“Twilight” anniversary edition reverses genders

Just call them Edythe and Beau

Ashley Judd says she was harassed by studio exec

The actress said that even as "a declared feminist," she felt helpless when a "famous" studio mogul harassed her

Yoko Ono’s human peace sign

Yoko Ono gathered thousands of people in New York City's Central Park for a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest human peace sign

Google denies scooping up your car’s data through Android Auto

If you ask Motor Trend, Porsche is leery of supporting Android Auto. The sports car badge supposedly refused to use it due to an agreement that required sending Google tons of data about a vehicle, from its speed to its oil temperature. That woul...

Bernie Ecclestone expects F1 to have new owners by end of the year with three prospective buyers in the frame 

Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone says he expects the sport to have new ownership by the end of the year and that three parties are currently interested.

Floyd Mayweather’s globetrotting continues as he travels to Hawaii post-retirement

It appears the world is Floyd Mayweather's oyster as the boxing superstar continues to enjoy life post-retirement. On Tuesday, he took to Instagram to reveal that he is in Hawaii.

Romanian Rugby World Cup heroes have ‘earned the right for a beer’ says coach Lynn Howells after win over Canada 

Romania coach Lynn Howells said he would reward his players with a beer after they came from 15-0 down to beat Canada 17-15 at the World Cup.

Thousands join Yoko Ono to form peace sign

Thousands of people tried to set a world record for largest group of human bodies forming a peace sign in honor of John Lennon

Newcastle winger Alesana Tuilagi to miss start of Premiership season after receiving five-week ban for violent conduct  

Newcastle winger Alesana Tuilagi will miss the start of the Aviva Premiership season after being hit with a five-week ban. He was cited for striking Japan's Harumichi Tatekawa at the Rugby World Cup.

Seahawks, American Apparel, Claire Danes, Tom Bergeron, …

Seahawks American Apparel Claire Danes Tom Bergeron Isabella Cruise Stephen A Smith Caleb Logan Bratayley Lindsay Vrckovnik Raffi Torres Star Wars Battlefront Beta St Louis Rams Nobel Prize 2015 Cheerios recall Kiersten Cerveny Shaunie O Neal TPP Peeple Jingle Ball 2015 Columbus Day Bobby Shmurda

Which Android devices are getting Marshmallow and when?

Google has started rolling out Android 6.0, aka Marshmallow, to a handful of Nexus devices. But, as great as that is, there are still millions of people who have to wait for third-party manufacturers or carriers to get the update. Thankfully, compa...

FA unable to assure England boss Roy Hodgson over Wembley pitch after NFL match and Rugby World Cup games

The Wembley surface The surface has taken a battering in recent weeks and the FA have been unable to guarantee that it will be 100 per cent for Friday's game with Estonia.

Jurgen Klopp set to be unveiled on Friday as new Liverpool manager, penning a three-year deal to succeed Brendan Rodgers

Jurgen Klopp is expected to be unveiled as Liverpool ’s new manager on Friday. Talks have been ongoing with the 48-year-old and his advisors since Sunday to succeed Brendan Rodgers.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho to publish first book next week with insight into his ‘unique brand of football wisdom and philosophy’

CHARLES SALE: Chelsea's struggling manager Jose Mourinho has his first book published next week by Headline at the worst possible time after dismal start to the season.

Liverpool’s head of technical performance Michael Edwards is the laptop guru who did a number on Brendan Rodgers

NEIL ASHTON - THE INSIDE TRACK: Each morning, when John W Henry and Michael Gordon wake up in Boston, their email inbox pings with messages about Liverpool.

Science Would Like Some Rules for Genome Editing, Please

Science Would Like Some Rules for Genome Editing, Please

At an international meeting in Washington, the bigwigs of Crispr/Cas9 try to sort out the ethics of editing DNA.

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Ex-lieutenant fired over gorilla Facebook post plans appeal

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A white Newark, New Jersey, police lieutenant fired over a Facebook exchange that referred to the city's black mayor as a gorilla is appealing the decision and wants to return to the force.

John Carver has questioned the ‘DNA’ of Newcastle United players after worst start in 117 years

John Carver questioned the ‘DNA’ of Newcastle United’s players amid an eight-match losing run last season and fears nothing has changed in their worst start to a campaign in 117 years.

David Beckham believes Manchester United will not suffer a Premier League trophy drought like arch-rivals Liverpool

David Beckham believes Manchester United will not follow Liverpool’s lead and endure a 25-year run without tasting Premier League glory and backs Wayne Rooney to move into midfield.

A Parent’s Guide to College Freshmen

When teenagers are in their first year of college, you as parents still have a crucial role to play. While you're not in the same kind of control as you had been, you might consider adopting a coaching presence. While it will get you no place to demand an accounting of their whereabouts, you still should ask questions that will guide your kid, now a freshman making a big step in advanced adolescence to take charge of personal as well as academic explorations and appropriate decision-making.

Use the following questions to engage your kid in a conversation. These questions are structures so you can learn about their challenges -- from not understanding course requirements to succumbing to peer pressure. This way you can steer your kids away from poor choices. Remember yourself at that overwhelming first year of college, trying to cope with your feelings of loneliness, anxiety and insecurity -- when your ambition was to belong, make friends and develop an intellectual life. As a parent, you can't fix these issues yourself, but playing the role of mentor will help.

Q1. Which classes do you prefer?

Q2. What are your assignments like?

Q3. How are you studying for exams? What do you think of study groups?

Q4. What are the interactions with your professors like?

Q5. What did you learn from orientation and how are you applying it?

Q6. Which clubs and activities interest you? Which have you explored?

Q7. What are your new friends like?

Q8. How are you dealing with the difficult issues that go alone with studying vs. partying, money and time management, and self-discipline?

Try not to judge. Be supportive and encourage them to use this first year of college as a laboratory to learn about themselves while they're learning about the world.

To begin, you begin!

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Alas, All-Day Breakfast Won’t Be Enough to Save McDonald’s

Alas, All-Day Breakfast Won’t Be Enough to Save McDonald’s

We love Egg McMuffins too. But 21st-century fast food isn't just about what you eat. As Starbucks' success shows, it's about the tech in your pocket.

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De-Pill Your Clothes With the Rough Side of a Dry Sponge

Little balls of fuzz, or pills, can build up on the fabric of some of your favorite clothing items. Sweaters and jackets are particularly susceptible to them, but you can easily remove them with the scrubbing side of a dry sponge.


Premier League managers’ life expectancy: Arsene Wenger still going strong, but average is down to less than two years

NICK HARRIS: The ‘life expectancy’ of a Premier League manager has been drastically cut since the new-look competition began in 1992-93.

Theresa May at the Conservative party conference in a dress by Roland Mouret

The striking £1,395 ‘Bitzer’ dress, from designer Roland Mouret’s pre-fall 2015 collection, features an unusual asymmetric neckline and a long gold zip running down the back.

Your Facebook News Feed speed now depends on your connection

To better accommodate its users in emerging markets, many of whom only have access to 2G signal, Facebook announced a number of improvements to News Feed on Tuesday. In short, the news services has been revamped to ensure that it loads efficiently,...

England head coach Stuart Lancaster insists,‘It doesn’t bother me if review is public’ after disastrous World Cup exit

Stuart Lancaster has urged his RFU employers to conduct a swift review of England’s failed World Cup campaign and confirmed that he would be happy for the findings to be published.

BBC’s Close To The Edge hopes to give TOWIE a run for its money

Close To The Edge, airing tonight on BBC4 documents the trials and tribulations of a group of over-60s as they date, launch new businesses and indulge in endless gossip about each other.

iPhone Malware Is Hitting China. Let’s Not Be Next

iPhone Malware Is Hitting China. Let’s Not Be Next

Apple's wildly popular iOS has earned the title of the world's most secure consumer operating system. But now that title has an asterisk: China.

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England coach Stuart Lancaster ignites his fightback, claiming the future is still bright, despite sorry home World Cup exit

Three days after all his best-laid plans turned to dust against Australia, Stuart Lancaster claimed he was still in the same ‘dark place’ but appeared to have located a few precious shafts of light.

Engadget Live is coming to Austin next Friday!

We're excited to be returning to Austin, TX, one of our favorite cities, on October 16th at 7PM for our third Engadget Live event of the year! We'll take over Austin Music Hall and bring together gadget lovers and tech companies for a night you don...

Google’s Hypocrisy

The head of Google Search denies my claim that Google can control elections--well, sort of; if you read closely, you'll find that he denies nothing.

Google has spoken. Apparently shaken by my recent article in Politico-- "How Google Can Rig the 2016 Election" --Google's head of search, Dr. Amit Singhal, has published a critique--"A Flawed Elections Conspiracy Theory." I encourage you to read it closely.

I emphasize the word closely. On the surface, Dr. Singhal's article appears to refute my recent assertions that Google can easily flip close elections by favoring a candidate in its search rankings. If you read closely, however, you will find that Dr. Singhal has denied none of my specific claims. As I discussed recently in my appearance on "Larry King Now," here are the major points I made in my Politico article, not one of which was refuted in Dr. Singhal's reply, not even in part:

• Randomized, controlled research I have conducted with Ronald E. Robertson, published recently in one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world--the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)--shows conclusively that search rankings that favor one political candidate can easily increase the proportion of undecided voters who favor that candidate by 20 percent or more--up to 80 percent in some demographic groups. The research also shows that this phenomenon, which we call the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME), is almost entirely invisible. Dr. Singhal doesn't discuss the new research report, although there are two links to it in my Politico article. Perhaps he would prefer to pretend it doesn't exist, or at least to have readers forget it exists. Both marketers and psychologists call this form of influence "redirection."

• Google executives could easily flip a close election by adjusting the company's search algorithm to favor one candidate. I didn't accuse any executives of doing this. I simply said it was possible, and Dr. Singhal could hardly deny this, which is presumably why he didn't. That power exists, and, as long as it does, Google poses a serious threat to the democratic system of government. Google executives have more power over elections worldwide than any small group of individuals has ever had in the history of humankind.

• By adjusting the algorithm, even a single rogue employee at Google could flip an election. Again, I didn't accuse anyone of doing so. But I did point out that just a few years ago, a single rogue employee at Google--Marius Milner, who is still employed there--apparently masterminded a massive effort by the company to collect unprotected Wi-Fi data from thousands of homes and businesses around the world for more than four years using the company's Street View vehicles; Google has been fined for this betrayal of public trust, and related litigation is still in progress. In 2012, Google was fined $22.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission after officials learned that software engineers at Google had been hacking into Apple's Safari browser. In 2010, Google fired a software engineer, David Barksdale, for, among other things, spying on at least four underage teens through the company's email system. Perhaps, if he is religious man, Dr. Singhal prays daily that the engineers on his staff aren't fixing elections, but prayers are not always answered favorably. Any of Google's 37,000 employees with the right password authority or hacking skills could use SEME to fix an election. Do Google staff members ever adjust search rankings with the permission of higher-ups? Yes--500 to 600 times a year. Does Dr. Singhal deny any of this? No. Should any employee at any company have the power to flip elections? I think most people would say no.

• Finally--and this is the key point--even without human intervention, Google's algorithm, while doing exactly what it's supposed to do, routinely boosts one candidate higher in search rankings simply because of normal "organic" search activities. Google's own data, which you can link to here, show that search activity favored Obama over McCain on a daily basis for months before the 2008 election and then favored Obama over Romney on a daily basis for months before the 2012 election. The increased activity could easily have been driven by higher search rankings for Obama, and it's also possible that higher search activity pushed Obama higher in rankings. As Robertson and I show mathematically in our paper in PNAS, these two modest phenomena--search rankings boosting voter interest, and voter interest boosting search activity--could work synergistically to produce an explosion of support for one candidate shortly before election day--a digital bandwagon effect. If we could figure out the math, so could many engineers and executives at Google, including Dr. Singhal. (That is not an accusation, by the way; it's a backhanded compliment.) In his article, does Dr. Singhal deny that Google's search engine often ranks some political candidates higher than others? Not at all. How could he? It's the search engine's job to rank some results higher than others. Unless an equal-time rule were programmed into the algorithm, it would be nearly impossible for the search engine not to rank one candidate ahead of another.

As I explained in detail in an article I wrote for TIME in 2013, for most of its existence now, Google, Inc. has relied on a fundamentally deceptive business model for its income. On the surface, Google, Inc. is a bunch of cool geeks who give us lots of free services; below the surface, it's a ruthless advertising company that uses those services to collect information about us and then sells that information to vendors. At Google, we are the product, and every service the company provides is just another front to feed the advertising machine, which accounts for nearly 100 percent of the company's revenue.

After long-time Google executive James Whittaker quit in 2012, he explained that when he first arrived, Google was a super-cool corporate anomaly but that it quickly evolved into "an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus." Thanks to devoted, well-compensated employees like Dr. Singhal, the truth about Google remains as cloaked as a Klingon warship.

Dr. Singhal's critique of my article is classic GoogleSpeak, distracting us from what's important--the new research findings and the serious threats the company poses to free and fair elections. As usual, Singhal's statement does little more than emphasize what a cool and giving and socially responsible company Google is.

Google is now facing multi-billion-dollar fines in both Europe and India for biased search rankings--in other words, rankings that favor its own products and services over those of its competitors--and members of the European Parliament and top corporate leaders in Europe are calling openly for regulating or even dismembering the company, just as the U.S. Department of Justice gutted AT&T in the 1980s. No matter what spin you might have heard, that is the most likely reason Google recently created the Alphabet holding company--not to better organize its activities (what nonsense) but to try to protect the value of the stock held by major stockholders if and when the pixels hit the fan. After AT&T was dismantled, the value of the resulting company's stock dropped by 70 percent.

We need to blow away the colorful smoke and shatter the shiny mirrors. Research on SEME, which we have already replicated in three more large multinational experiments conducted after the PNAS article was completed, shows unequivocally that unregulated search rankings pose a serious threat to the democratic system of government. Rankings that favor one candidate for any reason (in other words, even sans "conspiracy") drive massive numbers of votes to that candidate, with no one the wiser and no one able to counter the effect. That's where we need to focus, not on how cool Google is.

If Google were really the socially responsible, do-no-evil company it pretends to be, here is what it would do. Come to think of it, here is what it should do right now:

• It should challenge its employees, perhaps in consultation with top researchers (hint hint), to figure out how to protect vulnerable voters from SEME, perhaps by implementing an "equal time" rule in its search rankings, just as other forms of media use equal time rules to make sure political opponents share stages and air time.

• It should express public concern about the potential harm that SEME can do rather than pretend, absurdly, that ordered lists of search results are innocuous. If they are so innocuous, why are companies spending billions of dollars trying to creep up another notch, and why is the company facing massive fines for favoring its own products and services in those lists?

• It should explain, openly and honestly, how it currently chooses to rank election-related information, and it should make available to investigators internal data that will allow them to determine how candidates worldwide may have been favored in past elections, both in generic search rankings and in rankings customized for individuals.

Meanwhile, our data suggest that the search engine Dr. Singhal oversees is determining the outcomes of upwards of 25 percent of the national elections in countries in which Google dominates search. I'd like to think that if I were in Dr. Singhal's shoes, I'd be concerned about such a possibility; I certainly wouldn't brush it off, no matter how much I was being paid.

A Ph.D. of Harvard University, Robert Epstein is senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine. Follow him on Twitter @DrREpstein. This article is reprinted by permission from Ora.TV, where it first appeared.

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Australia snub England’s Pennyhill Park training base in favour of The Lensbury 

Australia have rubbed salt into English wounds by snubbing the opportunity to move into their Pennyhill Park base. Sportsmail understands Australia have first refusal on all training centres.

Your Bad Temper is Killing You

New research published in Social Science & Medicine has shown that your short fuse might actually be an indicator of a short life span.

Researchers from Iowa State University used data from a nationally representative sample of 1,307 male heads of the household, all of whom had been followed from 1968 to 2007. Between 1968 and 1972, the men were questioned on a yearly basis about their anger levels. Each of their scores from those five years were then averaged. What researchers found: men with admittedly shorter fuses at around 35 years old were more likely to be dead 35 years later than those with easier tempers. The angriest 25 percent had a 1.57-fold increase in their risk of dying early, compared to the calmest 25 percent.

Why? Anger is a form of stress and stress increases cortisol levels in the bloodstream. Previous studies have linked manifestations of stress with a variety of negative physiological processes, such as atherosclerosis—or clogged arteries, which can lead to heart attacks; IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome); increased strokes and other cardiac problems. So, perk up, guys, if you want to live to witness all the things that will piss you off years from now—and the good, of course.

Join thousands of men and women who are dressing up for a good cause. Go formal with Made Man and Career Gear on Friday, October 9th to help empower men in need with resources, training and suits they can use to rejoin the workforce. Because for every photo posted to Instagram or Twitter and tagged #FormalFriday, we’ll donate a dollar to Career Gear. Learn more at mademan.com/formal-friday.


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Wales on the front foot in the fitness fight ahead of World Cup clash with Australia

A blue moon shone over the Wales team hotel on Tuesday night as Warren Gatland was able to pick from a clean bill of health ahead of Saturday evening’s meeting with Australia.

Adobe adds Photoshop Fix and Capture CC

Adobe adds Photoshop Fix and Capture CCThe creative software giant brings desktop editing capabilities to iOS devices.

Uruguay fitness coach Santiago Alfaro to resume job as Diego Forlan’s personal trainer after Rugby World Cup 2015

With the Rugby World Cup well underway, Sportsmail's NIK SIMON provides his latest 'scrum's the word' diary entry. Santiago Alfaro will resume his job as Diego Forlan’s personal trainer.

Roy Keane insists he would still be Sunderland manager without interference of Ellis Short

Republic of Ireland assistant Roy Keane says he would still be in charge of Sunderland without the interference of owner Ellis Short and admits he is not surprised Dick Advocaat has quit the club.

Josh Magennis switched from goalkeeper to striker… can he shoot Northern Ireland to Euro 2016?  

CHRIS WHEELER:God decided that Josh Magennis would play football rather than rugby. Fate dictated that he would switch from being a goalkeeper to a striker, and briefly a right right back.

Ian Poulter targets victory at British Masters as he hopes to give boost to poorly mum  

Proud host Ian Poulter is hoping to give his mum the perfect pick-me-up with a first victory in almost three years at the relaunched British Masters, which starts on Thursday over his home course at Woburn.

David de Gea and Santi Cazorla lead the way as Premier League stars light up Spain training, but Sergio Ramos out with injury

Sergio Ramos has been ruled out of Spain's Euro 2016 qualifiers against Luxembourg and Ukraine, but the European champions should still reach the tournament in the coming week.

QPR defender Paul Konchesky has fingers in plenty of pies as he opens his own cafe

MATT BARLOW: With just 5.5 per cent body fat, Paul Konchesky does not look like he ate all the pies. In fact, he looks like he’s never seen one in his life, but then appearances can deceive.

​Playdate: Waging war in the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ beta

The wait is almost over, Star Wars fans: a new Battlefront is almost upon us. On Thursday, EA will open the Star Wars: Battlefront beta to all players, giving the gaming community it's first mainstream taste of online competitive multiplayer Star W...

The way Gareth Bale has inspired a nation… surely Ryan Giggs has a twinge of regret?

MARTIN SAMUEL: When Ryan Giggs sees what Gareth Bale is about to achieve with Wales, does he ever think he could have dedicated just a little more of himself to international football?

Texas girl Katelyn Thornley SNEEZES up to 12,000 times every day

Katelyn Thornley, from Angleton, Texas, began to sneeze three weeks ago. Now, the 12-year-old erupts in a burst of high-pitched 'achoos' up to 20 times a minute - but doctors can't say why.

Vin Diesel shirtless showing off his softer side in Miami

The 48-year-old took his shirt off while basking in the Florida humidity, showcasing his famous physique.

Ashley Olsen buys TWO packs of cigarettes after working up a sweat at yoga class

The 29-year-old was spotted buying two packs of cigarettes in Brentwood, California, following a sweaty exercise class.

Miles Teller catches some rays with his bikini babe girlfriend Keleigh Sperry in Hawaii

His movie maybe called whiplash, but this star's significant other was the one giving onlookers whiplash in an itsy bitsy swimsuit.

Runner’s high triggers the same part of the brain as MARIJUANA

A study, led by Oxford University, found that mice who had their cannabinoid receptors blocked were unable to experience 'runner's high' after exercising.

Lucy Mecklenburgh slips into a red dress and spectacles for charity event

Cutting a striking figure in a pair of chic spectacles, Lucy Mecklenburgh made sure all eyes were on her as she attended the Specsavers' Spectacle Wearer of the Year, in London, on Tuesday night.

The Scientology wedding of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Isabella pictured

Isabella Cruise, who was adopted by Kidman and Cruise shortly after they wed in 1990, tied the knot with her British boyfriend Max Parker in a Scientology ceremony in London on September 18.

Demi Lovato pushes Congress for mental health reform

The singer wants to use her fame to destigmatize mental illness and advocate for a change in Congress

Ubuntu Plans To Make ZFS File-System Support Standard On Linux

An anonymous reader writes: Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth revealed today that they're planning to make ZFS standard on Ubuntu. They are planning to include ZFS file-system as "standard in due course," but no details were revealed beyond that. However, ZFS On Linux contributor Richard Yao has said they do plan on including it in their kernel for 16.04 LTS and the GPL vs. CDDL license worries aren't actually a problem. Many Linux users have been wanting ZFS on Linux, but aside from the out of tree module there hasn't been any luck in including it in the mainline kernel or with tier-one Linux distributions due to license differences.

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Ariana Grande kisses Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies on the lips

On Tuesday the 22-year-old singer shared a short video clip she swears was 'posted by accident.' The beauty is seen kissing her Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies on the lips.

Kylie Jenner on mother Kris’ decision to exclude Caitlyn from teen’s graduation party

The 18-year-old spoke out about her disappointment she wasn't there for her special day on Tuesday on her website

Vin Diesel announces that Straight Outta Compton director F Gary Gray will lead Fast & Furious 8

The 46-year-old filmmaker previously directed the 48-year-old action star in A Man Apart in 2003

We Need Engineering Heroes

While there has been much concern about innovation in the United States, engineering is often undervalued. So kids are more likely to dream of being sports stars and rock musicians than engineers. But without exciting role models, students are unlikely to pursue the field. To inspire the next generation of inventors, we need heroes who are engineers.

Astronaut Mark Watney -- played by Matt Damon in director Ridley Scott's epic 3-D film, The Martian, released October 2 -- is a great example. Marooned on the lethal Red Planet, this plucky astronaut with engineering skills figures out how to make water, grow food, and restore communication with NASA to survive. So far, audiences love him.

In fact, The Boston Globe called the film a "great recruitment tool for the STEM fields" because it "makes knowing stuff seem attractive, cool, even sexy."

Coinciding with all the excitement about the film, recent findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter offer the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows on Mars today.

Also, right now, NASA is testing how long-term isolation and confinement may affect six astronauts living inside a 1,000-square-foot dome on a Hawaiian volcano in conditions as harshly Martian as possible.

At the same time, aboard the International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly is participating in a study with his astronaut twin brother Mark of differences between living in space and on Earth.

Isn't it time for a new Sputnik moment?

The Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik I October 4, 1957, set off the space race, woke us up to the importance of science and technology, and led to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Sputnik spurred American engineers and scientists to land Neil Armstrong on the moon July 20, 1969.

And, when NASA rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, landed on Mars in 2004 to investigate whether its hostile environment could ever have supported life, engineers and scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory went wild. NASA's Curiosity, launched in 2012, is still beaming images and data back to Earth.

But plans to build the Ares I and Ares V boosters for a return to the moon and trip to Mars were abandoned.

Unfortunately, the Program for International Student Assessments (PISA) places U.S. students raw scores in math and science in the lower percentile, while Finland, South Korea, Japan and Estonia are near the top.

Now is the time to elevate engineering as key to innovation.

Innovations developed by NASA engineers and astronauts have changed our lives -- from technologies improving kidney dialysis, voice-controlled wheel chairs and lifesaving heart pumps to computer programs that monitor air quality, flat-screen televisions, shock-absorbing running shoes, lightweight oxygen tanks used by firefighters, and freeze-dried food.

To prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers, I believe that introducing students early to engineering will challenge them to apply their math and science knowledge to solve real problems. Children practically emerge from the womb fascinated by making things. Engaging them in engineering skills -- identifying the challenge, proposing a solution, testing, and improving the design -- is at the heart of creating the new technologies that enhance our lives.

We must fund engineering education at all levels and advocate for engineering in learning standards and assessments. Also, lively, relevant engineering curricula, teacher professional development, and lifelong programs in schools and museums nationwide are critical.

We must make engineering cool enough to motivate kids to want to land on Mars. While we can't all be Sally Ride or John Glenn, we can learn enough about engineering to thrive in our complex technological world. Let's make the Orion spacecraft, designed to take humans into deep space, a real first step toward Mars.

Ioannis Miaoulis, PhD, is president and director of the Museum of Science, Boston and former dean of Tufts School of Engineering. He has served on NASA's Advisory Council and is on the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) Board.

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Microsoft unveils its first laptop, the Surface Book

Microsoft unveils its first laptop, the Surface BookThe company introduced the Surface Book, the Surface Pro 4, new Lumia phones, and Xbox One and HoloLens updates.

Shanina Shaik shows off her curves in sexy black bikini on beach side photoshoot

The 24-year-old Melbourne beauty was showing off just what her mama gave her during a sexy photoshoot in Miami, Florida, on Monday.

Pregnant Sam Faiers unveils her new brunette hair at beauty launch

The 24-year-old attended a launch party for Mark Hill hair and Boots in London rocking her new look and showcasing her blossoming shape in an extreme plunging red dress.

Smile! Photo Booths Prove You’re a Happy Customer

More shops are adding the booths, where shoppers can have fun while their images are transmitted to social media and serve as advertising.

Olivia Culpo stuns in purple halter dress and thigh high boots in New York City

Miss Universe 2012 looked ready for a photoshoot while in New York City on Monday, wearing a purple dress. She added a black blazer and heeled thigh high boots.

Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts an early Reddit video AMA

Reddit's Ask Me Anything videos are getting off to a very good start. The social site has just posted its first batch of these moving AMAs, and one of these stars none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Hayden Planetarium director known for makin...

Seahawks, CC Sabathia, American Apparel, Stephen A Smith, …

Seahawks CC Sabathia American Apparel Stephen A Smith Claire Danes Tom Bergeron Todd Gurley Isabella Cruise Caleb Logan Bratayley Lindsay Vrckovnik Raffi Torres Star Wars Battlefront Beta Nobel Prize 2015 Cheerios recall Kiersten Cerveny Shaunie O Neal TPP Peeple Jingle Ball 2015 Columbus Day

Apple is acquiring a new photo-recognition startup

Apple is acquiring a new photo-recognition startupSiri may be about to get smarter in the way it handles photos. Bloomberg reported yesterday that Apple has acquired the machine-learning startup Perceptio, founded by two experienced AI researchers. It's the kind of technology that would be useful in building a counterpart to Google Photos' recent image-scanning features, although it would be providing the features without leaning on Google's outside servers or databases.

Giuliana Rancic says she’s focusing on son Duke but her baby ‘dream is still alive’

As reality stars, Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill have dealt with their fertility problems in the spotlight.

2,000 form human peace sign to honor John Lennon in NYC

The crowd in New York had attempted to set a world record for the largest group of human bodies forming a peace sign, but it was ultimately unsuccessful.

The Bratayleys reveal history of heart disease after death of Caleb Logan LeBlanc

YouTube reality stars the Brateyleys - whose 13-year-old son and brother Caleb suddenly passed away last week - revealed their family has a history of heart disease.

Fiji 47-15 Uruguay: Pacific Islanders pick up win in final game but underdogs score first Rugby World Cup tries for 12 years

Fiji ended a difficult Rugby World Cup with a convincing, bonus-point win over Pool A minnows Uruguay in Milton Keynes, but the South Americans did manage their World Cup tries since 2003.

After public spat with T-Mobile, AT&T gets FCC waiver to offer Wi-Fi calling

After public spat with T-Mobile, AT&T gets FCC waiver to offer Wi-Fi callingIt doesn't support teletype services (TTY) for the deaf and hard of hearing very well, which the FCC generally requires of wireless networks. In its place, AT&T wants to deploy real-time text (RTT), which it says is faster, richer, and generally better than TTY — a decades-old technology.

Jenna Coleman dazzles in floor-length maxi dress at BFI Luminous Gala dinner

She's famous for being the assistant in Doctor Who. But Jenna Coleman took centre stage when she posed on the BFI London red carpet on Tuesday night.

Police arrest five people after early morning terror raids in Sydney’s west

Police entered four homes in Guildford, Wentworthville, Merrylands and Marsfield on Wednesday morning and arrested five men in connection to Friday's Parramatta shooting.

Hillary Clinton’s emails WERE backed up Homeland Security committee reveal

Some of Hillary Clinton's emails may still exist on the 'cloud' thanks to a technical hiccup, the Senate Homeland Security has discovered.

FAA proposes nearly $2 million fine against drone operator

SkyPan International Inc. of Chicago operated 65 unauthorized flights between March 2012 and December 2014 in some of the nation's most congested airspace, the FAA said in a statement.

Bridgette Heid filmed with hand around Tieshina Bey’s neck while wearing handcuffs

The footage shows officer Bridgette Heid with her hand wrapped around the throat of Tieshina Bey, who had been detained for fighting with her husband at a McDonald's in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Almost 70 patients tested for HIV and hepatitis after nurse is caught re-using a syringe while giving flu shots at New Jersey clinic

Employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Princeton, New Jersey, who received the vaccination on September 30 have been warned they may have been exposed to 'infected blood.'

England stalwart Casey Stoney awarded MBE in honour of her dedication to sport

Arsenal defender Casey Stoney has been made an MBE at Buckingham Palace courtesy of her illustrious career, which included 122 caps for the former England captain.

Ex-UN General Assembly president John Ashe charged with bribery scheme

John Ashe allegedly solicited bribes in various forms, including payments to cover a family vacation to New Orleans, according to the suit filed in New York. Five others were named in the lawsuit.

Kiersten Cerveny 20 years before she died following a ‘cocaine-fueled night out’

It is a tragic flashback to her carefree youth, 20 years before an allegedly cocaine-fueled night out led to her untimely death on Sunday morning.

Anything Can Be a Sexy Halloween Costume Nowadays! [Comic]


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Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Mental Health Case Manager

In the wide spectrum of mental health, there are those who are capable enough to live independently but need a little help along the way. Providing that help is a mental health case manager, who assists individuals with certain needs go about their daily lives.


Ohio man calls 911 after getting ‘too high’ & is found surrounded by snacks

The 22-year-old, from Austintown, Ohio, was found curled up inside his grandfather's house alongside packs of Doritos, Pepperidge Farms Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies, cops said.

Police shut down street outside Walthamstow Central tube station after fight

Pictures and videos posted on social media appears to show several groups teenagers grappling with one another outside Walthamstow Central tube station at 5pm today.

Microsoft’s New Devices Put Windows 10 in New Places

Microsoft’s New Devices Put Windows 10 in New Places

Windows 10 finally shows up to take on devices of any size, any screen.

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Christian doomsday group predicts world will be ‘destroyed by fire’ tomorrow

An online Christian organization, based in Philadelphia - which previously predicted the end of the world would fall on 21 May 2011 - claims that earth will be 'annihilated' tomorrow.

Mother told to use breast milk pump in pet relief area at Washington Dulles airport

Liz Cooper, from Newton, Massachusetts, was on a stopover at Washington Dulles Airport when she asked United Airlines staff to use their breastfeeding facilities, only to be told they didn't have any.

Dramatic footage shows moped gang raiding high street jewellers in Norwich as six men are jailed for total of 37 years 

This is the moment that a moped-riding gang armed with axes and sledge hammers smashed their was into a Norwich jewellers and escaped with a haul of designer watches.

Star Wars fans replace first dance at their wedding with a lightsaber battle

The happy couple ditched the traditional slow dance and instead duelled with lightsabers, to roars of laughter from their stunned guests.

 ‘My story about the collision is getting better all the time. Now I’ve got a Jew and a n****r…’ How John F. Kennedy revealed his father exploited the PT 109 incident to make his son a hero and pave the road to the White House

Joseph P. Kennedy hyped his son's PT 109 story making him out to be an action hero that led JFK to his presidency. That compelling story is being told in a brand new book about John F. Kennedy.

Australia’s most notorious drug smuggler Martin Garnett released

Convicted drug smuggler Martin Garnett, who holds the Australian record for the longest jail time served overseas, has been set free, posting images of himself at a Sydney beach (pictured).

Cat found in Michigan with an ARROW through its chest undergoes surgery

The cream-and-white colored tabby - who has been named Kitty for now - was brought into the Capital Area Humane Society on Monday after it was discovered under a highway with an arrow.

Paper Faces

Image by Dylan Mangahis.

Johnny Hincapie has conviction overturned while he awaits a new trial

Johnny Hincapie, 43, who was serving 25 years to life, maintains he had nothing to do with the killing of Brian Watkins, of Provo, Utah.

Logan Fairbanks makes diaper changing Youtube tutorial and gets pee in his face

What was to be a proud moment for 11-year-old Logan Fairbanks, son of YouTuber Josh Fairbanks, ended in regret when his baby brother is caught on camera peeing on him as he changes his diaper.

‘Far Cry Primal’ will take humanity back to the stone age

What would happen if you took the large, open-world chaos that defines the Far Cry series, removed the guns, vehicles, modern weapons and political character motivations? You'd have Far Cry Primal -- a survival epic staged in a re-imagined stone ag...

South Carolina man calls 911 to complain his girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with him

Patrick Doggett, 53, called the Spartanburg, South Carolina, 911 call center just after midnight Tuesday to report that his girlfriend was refusing to have sex with him.

Porsche is rejecting Android Auto for the most hilariously predictable reason

Pardon the pun, but Apple and Google are on something of a collision course in the car space. While Google has been refining and expanding upon its self driving car initiative for quite some time now, rumor has it that Apple is also looking to make a big play in the automotive space, perhaps as early as 2019. Even today, Apple and Google are duking it out over the smart software that helps transform everyday automobiles into full fledged drivable computers. Apple of course has CarPlay while Google has its own competing Android Auto platform. DON’T MISS: Microsoft made the ultimate laptop: the Surface Book Over the past year or so, Apple and Google have been locked in an ongoing battle

Porsche is rejecting Android Auto for the most hilariously predictable reason

Pardon the pun, but Apple and Google are on something of a collision course in the car space. While Google has been refining and expanding upon its self driving car initiative for quite some time now, rumor has it that Apple is also looking to make a big play in the automotive space, perhaps as early as 2019. Even today, Apple and Google are duking it out over the smart software that helps transform everyday automobiles into full fledged drivable computers. Apple of course has CarPlay while Google has its own competing Android Auto platform. DON’T MISS: Microsoft made the ultimate laptop: the Surface Book Over the past year or so, Apple and Google have been locked in an ongoing battle

Celebrity Big Brother’s Natasha Hamilton is glued to boyfriend Ritchie Neville’s side

The Atomic Kitten singer and her Five boyband singer beau stepped out in their specs for a glamorous evening in the British capital, having been reunited just over a week ago.

Adobe forecasts 2016 profit, revenue below estimates

Picture illustration shows Adobe company logos, in Vienna(Reuters) - Adobe Systems Inc forecast 2016 revenue and profit below estimates, sending its shares down 8 percent in extended trading. Analysts on average were expecting revenue of $5.93 billion and earnings of $3.19 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Adobe has been switching to web-based subscriptions from traditional licensed software to help attract more predictable recurring revenue. The company, which is generally conservative with its estimates, is expecting about 20 percent growth in 2016 revenue for its Marketing Cloud segment.

Head to Head: Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro

Head to Head: Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro

The Surface Book is a force to be reckoned with.

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