosts for ‘high-tech’ expertise

Obama was addressing an audience of young Indians after cutting a deal on nuclear energy and climate change, and promised 'India could be America's best partner.'

60million people hit by shutdown as roads, tunnels, trains, bridges and businesses brought to standstill and THREE FEET of snow threatens country’s most densely-populated areas

Bad weather prompted states of emergency in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York City and Massachusetts, enforced by strict bands and arrest threats.

Woman appeals for donations from strangers so she can afford IVF after being refused treatment on NHS

Eva McConville, 28, from Liverpool, was refused IVF on the NHS because her fiancé has a child from a previous relationship. She has set up an account on to raise £6,000 for IVF.

Walmart heiress demands $90,000 in damages claiming wall at Bel Air mega-mansion damaged her family’s  ‘cherished’ eucalyptus tree

Nancy Walton Laurie claims a wall at the sprawling Los Angeles property being developed by Hadid has 'cut the roots', causing severe damage and putting it at risk of falling.

Juan Pablo Galavis disses Andi Dorfman with the two words she hated during her time on The Bachelor 

Bachelor fans will remember when she resented him for repeating 'it's okay' over and over during season 18

Winning on AND off the court! Tomas Berdych wipes Rafael Nadal out of the Australian Open and saves a victory smile for glamorous model fiancée Ester Satorova

She's always in his corner, and on Tuesday when Tomas Berdych won the semi-final in the Australian Open against Rafael Nadal, his fiancee Ester Satorova was cheering him on.

Subways DID run overnight under New York City despite travel ban: Baffled commuters hear trains going through stations even though they are cut off to commuters 

The preemptive decision by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the MTA allegedly shocked transit workers because the trains need to run overnight so they can clear the tracks.

Manhattan becomes a playground as storm Juno misses its 11pm deadline: New Yorkers take to the streets as road and travel bans turn the Big Apple into a ghost town… but the worst of the weather is still to come 

Residents were captured having snowball fights in an almost deserted Times Square while others stood in the middle of the street to take pictures.

EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance

An anonymous reader writes: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a detailed, global strategy for ridding ourselves of mass surveillance. They stress that this must be an international effort — while citizens of many countries can vote against politicians who support surveillance, there are also many countries where the citizens have to resort to other methods. The central part of the EFF's plan is: encryption, encryption, encryption. They say we need to build new secure communications tools, pressure existing tech companies to make their products secure against everyone, and get ordinary internet-goers to recognize that encryption is a fundamental part of communication in the surveillance age. They also advocate fighting for transparency and against overreach on a national level. "[T]he more people worldwide understand the threat and the more they understand how to protect themselves—and just as importantly, what they should expect in the way of support from companies and governments—the more we can agitate for the changes we need online to fend off the dragnet collection of data." The EFF references a document created to apply the principles of human rights to communications surveillance, which they say are "our way of making sure that the global norm for human rights in the context of communication surveillance isn't the warped viewpoint of NSA and its four closest allies, but that of 50 years of human rights standards showing mass surveillance to be unnecessary and disproportionate."

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

After roughly 40 minute outage, Facebook again accessible in US, Asia, other regions


Boy Scouts’ ‘perversion files stretch back nearly a CENTURY’ says attorney in trial of leader accused of molesting 13-year-old boy

A former boy scout filed a lawsuit in California after a troop leader sexually abused him at the age of 13.

‘She took it to a grungy level’: Kenya Moore gyrates on the floor during family boat ride on Celebrity Apprentice

With her combative attitude Kenya Moore has been arguably the most controversial character on the current season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.

Was locker room attendant behind Deflate-gate? NFL zeros in on Patriots employee who shuffled balls between rooms before they were brought onto the field

NFL insiders revealed Monday that league authorities have now interviewed the Gillette Stadium attendant more than once.

High school sweethearts married for 68 years died less than 16 hours apart

Nancy and Jack Gatewood, both 88, from Tulsa, Oklahoma died after nearly 69 years together. Nancy, a homemaker, died on January 15 and Jack, a retired insurance worker died on January 16.

In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama weighed in on one of India's most sensitive topics as he wound up a visit on Tuesday, making a plea for freedom of religion to be upheld in a country where relations between Hindus and minorities have come under strain.

Cesc Fabregas: I knew Chelsea would be a really good move for me after I wrote down the squad… I always write down the team

Cesc Fabregas has revealed he 'always writes the team down' to figure out how he will fit in and it was that which made the midfielder realise how good a move to Chelsea would be for him.

Facebook and Instagram get knocked offline… for about an hour

Snowmageddon might not be all that fun those experiencing it on the East Coast, but it could well be affecting the rest of us too. Starting around 1am ET, Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, as well as apps that require FB credentials. Tin...

IBM could cut 110,000 jobs – including 5,000 here within days

IBM is preparing to cut more than a quarter of its global workforce in the biggest corporate cull in the computer giant's history, according to a report.

I shorted Tesco: Fund manager David Urch reveals his investing ideas

How does an active investor know when a company is a buy, hold or sell. We asked successful fund manager David Urch to explain his strategy.

Facebook, Tinder, Instagram suffer widespread issues


UPDATED: Tuesday, Jan. 27 / 2:14 a.m. EST — Facebook, Tinder and Twitter appear to be back to normal after a 40 minute outage and mass freak out.

Hold your duck faces, sexy messages and food photos. The world is in the middle of an extreme outage.

Facebook, Tinder and Instagram users worldwide are experiencing issues on Tuesday.

Mobile apps and website versions of the sites have gone down for some users, while others have been experiencing intermittent issues since 12:10 a.m. EST, according to, which monitors disruptions to Facebook's services

It is unclear at this time the reason for the issue. Facebook, which also owns Instagram, said in a statement emailed to Mashable: “We’re aware that many people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” Read more...

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Hotter days and less rainfall: How climate change will affect Australia in the next 100 years

Australia is set to become hotter, rain less frequently but should expect intense storms when it does shower, according to a new report forecasting the country's weather outlook over the next 100 years.

Official figures set to show UK economy grew 2.6% in 2014 – well below OBR forecast of 3%

Ahead of today's release of the latest gross domestic product figures, the UK is predicted to reveal its strongest level of annual growth since before the financial crisis.

DAVID JONES: Bigotry that drove my beautiful mother to a desperate act that’ll haunt me until I die 

My mother returned after a 'minor operation', her nose smaller and straighter. She had done so to disguise the fact that she was a Jew, writes DAVID JONES.
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