Steelers, Kobe Bryant, Mary Kate Olsen, …

Steelers Kobe Bryant Mary Kate Olsen best Cyber Monday deals Tom Brady Odell Beckham Jr The Revenant Buffalo Bills Sinead O Connor The Big Short Princess Charlotte Charcandrick West Denver weather Ohio State Vs Michigan Florida Gators Derrick Henry Tyson Fury Mark Richt Olivia Culpo Clemson Football

Churchill’s speeches ranked alongside the Magna Carta by the UN: Archive of a million papers added to register of the most pivotal documents in the world’s history 

The announcement today, on the 141st anniversary of Churchill's birth, means the archive will receive world-class preservation advice and assistance in promoting his words worldwide.

Bread’s Graham Bickley reveals he was sexually abused as teenager

The actor, best known for playing Joey Boswell in the BBC sitcom Bread between 1989 and 1991, pictured, said the incident was his first sexual encounter and that it 'haunts him still'.

Donald Trump cancels endorsement event after black pastors object

Many of the nearly 100 black religious leaders invited to the event say they had no intention of endorsing presidential candidate Donald Trump, who claimed the pastors supported him.

San Francisco officer known as the ‘Hot Cop of the Castro’ arrested following serious hit-and-run accident where ‘he plowed into two men crossing the street’

A San Francisco police officer known locally as the 'Hot Cop of the Castro' was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run Sunday. Christopher Kohrs, 38, is facing two felony charges.

University of Chicago cancels Monday’s classes after gun threat

The university said on Sunday night that a threat from an unknown person was passed on by the FBI. The threat mentioned the campus quad and a time of Monday morning at 10am.

Record-setting “Cyber Monday” expected

Online holiday shoppers are predicted to break records this “Cyber Monday” and spend nearly $3 billion, about a 12-percent increase over last year

Turning sunlight into clean fuel is now cheap and simple

Scientists have already produced artificial photosynthesis, but it has been an exotic process until now. You aren't about to replace the oxygen-giving plants around your home, in other words. However, researchers at Florida State University researc...

Lottery winner who banked £13.5m six months ago ‘still lives in his council house and calls bingo at the community centre’ after refusing to let his win change him 

Peter Congdon, from Truro, Cornwall, scooped the prize in May and said at the time that he planned to celebrate with a trip to Butlin's - where his family has been going for the past 40 years.

Adorable dog Mia shows off her yoga routine while sleeping on video

Mia was splayed on teh ground like she was about to catch some Z's but the dog soon revealed she had only been in child's pose as she began to perform her perfect cobra back bend.

Earthcore festival revellers jump into whirlwind and dance around on video

Revellers at the Earthcore music festival in regional Victoria have been captured on camera literally dancing up as storm, after a dust tornado hit the event.

Zookeepers hand-rear a baby cheetah at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Zookeepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in NSW have the challenging job of hand-rearing an adorable cheetah cub after she was rejected by her mother.

Jeremy Clarkson reveals new prototype drones for Amazon Prime Air deliveries – and explains how the service will work with a landing pad customers lay out in the yard

Clarkson, who is currently filming a new motoring show for Amazon Prime, stars in a humorous advert about the company's planned delivery service.

VW Officials Knew Since Last Year of Misleading Fuel Economy Claims

It's not just CO2 levels that Volkswagen manipulated; according to a wire story, Volkswagen officials knew at least a year ago that some of the company's officially-reported fuel-efficiency claims were overstated. From the linked article: Volkswagen's top executives knew a year ago that some of the company's cars were markedly less fuel efficient than had been officially stated, Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag reported, without specifying its sources. ... Months after becoming aware of excessive fuel consumption, former Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn decided this spring to pull one model off the market where the discrepancy was particularly pronounced, the Polo TDI BlueMotion, the paper cited sources close to Winterkorn as saying.

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New York Red Bulls 1-0 Columbus (1-2 agg): Crew survive late scare to book their place in MLS Cup final 

STEVE BRENNER AT RED BULL ARENA: The dream is over for Bradley Wright-Phillips and his New York Red Bulls as they failed in the play-offs for the third season in a row.

Alice Burch rejected from the Navy on medical grounds runs SIXTY marathons

Alice Burch, 34, from Ashurst, Hampshire, started the challenge on October 1 and completed her final run at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre yesterday.

Competition reveals holiday photos gone hilariously wrong

A collection of hilarious photographs have emerged from the search for Australia's most awkward holiday snap and include animal photobombs and poorly timed buttocks.

Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek get mobbed by fans outside trendy restaurant

When it comes to making sartorial selections, Sam Frost's seems to be 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum makes waves in fancy fedora with daughter Everly

She is starring as Lois Lane's sister Lucy in Supergirl. 

Ready to fight on! Michael B. Jordan says he would do Creed sequel as hit Rocky spin-off sparks Oscar buzz for Sylvester Stallone

With the Rocky reboot knocking out audiences and critics alike, star Michael B. Jordan has admitted he would love to lace up the gloves again for a sequel.

Louise Pillidge deletes lifestyle blog post for being riddled with mistakes

She surprised fans in October this year by launching a Martha Stewart inspired lifestyle blog.   

Snooki shares touching flashback photo of herself dancing with husband Jionni LaValle during reception in honour of one year wedding anniversary

The couple tied the knot at the St. Rose Of Lima in New Jersey last year. A Gatsby themed reception followed at the nearby Venetian.

Hospitals could pay £11,000 for locum doctors to work over bank holidays

Complex rules introduced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, pictured, mean that hospitals could spend even more to fill shifts than they were before he announced cuts to hourly rates.

Mark Richt, Mary Kate Olsen, Florida Gators Football, …

Mark Richt Mary Kate Olsen Florida Gators Football Buffalo Bills Sinead O Connor Jimmy Graham Giants Score Charcandrick West Princess Charlotte Ohio State Vs Michigan Stanford Football Derrick Henry Tyson Fury Florida Gators Olivia Culpo Clemson Football USC vs UCLA LSU football Oklahoma football Ice T

Mark Richt, Mary Kate Olsen, Florida Gators Football, …

Mark Richt Mary Kate Olsen Florida Gators Football Buffalo Bills Sinead O Connor Jimmy Graham Giants Score Charcandrick West Princess Charlotte Ohio State Vs Michigan Stanford Football Derrick Henry Tyson Fury Florida Gators Olivia Culpo Clemson Football USC vs UCLA LSU football Oklahoma football Ice T

Nina Agdal dons face mask treatment with boyfriend Reid Heidenry in Miami

The 23-year-old Elite Model captioned her makeup-free selfie: 'Prepping for Art Basel Miami!'

Ash Pollard cuddles up to fellow MKR contestants Steve Flood and Christo Gibson at Polo In The City

They battled it out for the winning title on Channel Seven's reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules winner earlier this year.

Bill Clinton ‘tried to seduce Jackie Kennedy at her New York apartment’

Bill Clinton once tried to seduce Jacqueline Kennedy at her New York apartment despite the 17-year age gap between them, according to a new book.

John Legend sings Happy Birthday to wife Chrissy Teigan for her 30th birthday

Chrissy Teigen sat among close friends and family while her husband, John Legend, 36, took to the stage at the Comedy Cellar in New York on Saturday and sang for her 30th birthday

Windsor residents complain about the smell from Mulgrave compost factory

Residents of Windsor, a town in Sydney's west, describe the smell produced by the compost plant as 'sickly sweet' and 'a combination of vomit, rotten eggs and nappies'.

Jessica Alba looks fantastic in beige jacket as she leaves restaurant in West Hollywood

She is the self-styled entrepreneur who always manages to turn heads wherever she goes.

Justin Bieber buys everyone in University Of Southern California bar shots

Justin Bieber, 21, knows how to make friends.

Rachael Taylor gushes about her secret boyfriend of two years revealing their relationship is ‘one of the things I’m most proud of’

As she hits the road to promote her new role in the Netflix series Jessica Jones, actress Rachael Taylor has opened up about her secret boyfriend of two years.

Rapper Future demands lemon grass scented candles before every show

If Future doesn't have piles of white powder in his dressing room, he is not a happy camper. The rapper demands 'fresh white powdered' doughnuts before every show, according to TMZ.

Rachael Taylor not ashamed as domestic abuse victim after Matthew Newton split

After having touched on the issue in the past, actress Rachael Taylor has again opened up about being abused by her former boyfriend Matthew Newton.

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews The Secret History Of The British Garden

(BBC2) and Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber (C4).

Scientists show that gene editing can ‘turn off’ human diseases

Gene editing has already been used to fight diseases, but there's now hope that it might eliminate the diseases altgether. Researchers have shown that it's possible to eliminate facial muscular dystrophy using a newer editing technique, CRISPR (Clus...

Scientists show that gene editing can ‘turn off’ human diseases

Gene editing has already been used to fight diseases, but there's now hope that it might eliminate the diseases altgether. Researchers have shown that it's possible to eliminate facial muscular dystrophy using a newer editing technique, CRISPR (Clus...

Delta Goodrem greets fans following final CATS The Musical performance in Sydney

She took to the stage for her final CATS The Musical performance in Sydney on Sunday night.

Star Wars hype comes full circle with these new retro posters

Star Wars hype comes full circle with these new retro postersThings that have appeared in promotional material for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:X-WingsHan SoloTIE fightersPrincess LeiaStormtroopersThe Millennium FalconA shadowy bad dude with a black cloak and a red lightsaberStar DestroyersA mysterious spherical battle station that could conceivably bring death to stars

Black hole observed devouring a star – CNET

An international team of astronomers has witnessed an "extremely rare" event: a black hole eating a star then ejecting a near light-speed flare.

Best Cyber Monday 2015 deals on Apple iPad tablets, MacBook laptops, iMac desktops

Best Cyber Monday 2015 deals on Apple iPad tablets, MacBook laptops, iMac desktopsDespite less hype than Black Friday, the online shopping event still yields a few sales on Apple devices, though the discounts are more modest.

Too scared to oust Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s moderates put the party in peril

Enough. One way or another, enough. It is time for those who care about the soul of the Labour Party and the health of British democracy to act, writes CHRIS DEERIN.

Dancing with the Stars’ Bindi Irwin denies getting married to Chandler Powell

An Australia Zoo representative told Daily Mail Australia on Monday: 'It's not true. There's been no proposal'.

Greek PM Tsipras takes on Turkey’s Davutoglu on Twitter

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A highly unusual online exchange took place on Twitter between the prime ministers of Greece and Turkey late Sunday before the former deleted his tweets - but only from the English version of his account.

Australia’s Got Talent judge Kelly Osbourne ‘threw a tantrum during auditions’

She has been posting smiley behind-the-scenes snaps since auditions began.

Odell Beckham Jr makes The Catch Mk II but New York Giants lose to Washington Redskins

Odell Beckham Jr has been working on making his left hand as good as his right, and it looks as though the outrageously talented receiver's endeavour is paying off.

Lara Bingle opens up about her post-baby exercise regime

She might be a busy mother of one but that doesn't mean that Lara Bingle doesn't find some time for herself.

Jennifer Lawrence and dog Pippa check out of Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca hotel in NYC

It's a pretty pricey hotel for regular folk. But having co-starred in three movies with the owner, Jennifer Lawrence probably gets a nice discount. The 25-year-old checked out of The Greenwich on Sunday

The Bachelor’s Zilda Williams flaunts her busty figure in a bikini

Zilda Williams flaunted her busty figure in a frill and tassel bikini as she posed for a photo with a friend aboard a boat over the weekend.

Sinead O’Connor posts seeming suicide note on Facebook

Irish singer-songwriter posted to Facebook that she had taken an overdose; Irish media reports she is safe

Kendall Jenner shows off bare shoulders wearing candy pink coloured wig

She's seen from the nose down, as her cartoonish pink hair curls above her bare shoulders which cut off above exposing her decolletage in the picture which she shared on Sunday

Employment in India’s app economy to double by 2016

Employment in India's app economy to double by 2016With the number of jobs in India created by apps possibly reaching 600,000 by 2016, the country looks at moving from e-governance to m-governance

British forger Shaun Greenhalgh fooled world with ‘£100m Leonardo da Vinci’

Is La Bella Principessa a 15th-century masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci worth £100 million? Or is it a 1978 sketch of Sally, the bossy check-out girl in the Co-op in Bolton?

Ariel Winter returns to LA after denying engagement rumours

The brunette-beauty recently shut down rumours that she was engaged to Laurent Gaudette, her boyfriend of two years.

Dog thanks firefighter after owner and pet are saved from from Texas flood

In scenes following the swift-water rescue early Friday in McKinney, Texas, the large dog was seen jumping up and licking the McKinney Fire Department firefighter to thank him in the way he knew best.

Nancy Dell’Olio’s wild taxi ride in which she kissed a man through cab window

If a vivacious brunette winds down her window and summons you to her taxi, watch out! It could be Nancy Dell’Olio looking for a kiss. She beckoned over a man in Mayfair, London, at the weekend.

Teenage girls expect to be paid £7,000 a year less than boys

Girls believe they will have an annual salary of £36,876 within ten years of leaving education, while boys anticipate 16 per cent more cash, or £44,124, according to research by City & Guilds.

​Cyber Monday 2015: What we’ve learned about e-commerce so far

​Cyber Monday 2015: What we've learned about e-commerce so farCyber Monday has kicked off and what's clear so far is that the nuances of e-commerce have shifted a bit from a year ago.

Does Jeremy Corbyn only back bombs if they’re aimed at fellow Brits?

The problem is that the Labour leader is not the pacifist he appears to be. He seemed only too keen to support the political purpose of those who detonated the explosives.

A sad note for Kate Rothschild as Roundtable Records folds

Kate Rothschild’s tempestuous relationship with rapper Jay Electronica appears to have finished with a note posted at Companies House in London.

Lady Victoria Hervey flaunts her slim figure in snakeskin bikini top and pink hotpants as she enjoys a day on Miami Beach with her Norfolk terrier, D’Artagnan

Lady Victoria Hervey, 39, took advantage of the lovely weather while in Florida on Sunday, and spent a day on Miami Beach.

Inside Stereosonic festival where Sylvia Choi died and 120 were treated for drug use

From a man being spun around on his head, to a woman skolling goon and a reveller being carried by a dwarf, social media has given an insight into the debauchery taking place at Stereosonic festival.

Gwen Stefani takes sons to church before joining Blake Shelton

The No Doubt singer took her sons Zuma, Kingston and Apollo to Mass the morning after her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale was spotted partying with actress Tara Reid and a mystery blonde.

New Zealand bids farewell to All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu at special memorial service at Eden Park in Auckland 

Thousands of New Zealanders have visited Eden Park to honour the memory of legendary All Blacks winger Jonah Lomu at a public memorial service hosted at the Auckland rugby venue.

Kim Wilde puts on a VERY busty display in sheer blouse at Christmas concert

The Kids in America singer looked every inch the sexy siren, wearing her wavy blonde tresses down around her shoulders, with lashings of dark eye make-up and bold red lips creating a striking look.

Cheap supermarket versions of pesto ruin Italian basil farmer’s livelihoods

The plunging price of basil, the key ingredient in EU-protected Genovese pesto, has slashed producers’ profits and some are making just £8.50 a day on their entire output.

The 30-somethings with £4,000 savings and a love for Dirty Dancing

A survey of Britons aged 30 to 35 found the average person in this age group had £343 a month of disposable income and typically spent more than three years saving for a house deposit.

As a practical joke on chinstrokers, Here We Go is a hoot writes QUENTIN LETTS

Showbiz folk say ‘leave ‘em wanting more’. Playwright Caryl Churchill and the National Theatre – under the patchy artistic direction of Rufus Norris – test that theory to its limits.

Now GPs tell patients to stay away during doctors’ strike

It came as the British Medical Association wrote to its members saying that the strike was ‘almost inevitable’ and it wanted to make sure that doctors were fully prepared.

The Bachelor’s Heather Maltman tries to avoid awkward run-in with Sam Wood

The 29-year-old actress, who came fourth on the show, reportedly legged it out of the event when she spotted the loved-up couple at t Channel Ten's Upfront event.

President Obama pays tribute to Paris attacks victims at Bataclan concert hall

President Obama has visited the Bataclan concert hall where 89 people were slaughtered earlier this month as he paid tribute to the victims of the Paris terror attacks.

PM urges EU progress on renegotiation discussions: Cameron demands talks over his migrant benefits curbs – despite there being little hope of agreement

Brussels sources say European Council President Donald Tusk has received a mixed response during talks on Britain’s demands with representatives from the EU’s 27 other states.

PETER MCKAY: Don’t tell us going to war won’t cost lives 

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has the air of a doctor anxious to conceal from a patient the unpleasant side-effects of surgery when he talks about the virtues of bombing Syria.

Tyson Fury has a darkside and he’s not afraid to show it after Kitschko win

Tyson Fury has had a decidedly colourful career of his own and possesses a dark side to his character some see as every bit as troubling as his American namesake.

Fabric Nature2X claims to absorb sweat without becoming damp or smelly

Inventors in Canada have come up with trousers made from a fabric that combines four kinds of fibre, so they can absorb sweat without becoming damp or smelly.



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Kobe Bryant will retire from basketball after 20 years with LA Lakers

Kobe Bryant announced on Sunday that the 2015-16 NBA season would be his last in an open letter titled 'Dear Basketball'.

MPs demand 20% levy for fizzy drinks and blitz on junk food deals

In a major report, the Health Select Committee said ministers should also introduce a ban on TV adverts for unhealthy brands being screened before 9pm, especially during family shows.

Melanie Sykes flaunts her ample cleavage and taut six-pack in Dubai

She is hardly the shy and retiring type. So it's perhaps unsurprising that, once again, TV presenter Melanie Sykes flashed her beach body while holidaying in Dubai on Sunday.

Ben Carson calls Planned Parenthood shooting a ‘hate crime’ and ‘domestic terrorism’

The two pro-life GOP candidates were the only two among the presidential field to say that the attack was fueled by anti-abortion ideology.

British Brimstone missiles can hit vehicles doing 70mph generating little debris

The laser-guided Brimstone missile, which can hit a small, fast-moving target, could be used by RAF pilots to assassinate IS leaders one by one.

Number of restaurant reservations said to be up 45% this Christmas

It seems that not only are we becoming ever more accustomed to paying to eat in restaurants, but we are increasingly put off cooking at home by the pressure to do everything just right.

Kate Hudson goes boho chic in floral print and sheer maxi skirt for dinner

The 36-year-old recently celebrated her mother Goldie Hawn's 70th birthday. It has also been claimed by Life & Style that she has split with Nick Jonas.

Scout leader Roland Frankel convicted of downloading child porn

Roland Frankel, 62, a former Liberal Democrat councillor, won the award in the village of Theydon Bois, Essex.

Israel Meets With Google and YouTube To Discuss Censoring Videos

An anonymous reader writes: Various sources report Israel's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely meeting with representatives of Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos believed to incite violence. Original aricle (in Hebrew) from Maariv The open question is how Google and Youtube will define "inciting violence." Currently, all foreign journalists in the Palestinian territories are required to register with the Israeli military, and all footage must be approved through the Israeli Military Censor's office before being released. However, according to the article in alternet individual Palestinians have been uploading videos showing violence by Israeli soldiers, including execution-style killings, and highlighting the living conditions in the territories, which Israeli authorities consider inflammatory.

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Jennifer Garner shares a laugh with Ben Affleck’s mom as they bond

Jennifer Garner, 43, showed off her darling dimples while sharing a laugh with her mother-in-law, Christine Boldt and Jennifer's daughter, six year-old Seraphina in Los Angeles on Sunday

Prison inmates let out of jail for driving lessons or tests including those on life sentences

More than 100 prisoners were allowed to leave their jails while serving their sentences to take driving lessons or tests last year, figures show.

Our unhealthy fixation with being thin, by Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson opened up about her late mother's battle with an eating disorder and said that seeing three loved ones die of cancer means 'you do not equate extreme thinness with healthiness'.

Hamburg out of race for 2024 Olympics after public referendum goes against bid

Just shy of 52 per cent of voters rejected the proposal, meaning the German city will pull out of the race with immediate effect to leave Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles in the running.

Olympic cycling champion-turned-jockey Victoria Pendleton pulls up Minella Theatre with two fences to clear in jumps debut

Victoria Pendleton pulled up her mount Minella Theatre with two fences to go as she raced for the first time over fences on Sunday.

TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger flaunts her incredible weight-loss in dress

Lauren Goodger, 29, certainly flaunted her weight-loss for all to see as she shared a snap of her on a date night with boyfriend Jake McLean on Sunday evening.

Eva Longoria turns till girl at best pal Victoria Beckham’s London store

Victoria posted a picture of the Hollywood beauty hard at work behind a counter, alongside beauty expert Ken Paves and a team of retail staff on her Instagram page.

We are better with names if we sleep for up to eight hours after first meeting

People are much better at remembering names if they sleep for up to eight hours after first meeting new acquaintances, suggests a new study.

Donald Trump insists he is ‘100% right’ about Muslims ‘cheering’ 9/11 attacks

Donald Trump insisted on Sunday he was '100 percent right' when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center on 'Meet the Press.'

Egypt’s tourism industry in crisis as millions stop visiting country’s resorts

Some 15million visitors a year were heading to the country up until the 2011 Arab Spring, but that had dropped to just 9million in 2014.

Number regularly skipping breakfast doubled in just three years

Half of Britons admit to regularly skipping breakfast - twice as many as just three years ago - despite warnings that missing out can leave you feeling 'lethargic and low', a Flahavan's study found.

Excessive use of Calpol linked to asthma and may also cause organ damage

Professor Alastair Sutcliffe, of University College London, said excessive use of Calpol and similar brands was linked to asthma and may also cause damage to the kidneys, liver and heart.

Amazon releases video showcasing unmanned delivery drones

By Barani Krishnan NEW YORK (Reuters) - Amazon has unveiled what its unmanned drones for package delivery would look like with a video launched on Sunday on the prototype of technology it announced two years ago. The promotional clip, narrated by television show host Jeremy Clarkson, shows a family receiving in about 30 minutes replacement soccer shoes for the one chewed up by its dog. "In time, there will be a whole family of Amazon drones.

Kristen Stewart gets to work on her new film after wrapping Woody Allen movie

The 25-year-old was recently spotted filming for Woody Allen's upcoming project in New York City, as well as in a short film made by Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld.
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