J.K. Rowling profiles Umbridge in new Potter tale

Author reveals more details about the villainous character's origins and inspirations in a Halloween treat for "Harry Potter" fans

Chris Brown’s Washington assault case settled

Lawyer for a man who was punched by Brown outside a Washington D.C. hotel says he has settled a lawsuit against the singer

Have archaeologists come to a dead end? No remains discovered within Alexander the Great-era tomb – but experts hope the burial room is hidden below ground

Some experts hope that a burial chamber is hidden below ground in the third chamber of the tomb, which is situated in the Amphipolis region of Serres in Greece.

Frankenstein French and Simple Stitched Moons

Frankenstein French and Stitched Moons by @chalkboardnailsHappy Halloween! I was still rocking my flannel nail art yesterday, and was going to leave it on today, but I couldn't let the holiday pass without doing some festive nail art. I did this quick manicure last night, and love the simplicity! It's like a deconstructed Frankenstein's monster, and took maybe 10 minutes to do each hand.

Frankenstein French and Stitched Moons by @chalkboardnails
I began by applying base coat to protect my nails. Then I used

Facebook Sets Up Shop On Tor

itwbennett writes: Assuming that people who use the anonymity network want to also use Facebook, the social network has made its site available on Tor, Facebook software engineer Alec Muffett said in a post on Friday. Facebook also decided to encrypt the connection between clients and its server with SSL, providing an SSL certificate for Facebook's onion address. This was done both for internal technical reasons and as a way for users to verify Facebook's ownership of the onion address. Since it is still an experiment, Facebook hopes to improve the service and said it would share lessons learned about scaling and deploying services via an onion address over time.

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Public urged to STOP visiting Tower of London poppy tribute because officials can’t cope

The public are being urged to cancel planned visits to the Tower of London this weekend to see the magnificent poppy display as the site is becoming too overcrowded.

Broad rally lifts Wall St. to record as BoJ bumps up stimulus

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Dow industrials hit a record high on Friday as stocks rallied on Wall Street after the Bank of Japan significantly ramped up its stimulus program, just days after the Federal Reserve wound down its years-long package of incentives.

Georgia Sigourney needed 50 stitches after friend’s dog suddenly attacked her

Georgia Sigourney, 12, narrowly avoided being blinded after her face was brutally mauled by a Siberian Husky while she was watching X Factor at her friend's home in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough.

£9 Nokero N200 lights up a room for six hours without electricity

The Denver-based Nokero N200 bulb (pictured) recharges in low sunlight and poor weather, and it is designed for areas where there is limited or no electricity.

Netflix shutters Hillsboro service center

Netflix is moving its Hillsboro service center to California in June 2015, company officials announced Wednesday. Netflix is pouring more resources into streaming video, and the Hillsboro support call center — the only one dedicated to DVDs — left it vulnerable to change. Hillsboro city officials did not ...

Reaction to Apple CEO announcement that he’s gay

Apple CEO Tim Cook is getting a lot of public support after his personal revelation. He is now the first openly gay executive of a Fortune 500 company.

Dramatic Chihuahua plays dead when held

Nick Dietz compiles some of the week's best viral videos, including motorcycle chariot racing, a musical tribute to Shia LeBeouf and a combat ship side launched into a river. Plus, a Chihuahua that, when held by a certain someone, freezes up like it was crossbred with a possum.

Today is officially the UK’s hottest Hallowe’en since records began

The skating rink outside the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London, melted yesterday ahead of what is set to be the hottest Hallowe'en on record.

Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr. honored by BAFTA

​There was a bit of a British invasion at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel, as BAFTA Los Angeles hosted its annual Britannia Awards

Lawyer for Hannah Graham suspect Jesse Matthew requests psychiatric evaluation as he appears in court via video link for 2005 rape case

Jesse Matthew, 32, appeared in Fairfax County Circuit Court today via video link for an unrelated rape case dating back to 2005.

Facebook starts mining users’ data about political sentiment for ABC News and BuzzFeed’s election coverage

Facebook will collect data from posts by users in the United States 18 or older and will use sentiment analysis about specific politicians that will be shared with ABC News and BuzzFeed.

Clara McKinty left on chair in hospital for EIGHT HOURS after suspected stroke

Clara McKinty, 90, was told it was a 'usual day' after her long wait to receive treatment at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. She was struggling to talk and complained to doctors of a pounding headache.

Deadline claims to use Apple’s HealthKit data to count down to your demise

An App created for California-based Apple's iOS predicts when you'll die. Called Deadline (shown) it apparently uses Apple's new HealthKit technology to give you a 'ticker'.

Aaron Bee taunts police on Facebook after they post mugshot online

After Lincolnshire police released a mug-shot and appeal over wanted man Aaron Bee he took to social media to mock the efforts to trace him, describing the search as 'fun and games'.

Black bear that killed New Jersey hiker Darsh Patel was ‘predatory’

The hiker found dead near a circling bear in a wildlife preserve last month was mauled to death, according to an autopsy. Darsh Patel, 22, is the first person in NJ history to be killed by a bear.

Rolf Harris loses first round of his conviction appeal

A spokesman for the Judicial Office has confirmed today that a judge has refused the application for permission to appeal against his conviction for 12 indecent assaults.

GMA triumphs in Halloween morning show costume war: Prince George and George Clooney lead GMA’s celebrity impersonations

GMA triumphed in its battle of the morning show costume war as Lara Spencer put on a hilarious performance as the British royals' most adorable member.

Puppy farmer who shot dead partner and her daughter sentenced to life

John Lowe, 82, murdered 66-year-old Christine Lee and her daughter Lucy Lee, 40, with his shotgun at his puppy farm home near Farnham, Surrey, in February. He was convicted this week

Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook for Mac, available to Office 365 subscribers, with a

Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook for Mac, available to Office 365 subscribers, with a refined interface and better push email support. Read more on the Office blog.


Ayahana Comb found inside a refrigerator died from starvation and dehydration

A Texas medical examiner has determined that the primary cause of death of Ayahana Comb was a combination of malnutrition and dehydration, compounded by severe ulcers. .

Spider leaves Birmingham woman hospitalised for four days after mystery bite

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Lauren Reid was left with a puss-filled hole in her arm after the arachnid attack in her home in Kingstanding, Birmingham earlier this month

‘I would spit in his face’: Honey Boo Boo’s sister breaks down as she slams Mama June for bringing her child molester back into their lives

The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' star appeared in an emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday.

CDC confusion over Ebola as it deletes warning that it can spread through coughs and sneezes

The new guidance says there's 'no evidence' Ebola is spread through either. It also took down a poster that said the virus can be transferred through 'droplets' that land on hard surfaces, like doorknobs.

New Jersey thief stole from nine ATMs in a day but police have no idea how he did it

Police in New Jersey are seeking the public's help in identifying a man who they say fraudulently withdrew more than $100,000 from nine different ATM machines in New Jersey.

Grade II listed property resembles comedian Alan Carr

This house in Coventry was well known for its historical roots, but it has now found new fame as a lookalike for Chatty Man comedian Alan Carr - with the beam over the arch resembling his toothy grin.

Sue King celebrates Halloween with her ‘family’ of 200 dolls

Instead of bobbing apples and trick-or-treating, Sue King, 52, from Toledo, Ohio, will be doting on her porcelain dolls - who she believes are haunted by the spirits of dead children.

Lava flow could wipe out future for Hawaii village

A river of lava threatens to block the main road into the village of Pahoa. Dozens of people who could lose their homes don't know when to get out. Carter Evans reports.

Timelapse video captures workers transforming tracks in London below the Shard

While the city slept, Network Rail engineers installed a huge new signal gantry on the approach to London Bridge station, creating an unusual video in the process.

Julie Bowen, Annie Lennox And 14 Other Stars Pick Their Favorite Horror Movies

If you're in search of the perfect horror movie to scare you off your couch this Halloween, look no further: HuffPost Live has recommendations from a batch of stars who told us about the frights they'll never forget.

In the video above, watch Julie Bowen, Annie Lennox, Angela Bassett, and a handful of others explain just how scared they truly are of their favorite horror films. Perhaps the most impassioned answer came from the boys of Boyz II Men, who offered a thorough play-by-play of a terrifying scene that still gives them chills.

And if you're eager for more Halloween tricks and treats, check out HuffPost Live's creepy look at a very unsettling haunted house and this primer on the forgotten history of Halloween.

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Highlands estate with a golf course and a power station goes on the market for £6m

The Dall Estate, in the Scottish Highlands, was once earmarked to become the world's most expensive private members club, with annual fees of £2million.

MPAA Bans Google Glass In Theaters

An anonymous reader writes: The Motion Picture Association of America, along with the National Association of Theater Owners, have banned Google Glass and similar devices from being in movie theaters. They said, "As part of our continued efforts to ensure movies are not recorded in theaters, however, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device while movies are being shown. As has been our long-standing policy, all phones must be silenced and other recording devices, including wearable devices, must be turned off and put away at show time. Individuals who fail or refuse to put the recording devices away may be asked to leave." This is a change from the MPAA's stance earlier this year that Glass was "no threat" in terms of copyright infringement. A spokesman said the ban is geared toward combating more sophisticated wearables in the future.

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Anna van Keulen’s rendition of Downton Abbey theme tune video goes viral

Anna van Keulen was hit by a car as she rode her bike to school in the Netherlands at the beginning of October. She died from the injuries she sustained.

​Waiters and Waitresses: How Can Guests Get the Best Service From You?

​Waiters and Waitresses: How Can Guests Get the Best Service From You?

Try as you might, we know that most waiters are spread too thin to give all of their tables equal service. So, we want to know, what can your guests do to get the best service when dining in your section?


Body found in Melbourne car so badly burned police cant tell age or identity

The body of a large man has been found in the boot of a burnt-out car on a quiet road on the outskirts of Melbourne. The body was so badly burnt that police have not yet been able to identify it.

Bear cubs hide up tree in Pennsylvania caught on camera

These two cute black bear cubs look out shyly while they cling to a large oak tree in a residential area in Kingston Township, Pennsylvania.

Miguel Piedra arrested after ‘sexually assaulting patient and SQUEEZING her to death’

Miguel Piedra, 49, was taken into custody at his home in Fort Worth, Texas, while police said they set bail for $500,000 (£310,000 pounds).

China executes Han Lei who killed a mother’s toddler by throwing it on the floor

Han Lei, 40, was sentenced to death in September following the incident in July when he confronted the child's mother in a Beijing car park.

J.K. Rowling Publishes New Story On Pottermore Revealing Inspiration Behind Dolores Umbridge

J.K. Rowling caused a stir among Harry Potter fans last week when she announced that she’d be publishing a new story exploring Dolores Umbridge’s background on Pottermore.com this Halloween.

The new material doesn’t disappoint. Not only does Rowling detail the life story of Umbridge, a bigoted and cruel Ministry of Magic official with a surprising penchant for frills and kitten ornaments, she also discusses the inspiration for Umbridge’s character -- a teacher Rowling loathed as a young student, who shared Umbridge’s taste for girly accessories.

“I have noticed more than once in life that a taste for the ineffably twee can go hand-in-hand with a distinctly uncharitable outlook on the world,” noted Rowling, though she also takes pains to point out that her former teacher was by no means as ruthless as the character based on her.

The story, excerpted on Today.com, appears on Pottermore.com, if you have the patience to complete the challenges to open it!

Rowling didn’t stop with Umbridge, also adding new pieces to Pottermore.com about thestrals, Sibyll Trelawney and the Ministry of Magic, among other topics. Though a history of the Ministers of Magic may seem dull, Rowling’s flair for the clever name and kooky detail makes the brief biographies of the past ministers a riotous read. One elderly minister left office after he “attended Queen Victoria’s funeral in an admiral’s hat and spats, at which point the Wizengamot suggested gently that it was time he move aside.” Another lost political favor after introducing too many petty pieces of legislation -- “hat pointiness and so on.”

As with all of Rowling's new Harry Potter stories, a little dedication is required to enjoy the full catalog. The new content has been published on Pottermore.com, where users must register, then explore digital renderings of moments in the Harry Potter series in order to find and unlock the stories. With such a treasure trove of alternately funny and poignant new backstories to uncover, the effort won't be wasted.

Miley Cyrus Spends $300,000 On Ryan McGinley Nude Photo At AIDS …

Pop Stars Everywhere, Take a Lesson From 5 Seconds of Summer: If You Can’t Make Your Point, Don’t

"We teach discipline. We teach girls how to sit up straight. How to stay silent. How to obey."

At first glance, this could be a line from a dramatic movie about the repression of women in society. It could be a line from a villain in a book who means to undermine free will.

But instead, it's from 5 Seconds of Summer's new music video, "Good Girls."

The first minute of this video seems like a caricature. The slicked grey curls, preppy classical music and scrunched-up face of the generically-named "Principal" against an awkwardly-placed spotlight and dramatic color contrast makes it seem, well, fake. "A good girl is like sweet lemonade on a hot day," a gel-haired member of 5SOS asserts.

"That's correct," the principal agrees.

Then pipes up the sepia-zebra-haired cellist of the group. "A good girl is like when you touch the fret of your cello and you feel the warm embrace."

"Mm-hmm," comes the sound of agreement from the group. "We're to, uh, you know, make the bad girls good girls."

And with that, the principal -- wiping his already-clean glasses with a stark white handkerchief -- decides to top the discussion off with a resounding statement about feminine nature. "It is our view point that all girls are bad. It's just that the good girls haven't been caught yet."

Forget that women, here, are less of people and more of objects meant for pleasure. Forget that their "goodness" can be turned on like a light switch by the boys -- how did they put it -- ah, soothing them with classical music. The environment seems so fake, with violins and handkerchiefs and a pop/rock band praised for their "classical style of music," that this opinion about women can't possibly be real. They're going to mock it later in the song, obviously. The principal is going to look like the bad guy, because these statements are so ridiculous. They're funny. Right?

I have to say, it came as a shock the number of times that the band belted, "good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" amidst scenes of disciplinary action and teaching balance with books on girls' heads. But then I remembered that the over-the-top nature of this video was intended, what with girls reading hot pink books titled Girls' Guide to Being Good in prim-and-proper cursive. I realized the overall ridiculousness of the girls' rebellions, the principal's demeanor and the school's strictness must translate to the craziness of the lines.

It's all a big joke.

And then it all starts to make sense -- the posters on the wall saying, "Obey, look pretty, stay quiet, cook and clean, smile, be happy, stand straight, do homework" list generic actions that society considers to be "good" in women -- some even outdated, like the '50s concept of cooking and cleaning to be the perfect housewife. And it makes even more sense that the "bad girls'" rebellion was to X out this poster, to run and jump and dance, to take off the glasses of the ever-pompous principal.

It took me three run-throughs of the video to finally understand: 5SOS doesn't mean to show women as objects in this video -- it's supposed to be empowering. "Good girls" are society's image of what women should be; "bad girls" are free to break this image.

5SOS, I see what you mean. But this, my friends, was not the way to portray that message. The beginning scenes of the girls' delinquent behavior really does make them seem... bad. Not nonconformist, not free. Bad. Your tune is lighthearted and fun, contrasting the ridiculousness of the rest of the video. This makes it seem like you are agreeing, quite literally, that good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught -- that they are objects to be controlled, entities to be controlled, lemonade to be drank. And it takes much too long to piece together the ridiculousness caricatures in the video with the very regular way you sing your song.

With just the song, people will think that you are barraging women and showing them as sex objects, cellos to be caressed, soothed, made to remain silent and obey. Even with the video, it's not obvious that you're saying anything different.

And for the sake of women everywhere, I sure hope you are.

Surprise box-office hit for ‘Ouija’ and Marvel teases fans of …

EuroNews - Found 18 minutes ago
Joss Whedon is back in the director’s seat for the movie, which sees the five main Avengers characters return, with a star-studded cast...

Two toddlers found wandering the streets of Long Beach

California's Long Beach Police Department has now asked for the public's help in identifying the children - thought to be aged one and two - as well as tracking down their parents.

Stephen Maiorino ‘raped woman at gunpoint after threatening to arrest her for DUI’

Officer Stephen Maiorino, 35, is accused of demanding oral sex from his victim under threat of arrest and pinning her to the hood of his police cruiser while he sexually assaulted her.

Pictures of Mario Balotelli’s bathroom after fireworks were let off revealed

MailOnline can reveal the damage caused by the indoor display in his £7,500-a-month house in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, causing a reported £400,000 of damage.

Brazilian football club Corinthians reveal graveyard for up fans

Sao Paulo-based club Corinthians say up to 70,000 plots will be made available for fans in the 'Corinthians Forever' graveyard which is due to open in 2015.

Chris Rock Counts Down The Year’s Top 5 Halloween Costumes

We have seen the light!

Chris Rock, star of the movie "Top Five," made a visit to "The Tonight Show" Thursday to count down the year's top five Halloween costumes. The best part was that Rock delivered the list in the style of a preacher, breaking into dance after each costume was revealed.

The preacher bit, along with the costumes themselves, definitely gives us something to believe in.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

CDC pulls poster explaining how Ebola can be spread by contaminated droplets

The U.S. health authority poster had said droplets, such as those from a sneeze, carried the Ebola virus and could remain infectious on surfaces for up to several hours.

Ryan Bowen from Rockville in seven feet tall DIY Halloween costume

Ryan Bowen from Rockville, Maryland,set to work making an impressive robot costume for his son Geraint this Halloween.

France’s niqab ban is PRAISED by Afghanistan’s new First Lady Rula Ghani

Wearing the full veil in public was banned by French law in 2011, igniting a fierce debate over the value of religious freedom against social cohesion.

Zebra dodges crocodile’s jaws by inches and then kicks it in the face in photos

A herd of zebras had been enjoying a quiet drink at a waterhole in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya when the crocodiles suddenly attacked.

David Packman Show host slams Jacqui Lambie and compares her to Sarah Palin

Outspoken Australian senator Jacqui Lambie has been branded the 'Australian Sarah Palin' by an American radio host who said he is glad the US isn't the only country with colourful politicians.

ISIS costumes for Halloween: Party-goers dress up in jihadist-themed outfits 

Social media has been flooded with pictures of people wearing ISIS-style outfits weeks after the jihadists beheaded four Western hostages in their reign of terror across Iraq and Syria.

North Queensland man stabbed for changing the channel on woman’s TV

A Queensland woman has stabbed a man with a shard of glass, a knife and a pair of scissors after she allegedly became upset when he changed the TV channel at her home

Matt Radnall, the final British serviceman to leave Afghanistan lands at Brize Norton

Carrying a Union Jack under his arm, the last soldier out of Camp Bastion, Commander Matt Radnall of the RAF’s 7 Force Protection Wing, landed back on British soil yesterday evening.

Gavin in Teesside hanged himself after police and social services ‘missed opportunities’

The boy, named only as Gavin, witnessed domestic violence, was neglected and was withdrawn at school before being found hanged in Teesside last year, a report says.

John Palowski ‘ripped man’s ear from his skull and bit off a part of his face’ in New York

John Palowski, 31, man ripped off a man's ear and bit off part of his face in an unprovoked attack on Tuesday, said the Evans, New York police department.

John Clark, head of drug smuggling gang pictured in Spain before being jailed

John Clark, of Waterfoot, Lancashire, moved more than £1million worth of cocaine, heroin and other drugs through Scotland, Merseyside, London and Lincolnshire every month

Cat which nearly died after attack ‘because he looks like Hitler’ has now recovered

Baz, a seven year-old tomcat, was blinded and left for dead in a bin. Owner Kirsty Sparrow, 26, from Gloucestershire, fears her pet was targeted by cruel youths because of his unfortunate likeness.

228 tribal leaders found murdered by ISIS militants in just two days

150 members of the Albu Nimr tribe were found in a mass grave near Ramadi city this morning, while the corpses of another 78 members were discovered in the nearby town of Hit (pictured).

DFAT warns Australians teachers could be attacked by ISIS

Jihadists are encouraging attacks on Australian teachers working abroad, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has advised expatriates.

David Cameron’s dinner date with Claudia Schiffer at Chequers

The Prime Minister dined with the pin-up and her Tory-supporting English film producer husband, Matthew Vaughn, at his country retreat earlier this year.

Jet 2 and Thomson Airways face claims up to £10bn after losing court case

Britain's highest court has this morning refused to hear appeals by Jet 2 and Thomson Airways against two passengers who won compensation after being left stranded by them.

Nae Nae Dance Creators Tell Miley Cyrus She's Doing It Wrong

Miley Cyrus has moved on from twerking. She’s got a new (old) dance, and its creators are ragging on her for doing it all wrong.On Oct. 17, Cyrus...

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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

How to Stick to a Writing Schedule

How to Stick to a Writing Schedule

Practice makes perfect, the old adage goes, and the more you write the better you get at it. Whether you're blogging for money or writing for yourself —perhaps for November's NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month—here are some tips to develop a writing habit.


Preeti Gupta cries and sweats blood and family is desperate for help

Preeti Gupta, 15, from Delhi, has been suffering from the illness after she was violently sick one day in November 2009 and her eyes and skin began to ooze blood.

Nation, The Last Episode Of ‘The Colbert Report’ Will Air On December 18

If you're a "Colbert Report" fan and get depressed around the holidays, you might have a particularly difficult time this year.

On Thursday night's episode, Stephen Colbert announced that our beloved "Report" will air its last episode on Dec. 18.

Of course, we'll be seeing more of Stephen when he takes over for David Letterman as host of "The Late Show" in 2015. That date, however, has not been set.

Colbert couched his show's expiration date in a plug for the paperback release of his book, "America Again."

"The point is, Stephen Colbert, the guy you've seen here every night for 9 years, will be gone. And all you'll have left of me is this book," he said.

Considering that Colbert does not plan to bring his signature "character" to his new late night gig, that's unfortunately true.

Karen Carberry who lied about qualifications to get job at Reed then swindled £300k

Karen Carberry, of Epsom, Surrey, plundered the company accounts to spend money in high street stores and on trips to Greece. She was found guilty of fraud at the Old Bailey

Matthew Bissonnette who published No Easy Day is under criminal investigation

Matthew Bissonette controversially released No Easy Day in 2012 without approval from the Department of Defense, selling thousands of copies worldwide.

Kanye West And Madonna Take The Ultimate Self-Obsession Selfie

Celebs! They're just like us. At last night's Keep A Child Alive Black Ball 2014, superstars Madonna and Kanye West took an epic selfie together.

Judge Holt lets Christopher Gilland caught with indecent images of children walk free

Christopher Gilland, 34, of RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk admitted downloading 1,834 obscene photos of children, but walked free after a judge decided he was a voyeur rather than a paedophile.

Sprint extends $20 lease program to Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Sport

The program, where customers essentially rent a phone, was originally launched with Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Men and women both work harder when they have kids

Study by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in Missouri says having children can make people more productive at work (stock image shown). They sampled nearly 10,000 men and women.

Maria Adams banned after dragging her friend around a Tesco car park

CCTV captured driver Maria Adams, 20, recklessly towing a friend in a borrowed Tesco wheelchair around a car park at one of the supermarket's stores in Sunderland.

Clemmie Huckerby who felt like Frankenstein enters pageant to win back confidence

Clemmie Huckerby 18, from Great Malvern was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last spring. She had surgery this summer but the resulting scar left her feeling like the famous monster.

Pregnant mother sentenced to jail after she allowed son to play truant

The woman, 37, said she had 'tried her best' with her son, who had a 67 per cent attendance record at school between July and October this year, Plymouth Magistrates' Court heard.

Huawei does the Honors in CNET UK podcast 409

Huawei has a new name for Europe, while drones are proving to be both good and evil this Halloween.

Matthew Graziotti faces 250 years in jail after pleading guilty to abusing pupils

Matthew Graziotti, 43, met his victims while working as an elementary school teacher, a youth sports coach, a youth pastor and director of a summer camp in South Daytona, Florida.

Critics warn Coca-Cola Life is simply a marketing gimmick

The new naturally sweetened drink - which contains a third less sugar and calories than regular cola - has been created amid calls to tackle the global obesity epidemic.

New aeroplane seat will allow passengers to fully recline at 30,000ft

Designed for use in premium economy and business class, at the flick of a switch, the seat can be transformed into a four-foot 'couch' and even a full length double bed.

Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Facility

Amanda Bynes has been released from the psychiatric facility where she's been held for more than two weeks and was roaming the Sunset Strip Thursday night, TMZ has learned.

More £1m homes sold in St Albans than Scotland

There were 6,143 £1million-plus house sales in Britain in the first half of 2014 – an incredible 33 a day - compared to the first half of 2009, when it slumped to 1,382.

Hospital whistleblower Jean Haydr forced out of work by smear campaign

Jean Haydr, 48, was set to be promoted to senior nurse at Tameside General Hospital, Greater Manchester when she was sacked in 2013 following false allegations by other nurses.

Is dark energy turning the universe into a ‘big, empty, boring’ place?

Researchers from the UK and Italy clam to have found indications that dark matter, the cosmic scaffolding on which the universe is built, is being slowly erased by dark energy.

Parachutist rescued from Missouri TV tower after two hours spent in the air

First responders were dispatched Thursday night after the man's parachute became snagged on the wires connected to the KETC-TV tower in south St. Louis County.

Connecticut ghost town sells for $1.9m right before Halloween

Once envisioned as a tourist attraction, it has laid abandoned for decades. But now, Johnsonville in East Haddam, Connecticut, has been snapped up by a buyer for $1.9million.

Lindsay Lohan's rep denies the actress is dating Tom Cruise

Veronica Linares LONDRES, England, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Lindsay Lohan's rep has denied claim made in an OK! magazine article that the actress is dating 50-year-old actor Tom Cruise.

Mum shocked after Westpac demand to talk to her toddler to verify his account details 

A busy Victoria mother of two toddlers has been left stunned after nationwide bank Westpac asked to speak to her three-year-old boy before she could change any details on his savings account.

Breaching Air-Gap Security With Radio

An anonymous reader writes: Security researcher Mordechai Guri with the guidance of Prof. Yuval Elovici from the cyber security labs at Ben-Gurion University in Israel presented at MALCON 2014 a breakthrough method ("AirHopper") for leaking data from an isolated computer to a mobile phone without the presence of a network. In highly secure facilities the assumption today is that data can not leak outside of an isolated internal network. It is called air-gap security. AirHopper demonstrates how the computer display can be used for sending data from the air-gapped computer to a near by smartphone. The published paper and a demonstration video are at the link.

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Growing wealth of Asian nations is making their people happier

Levels of well-being in Indonesia, China and Malaysia now rival in the U.S., Germany and the UK,, according to the Pew Research Center in Washington.

Mongo Only Pawn in Game of Life in the Friday Open Thread

Mongo Only Pawn in Game of Life in the Friday Open Thread

Hello! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, and Methodists eat beans around a campfire and cause global warming.


See adorable animals dressed up for Halloween

From Where's Wally to Marilyn Monroe, no costume character is off limits for the scary season's best-dressed pets.

Low Latency 113: Bro band

Out of nowhere, Microsoft debuted a fitness tracking smartwatch called the Band. At first glance, it's kind of awesome.

Experience North Korea to promote trips despite border closure due to Ebola

Not only is the Shanghai-based operator facing the challenge of promoting trips to the unpopular Communist country, but now, it's attempting to do so when North Korea has just closed its borders.

How rail ticket machines are ripping you off

MPs have called for action after an investigation found many machines promote the most expensive fares, 'bury’ cheaper options, and fail to apply discounts.
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